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I have a special treat for you in my latest Entrepreneurs-Journey Podcast, an interview with Brian Clark, the guy behind the very popular Copyblogger.com blog.

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Note the sound quality was a bit sketchy with this recording so I’ve up the bitrate and consequently the file download is topping 20MB. I apologize to all you dial-up users, but I promise you the podcast download is worth the wait. For you broadband users it will be nothing and the enhanced sound quality makes a difference, although it’s far from perfect.

Copyblogger LogoBrian and I recorded this interview late last week so it’s very current and you will learn a lot about the guy behind one of the shining star blogs of 2006. Brian has an extensive background including time spent as a lawyer and an early adopter of the Internet as a tool for commerce. He’s been consulting to web companies before, during and after the dotcom boom and subsequent crash and his experience comes through in this interview. I hope you enjoy it and make sure you leave a comment to tell Brian how much you liked this show because he really doesn’t appreciate the attention :-).

Show Notes

  • The show starts with a brief history of Brian’s younger days
  • Brian discusses his first Internet ventures – email newsletters and consulting to dotcoms
  • Post dotcom crash, Brian talks about the businesses that were left and how they used sound direct marketing principles taken from the offline world
  • Brian alludes to some of the previous Internet projects he has worked on how he structures relationships with other talented people to help them bring their talent online
  • We hear some comments about venture funding
  • I ask Brian for some secrets to the success of his Copyblogger.com blog
  • We learn about the original motivations behind launching Copyblogger
  • Brian discuses some of his current projects, including Tubetorial
  • We hear about Brian’s plans for the future including what his wife thinks about him working so hard
  • At the end of the interview I ask for Brian’s wisdom regarding starting up a business in today’s online climate


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Text Version

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  • Great interview Yaro. It’s always interesting to hear the back stories of folks whose work you enjoy. A lawyer with a starving artist mentality – there’s the secret to success right there :)

    Some really cool insights on Brian’s journey.

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  • Thanks Yaro,

    For another great interview.

    I’ve been a fan of Copyblogger for a long time, particularly his articles on how to write headlines.

    I consider his blog and yours to be some of the best blogging educational resources on the web.

    Keep up the great work.

    Craig Harper

  • [...] Yaro has interviewed Brian from Copyblogger in a podcast today. Nice to put a voice to the posts that Brian does. [...]

  • Thanks Tony and Craig – I do enjoy doing podcasts though I must admit when all is said and done they do take quite a bit of work. Collectively it was a 3-4 hour job to record, edit and publish this interview with Brian. Definitely worth it – and it’s fun too.


  • Thanks for another Great Interview Yaro!

    I’ve been reading Copyblogger for quite a while now and really enjoy his work.

    I look forward to listening to your next interview.

    Pete O’Sullivan

  • I like this interview. The back stories of folks whose work you enjoy. It’s really great insights on Brian’s journey!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I just finished listening to your interview with Brian Clark. It gave me a lot of great ideas – so thank you!

    Betsy Flanagan

  • [...] about him or herself. Brian Clark is a culprit of this and that’s exactly why I contacted him to do a podcast, so we could all learn more about the guy behind the [...]

  • TonyP


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    Tony Palumbo

  • I was slow to catch on to the internet at first like Brian. Actually, I never really tried to make money until around 2005. My interest in computers was sparked by a close friend who knew HTML. My first attempt at making money on the internet involved a $40 product that I saw on TV. It was a internet store but because I knew nothing about marketing it didn’t do anything. However, it was fun and I had some good times promoting it.

  • I can’t believe I didn’t know about this podcast, where have I been, anything with Yaro and Brian Clark is a must hear…
    Thanks for this Yaro.

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