What Is The Quickest Way To Make A Living Online?

Update Oct 14: The PPC Classroom people are in the process of launching their coaching program so the links for the free report have changed and now instead go to the sales page. I’ll chase them up about finding alternative access to the report – but it may be gone. Apologies if you missed out!

Go straight to the free report and videos that explain the details here –

Here’s the background story…

I remember this feeling quite clearly. It was about 3 years ago. I was living in a share house in Brisbane and my Internet business ventures were doing okay, but far from brilliant.

My proofreading business was paying the bills and ensured I didn’t need a job. My blog was growing and starting to make some money, but let’s say I felt far from comfortable with my financial circumstances. I’m sure many of you can concur with those feelings right now.

As a result of my situation I was easily swayed by different methods to make money online, but there was one thing in particular that I was really interested in because it seemed like a very FAST method to generate a return and potentially earn big dollars online in a period of months.

The method I’m talking about is using Pay Per Click advertising, like Google AdWords, and selling affiliate programs.

You buy traffic, send it to affiliate offers and tweak your campaigns to the point where you make more money in affiliate commissions than you spend on the per click traffic.

Once you get the numbers right you can really open the traffic floodgates and spend thousands a day on PPC traffic, knowing for each $1 spent you will make more than a $1 back. At least, that’s the theory and how the professionals do it.

There’s literally thousands of people who still use this technique to make anything from a few hundred dollars a month to a few million. In fact I know a friend in Sydney who last time I spoke to him, was spending about $5000 a day on AdWords, to make $8000 a day in commissions for a total profit of $3000 A DAY – amazing stuff!

I Got Distracted

What’s even more compelling about this technique is it appears easy to learn. I knew the fundamentals of PPC with AdWords, so I figured I just needed to follow someone’s system, learn the ropes and I could be making some good money with this system too.

I got so distracted by this opportunity that my friend Will Swayne and I made a commitment, despite both of us running businesses already, to meet every Thursday and build ourselves a little Pay Per Click income stream.

Will and I met twice, started doing some research and then stopped. Our current ventures were demanding our time, so we had to force ourselves to just let this opportunity go and focus on what was already working, even if we were both not really happy with the current state of our active ventures.

Of course there’s a lesson there – focus on what is working and don’t get distracted – but that’s not why I’m telling you this story.

Free Report – The Million Dollar PPC and Affiliate Marketing Story

You see this method of using Pay Per Click with affiliate marketing is still being used today and while it’s no get rich quick scheme, I still see this system as one of the quickest ways to make money online.

The guys at Pay Per Click Classroom are in launch mode for their next training program, and have released some very interesting prerelease content, including a free report and some videos that tell the story of guy who uses this system to make millions.

You can get the report and videos here –

Download Free Report

The problem with this promotion is they almost make it sound too easy, so let me point out a couple of warnings first before you get too excited about this –

  1. Like my story above, if you are already heavily invested and enjoying some results from a current venture, don’t drop everything just for this new temptation that promises riches.
  2. Yes you can make money very quickly with PPC, but you need to spend some money first. This is a traffic method that is not free – it costs you something, not necessarily a lot, but at least a few hundred dollars, to get started.
  3. While you can turn a profit quickly, making millions is not an outcome that most will achieve, although I certainly think a full time living is very realistic if you learn the techniques of successful PPC.
  4. You need to like numbers and keyword research – this is another thing that I wasn’t too keen on, but if you are prepared to do this, that’s really the only skill required – this is definitely a simple way to get started making a living online.

So with those warnings out of the way, let me make one point very clear – knowing how to use Pay Per Click is possibly one of the most valuable skills you can learn today.

I pay for Pay Per Click to drive some traffic to my opt-in page, and while it’s not the game breaker for me, it helps (I don’t manage my campaigns though – I pay others to do it – as I said, I don’t like numbers and keyword so much).

The system the guys at Pay Per Click Classroom teach is powerful and if you are looking for a new venture to sink your teeth into, this is definitely a compelling idea.

Grab the free report and watch the video to hear the case study of how one guy went from $1600 to over $2 Million. Here’s the link again –

Click Here For The Free Report and Videos

Of course this is part of a launch. They are hoping some people will join their coaching program, which opens on October 14 and yes, my affiliate links are in this post, but there’s no cost to grab the free stuff. You can make up your own mind if you want to pursue the opportunity further.

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  • i can’t access free reports and video from “Quickest way to make a living online” . link doesn’t lead anywhere.

    • You mean the links in the above article? They worked fine for me.

  • Free report are also a good means of adding a lot of subscribers to your mailing list. Everyone loves to receive free stuff whether it is peanuts on the air plane or bobble heads at a baseball game. It seems to lure people in and keep them coming back for more.

  • thanks for sharing, I agree people love getting free stuff and it will help you get more visitors and suscribers

  • Great point Yaro, I always get distracted too

    One point to make about PPC and affiliate marketing. Expect to lose money in the beginning. I think most people get discouraged when they are making losses and never continue on with the work. Dont think of it as losing money, think of it the price of education.

    Importantly is to set a budget and work on it all the time.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I’m interested in taking some time to possibly check these out, but is it really worth it? Most of these are complete fluff and obviously try to get you to subscribe to their other offers or purchase other crap.

    So as one of your loyal readers, can you let me know if this will tell me anything useful?

    Thanks man!


    • Hard for me to answer this one since I don’t know what you will get out of something.

      I enjoyed the report. Are they going to sell you something later – yes of course, I pointed that out in the article.

      What I do is scan and use tools like rapid reader so you can figure out if a report is relevant within 5 minutes.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for the link to this interesting video. I’m working hard on learning all of these different things that make up the internet marketing field and was wondering what course or program or book would you recommend to learn more about PPC as a beginner course?

    Joshua Houghton
    Certified Hypnotist

  • Hey Yaro,

    Funny you should bring this up – I’m looking at getting into affiliate marketing now, using one of my AdSense sites.

    I always wondered where you learned to setup AdWords campaigns… Did you ever setup any for affiliates?

    PS. How are the icecream sandwiches in NYC going?

  • PPC advertising is a more compelling case than viral methods and/or email marketing. At some point even bloggers might get distracted right 🙂 But I guess bloggers like John Chow is already using bidvertiser PPC for getting more hit out of which some of them becomes his affiliates.


  • Nice post. But people need to be careful on the type of affiliates they will promote, because if the affiliate is in a highly competitive market you will spend a lot of money trying to get your ad in the top position. The top position in my niche would cost me $650.00 per day for the keywords that I needed to be competitive. In my opinion you need a pretty big ad budget to get started in the ppc game.

  • you must be an expert at affiliate marketing, even the free reports link has an affiliate id in it 😛

    going to the link rightaway !

  • PPC does not work for me, I believe making money through creative self expression rather than being like a stock and forex analyst.

    Disadvantages of PPC:

    – Quick money system, no asset building.
    – You will be out of business as bid prices increase
    – Conversion ratio will keep stumbling up and down and predictability is not possible.
    – You are building someone else’s business, not yours.

    My 2 cents.


    • Good points Deepak. The plan I think for a lot of affiliates is make a lot of cash fast.

      If there was ever such a thing as a get rich quick scheme online, this is probably the closest to one that actually could make you rich quick, but like you said, long term you will need to keep jumping into new products to keep the cashflow coming.

    • Deepak,

      What you must not forget is that those who make the real money online are the people who actually sell the affiliate product, so if you do find a good niche and a product that sells, what you should do then is swap it out with a product of your own. it doubles your income and using a service like clickbank you can have other webmasters sell it too. that would be my plan if i was to do PPC, which i will do someday..

  • A quote on distraction I read the other day:

    “America is addicted to wars of distraction”

  • I just find adwords stuff really good for promoting my own services, playing around, testing stuff out. I mean, I get a good investment already, so in a way learning more about adwords is kinda staying on task!

  • Rox

    If it helps – let me clarify a couple of points re. PPC

    1. Position 1 at Google would be the worst position to aim for in the majority of markets. While it has its exceptions, position 1 in Adwords will encourage click happy visitors, while positions 4 – 6 and even up to position 8 will get you high CTRs and ROI (there’s the dreaded ROI word again)

    2. Testing and tracking keywords with PPC is not as difficult as it used to be. A couple of good tools including Extreme Conversions [to quickly identify the best performing keywords] and Speed PPC [to add those hundreds of variations into Google and MSN with tracking links in place] makes an affiliate marketer’s life far easier.

    3. You want a recommendation – yes PPC Classroom will initially sell for around the $77 mark and there will be an upsell for coaching… but the content I have read so far has been excellent. So yes, it gets my vote. It is cheap at the price.

    Is it a good fit for a brand new marketer? Here’s where I had a few doubts, but Anik did give his assurance on a recent j.v. webinar that they will offer coaching for the absolute beginner as well.

    As for Amit – that guy is a self made Super affiliate. His analytical mind and knowledge of quantum physics just has to be admired.

    You procastinate, and start to read every other latest and greatest info product… you lose… that’s what used to confuse the hell out of me at the beginning. Make a commitment… Take action, get busy in the forum when you join, ask questions, and attend every single webinar and live case study. AND… forget everything else if you want to succeed at PPC marketing… it can be done.


  • I think you did a great job giving a balanced view and calling out the pitfalls. Not everybody likes numbers and keyword research. If it’s not somebody’s strength, it can wear them down. If it wears them down, they won’t do it well. If they don’t do it well, they won’t get results.

  • I agree with other comments on this post…pushing the free line is one of the best ways to gain a following that can’t wait to see what else you have in your brain!

    Great article and information Yaro. Keep up the great work as always.

  • How much traffic per day or month would you consider as good traffic?

  • I can’t imagine the tedium of scrutinizing numbers and keywords…ugh. However, if I knew that I could make a ton of money this way, I have to say that I’d get over my distaste.

  • Thank you.

  • Yaro,

    About buying traffic – any recommendations?

    So many offers the same thing, I can’t tell which one is good enough.


    • Do you mean where to buy traffic?

      I’ve only ever bought traffic from Adwords, which can be very good obviously.

      Paid reviews seem like a good option too, although I’ve never paid for one – I have some friends who had good results.

  • Thank you Yaro… i never try ppc program and i am now thinking to start my ppc campaign… thumbs up!

  • Hi Yaro,
    I first knew you from Alvin Phang;s Atomic Blogging, I listened to your “BluePrint” several times and found that a very good audio to learn.

    I have just subscribed to your newsletter. And about this PPC thing I think its also interesting and useful.

    I will try them out.

    All the best

  • W.T

    I hear great things about it. A friend of mine is making a nice profit from this now, but sad to say he completely ignores his blog now and hasn’t gotten a post out in three months. My blog is definetely my numero uno priority, but it’d be nice to make some extra cash on the side. Thanks.

  • I agree that pay per click is an excellent way to get more traffic but I believe that eBay is the least expensive PPC I’ve ever used (even though it’s not a formal PPC).

    Most of my site visitors cost me less than .15 cents per click and I can’t find anyone that can send me quality traffic for less than that.

    “The Mad Guy”

  • I think the big money is in running your own sites and doing viral buzz marketing to generate traffic. Paid advertising although is good cuts into profit margins and contains heavy risk. I run a buzz marketing and viral video agency. We generate traffic all through video marketing and optimization. We also generate lots of traffic through social media. If anybody needs advice feel free to get in touch with myself or my team thanks


  • I’m a little scared of PPC because if you get it wrong it can cost you a lot of money. I know there is a lot of value in it but I think you need a budget to start and you need to be mentally prepared to spend money if it requires a learning curve.

    I think I will give it a go, but I want to plan first…

  • Joe

    I looked but did not see a free report or video..

  • Joe

    Ah whoops, saw the update…

  • I’m sure there’s money to be made doing this, and it probably does come more quickly than other methods.


    My problem with the “what’s the quickest way to make a living online” mindset is that systems like this usually emphasize making money over creating value.

    I’d definitely promote your Blog Mastermind program over a PPC/Affiliate Marketing program because your students are creating value by building up an informative blog. With a blog, you’re building up an asset that you can turn into a long-term wealth generation device instead of just “making money” from a system that may or may not work a few years down the road.

  • I like the part where you put in your own experience to guide us the best yaro. I am sure this PPC classroom will deliver all that you say and more. Look forward to it.

  • This method has been reported by quite a few individuals, and so there must be some relevancy to the use of it.it doesn’t tend to be the case that an item is spoken about often if it does not have some value. It also has an obstacle that most people will avoid, which is that of having to spend money in the first place in order to get results.

  • I’ve personnally never used PPC but what I actually thing is great and works is affiliate marketing. I agree with what you say above but with affiliate marketing, if you have a good product and you can drive traffic the returns i think are a lot greater. I mean this isn’t something in all reality that someone new is going to jump into right away and start making money. It’s something that with some trial/error they’ll be able to make enough to pay some bills, and if they put a lot of time and effort into it they may able to make a living off of it. I’m not there yet but i’m making enough to pay my bills. So with hard work and dedication you’ll be able to get there.

  • I agree that you can earn more money by putting your affiliate program via Google adword, its a common sense but i found something useful on your post, which is about the warning tips, that at least will make me aware before doing this kind of business

  • This is a very interesting proposal. Really, I think that many people are unable to invest much in business. This is a major problem in business today.

  • I sometimes find my stomach a little weak to take the initial losses you’re sure to see when investing in PPC… I usually get over it, but it’s a little disconcerting putting your faith in a system that, at first, will take more than it gives

  • The fastest way to use the internet to make money is to surf to a classifieds website and look for a job.

  • Mike you are half right, you can have a job but still try the to get right of the internet as log as you don’t pay hundred of dolars for tips you can get by using google.

  • in my country ppc is not working to less worth for a click and to many fraud, i hate that’s, thanks yaro for your post

  • Does anyone know if this is still a good thing to do? I have heard of this process of making money, but was too skeptical to proceed, I didn’t want to spend the money upfront on the gamble I may make a profit. Anyway, I would love to hear someone’s current success story.

  • I don’t think quickest and easiest will get you anywhere. The only way to make a living online is to treat it as a regular job, if not put even more work in and keep going until you have a stable income.

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