What The Toyota Way Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Continuous Long Term Improvement

By Yaro Starak

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  • Hi Yaro.

    This was an excellent subject for your post. My sister worked with the engineers at the Toronto Toyota plant. She told me many stories of their dedication to their employees and the Kaizen philosophy. It was an incredible atmosphere to work in, where their opinion mattered. Very positive. I have felt, for many years, this is the direction corporate America should be moving. Unfortunately that beast is very slow to turn.

    Your post was the perfect reminder to apply this philosophy to our own business. In some ways we already are, through further education, but I can see how we can take this deeper. As our business grows from the two of us to one where we have employees, this idea will integrated into everything we do. I can see where this would have been very beneficial to growth in past business ventures.

    Thanks again


    • It is amazing when I listen to the book how much what Toyota does just makes sense. They are not perfect, but they have such a good culture for correcting errors, when things do go wrong they really look so hard to find out why.

      Thanks for commenting Vicky!


  • […] came to really admire this idea recently when studying the Japanese company Toyota and their philosophies regarding the lean manufacturing […]

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