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What Is A Namesqueeze?

By Yaro Starak


I’ve mentioned the namesqueeze technique previously on this blog. It’s a very popular technique in Internet marketing circles and I’ve been itching to try it out myself. With the launch of Blog Traffic King I finally had a reason to test the namesqueeze and so far, I’m impressed, it works…

Who Needs Sales Copy, Use A Comic Instead

By Yaro Starak


I have to hand it to Edmund Loh and Vince Tan for coming up with a slightly different spin on the traditional namesqueeze page for their new Internet marketing newsletter launch – If you are not familiar with the namesqueeze, it’s a very common technique in the Internet marketing…

Online Marketing Outside The Box

By Yaro Starak


In my previous article discussing how to build email lists I made mention of the technique known as the namesqueeze. The namesqueeze is a method online marketers use to subscribe targeted prospects to their email lists by forcing visitors to a website to join a list or subscribe to a…

Building An Email List

By Yaro Starak


***Update*** BONUS – I’ve just recorded a 10 minute companion podcast recording to go with this article. The podcast will only be sent to people that subscribe to the mailing list (it comes 24 hours after you subscribe), it will not be released on this blog. You can sign-up at…

Defeating The Google Slap – More AdWords Advice From Perry Marshall

By Yaro Starak


I spent some time yesterday in my jet-lagged state going through mail built up in Brisbane while I was away in Canada – that’s real normal mail, not that fancy electronic stuff we use nowadays. I have a pile of newsletters and audio CDs from Perry Marshall’s Renaissance club that…

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