Which Magazine Cover Do You Like Best?

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As you know if you received my newsletters in the last month or so, I am currently in the process of putting together a magazine for the iTunes newsstand app.

I am doing this to reach a new audience and hopefully gain early mover advantage by being one of the first bloggers to have a magazine.

It helps that I happen to love the magazine format as well and have always wanted to publish one. You could say this is a little bit like living out a childhood dream for me.

It’s taken a little longer than planned to get the magazine up and running due to some challenges finding a designer to work with and also my editor unfortunately having to pull out due to health issues.

However I have recently found a designer who I hope to work with for at least the first edition, and beyond if things go well.

As part of the testing process my designer submitted three potential cover designs to work with. I was quite impressed with all three, but I figured I should ask you, my reader, which design you like the best and use your feedback as well in the ongoing design process.

Announcing Blogology Magazine

There’s one secret I can’t keep anymore since I’m about to show you three cover designs that reveals the secret.

I can now announce the name of my new magazine: BLOGOLOGY.

It should be pretty clear what the topic is – everything to do with blogging and bloggers.

So now here is the part where I need your feedback. Take a look at the following three covers and let me know which one you like best.

I’m open to any other feedback you might have, including the kind of content you want to see covered, or any special features the magazine should have.

Please leave your choice for the best cover design and any additional feedback as a comment reply to this blog post.

The Covers

Here are the cover templates for you to consider. Let me know what you think!

Blogology Cover One

Blogology Cover Two

Blogology Cover Three

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  • hi Yaro

    I am getting excited about your launch, and cannot wait to hear your results

    I feel like the third cover looks more vivid, you could do a split test between the second and the third, and test. Marketing is nothing but testing, isn’t it? :)

    • So true John, and I really should split test with the same girl on the cover if I want it to be a valid result. I think that third girl is skewing my results with males at the moment!


  • I definitely like the first one the best. Really like how clean it looks. The third one comes in second for me.

    • Thanks for your feedback Elise. I need plenty of female opinions too.

      • guy Bar

        The Third One Is Kool!

  • Third ones hands down Yaro. In fact I would not even consider the other two.

  • The third one

  • Stevan Stankovic

    Good to see you’re making a mag. Im actually a few weeks away from launching my own for entrepreneurs.

    Anyway I would say the 3rd one out them all for me. Really depends on your target audience though.
    Good luck mate
    Aspiring Entrepreneur Magazine

    • Thanks Stevan. Great to hear you have a magazine coming out too. I suspect the newsstand is going to be pretty crowded pretty soon.


  • Yaro, I like the 3rd one best because of it’s fresh, non cookie-cutter layout. Looking forward to your progress in this! :-)

    • Thanks Barb – I’m getting quite a bit of feedback that the third one is too much like a cooking magazine style, which considering you used the word cookie is kinda funny :-)

      • I think what I liked best about the third one was the style of font in the magazine title. If you could get THAT font, then use the date line/issue # of the 2nd magazine sample, and then use the simplicity (fewer captions/titles) from the 1st sample, you can get the best of all three covers. Mmmm, cookies!! ;-) Barb

  • *its (I cannot believe I made that mistake–I was an ENGLISH linguistics major in college! Ugh!)

  • I really like the middle one. I feel that the red title really pops and ties in nicely with the pattern of the women’s cloths. Having the text right aligned keeps it clean.

    The third cover looks kind of busy with text and the first cover doesn’t have anything that catches my attention visually.

    • Thanks for the feedback Rachel. I’m liking the second one too, but I will probably borrow elements from the first and second one as well.

  • Michael

    I like the second one. Looks more like an educational or business piece than the third to my eyes. The third one looks too much like a food or travel magazine. Of course, just my opinion.

    • Thanks Michael, you are not alone in your opinion of the third one looking like a cooking magazine. I do like some of the elements in it though, maybe not the title font however.

  • Jamie

    1st one for me, looks iconic

    • Oh iconic, good word Jamie. The problem with the first one is the title area is white and doesn’t allow the background to bleed into it, which is why I am leaning towards the second one now, but with a white font colour like the first.

  • Thanks for all the feedback so far. It’s funny, when I first looked at the samples, the 3rd one stood out to me the best, more so because of the other elements on the front cover, rather than the title itself.

    I had a female friend say she liked the first one the best because it was the most gender neutral. She noted the third one looks too much like a cooking magazine (like you said Michael).

    When your comments started coming in initially it appeared like the third one was winning. Then I thought, these are mostly men voting for the third one, and that could be because the woman on the third cover is the most attractive, which will definitely impact the choice.

    Gideon suggested I use the same girl on all three covers so it’s a fair split test, which is definitely a good idea. However for now I’m just interested in hearing feedback, especially why you like or dislike them.

    I’m leaving to the first design now because I think it better conveys the type of magazine I want blogology to be – business like, serious yet modern.

    Keep the feedback coming folks!


  • I definitely think you should have a full bleed front page. It just looks so much more professional. I prefer template 2. Are the women just on the mock-ups? It looks like a magazine aimed at women in particular. What is your target audience?

    • Agreed Mike. I think the full bleed is important long term to mix up the cover without chasing the main title, which needs to be the brand.

      The women are just in the mock-ups yes. I suspect to have bloggers and people related to blogging on the cover, both male and female. The target audience are bloggers primarily.


      • You should’ve put yourself on the covers, Yaro! ;-)

  • SB

    Hi Yaro,

    this would be unique kind of magazine, i am sure. the third sample as majority has already indicated seems to be the best, refreshing, have a good faded background etc. Much lively.

    look forward to this new launch to hear your thoughts better. thanks.

  • I’d prefer the third one, it’s more like a magazine to my eyes.

    • Thanks Budiarno, it seems like mostly men like the third best, but I am not sure with your name if you are male or female?

  • Blacq Phada

    Hi Yaro, The second sample is the best. Thats my opinion. Thank you.

  • I’m not sure about the 3rd one – I think the font and colour for that one makes me think of a food magazine for some reason. And my initial impressions of the second version is a scientific magazine! I think I’d go for the first one…

    • Derek

      Just read your comment. I had exactly the same thought on both of them!

      • Interesting to hear guys. Perhaps a scientific angle is a good thing?

  • a large percent of my decision on this would be not only what i like but what i want to convey – the intent. Questions i would ask myself are:
    1. What do i hope to achieve from the design of this Mag cover?
    2. Do i want to make cover stand out even when among other beautifully designed Mags?
    3. Do i want the cover to draw people who do not even know anything about blogging? (and if so what exactly do i put on the cover and how do i lay it out so that, THAT message is loudest) http://flavorwire.com/396300/the-35-best-magazine-covers-without-celebrities/17/
    4. Do i want it to start out fairly simple with nothing much on the front apart from the name so that in the future i can add some more information to test out how it does?
    ….. i think the first cover you have here is not engaging enough. just my opinion. i scrolled over it quickly.. (probably it was because she wasn’t that cute)> However what i DO like about it though is that i could be able to see the background a little more than the other 2 which got me looking around at the background to get a better feel of what the cover is trying to convey in GENERAL. so that was ok.

    The second one i liked very much because i “flowed down the cover” a little better while i was reading it… probably this was because the width of the text was kinda narrow which made for an easy read… the other thing i liked about it was that i could see more of the “body” of the person in the picture, this second one i think would be great for personal branding>> (it reveals more an shows a bit of a confidence behind what you are doing and would more than likely get people reading the magazine because they want to hear what YOU have to say (much like a regular blog reader) – rather than buying the magazine ignorant of the person behind it.

    the 3rd one was the hardest to navigate- had my eyes all over the place from left to right.. this format could give a lot of information on what is inside though… and could peak interest to want to buy it to read the contents…
    Hope this helps..
    * dont really know much about the set up of iTunes newsstand….

    • Great feedback Omar, I really appreciate it.

      I think I may end up going with a mix of the three styles, taking elements I like from each.

      The joys of having your own designer ready to go :)


      • denise

        I think the mix of the three is the best option:
        - i like the Asian lady’s face, but not her clothes – too fleshy
        - I like the text layout of the third choice better – though I hope there is an English language version of the cover
        - not sure why all of the covers are of females – but the outfits didn’t hold my attention at all
        - I love the title and I am sure the stories will be the real hit of the magazine

  • Alexis

    Awesome Yaro,

    That’s a great news. Do you use the service from Ed Dale ?
    For the vote : I prefer the 1st one (clear, big) with the font from the 3rd (more technology & blogging style). And keep the pretty girl :)

    - Alexis

    • I am using Ed’s service for publishing Alexis, but I found my own designer.

      I will try and incorporate as many pretty girls as I can, haha!


  • Derek

    Hi Yaro,

    I like the 1st one the best.

    The 2nd to me looked like a religious or scientific magazine, and the third looks REALLY similar to some health food/organic lifestyle magazines.

    The first one, to me, looks modern and computer related. If you’re planning on having departments about Ergonomics for Bloggers (health benefits of standing at your desk, etc), The second might work good for more instructional or theory-related stuff. The third would cater to that really good. Just my thoughts.

    The first one looks more like a brand, more distinct and fresh while looking younger than the other two.

    • Great feedback Derek, you seem to echo some of the thoughts of the other comments above and summarise them well.

      As I wrote above I worry about the first one not being a full bleed, so I can’t put something behind the title. I might suggest that to my designer and see what we come up with.


      • Derek

        Hi Yaro,

        Just checking back in; thank you for your reply.

        I see what you mean about the bleed, but by the same token you don’t have to worry about finding ‘background’ photos or covers; on the full bleeds you’ll need to work out how to heighten contrast on those covers (opacity fade, text stroke, glow, shadow, &c.). On #1, just my thoughts, if you wanted to transition to a bleed later on you could use a transparency or blur effect as the photo goes under the white of the title.

        There are so many possibilities for all of them. I’m sure whatever you go with, it will be well worth reading – and you know your audience and goals better than anyone.

  • Tam

    #3 – I realized as I went back through them that I had to re-read the titles of the first two because the G and the O looked so similar. With the lowercase letters in #3 I could read it easily, plus it has more of a magazine feel.

    Good luck with this magazine. I look forward to getting my digital copy.

    Tam I Am

  • Hi Yaro,
    I think the most powerful aspect of the cover is the fact you use the human face which always, naturally, attracts our attention. Keep using pictures of people on the covers.
    Best of Success,

    • Totally agree David, although sometimes I think just words or other images can be just as powerful.

  • Yaro, many congratulations on the up-coming launch of Blogology – I can’t wait to read the first issue.

    I’ve been planning to start a digital mag myself for some while now. Actually, it’s been 3 years since I conceived the concept, so I need to take a lesson from you – stop planning and start DOING!

    Re: Covers – well in my opinion, it just has to be the 3rd one – knockout!!

    I wish you every success (not that you’ll need it!)

    Warmest regards,


    • Thanks Jan. I can’t wait to see the first edition too!

      As is usual I am having hiccups with outsourcing, but I will get there. Once I have the team in place I know things will run smoother. It will be a fun ride for sure!


  • They are all very nice. There are elements of all three I really like. I like the clean look of the header area of the first example, but prefer the font used in the header area of the third. I do like the way the second examples has all the teasers on one side.

    However, none of the photos say “blogging” to me. Looking at the first one, I would expect it to be about DIY home decor a la Martha Stewart. The other photos are nice, the women attractive, but none of them bring blogging, technology, or business to my mind.

    I know the photo of a woman in front of a computer has become as cliche as the man in a suit talking on the phone, but I would love to see some technology incorporated into the photo in some way.

    Looking forward to the release of your first issue.

  • I think once the cover is a real cover with the blogging related subject matter mentioned it will make more sense.

    I have to admit that choosing what to put on the cover for each edition will be a challenge. It’s the same challenge every magazine editor has had to deal with since the beginning of this medium I guess!

    Thanks for your feedback Vicki,


  • Hey, Yaro!

    Just a heads up – - not yet done setting up my website.

    Anyhow, between first and third covers, the first is simpler, clean and less cluttered. I find the third cover somewhat cluttered, brings your attention everywhere. So, I prefer the first one. But choice, of course, would depend on what you want to achieve on your cover.

    So I will wait when you teach us to do online magazine. I found one (affordable) program that I am contemplating of buying, soon, or perhaps after I finish all work on my blog!


  • Blacq Phada

    Hi Yaro, I still stand by my opinion, that’s #2. And I think the cover plays an important roll when it comes to attracting readers. Thats why I personally think you use a picture of yourself. For me, if I see a picture of ‘Yaro Starak’ even on my to heaven, trust me I will stop by and get a copy for myself. Likewise King GMD too, (a closs friend of mine). Please think about it.

  • Blacq Phada

    Hi Yaro, I still stand by my opinion, that’s #2. And I think the cover plays an important roll when it comes to attracting readers. Thats why I personally think you use a picture of yourself. For me, if I see a picture of ‘Yaro Starak’ on a Mag cover even on my to heaven, trust me I will stop by and get a copy for myself. Likewise King GMD too, (a closs friend of mine). Please think about it.

  • JuJu

    I like the first one the best
    Third one second best

    The second one looks too young and not enough experience to be taken seriously. Harsh, I know but that’s what I felt!

  • Yaro, congrats on the new magazine…can’t wait to read it! I really love Cover #3 …it just seems to have that ‘extra something’…a little more classy I think:-)

  • You probably should have used the same image on each cover so people were looking at the other elements and not just the pretty face.

    I like to clarity of No. 1, No. 2 looks business like to me, No. 3 title font is just wrong!

  • M.E.H.

    I don’t know what the significance of the female images on the cover…
    I can’t read the language to see if their image is pertinent to something in the magazine…
    BUT…. I would say,
    NONE OF THE ABOVE would be my choice.

    It’s your magazine…. your picture should be on the cover….
    remember Oprah????
    Her picture is on the cover of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF HER MAGAZINES!!

    It’s your magazine… it should be your picture!!!

  • Hi Yaro, my opinion is the second version with the font of the 3rd! :)

  • becky

    third one by far.

  • Yaro, I like the 3rd. It’s easier on the eyes, and I like the font better. But to be sure, I agree split testing with the same girl would be smart. I don’t like the lines under the title in #1 and #2. 3rd one has a flow to it, invites me in. Good luck. I appreciate your work.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Third one the best! The moment I looked at it wow!

  • I like the clean header of the first and everything below the header of the third.

  • One more MALE here voting on #3. Can’t wait Yaro, looking good!

  • Dear Yaro:

    My favorite is the third/last cover. I like the font better than the other two.

    I also like the title very much — it says what is is, while being simple.

    Having executed over 500 national media campaigns in the US for non fiction books over 17 years, I’m accustomed to employing subtitles for books. Is there a subtitle that helps prospective subscribers decide if your publication is right for them? Not sure if other itunes publications have those.

  • Jac

    Hi Yaro, I like the third one best because the layout is not so blocky and sharply contrasted. It is much more pleasing to the eye (apart from the girl of course) and looks more professional.

    Anyway, that is just my cents worth as an artist and really, if you look at longstanding publications, that is just more in line with current standards. And as for cluttering, I think that is not really true because people first look at the so called clutter to see if they see anything of interest to them and then they open the book. Clutter is distracting inside of a book but not where it gives an overview of what is inside.

    All the best and lots of success

  • I think the third one is more vivid. The others arent bad but the orange color and the model come together beautifully.

  • #3 … The full height photo of 1 & 2 is more professional and the font choice of #3 is more dynamic and eye catching. I did a similar magazine redesign several years ago. Full bleed images rock and you’ve got to have a strong font.

    What program, system, method are you using to develop your magazine? I want to create one around my site & publishing venture but don’t know where to start.


  • Simon

    Congratulations Yaro!

    My vote is for #2. It’s unisex and business-like in style. #3 reminds me of Good Housekeeping or something similar.

    Good luck in this endeavor.

  • Blogology is a great name Yaro!

    I love the simple, elegant colour scheme of the 2nd one and find it less cluttered than the others although I do like the quirky font in #3.

    Not sure that any of the covers suggest blogging though. They seem aimed at females in general, unless that is your intention.


  • I like the second one. The top reminds me of a blog header! The third is busy to me but the gal is eye-catching. I like the color pop of the red in the second. As a side note, I followed you email and signed up with Ed Dale to do my own magazine, too! Thanks! It’s currently in line to be reviewed by Apple. It’s called Growing Up. It has been such a fun project and has re-energized my blogging!

  • I like the third layout best too. The colors are appealing (love the orange!), and the design is clean and professional. I think there is room to have a little more fun though, so many incorporating the “Voluptio” font from the second option would achieve that. Option number one looks too textbook. Congrats on your upcoming launch! :)

  • Hi Yaro!
    Should we take the specific girls into consideration when choosing? I think the second girl is the only one who really looks like a “blogger” (young and hipster, LOL!).

    Good Luck,
    Dori (still too scared to start my blog. . .:-/)

  • #1 definitely.
    It has the hippest look / font. It looks most up to date and unisex.
    #2 aside from the red doesn’t grab me.
    #3 font seems more feminine to me.

    Funny I didn’t even look at the girls faces til I read the comments.
    But a test without faces might give you the truest results.

    Of course in the end it will be your content that counts most.
    Good luck.

  • 3rd one definitely and 2nd one, definitely not…

  • Hey Yaro,
    I don’t like the design of the first mag. The second, I do like the design, but yes it does give the impression of a ‘scientific journal’ with the date and volume # under neath the heading. The third is way more inviting. If I saw a this blogging mag on the shelf I would feel I’d want to pick it up to see what’s inside. It looks …. inviting, open, interesting. I like the smile of the the woman in this one, the 2nd one has her arms crossed, for some reason, I don’t relate to the first one.

  • I like the 3rd cover option because the text is more equally distributed to the right and left side of the lady’s portrait photo.

  • Yaro… like the logo type of the title on 3 because it’s easier to read and understand and as a former magazine editor who won some awards, I like the info on 3 – now if you’d just had a great looking dude!

    And don’t forget, here in the U.S., the New Yorker always does some sort of drawing…

    Are you going for news stand appeal? Will it be in print? And please, make the typ esize inside bigger than Wired does… 12 pt. minimum –

    where do I get my copy?

  • #3 for me too.

    I now you will do this but also test them at the size they will be in the i-store. They’ll probably be small so is the font readable and does one colour really work better against the background? Also how do they look against other magazines in your category? Might make a difference…


  • Hi Yaro,

    Definitely the 3rd cover. I love magazines that let you know what to expect without jamming the cover like the cheap tabloids do.

    I know 2 and 3 both do this but I think 3 does it with more style!


  • Becky

    Yaro – Been reading you for a long time now. Congrats on your new launch.

    My vote with no layout changes – #1 followed by #2
    My vote with layout changes – #2 following by #1
    #3 is definitely out

    #3 looks EXACTLY like every cooking magazine I ever purchased, and I’ve bought a lot of them over the years. There is nothing original with that layout.

    #2 is unbalanced with all the text to the right. You may have tried to have a blog-like appearance by putting all the text in one column. Good move. But, it is actually harder on the eye to read at first glance. Sounds silly. I am simply giving you my first reaction. I believe #2 has a lot of potential, if you could find a way to keep the blog-like column, but balance the cover in some way.

    #1 is balanced, clean, and classic. But then, I’m not sure you want your magazine to look like every classic magazine on the market.

    I don’t care about the fonts. Just the layout. You’ll figure out the best fonts once the layout is finalized.

    Good luck!

    • Becky

      Yaro – I just realized what my issue is with #2. People will always look at the image first. But, then your eyes naturally read left to right. There is nothing on the left. Maybe if you try placing a title in the lower left or move your column of titles to the left, instead of the right, that would work.

  • Can you run another test with the same image (girl and background) for all three? I’m betting the different images are skewing the results. As an artist, I would completely ignore #3, as it has no focus – my eye doesn’t know where to go. You want to grab people immediately. I love the white background for the banner on #1, because it is clear, visually impactful and I know instantly what this is. Also, the title isn’t competing with the image. I also like the clarity of the month in #1. Not sure about the font, or that it is black (don’t like the red in #2 for sure – while it is an attention-getter, our brains often associate red with “alarm” or “warning,” and that red is particularly aggressive). I think the color of the font in #3 a few shades darker would be perfect. I like the content blurbs of #2 better than #1. Probably more than you asked for!

  • Hey Yaro!

    Definitely number 3, the style, the relaxed feeling, and, yes, the girl – with a look of encouragement.

    Why not take some of the values from the other comments and combine them? Red font in 2 does jump… and perhaps use a common blogging font like Trebuchet – ‘a large medieval siege machine for hurling large stones or missiles at impediments?’

    The dark circle is a bit off putting as well, but coordinated colors with key focus points contribute to interest and chasing down the details.

    Interesting! Looking forward,

  • I like the style of three the best. It’s font has more character. Plus I like that the issue month is vertical. Little touches like that give it a very professional feel. In addition, the third one looks like it will allow you to better highlight articles inside. :) congrats Yaro! You rock! Muah!

  • Yaro

    they all have different appeal to them, the 3rd one is the one that warms to the reader best, but the 1st one has a good corporate feel to it.

    the 2nd one shouldn’t go un noticed, but it looks busier than the other 2, only because the text overlays the model. Plus it looks very “medial journal” like.

    The 3rd has a great and easy to read header.

    You should play around with some different images in these 3 and see how that looks before committing to a design. i.e get photos of men or groups of people, this way you will have a broader scope of visual penetration.

    All are very nice, and this will be a great read.

  • Yaro, I like second one the best. I can’t tell you exactly why, but I was more visually drawn to it. Excited to see the final result.

  • Bee

    I dislike the use of the all capital letters, all the same size in the Blogology title in the first two.
    I was put off by all the covers you presented having women on them. Why? Unless of course the women are actual entrepreneurs featured inside. The woman in the first pic looks more natural than the other two who look like models rather than entrepreneurs (though I guess the first one is also a model). I think the situation of the woman in the first pic also looks more like someone in a working environment whereas the other two look more like ‘women who lunch’.
    I think a mixed gender cover with some real entrepreneurs at least for your first couple of issues would be better.
    My initial gut feel was I preferred number 3, but having written the above para, I realize I prefer number 1 but if you changed the title away from all block capitals.
    Am female.

  • #2. Cleaner. #3 looks like *every* other magazine in the world. Be different. Agree with Cathy’s comment above, how will these look small is probably a better test than having these really big. Our answer should be based on how we’ll see it browsing in iTunes, not after we click.

  • Bob Skelton

    Hi Yaro, I think the third cover is the most striking and eye catching cover. I’m no expert but it is the one I like best.

  • Great idea, Yaro!
    #1 – The title was totally lost in the white, I didn’t even see it at first.
    #2 – The title font is average and boring.
    #3 – The title font alone makes this the winner, fresh, original and eye-grabbing.
    As a blogger myself, I’d be interested in your mag.
    Good luck, Dennis

  • The layout of the 2nd was easiest to look at to me. The colors and the text.

  • Cathy

    I’ve been a magazine designer for 20+ years and number 3 looks the most ready for the newsstand at your local Barnes & Noble BUT that’s not your distribution model. Keep in mind that it has to look good small when it appears on iTunes. Thanks to amazon.com, book designers have had to rethink the way to design book jackets. Same is true for you. Shrink the image to the size of a postage stamp, then take a look at it. That’s how people will be seeing it and decide whther to click. So glad you found a good designer to work with. If, for some reason, it doesn’t work out, contact me. I might be able to help.

  • Hi Yaro

    I love the third design. It has a nice flow to it and looks like a magazine you’d pick up from a news stand. So, that one gets my vote.

    Good luck with it, I look forward to perusing it when it goes live.

    Best wishes

  • Iain

    3, 2, 1 in descending order, though there are good points in each. But with 3 I’d move the model off-centre to the right, the opening; dump the weird strap-line at the foot and move the Soluta text further right and down to provide an anchor base; move the RH batch of small tex over to the left, a little offset upwards from the new Soluta base; change the orange for a deep blue; bleed the model image off at the food and change completely what seems to me a daft and pretentious title (even worse than the ridiculous ‘mixologist’ and, no, I don’t currently have a suggestion for an alternative). Oh, and add publishing detail as with the first two.

  • The third cover has a better feel about it, but it would have been a great idea to use the same photo for the testing.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Yaro…I love the third one! Great job. ;o)

  • Stewart Kelly

    Yaro, I’m not focusing on the woman on the cover when I say the third wins hands down. It has that modern magazine rack look. Publishing companies spend millions testing covers so why reinvent the wheel?

  • Without reading all of the other comments, I would have to say, I like the layout, typography and design elements of the third cover (e.g., black circle with reverse type), but I like the photo of the first cover. It looks and feels much more genuine and authentic than the photo on the third cover with the standard ‘hand on chin’ shot, which looks staged and more like stock photography than someone just going about their day in their business. Just my two cents.

    Whatever you decide, I am really looking forward to checking out this new magazine. Thanks for doing this and best of luck with the launch!

  • Lucia Sandaal

    Hi Yaro,

    I’m really curious about your magazine. Can’t wait to read the first issue.
    About the designs. The first one doesn’t work for me at all, I think it has kind of a scientific look…way too serious. I’m mostly drawn towards the second one, the red colour is warm and I like the font used. I also think this could work for both men and women and for creative bloggers as well as for business bloggers. That’s why I’m so confused that so many men chose the third magazine, in my opinion that’s a really feminine design. But I guess you’re right, it’s probably because of the pretty woman. OMG, all the things you have to consider….

  • Mark

    Cover #2, with the red title and the photo extended underneath it.

  • I like the third one — mostly because it’s ambiguous in a way that I can look at it and say that maybe there’s something in here that I can relate to. Not to old or too young. Not too technical … but promises education or answers to some questions I might have. It suggests that this person has succeeded in working from a place that looks comfortable (work from home) and she’s happy doing it. Her “look” suggests she’s found the secret to everything that we as bloggers are looking for.
    Doing something we like and making money doing it.

  • Third one! The first two may be more simple and clean, but they will go unnoticed when they are next to other designs. The repeated yellow color and italicized typeface in the lower left area of the third image create a nice balance and make the cover more noticeable.

  • I was originally going to go with #3 because it is lively and laid out like popular magazines; but the more I stared at it, the more it looked like “Good Housekeeping for Bloggers”. So, I am going with #2 because it is clean, professional, and I tend to take it more seriously when I look at it. Great designs, though! Your designer is spot on. At the end of the day, your content is always fantastic; so, regardless of what cover you choose, people will subscribe for the interesting and useful information.

  • I like the third one. It’s has more of my idea of what a blog magazine should look like.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I vote for cover #3. The other two get lost in the crowd. It seems happy and approachable to me.
    The best of luck!

  • Dale Morgan

    I think you’re right, Yaro, test with the same girl in each.

  • Abe

    The second one 3 reasons:
    1. It looks entrepreneurial – better Match for you target market.
    The 3 one looks like “real simple” magazine cover and doesnt speak to business people. However the girl is kinda cute
    2. Cuz the girl is hottest of the bunch
    3. The 3rd one font makes you think subliminally that it says Biology. The 2nd is much more obvious what it really says

  • Alison

    I prefer the font and look of #3. #1 & #2 look like medical journals. Also agree with other comments to test with same base image. Can’t wait to purchase your first edition. Good luck!

  • I like the third one the best if we are just looking at appealing covers. But none of them say “blogging” to me. I would like to see someone with a laptop, tablet or looking like they were blogging. Even a computer or something in the background. The title and the picture are not congruent to me.

    Just my thoughts.

    If I knew it was your magazine I would read it, but if not, I would probably pass it by based on cover, unless some sort of really catchy headline matches the cover. I could see the first one with a title of “Mom blogger makes millions” or something to match the words with the photos.

  • Brent

    Hi Yaro,

    I like the third one too…looks great…and the image of the woman was not a factor :)

    I am also publishing a mag on the newsstand…it’s quite exciting. Once we get launched maybe we can work together…I’ll reach out to you.

    Cheers, Brent

  • Yaro, I don’t like the to have a woman on the cover. I like the font of the 3rd one, but I was distracted by the beautiful woman and if I don’t know what your magazine is about I would think it is lifestyle, female magazine. From that perspective I like the 1st woman, because she doesn’t look like female magazine. I don’t understand why you need a woman on the cover? I want information from you, so big titles of the articles would be best for me.

    • It is a proven statistical that covers with good looking, smiling women well more. They catch they eye of both men and women. If you can believe stats. The cover is all about distracting you from other magazines that are all around you in the store.

  • #3 Looks more modern, vivid and highlights the subjects better. If I were to pick a runner up it would be #1.

    #2 looks like something from the 90s.

  • I think it depends more on your target audience. I like the layout of #2 best but as far as the girl I think she is dressed more to appeal to the younger generation, she looks more like a student. If you are looking for a broader audience then probably #3 but it tends to look a bit like a woman’s magazine of some sort. In other words some people may be attracted more to the female rather than the topic.

  • Peter Gjersoe

    Hi Yaro,
    Congratulations on the upcoming launch, and enjoying old Melbourne. We miss you around Brissie.
    Front page = image you want to project to the audience you want to attract. I am not exactly sure of the link between blogging and appealing to the attractive younger female. However, in all the surveys the female niche remains the most powerful and fastest growing so any move towards that can’t be all bad. If so, you may as well include the asian market, so my vote is for the middle one.

  • Doug Hurth

    third looks more balanced and I like the header font better

  • Margot Seares

    No 1

  • Hello Yaro, the 3rd cover stands out. I like everything about it other than the black line at the bottom. Not sure if you are sticking with the color scheme but I would change the black background to a softer color pulled from the actual cover photo itself. I’ve watched your blog transform over the last 4 years and it is quite impressive to see you success! I admire your determination.

  • My choice would be 2, but the red lettering below Voluptio is hard to read.

  • Margaret

    I like the third too. With the second I feel folded arms are not right. Good luck with your new project. You do such wonderful work.

  • Hi Yaro
    I like no 2. Bold red flag. Tells me the date and issue should I collect a bunch of them. Slightly more formal layout which hints at authority. Most of all stays away from leading the mind into thinking this may be more a woman’s magazine.
    I guess no 1 comes a distant second. However the title is not cohesive with the rest of the page. No 3 is too feminine – or more like dozens of lookalikes I see in bookstands.
    Good luck

  • Brigitte

    here’s my two cents worth:
    the first cover design has a technical, no nonsense, business look to it which is quite suited to the topic.
    The second design has a slightly more scientific and educational look, which is spoiled by the covergirl wearing too much bling.
    The third design is reminiscent of a woman’s magazine cover.
    Good luck!

  • The third cover is more dynamic though make the work blogology at the top in red. Red catches the eye in the itunes store against that light gray background they use. Also the irregular writing style of this header let along in red will catch the eye as it is simple yet different. Welcome aboard in the itunes store to keep my magazine company :-)

  • Numbers two and three “look” like magazines, with number three busier without crowding. Your models are fresh and wholesome. Well done, number three.

  • Charlotte

    I prefer design #3

  • Beren Coulthard

    I did not like the first one at all as the white area around the title did not look professional to me. I liked the third one a lot with the text free flowing on both sides though I did not like the black dialogue box on the bottom of the page. I think the second one may look more appropriate for your target market as the format of the third one is often used for women’s magazines and you want to define yours as a more technical read. Good luck, it is a great idea!

  • HiYaro, Very exciting this magazine. I love the idea and am looking forward to your thoughts on the entire process. I have to agree with other comments here and say the pretty girls are wrong for this cover. The cover should indicate what the magazine is about these covers don’t tell me anything except it could be a women weekly. Ouch that sounds harsh! Sorry, I know I’m blunt. But I don’t think you’re looking for anything flowery. You are very inspirational though:)

  • I love the 3rd choice with the gold letters and I love the name by the way!

  • I like the second one the most. I like knowing what issue I’m looking at, and the date is easier to see than the third one. A close second is the first design. Best wishes on your magazine, Yaro and keep up the great work!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I strongly feel that cover #3 is the best.

    Comments on cover #1:
    The solid white background creates too much of a separation between the header and the rest of the cover. The visual components on this layout all compete for my eyes’ attention and it does not have a comfortable visual flow for my eyes to follow. Finally, by having the 2 blocks of text at the top of the cover photo, the cover does not have anything to draw my eyes down to “consume” the rest of the cover.

    Comments on cover #2:
    This layout includes the background image behind the magazine title, which I prefer. However, the title font is too thick and has too much uniformity since it is in all caps. The title becomes a uniform solid mass with no dominant visual focal point for my eyes to start with. I also dislike the 2 horizontal lines that contain the date and issue number because, along with the title and the woman, these three components are competing for my eyes’ attention right in the center of the cover.

    Comments on cover #3:
    This font has a pleasing style and amount of variation. By only capitalizing the first letter, my eyes start focusing on the “B” and flow from left to right as I take in the title visually. The lowercase letters create focal points for my eyes along the way. Similarly, the layout works well because my eyes can easily flow down the cover from left, to right, to left again as I “consume” its contents. My eyes start with the title, then move to the left block of text, then to the woman, then to the right block of text, and finally to the bottom block of text.

  • James

    Hi Yaro, No. 1 for me. Did not have time to read other’s comments. My two cents is around the image – she looks like she might be actually in the process of doing / producing something – there’s a practical feel. Will leave rest of the design to you.

  • Owen

    I like the third one. Makes me want to open it.

  • Paul Howson

    Some comments from a graphic designer:

    You’re actually playing with a few variables here: layout, typography, colour, and the photo — and as you say, the choice of girl is probably skewing the results. The number of possible combinations is of course much more than three, so while each of these designs has its pluses, I don’t think you’ve hit on the best design yet.

    You need to look at each variable individually. For example, to my eye, the second cover has the most pleasant layout. But I don’t like the upper case typography for the title — too static and authoritarian. Needs something a bit more friendly. I suspect upper and lower case would work better. Try a few alternative fonts.

    If you’re going to evaluate combinations of layout, typography and colour, perhaps you should keep the photo the same, so it does not bias the result.

    Let’s seen another round of options.

  • Chris Hill

    No.1 has a more genuine home blogging feel and no.3 is just the pretty face. I prefer no.1.

  • Hello Yaro,

    I love all of these pictures for your cover, but #1 is the winner for me! I like that there is a home-like atmosphere, with a kitchen background and a iPad in the background. The pretty face of the model looks open and casual. However, a writer’s space is not really that pretty to look at and perhaps it should not be.

    I would like to see a funny cartoon picture on the cover of a person thinking and with all kinds of balloon captions, what a blogger’s life is all about.

    Funny is good medicine and not much around!
    A collage of family life could be a winner;. such as a woman holding a baby, in her pajamas, and one shoe on, a pencil in her hand as she waves goodbye to her son or daughter who is getting on the bus.the house is a little messy-full of books and papers scattered around from the printer, the other twin paints her articles with lipstick he or she finds in her purse. The mother is sitting down on the floor and say to herself,, “Now, where shall I start?” The whole concept is that her house and home is full of ideas to write about-even if only to write about “How a blogger should organize to write.” or “How To Focus On Life and Write About It- When It’s Happening!”

    Just sharing my ideas Yaro, I wish you much success with this magazine as I know you will. Go with your heart! Wouldn’t it be nice to appeal to a mass audience and include everyone! This is a great research idea about selecting a cover for a magazine. Like buying real estate for a business. Location is everything. I believe the cover sets your style and your inner concepts and so take your time.
    If all else fails in selecting a cover, put yourself on it with some of the beautiful travel pictures you took around the world. They are so awesome!

  • sagar

    1st and 34d are the eye grabbing yaro, more likely i choose 3rd if i publish this magazine. however thanks for this new magazine concept to generate quality traffic on any blog.

  • Personally I like number 3 the most…

  • Lovinia Dickens

    Hi Yaro,

    They all look pretty good but I love the uncluttered layout of the 2nd one. The color of the magazine name draws your eyes and makes it clear what it is all about and having text all on the one side and aligned is aesthetically pleasing and makes it very easy to read.

    The only thing I feel would make it even better is to have the 3rd girl on the cover but striking the same pose as the 2nd girl. Don’t like the “I forgot to do up my shirt” look of the girl on the 2nd one, though its probably fashionable. Even without any changes I would still buy the 2nd one above the others.


    Lovinia Dickens

  • Either 1 or 2 for me; the designs are clean and crisp. 3 looks a little bit less interesting, design wise.

  • Fiona

    I much prefer the logo font from the third magazine, but overall the text layout makes the cover appear cluttered. The first cover also suffers from a ‘cluttered’ look. The second cover has a much cleaner style and has created some open breathing space, which is more visually appealing in my view. I don’t like the logo font used on covers 1 & 2 it seems to lack character, and I find all caps less attractive or readable at the best of times.

  • Venkatesh Iyer

    Third cover from the top gets my vote, the one with the orange title.

  • Hi Yaro. I’m a graphic designer and has done a lot of magazines. Personally I like the first cover layout best, as I think the other ones are to female oriented. I feel a blogging magazine should be neither male or female oriented. I would recomment that you make more trials with photos of males on the cover.

  • Chris

    I like the third design best, then the first one, and the second one would be my third choice, all have a really nice crisp clean look. Can’t wait to hear how this all turns out for you.

  • D'Arcy Mayo

    Exiting times :)

    The third cover has the most professional look for me

  • Dieter

    N° 1

    The other two have the immediate impression of being about health, body care, amateur psychology or other mundane stuff. The first hints at something different. It’s more about being smart than being happy.

  • Try different body language with the models – open arms while standing for instance.

  • Gordon Adnams

    The third one. The back image in the first has no relevance to the magazine content.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I like the first one. If you want to have a chat to a fellow Aussie magcaster I am about to release the 6th edition of “Nurses fyi Magazine”. I was surprised by what has and hasn’t worked to promote my magazine.

    Cheers Rich

  • Hi Yaro,
    In descending order of preference 3; 1; and 2 – although i prefer the font style of the first cover best.
    Good luck with it – I’m sure it will be a huge success

  • Ralph

    I like the 3rd Magazine cover and not because of the looks of the woman. I am gay so it had no factor, at least consciously. I even had to go back and look at the faces after I saw your comment on guys going for the 3rd cover. The 3rd cover just looks like a traditional magazine. Which of course is not necessary to have a successful one. Well even if it looks like a food magazine as some have mentioned. Umm, food can be good and perhaps my mouth will water up when I see your magazine and buy.

  • Matthias

    Hi Yaro,

    just very briefly, and really meant as constructive feedback: All three covers look professionally made, but they all suffer from the two same things: They look like a women’s magazine (not just because of the featured women, but because of much of the layout and colour choices); and they don’t have any visual clues or connections to anything to do with blogging. I know the latter may be difficult to achieve, but I personally feel the style needs to represent blogging a lot more, and therefore needs to differ a lot more from normal paper magazine layouts, colour choices, theming etc. Finally, I also feel there’s not enough Yaro in the visual presentation of those covers – although I know how unspecific a thing that is to say. Wish you the best with the launch, curious to see how it goes! Cheers, Matthias

  • Hi Yaro,

    Short answer – I think that the first one “best fits” the brief of a “business of blogging” magazine masthead.

    I have trained in Graphic Design, and whether we are consciously aware of it or not, specific styles of font, layout and colour combinations hint at the nature of a piece. Hence, you will see that some comments have said that No 2. reminds them of a Science magazine, while No. 3 is more of a “Lifestyle” magazine… be that Interiors, Cookery, Womens’ Magazine or whatever. I fully agree with those points.

    Of course, the images and colours chosen will affect this too. However if you were to just ignore the colours, images and placeholder text and just evaluate the different font “lock-ups” on each piece, just each treatment of the word “Blogology”, the first is by far the stand-out example of fitting your brief.

    One idea might be to print each header in black and white on a page and just look at that alone… I think my point will become apparent.

    Good luck with your new venture and thanks for your often profound insights into your business and life!


  • Hi Yaro I like the first one more.

    I also agree with Matthias, on his comment above. It would be very good to work a little more on getting the blogging activitie and Yaro there.

    Best wishes on this new launch

    Fernanda Estrada

  • I love #3! It may resemble a cooking magazine, be geared towards women and may not directly reflect “blogging”, but we know the content will be great, so what’s wrong with a little eye candy?
    Humans are naturally attracted to something aesthetically pleasing to the eye and we love looking at other people. Besides, “people” are the ones blogging, so a picture of a blogger fits the bill.

  • K.

    Hi Yaro,

    Congratulations on the magazine. :-)

    I like the first cover the most.

    It’s clean, sharp, eye-catching, easy to read, and jumps out more than the other two.

    I especially like the font and design used for “Blogology,” and how it’s set apart from the rest of the cover.

    Good title, too.


  • JackieS

    I like the first one. It conveys the impression that anyone can do this. It has a wider appeal. The other two make it look like this only concerns young beautiful women and it will make anyone outside of that narrow demographic feel inadequate and therefore turn them off, unless you are one of the men who are responding to the sex appeal. Also the first one is simple and makes me want to know more. The other two look like women’s gossip magazine covers.

  • Jude

    I would like to see a mix of the first face and the second face. We have an ethnic world, and I like that it is a female. Regards Jude

  • Jade Campbell

    Hi Yaro, LOVE the name Blogology = PERFECTO!

    I guess for me I like the first one the most – purely because the girl looks more like “the girl next door” -someone you can relate to , more real – like the bloggers trying to earn an online income.
    n fact a SUBTLE background showing the multiplicity of her life- trying to juggle online world with family etc would be more powerful .

    Irrespective of fonts, layouts and colours, it’s about the emotional response to the magazine niche subject matter. That split second judgement call whether to open up and look inside, is this something the reader will relate to. . . .?

    Art of anykind is first and foremost communication, to evoke a response from the viewer, it has to communicate the subject matter enough to make that split second decision.

    The other 2 covers while attractive were also current style standard covers for anything, lifestyle, living, insurance, you name it.

    With the huge response in comments – I don’t think your task of choice is going to be easy.. good luck!

  • Sue

    You seem to be testing two different things: 1. layout, color, and fonts and 2. pics of women. If you want to test layout/color/font without the bias (conscious or unconscious) due to the pictures – use the same woman or picture on each cover.

    Also… could the covers be a bit smaller and placed side by side? Makes it easier to compare, at least for me.


  • I like the second one better.


    Hi Yaro….. Definitely the third one. Will you be publishing in English as well ?? I would definitely subscribe if publishing in English as well. Let me know.

  • I love the third one. It has life and makes me want to open it up.

  • Hi Yaro, Is it a must to have women on the front page as it looks like a fashion magazine of some sort? Can’t you have something more Blogology look i.e. something to do with blogging. Well, that is my opinion.

    All the Best.

  • Isabel Swart

    Third one is better, but still boring. I agree with some of the other comments that there has to be a FUN element! Just one other concern: there’s NOTHING in the visuals to tell you that the magazine is about blogging/involves computers/the internet. At a quick glance the cover looks like just another woman’s magazine. I’m not a designer, but I’d definitely advise that you add some recognizable fonts and/or other strong visual elements to your design (maybe a computer mouse?) to make your magazine stand out. I like the idea of a fun cartoon drawing!

  • Hey Yaro!

    Wonderful work… Looking forward to seeing the first issue.

    My choice: #3 (orange masthead). A few reasons: Orange is your color (one of them) but also this design looks like the sort of magazine you’d find on the newsstand – next to all the others with a massive circulation – and it caught my eye :-)

    Great title!


  • The font used on the 1st cover is boring. Also don’t care for the sink in the background. Shirt worn by the girl…a bad choice. I prefer the font of the 3rd mag cover, but in red. The orange does not attract the eye and I actually find it a bit ugly. I prefer the date of the mag right under the title on the right (as in #1). It’s just easier to find that way. I prefer the titles of articles spread out as on the 3rd mag cover. The girl used in #3 looks like she is at a cafe and looking to attract a date. I assume that is why so many of your male readers have chosen this cover…probably subconsciously. The girl on cover #2 looks more business-like, but needs more distinctly coloured clothing. The clothing on #3 fades into the background, and the colour of clothing on #2 has much the same issue.

  • Jim Leaf

    I wasn’t able to access 2 and 3, so I guess that makes my choice the easiest!

  • Tim

    I like Cover 1 for it’s simple, clean layout. Cover 3 looks like every other magazine you see in the super market checkout line. It tries too hard to get my attention. Cover 2 is reminiscent of “The Saturday Evening Post” in the ’50s. It was an excellent magazine, but doesn’t represent blog writing today.

  • Aprile

    Hi Yaro. I prefer the ‘less glamorous’ look of the model in # 1, considering it’s a business magazine-type magazine. But I like the eye-catching red title and red in the clothes of #2. Good luck with your magazine. I’m doing one as well.

  • Chris

    First one is too webby and even though this is a webby thing going on it’s nice to go for more of a traditional magazine look. And the first one also seems like a medical magazine.

    The second one is clean but lacks something.

    The third one has a great traditional look plus the layout is more cool than the second. The black footer is nice.

    Absolutely–the third girl RUINS everything :)

  • Alfredo Cappelli

    Very exciting project Yaro. I think your mag is going to fill a long awaited niche. LOVE the name!
    As far as the cover I don’t think there is a significant difference from a design perspective but if I have to pick one it’ll be definitly the third one. Keep up the great work…I’ll be looking forward to the first issue launch!

  • What’s up Yaro,

    Congrats on the magazine yo I’m also launching a digital magazine, Your Online Biz the mag, coming soon.

    PS. The second cover looks best. Peace.

  • Marco

    You are a very creative writer. Your style is catchy and your posts always have something unique and/or personal about them which makes you stand out as blogger. Maybe your mag cover should have some of these elements you are known for. And the 3 examples above are definitely not the case.
    Why would you deliver anything less brilliant than your writing?
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Thanks Marco, I appreciate the props. I’m sure the cover will include those elements – I’m writing the first bunch of headlines for it after all!

      • Marco

        Good on you mate. May the gods of blogs be with you.

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