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I’m looking for some talented people to work with me and my team. We are on a mission to help others become full time bloggers and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Are you suitable for one of these roles?

  1. WordPress Plugin Developer (paid): The Smart Slider is a plugin I released with Walter Haas to help bloggers. We’re looking for a WordPress plugin developer to become a key part of this project.
  2. Personality Profile Report Writer (paid): I’m looking for a person who has good knowledge of Myers-Briggs personality profiling and is also familiar with the challenges of starting an online business to write a report. See below for details.

Here are more details…

1. WordPress Plugin Developer

The Smart Slider (was Social Slider) was launched as a successful MVP and we are looking to grow it into a full blown company.

As our plugin developer you will become responsible for creating new features, fixing bugs and coding up the new sliders.

You should have experience developing successful WordPress plugins, with clean and efficient code. If you also have user interface design skill that is a plus, but not required.

In addition, these things should make sense to you:

* WordPress + WordPress Plugins Framework
* jQuery and JavaScript
* Social javascript libraries (Twitter / Facebook / Google)

Eventually this will become a full time position for the right person. It will take time for us to get to know you and your work, plus I want to make sure you take ownership of this role and see yourself not just as a worker, but as part of the foundation team.

There is potential for the Smart Slider to evolve into a startup, in which case you are getting in on the ground floor. I’m looking for someone who realizes the value of this, and also understands that during the present early phase the plugin does not deliver profit, so we cannot afford to pay top level developer rates.

The benefit of joining us now is that you’ll see the launch of a successful product (fingers crossed!) from an experienced internet marketer, and you will have the opportunity to shape the development of a tool that can help a lot of bloggers.

To Apply: Send an email to, and in a couple paragraphs tell me why you want this role. Please also send through examples of plugins you have developed. We will download your plugins and look at your hopefully beautiful code.

2. Personality Profile Report Writer

I am seeking a report writer with experience in online entrepreneurship and/or career coaching, and an in depth understanding of Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment.

I am launching a new product and would like to offer customers a bonus report which interprets the results of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test in relation to running a business online.

My aim is to produce a 3-5 page report for each of the 16 personality types (minimum 48 pages in total) which:

1. Provides an overview of each type’s general strengths and how to utilize them for running an online business.

2. Highlights potential weaknesses the type may encounter running an online business and how these may be overcome.

3. Discusses the kind of topics and business models which are best suited to their personality type.

4. Provides practical advice and solutions addressing how each type should approach all of the following core business activities –

  • Marketing their business
  • Hiring staff
  • Creating content
  • Setting up their work environment
  • Managing technology
  • Networking with people
  • Understanding Analytics
  • Creativity
  • Follow through
  • Managing systems

The successful candidate will have undergone training or have extensive knowledge of MBTI assessment. Ideally you have experience in business or career coaching and a solid understanding of business management and online entrepreneurship. The successful candidate must have fluent English and strong skills in reasoning, analysis and writing.

Shortlisted candidates will be paid to complete a report for one of the Myers Briggs types to provide an example of their work.

To apply for the role, please address your application to Laura (email and outline your relevant work experience, salary expectations, hourly rate for the paid test and tell us why you are the perfect person for the job.

Things You Need To Know…

You will be working with me (Yaro) via Asana (project management) and Slack (chat). You can work from home or wherever on the planet you like, during whatever times you like, as long as the work gets done.

Unless specified otherwise, I am open to applicants from any country assuming you have reliable internet access and you are a good English communicator.

Reliability, communication, attention to detail, initiative and the ability to be creative with minimal direction are my top values. Do not apply if you can’t commit, communicate and create independently!

Students, Graduates, Eager-Beavers: if you are looking for practical experience and a peek inside how I run my business, or you are a budding blogger, social media or internet marketer, or entrepreneur, and are willing to work an internship, please apply.

Yaro Starak

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