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How I Made Six Figures In One Day – 2007 Year In Review Part 1

By Yaro Starak
December 29th, 2007

As per Blaine Moore’s instructions, many bloggers are completing a year in review blog post recapping their blogging for the year before it rolls over into 2008.

Instead of highlighting my best articles from this blog during 2007 I’m going to do something a bit different – look at my business achievements for the year that was. This is … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 29th, 2007

Why Your Website Design Sucks

By Yaro Starak
December 24th, 2007

Update: Since they added a new video to this series, you have to click the “view playlist” button in the video player and choose the video with Andy Edmonds presenting StomperNet Scrutinizer to get the video I am referring to.


Andy Jenkins and his team at StomperNet are at it again, releasing more great free videos, this time under … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 24th, 2007

Read This Article Today Or You Miss Out! Deadline Driven Marketing

By Yaro Starak
December 20th, 2007

One of the most powerful forces in marketing is a deadline.

Like other skeptical observers of the techniques Internet marketers pull to land more sales, I feel a sense of discomfort when told that a product is going off the market at a certain date. Yet, at the same time, I feel compelled – if I really want this … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 20th, 2007

Who Needs Sales Copy, Use A Comic Instead

By Yaro Starak
December 14th, 2007

I have to hand it to Edmund Loh and Vince Tan for coming up with a slightly different spin on the traditional namesqueeze page for their new Internet marketing newsletter launch –

If you are not familiar with the namesqueeze, it’s a very common technique in the Internet marketing world for capturing (squeezing) the contact details of people … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 14th, 2007

Web2Submitter Review – Can This Software Help You Drive More Traffic From Web 2.0 Sites?

By Fran
December 13th, 2007

Fran Kerr is my web assistant and helper with Blog Mastermind and a partner in a new eBay lead generation venture we are working on (can’t talk about this one yet!). She’s also a guru at natural skin care and runs a blog, High on Health.

Part of the her role in my business is to help promote … Read the rest of this entry »

By Fran
Dec 13th, 2007

Podcast: Interview With MySpace Marketing Expert Steve Iser

By Yaro Starak
December 12th, 2007

Steve Iser has been online since he was 9 years old. Now he’s 21 and makes money using social media sites like MySpace and Facebook as marketing tools to promote products.

I called Steve up to do an interview after I finished reading and listening to his Ready.Aim.Wired information product, which teaches how to use social marketing sites to drive … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 12th, 2007

Blog Mastermind Closes Today

By Yaro Starak
December 10th, 2007

This is the last blog post I will make about this. Blog Mastermind is closing to new members today.

I’ve been blown away by how many people have joined in the last week and I look forward to working with all the new members.

This is going to sound cliche, but I just had to restart the server (yes Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 10th, 2007

Blog Mastermind Reviews and Program Outline

By Yaro Starak
December 7th, 2007

I know I know, you shouldn’t try and pitch a product – even your own product – in more than one or two blog posts in a row…I can see my RSS feed falling already

Seriously though, this is a post that doesn’t just promote my coaching program, it also demonstrates powerful marketing lessons. For those of you paying attention, … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 7th, 2007

How To Market Your Blog With Conversations – A Free Sample Lesson From Blog Mastermind

By Yaro Starak
December 6th, 2007

It’s been a crazy last few days. I sent out a lesson to Blog Mastermind students about direct advertising and it was a huge lesson, more than 5,000 words, plus an extra video and audio – there is so much to teach about making money with blogs!

In between finishing that lesson for the current students I’ve also been putting … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Dec 6th, 2007

How Much Should You Charge As A Freelance Writer?

By Christine Syquia
December 3rd, 2007

by Chris Bibey

There are many obstacles that new freelance writers run into. But when it comes down to it, none are bigger than trying to put together a pricing schedule or rate sheet. No matter what you call it, you need to know what prices you are going to charge potential clients. This can be a tricky proposition … Read the rest of this entry »

By Christine Syquia
Dec 3rd, 2007

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