Podcast: Interview With MySpace Marketing Expert Steve Iser

By Yaro Starak

Steve IserSteve Iser has been online since he was 9 years old. Now he’s 21 and makes money using social media sites like MySpace and Facebook as marketing tools to promote products.

I called Steve up to do an interview after I finished reading and listening to his Ready.Aim.Wired information product, which teaches how to use social marketing sites to drive leads, build a list and make sales. The book is solid and presents a system that I can actually see working in MySpace because it uses the same language and “model of interaction” as Steve calls it, to establish relationships.

Just like with email marketing or any form of online marketing, you have to build relationships in order to get a positive result and if you are using sites like MySpace to do so, then you have to use the same language and community behavior. Ready.Aim.Wired is a great introduction to how to execute this concept based on what Steve has done in the past.

Ready Aim Wired - MySpace Marketing EBook

In the call I wanted Steve to break things done for us because I still didn’t quite understand how his methods work. Steve explained things really well in this interview, so I expect after listening you will have a solid grasp of what it takes to successfully market using social networking sites. There’s a lot more to it than just broadcasting messages to as many people as you can – spamming MySpace, not surprisingly, won’t work.

Here is a breakdown of Steve talked about in the interview. I think you will enjoy the podcast, so make sure you slot in half an hour on your drive to work or when you go walking to have a listen.

Show Notes

  1. How Steve first made money on the Internet
  2. Why Steve entered into social media marketing
  3. How to use MySpace as a direct response marketing tool
  4. The importance of natural communication in a social networking site
  5. Steve’s model of interaction for attracting targeted friends (leads) from MySpace
  6. Outsourcing your MySpace marketing
  7. Facebook as a marketing tool
  8. What Steve is currently working on

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  • Thanks for another great interview Yaro! Social media marketing is a fascinating topic.

    Did you hear Yanik Silver interviewing Ed Dale about Facebook marketing? The post at Retire Young and Wealthy links to it along with a Facebook Page promoting the 2008 Olympics that the author recently created.


  • So… this is where I laugh at myself for being a computer idiot… and not closing the HTML tag :-) My bad. It’s time for bed.


  • Me

    MySpace is a tool I’ve already been using for quite some time. It really increased my site traffic, but you CAN NOT spam it, or people won’t be interested. He’s absolutely right; you must form legitimate relationships with people and direct them toward the site that way.

  • Amy

    Thanks for another awesome resource I’ll be checking this one out tonight.

  • Thanks for sharing Yaro,

    This is a great information and although I prefer to stay away from MySpace he makes a lot of sense.


  • I really like the idea of marketing on myspace – it’s like blogging except the traffic is easier to get.

    Of course, you don’t actually “own” your blog (profile in this case), which is why I would always blog at my own domain first, but certainly having a great profile in MySpace can drive some quality leads and as bloggers we should “get” the process.

  • Very interesting interview about Myspace, will listen to it again with my full attention another time. I also recommended the blog study video on my marketing website at http://www.daily-internet-marketing-tips.com/
    Will continue to recommend you. Thanks!

  • Yaro,
    thanks again for another great resource. I have been revamping my myspace marketing and this has been great info!!

    Jackie Lee :)

  • […] I saw over at Yaro Starak’s blog an interview with Steve Iser. He just came out with a new product Ready Aim Wired.  A whole course on using relationship […]

  • Yaro, what an excellent resource! MySpace has been such a great tool for so many businesses and releasing this audio file will, I’m sure, help so many! When you have some time, check out my own blog on social networks too :) http://www.nickjag.com/marketing


  • Ted

    Certainly social sites are becoming a more important part of the Internet landscape in much the same way as billboard used to be. I am creating a self funded marketing strategy that is similar on my website http://www.littlegraycells.ca

  • I have a My Space profile but never really got into it. My wife loves using it. I will have to revamp my profile and start using your advice to drive traffic. I must admit there are so many different sites popping up all the time….

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