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  • Noah is definitely a cool guy. I’ve seen him speak here in San Fran (well, back before he moved to Austin). Very informative, and hilarious as a speaker!

    He’s not the only one who has been reading along for *years*.

    Glad to see you’re back at a bit of blogging, at least now and again.

  • Josh

    Hi Yaro,
    Just wondered if you’ve written any blog posts on how to develop a tracking system for recording signups, conversions, sales,etc. As a newbie, the only thing I’m familiar with for any kind of website tracking is Google Analytics, but from the way you talked about it, it sounds like building a system that successfully tracks all your data is much more of a customizable process based on your individual business than merely using an analytics tool. Thanks!

    • Hi Josh,

      There doesn’t seem to be an all-in-one solution. Companies use a CRM, like Salesforce, then plug that into whatever analytics tool they have and possibly also whatever email system they use.

      I’ve got Joshua Bretag working on a possible system setup for me right now and it looks like it will be a combination of Office Autopilot (my shopping cart and email system) with Salesforce and Google.

      Or you can be like Noah and use your own server and custom scripts with database lookups and an excel spreadsheet. That’s a bit of a hacker’s option though, I certainly would not know how to use it.


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