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Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Software I Use Daily

  • RSSOwl – RSS feedreading software
  • Skype – Internet telephone
  • Audacity – To record and mix Podcasts
  • HotRecorder – To record Skype conversations
  • iTunes – To create and listen to MP3s
  • Firefox – Alternative browser to Internet Explorer
  • MSN Messenger – Instant messaging
  • Paint Shop Pro – To create and manipulate graphics
  • MYOB – Bookkeeping software (Australian)

Handy Tools

  • Format Text – Sets the word wrapping on articles. Good for email list sending to keep your emails down to a specific character spacing width.
  • Yahoo! Savings Calculator – Project how much you can accumulate over time from an initial contribution and regular ongoing deposits.
  • Carnival submission form – Easy submission form for blog carnivals.
  • What Is My IP -Find IP address of your computer.

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