I’m looking for some talented people to work with me on my mission to help others become lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Currently I am seeking…

  • Internship (unpaid): General all rounder with an interest in learning how to drive traffic through social and multimedia.
  • Graphic Designer (contractor): A talented graphic designer who can create pretty things like logos, icons, web themes, work with photographs and experience with WordPress design.
  • Virtual Assistant: Strong experience with hiring other talented contractors, managing a team of contractors and coordinating many resources at once

You will be working with me (Yaro) via the Asana project management system and skype/email. You can work from home or wherever on the planet you like, during whatever times you like, as long as the work gets done.

Unless specified otherwise, I am open to applicants from any country assuming you have reliable internet access and you are a good English communicator. If you are local to Australia, working with me directly is also a possibility.

Reliability, communication and the ability to be creative with minimal direction are my top values, so do not apply if you can’t commit and communicate!

Students, Graduates, Eager-Beavers:if you are looking for practical experience and a peek inside how I run my business, or you are a budding blogger, internet marketer or entrepreneur, and are willing to work an internship, please apply for the internship.

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