Blog Mastermind Is Closing Forever

By Yaro Starak

At the end of this month, September 2011, my course Blog Mastermind will close forever.

Only current members and those who join before the end of the month will have ongoing access to the program. No one new will be able to buy their way in again, no exceptions.

As a special discount for the closing down period, I’ve knocked almost 50% off the price, down from $497 to just $249 for the Premium full access pass to the entire course.

You can join and claim the discount here –

Blog Mastermind

Why Close My Most Long Term Successful Program?

Blog Mastermind was launched in 2007 and instantly became a best selling program. I created the course to teach people how to make up to $10,000 a month from their blog, which is exactly what I had learned how to do during the previous two years.

The strategies and techniques I used in the previous two years were fresh in my mind, so I sat down and over a six month period wrote 27 weekly lessons taking people through a four step process –

  1. How to set up a blog
  2. How to create attention grabbing content
  3. How to drive waves of consistent traffic
  4. How to monetize your blog and turn it into a life changing business

I also added additional materials including interviews with successful bloggers like Darren Rowse and Brian Clark, a 10-part mindset series of audios, videos, question and answer sessions, access to a private forum, audio versions of every lesson (I personally narrate them) and loads more.

Over 400 people joined in under two weeks during the initial launch, with over 1,000 people joining over the years that followed. The program has made over $250,000 profit (paying for my first house) and I consistently receive feedback from people about how much they benefited from the training.

For several years Blog Mastermind remained open and almost every single week for a couple of years new members have joined. This one course has covered my bills for years, a big reason why I have kept it open for so long – it just keeps selling. There are of course some refunds, but it’s remained well within the average of 10%, which is pretty good!

I’m Taking A Break From Teaching Courses

Last year I decided I was going to shut down all my programs gradually over the following year. Although I have a new program in the works (2-Hour Work Day) and some obvious opportunities to produce a new version of both my Mastermind programs, I’m not in any hurry to do so.

Being in the hospital with my mother makes it difficult to find the time to produce new courses. I could do it, but it will make my life busier than it needs to be right now. I’m still very excited about the 2-Hour Work Day, especially because I have the report ready to go, but next year is probably a better choice right now to release the program.

When Blog Mastermind closes this month I won’t have any active courses, which will obvious reduce my income, but it’s nice to have a break. This will give me a clean slate to work on the new software service I have coming out very soon, which I hope becomes my new main business. I really like having the mental space to focus on one, maybe two main projects at once, so this feels right to me. I can always go back to teaching if I have the need and motivation to do so.

Updates And Renovations

Although my courses cover online and business fundamentals that never change, a deliberate thing I do when I create training programs to keep them from becoming out of date, it’s inevitable that some parts of the program will need revising.

One of the obvious areas of change is social media marketing. When I first started becoming an internet marketing teacher in 2005 the website Slashdot was one of the most sought after sources of traffic, so much so there was a thing called the “Slashdot Effect”, referring to the effect of Slashdot linking to your site. Next Digg rose to supremacy (the “Digg effect” was responsible for helping many sites become popular quickly, if they could make it to the front page of Digg several times), along with similar social sharing sites like Delicious and Reddit.

Social bookmarking sites are not as big as they once where, with Delicious almost shut down completely recently by Yahoo! and Digg less of an influence than it once was. In their place, Facebook and Twitter have risen to become the leading traffic sources for social media marketers… at least for now.

Although what I teach when it comes to driving traffic and marketing are universally applicable, I feel certain parts of my programs need an update to reflect new tools. I basically need to revise my teaching to apply the same fundamental rules of good marketing, but now say to try it with Facebook instead of Digg.

At least 80% of my training remains very relevant, which is why I believe it has continued to sell well for so long with a low refund rate. If you don’t know the fundamentals, you are going to learn a lot even if the program was created a few years ago. Concepts like Pillar Articles, the 80/20 Rule, the Theory of Constraints, and the four core monetization methods are not going to change, and are fundamental to your success as a blogger.

However the time has come where I want to update my programs, delete dated materials and add new materials… but it’s not going to happen for a while. I also want to renovate the look and feel of the sites and revise my free reports. In order to give me the space to do this, they need to come off the market. I suspect sometime in 2012 I may release a new program, but then again, I may not.

Changing Focus

I’ve written previously that I am changing focus. I’m working on software and this blog, and taking a break from information products. I said I’m taking a break from teaching courses, but this break may end up being permanent, if my other projects take off.

I never like to say I won’t do anything ever again, but there is a good chance this will literally be the last time you can join my course on how to make money blogging.

I still consider information products one of the best business models ever. My training products have helped hundreds of people and I’ve made enough money to buy properties and a nice car, travel the world and when an emergency hit, spend time with my family without worrying about money or whether my business would collapse.

If you are just at the start of your development curve and education is what you need, take advantage of literally the last time you will have to join Blog Mastermind, my flagship course and save yourself almost 50% in the process.

You can join until September 2011 ends, then it will be taken off the market. Only new and previous members will have ongoing access.

Yaro Starak

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • WOW! An icon of the industry closes up to refocus. Rock on Man! focus is good!

  • I understand about taking care of parents and commend you for doing it. It is hard to juggle all those things. I am going to miss reading all the great information out there. I am hoping to get mine up and running soon. It is hard to squeeze in with all the commitments I have as well. I hope to someday meet you and Gideon as your information has been priceless. Again, good luck and hope your mother is doing well or is at least comfortable.

    Anita Levesque

  • Although it is said to hear that, I do expect that you will be back with some other courses next year.

    How’s your mom doing?

    • Very likely at some point I will teach a course again, but it won’t be this year, that is for sure.

  • I still can’t understand why a such great product won’t be available since I think great value won’t expired and will be always useful for people around the world (including myself).
    I understand that you want to work less and less but people would appreciate that you burn a DVD of the course and sell it. :-)

    Best regards.

    • I agree! Repackage it and keep people learning if they want to (regardless if a small percent of the content needs to be updated) and the money rolling in! I’m at the very beginning of my E-J, and I just see a mountain ahead as far as creating content and products goes. Seems completely crazy to me that you’ve put so much time, money and energy into creating this resource and make it what it is, just to stop the energy flow dead! What a waste to not have it keep selling in another format, on autopilot! The werld needz ur courz! :)

  • Pm

    Interesting… I am sure you have put a ton of thought into this, and this is not an easy decision, but one that works out better for you right now. I appreciate your blog, as it has inspired me to get into Internet marketing. Thanks

  • Other important thing, I’ll take your mother in my prayers!

  • I just had a pie of it which I wanted to continue to learn more of your awesome program. It is really sad to hear this news but still ;I do respect your decision. I would like to say thank you so much for all I had learn. It gave me a new approach of how to go about doing business online especially blogging.
    Otherwise, I do wish you the best in your next venture!
    Malok Mading,

  • That is such a shame – all that work and such a wonderful eCourse. Maybe someone could buy it and keep it going? Or are people just not that interested in blogging anymore. I know most people love the idea but its the work that goes into becoming a success that slows many people down or stops them although.

    Good luck with whatever you do next. I have been a regular follower and your next steps are just as profitable. I also wish your mother well.


  • Sorry. That was meant to say I have been a regular follower and I hope your next steps are just as profitable :)

  • fas

    An awesome program being closed, the value is simply unmatchable by any other program.

  • Hi Yaro

    Firstly; I hope things are improving with your mum mate.

    Secondly, thank you for all of your support over the past years, through your content, speaking engagements I’ve attended and the several ‘panic’ emails that you have replied to of mine that have kept me focussed and on track.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next and wish you continued success.


  • Yaro–

    I want to offer you my sincere thanks for all that you have shared and taught and my most heartfelt best wishes as you move forward with your life and your work.


  • Would this course be beneficial for a local business owner? Seems like a great price point.

    • I’m not Yaro, but I think I can answer that one for ya. YES, it would be VERY BENEFICIAL for a local business owner. You learn A LOT about internet marketing in general, and it teaches you how to set your business up for success in this digital age we’re living in.

      This course gave me the foundation I needed to build my business!

      I HIGHLY recommend it (can you tell that I like it? lol)

  • Also, thank you for years of awesome information which I’ve been reading almost from the start, I wish you all the very best in your new projects, and for your dear mum. You rock Yaro. :)

  • Good Luck to you Yaro with your new business direction. I only just started the program last month but have gotten a great deal of information from it already. I hope you will continue sending the lessons each week so that I may finish the course. Enjoy your time with your mother as much as possible. I’m sure she is very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I look forward to seeing your new work soon.

  • That isn’t a nice news to hear, everyone has crises in their lives but life is a name of activity. I hope you will keep in touch with this course. It is also great that you are thinking to start a new business. I will keep in touch with you in your new work also because I learned a lot from you. Thanks and Best of luck.

  • I think everyone does need a break and maybe this is a time for you to focus on other things that you feel are more important and need your attention. Yes, taking care of your mother would be foremost at the moment and it would be unfair to keep track of other things, when she needs you most now.

    Wishing you all the very best with your new ventures Yaro :)

  • I do understand. Prayer for you mom and you in caregiving. That takes up enough real estate in your mind. I know because I am going thru it now. Take care-trusting new seeds of purpose and insight will grow.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Your teaching has changed my life and I will always be grateful to you.

    I am finally very close to launching my first product and would never have gotten to this point if I had not taken the leap of faith and bought both of your programs, Blogging Mastermind and Membership Mastermind.

    May the time you are taking with your mother, family and close friends provide you with everything you need to continue in your great success.

    Your example to the world, not only in business but in caring for your mother, is a bright light and I pray it will never dim.

    With gratitude,
    Singing from across the miles for your mother, you and all that attend her

  • And I just put this program on one of my sites as an affiliate program I would not have any qualms about recommending. IS there another program you could recommend for affiliate marketing like it?

  • Sorry to see you’re shutting this down but we all have to prioritise what’s right at any given time.

    Followed your blog before I went full time back in 2008 and learned a lot.

    Best wishes to you and your Mum.

  • Sad see that you’re retiring the program, but I am sure that u will be back with a bang.. waiting for the BANG

  • Times of change are never comfortable, but a necessary part of life if one doesn’t want to stagnate. My parayers go with your Mom and yourself.

  • I will also pray for your mother.

  • Wow! That is big news. I have been working through your course over the summer and enjoy it a lot! You have no idea how many times I have listened to your podcasts over and over again, trying to gleam something new from it every time.

    I pray for your mother’s health and guidance for your next steps. Congratulations on all of your achievements so far. You have a lot to be proud of! May you be even more blessed in the years to come. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!

  • Good for me I joined it at right time. Looking forward to see your new work Yaro.

  • I think I understand the changes and realities you’ve been facing lately, Yaro. While your announcement is a surprise, I know that you must now make some decisions that are life-changing. You’ve already helped me with your Blog Mastermind Blueprint. I regret that I cannot participate in your offer now, but, should you ever offer a revised course in the future, I’ll be there. For now, Godspeed my friend.

  • Hi, Yaro – One of your alumni here (class of ’08-’09, when you were doing calls from all over the world).

    Blog Mastermind was one of the best investments I ever made. I still like to drop in on the forum from time to time. BMM always draws such interesting people from all over the world.

    Anyway, congratulations and good wishes on your closing this incarnation of BMM. I’m never sad when artists/creatives I know take a break because I know they’re gonna re-charge their batteries. Or re-invent themselves. Or even take a well-deserved break simply to re-connect with everyday life.

    It’s not the destination, but the journey – and everybody gets a different view depending on where they sit.

    Seeya around the Internet, Obi Wan, either here or in the BMM forum. :)

  • Interesting choice to stop selling your course. I can see how sometimes you just need a change.

    Looking forward to seeing the new courses come out soon!

  • It is a bad news for me because you will end the program, but I understand why you are doing it and I hope your mother is ok.

  • Best of luck with it all Yaro…

    Look forward to digging thru your course anyway and chatting to you soon, being one of your ‘Guru Masterminders’. I’m gona really value this connection beofre you disappear into the wilderness of new biz ventures mate.

    Best wished for your mum

  • I am anxious to learn more about the product and what it does. I have no doubt it will be successful. You have amassed a solid readership over the years and I am certainly many of us will benefit from your new initiatives.

    All the best Yaro


  • CJ

    I wish you good luck Yaro, and I hope your mom gets better. I’m looking forward to hearing from your new product as soon as possible. If you feel it´s time to take a break, then do it, take a break, recharge your batteries and come back soon with more energy

  • I said a little prayer for you mother, hope things get better.

  • It is sad that you are closing blog mastermind. Any free gifts before you exit :)

  • I totally understand that you also want to have some extra time for family that way, lucky enough as an entrepreneur you have such choices.

    Also you never know what possible positive side effects you can have, because for example some years ago I decided in my job to work a lot less hours (also – amung other things – to be able to have some more time with family) than while I expected to make a lot less money, a positive - side effect - was that because of the shorter working time, I got lot less exhausted and much more focussed resulting in more productivity and it actually created some extra rewards in bonusses and – totally unexpected - made me make even more money than I did before. (So you never know that as a side effect you will be asked (or more asked) as key note speaker on huge events making lots of money for only speaking for a few minutes and things like that.)

    Although it doesn’t seem to match with ‘Conventional Wisdom’ I do think that there are several interesting principles at work when you work less, you can read about it in ‘The Lazy Way to Success’ that you can find on my - Travel Lifestyle - Blog. (you can find the ‘Other Happy Lifestyle Blogs’-link near the top of my – Home Business Lifestyle – Blog)

  • Yaro – What a shock! For some reason we never expect change like this and then wamm! Here it is. We wish you nothing but success and great opportunity in the future. It was a true privilege to have learned so much from you over the last year.

    Your podcasts are fantastic and very very important – I hope you won’t be withdrawing them from use. There is always just one more champion out there that will get that special boost from your excellent example.

    Thanks again for all your work – Cheers!


  • Yaro, I wish you all the best in your future plans. If I may ask, how about those that join your affiliate at present on this particular e-course (Blog Mastermind). Does that mean stopping the promotion?
    Thank You!

  • Sam

    Well, Yaro, we certainly understand that you want to move on with that. Many successful marketers has always scraped their succesfull projects and moved on. But I am just wondering if you have any plans for relaunching it?

  • Yaro Thanks a Lot for everything. I am a visitor to your site since years, but i never commented. Coz i was always a spectator. I was very convinced with your concept, but had no money at that time to join the course.
    I subscribed to your website, visited reglarly to your site, got all your reports printed and studied them thoroughly.
    The result was amazing for me, though i was not in a position to start my own blog at that time, but amazingly i started developing blogs for people, i earned just by reading your articles and watching the videos for wordpress. i am very thankful to you, i wish and pray success to you in all fields.
    YARO you are GREAT.

  • More time for yourself can mean lesser income but it will surely give you and your mom more bonding moments. I support your decision Yaro! :)

    • Sam

      Not necessarily buddy! He may be saving his time for the next big hit. Who knows !!

  • Hi Yaro,
    Best wished for your mom, but I wonder why you put on more members for half price for the program if you want to slow down.

  • I can understand you slowing a bit down recently with everything that has been going on with your mother. I wish only the best for her.

    It is sad to see that you are shutting it down and moving away from tutorials and teaching courses. but i think we all understand.

  • Wow Yaro.. Sorry to hear about your mother. That’s rough. Went though that in 03. wish you and your family the best.

    I’ll definitely be taking you up on this offer.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the world of Blogging..

  • Hello Yaro,

    I have a question about Blog Mastermind.
    You plan to close it – but how about new members – do they will get help from you- and how about features connected with that program (especially Social Traffic Club and Members forum)?

    BTW – best wishes to You and your mother.

  • west palm beach condos

    It’s just so sad that Blog mastermind is no longer operating but i think it’s a wise decision. Family is always the number one priority. I hope everything will turn out fine.

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