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As you may know I recently purchased a blog, Small Business Branding (coverage here – Acquisition Of and recently Michael Pollock, the founder of Small Business Branding who I purchased the blog from, and I sat down and recorded a podcast discussion about buying and selling blogs. Since we had just completed the transaction we were in the perfect place to discuss this topic and these podcasts should give you some good insights into the process behind blog trading.

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Our conversation went for over an hour so we broke it down into two podcasts. You can find further details about it from SavvySoloCast where these episodes are hosted.

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    I’ve just listened to a two part podcast with Michael Pollock and Yaro Starak. If you’re at all interested in online business, small business marketing, and blogging, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Here’s why: Michael Pollock published the

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    I listen to a number of podcasts while driving and or running. One of the podcasts I have setup to download everyday through Doppler is Entrepreneurs Journey. In a couple of recent podcasts Yaro Starak talks about his experience……

  • Yaro,

    These two podcasts were very good. Thanks for the information. You mentioned some things that I had never considered before.

    Jason Darrow

  • [...] Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey has podcast up at his blog (he posted it on January 3, 2006) where he describes purchasing  He even gives the price he paid, which is something I’ve been wondering about since he announced he bought it.  He actually mentions The Poker Blog sale, which surprised me.  The podcast gives a different perspective on buying and selling blogs and is definitely worth a listen. [...]

  • Buying and Selling Blogs…

    Yaro from Entrepreneur’s Journey recently purchased the Small Business Branding Blog from Michael of SavvySolo, and the two did a very ineteresting and in-depth podcast about buying and selling blogs.
    Yaro paid much less (US$2500) than I thought …

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