Conducting Competitive Intelligence Using Search Status: A Search Extension for Firefox

By Yaro Starak

If you read Rich Schefren’s latest free e-book – The Final Chapter (aff) – you will have come across a link he provided to a great tool called Search Status for the Firefox browser.

You can download Search Status here

It’s a neat little Firefox extension that provides you with some handy shortcuts for things like PageRank, AlexaRank, backlinks, keyword … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak

Big Blog Sale

By Yaro Starak

Jeremy Wright is building some presale interest in a very big blog sale – MASSIVE Blog for Sale.

This is one of the defining blogs in the industry. When I go to conferences and mention the blog, and the author, I get an “oh yeah!” kind of response. Everyone knows this blog. It’s no Engadget, but it is in

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By Yaro Starak

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