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Live on the Radio in California

Last week I got an email from MZ, a DJ and radio owner who had a last minute drop-out guest for a show he was doing on his independent radio station.

He asked if I could come on the show and talk about making money from blogs and if possible, could I do it the next day.

I managed to free up some time but I didn’t realize he wanted me for a full two hours! I’ve done a little mainstream media before, but not for that long. I had another appointment so I only made the show with MZ for three quarters of the time, which was a fun and unique experience.

I got to mention my website addresses several times, which I hope will introduce a few new Californians to the world of blogging.

If you listened to the radio show and you came to this blog from there, you might want to start your introduction to the world of blogging by visiting http://www.BecomeABlogger.com, where you can get free training videos on how to start your own blog.

During the show the topics moved all over the place and we had some call-ins from people listening who had questions. MZ knows his Internet (he’s a self proclaimed geek), so this show was not like your typical mainstream interpretation of blogging, which can be very boring and basic – we actually covered some interesting things, though it definitely was aimed at beginners.

Note that I’m on the show for the first 75 minutes, after that MZ has to wing it without me.

Thanks MZ for having me on your show and I hope everyone enjoys the audio.

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  • Yaro -

    Congrats on the interview! That’s awesome. Spontaneity at its best.

    - Mike Michalowicz

  • Congratulations and thanks for another free Mp3.

  • Congratulations on being on this radio show. I enjoyed listening to it and we’ll be looking forward to new MP3s from you.

  • I liked his pronunciation of “Brisbane”. Did you get many signups after the interview?

    • Not really sure Mike. I didn’t really mention a tracking code or anything online, so I have no idea how many or if anyone came through to my site as a result.

      In my experience mainstream media can send a trickle of people at best, but if you get enough coverage at once you can build some nice buzz.

  • Hey congratulations! Sometimes our best stuff comes from not having a heap of time to prepare! Spontaneity is fantastic and it shows how much you really live and believe in what you do! You walk your talk! Great!

    Jeanne May

  • Yaro,

    Exceptional interview :)

    Getting an interview is one step further of what you’ve done right now – congrats!

  • Congrats on the interview Yaro.

    That’s a really great opportunity. I heard mainstream media can bring in good traffic. Though it is pretty hard to get on it right?

    I hope more successes comes your way.


  • Amazing interview Yaro!
    I could only manage to catch about half of it. Will see the rest soon enough!
    All the best.

  • Thanks for the MP3, i downloaded it already. Are these for free, right?

    • Yep, all the podcasts I release on my blog are free – Yaro

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