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Life Portability: Mixing Travel, Business and Pleasure In One Seamless Lifestyle

By Yaro Starak
April 20th, 2008

Recently I was the willing target of several audio interviews. The topic of course, was blogging, however as is customary, most interviews begin with a little background study of the person in question.

As a result of telling my recent business history I found myself reminiscing about some of the ventures I was involved in during the previous 8 … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Apr 20th, 2008

Anatomy of a New Blog Design

By Yaro Starak
April 10th, 2008

In 2007 I decided my blog was due for a new look, but it was not just about a cosmetic face-lift. I wanted to improve usability, clarity and most importantly, highlight a very important aspect of my business – the Blog Profits Blueprint/Blog Tips newsletter email opt-in.

Blog Designer: Mick Real

I’ve worked with a good designer friend now for … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Apr 10th, 2008

New Design

By Yaro Starak
April 5th, 2008

If you are reading this via a web browser you can see that the new design is up.

There’s probably quite a few bugs since we also did a server move as part of this redesign, so I’d appreciate your patience while we fix any issues.

I’ll go through and explain some of the new features as soon as … Read the rest of this entry »

By Yaro Starak
Apr 5th, 2008

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