Blogging To The Bank 3.0 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Blogging To The Bank 3A Million Dollars From Blogging Or Just Another E-Book With Big Claims?

This is the third installment of Rob Benwell’s Blogging To The Bank book, which teaches his method for making money with blogs.

More details about the book are here –

What’s compelling about Rob’s story is that he’s made over a million dollars using blogs and there’s very, very few people who can claim this. His book has massive appeal just because we all want to find out exactly what he does different – what’s his secret?

I reviewed Rob’s second version this book back in August of 2007, where one thing was quite clear – Rob uses blogs in a much different way to make money online to how I use blogs. You can read my original review by clicking here – Blogging To The Bank 2.0 Review.

Niche Marketing

The strategy Rob applies is about leveraging multiple blogs in multiple niches to make a lot of money. This is not about becoming a dominant player – an expert – in one niche subject area that you are passionate about, which is more the “Blog Mastermind school of blogging”.

Although the overall strategy might be quite different between what I teach and do and what Rob does, if you break things down, the fundamentals remain the same.

Rob’s system for profitable blogging still relies on the same principles to make it work, which are –

  1. Build your blog using
  2. Produce content by writing it yourself, buying it and outsourcing
  3. Market your blog to build traffic
  4. Monetize your blog with advertising, affiliate programs and adsense

Rob’s book breaks down these processes, however there’s something different about Rob’s system which is evident even in the style of writing he uses to teach in the book: it’s extremely to the point – it’s almost robot-like.

I just finished reading the book and there’s something about it that bugs me, but I can see it as a distinct advantage too – it’s all about the process.

Rob’s not telling his story in this book, he’s simply saying do this, then that, then this and then repeat it again with a new blog. Do this enough and you get rich. Simple as that.

Well, perhaps not as simple as that, but if you want something brief, with ONLY the actions necessary to take to make money by building your own empire of blogs, this is definitely the book for you. Just don’t expect miracles – you should never expect miracles with Internet business (you should know this by now…).

What I Like About Blogging To The Bank 3

Rob’s book is far from perfect, but let me start with what I like followed by where I think it could be improved.

  • It’s efficient – there’s no waffling
  • Rob covers a lot of different techniques, yet uses very few words to do so (the whole book is only 50+ pages)
  • Rob recommends email list building from your blog. I think this is key. Imagine having 20 blogs, all with an email list of 500 to 5,000 subscribers each. This is an attainable outcome and really spreads your income sources across many assets – I like this A LOT.
  • Affiliate marketing is the top recommended monetization method and it’s clear this is Rob’s strong point. However he keeps things very simple by focusing only on Clickbank as the source for affiliate products and shows us what criteria he uses within Clickbank to decide which products to promote.
  • By focusing in ClickBank and affiliate marketing, the niche selection process really is a process – there’s no “personal reflection” or anything of that nature – look for the numbers, find where the money is being made already, then set up a blog to sit in front of the buyers and take some of that money for yourself.
  • Rob ends the book by talking about selling blogs – another tactic I’m a fan of, although really the book only touches on this subject as an afterthought.

The one time I really got excited reading this book was when Rob talked about having several email lists up to 20,000 subscribers strong in his different various blogs, which he sends regular offers to (affiliate products). While I personally have no intentions of branching into other niches until I’ve done what I want to in my niche, I can see how amazingly profitable this strategy could be when done right.

To put it simply – Rob is implementing part of the Conversion Blogging process (email list building via blogging), but then focusing on niche replication rather than niche domination. There are problems with this strategy of course, so let’s take a look at what I don’t like about this book.

What I DON’T Like About Blogging To The Bank 3

Here’s where I think Rob could improve his book –

  • The book is brief. Yes, okay this is an advantage too, it’s efficient with words as I stated above, but that also means some concepts are left under-explained, in my opinion. Some people are going to be left hanging after reading this book, not understanding certain terms or procedures. That being said, a quick search online will find the answers, so perhaps Rob is actually being smart because he puts the pieces together and let’s the reader work out the puzzle for themselves.
  • I want to hear more case study type feedback from Rob’s own experience. He lays out the system, but he doesn’t tell me enough about how he has personally put it together and implements it. A couple of case studies from his experience, or even just a few more stories thrown in now and then, would have been appreciated.
  • Of course, Rob’s system is different to mine and if you know me by now, you know I prefer going deep in one niche and dominating. I think my system is stronger long term and frankly – it’s more fun because it runs off your passion. Not everyone is going to agree with me here though, and it’s important to note – Rob’s making a ton of money despite this, so there’s no right or wrong way to use blogs to make money, it’s up to you to find out what works for you.

There’s a few minor complaints I have with the book beyond what’s listed above – a few typos here and there, dated screen shots of the older version of WordPress, but nothing that’s going to impede you understanding the book. I can’t complain because I have typos and some dated content here and there within my work. I think everyone who has been teaching online for years is going to have this issue.

So How Exactly Does Blogging To The Bank Work?

Taking a leaf from Rob’s book, let me lay this out for you in as few words as possible. Here’s a break down of how to make money as taught within Blogging To The Bank 3.0.

  1. Research the web using keyword tools, Google and Clickbank to find where the traffic and money is
  2. Get yourself a domain name and hosting and set up a blog
  3. Optimize your blog for humans, search engines and monetization by installing certain key plug-ins and configuring your blog correctly
  4. Source content by writing it yourself, using private label rights content, paying others to write it for you or using content from article directories
  5. Promote your blog using various link building, SEO and Web 2.0 techniques
  6. Sell affiliate products from clickbank, sell advertising from your blog and use Google AdSense
  7. Then do it all over again from step 1 with a new blog

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s not rocket science, but there’s work to do. Your job if you follow this path is to be diligent by forcing yourself to take action to complete every step above for every blog you create. Rob recommends outsourcing too, but not every task above, so there’s always going to be something to do.

Who Should Buy This Book

I’m going to be completely honest with you – and this is the same thing I said in my original Blogging To The Bank 2.0 review – this book is strictly for the people who care about the money most and can see themselves repeating that process above over and over again.

If to this point you have struggled to come up with a niche topic to write your blog about it, stop caring so much about your passions and your skills and just do what Rob does – find the money in lots of different niches and build lots of blogs to tap into them using a formulaic approach.

If you already have a market you are trying to dominate with your personal brand and your expertise and you have already invested time and energy into building a blog in that niche, this is not the time to change course. Sure, you might still buy this book to gain insights into how Rob builds traffic so you can apply that to your blog, but you don’t want to follow his system and go starting many new blogs, unless you have excess capacity so you can do it all at the same time.

One important point to make here is that Blogging To The Bank won’t, err…break the bank. We’re not talking about a $500 investment here, or even a $97 a month course – this is a one time purchase of under $50 (there’s also a discount on launch day for those who buy early), so if anything I’ve written in this review has intrigued you, you may as well buy the book, read it over a tea at a cafe and see how Rob’ makes millions with blogs.

There’s the obligatory 60 day money back guarantee with this one too because it’s sold through ClickBank – so you can order this and take a full two months to decide whether it’s worth keeping. In that time you could even run a test of Rob’s system so you really know whether it’s legit.

Here’s the link –

Blogging To The Bank 3.0

If you do decide to buy this one, make sure you check the thank you page after ordering. You might see a special Blog Mastermind membership trial offer just for people who order Rob’s book, if you are quick.

Good luck!

Yaro Starak
Niche Dominator

PS. In case you are wondering whether I would recommend this book or my own blogging for money course, Blog Mastermind, that’s a silly question – I’m always going to recommend my own course first. It’s not really a fair comparison though as Rob’s book is a lot cheaper than my course, but not nearly as comprehensive, as you would expect given the price difference.

I do think Rob’s training is worth studying, which is why I read the book, because it offers another system. You can implement techniques from multiple sources, there’s no strict rule and in fact if you really wanted to become super-wealthy, you would use my style of going deep in a niche, and combine that with Rob’s multiple niches strategy (go deep in many niches) and you could find yourself in charge of 20 blogs all bringing in $50,000 a year – a million dollar business.

That’s a huge undertaking and you would not be able to do that on your own, you would need to outsource and potentially have employees to help manage it all too. However as Rob seems to have done, if you can really scale things, you can make as much as seven figures – just don’t expect that as a guaranteed outcome of course! Order Page

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  • Thank you for the honest review. I liked reading what you liked and what you thought could have been better.
    It really seems to me that the problem is traffic and marketing whether it is one blog or one hundred. I like your idea of being an expert because it seems like it would be easier to drive traffic if people recognize you. With ten or twenty blogs I don’t understand how a person would have time to get traffic for all of them.
    Thanks for all your great information.
    Andy Bacon

    • The key with 10 or 20 blogs is traffic from search engines. Rob’s system relies heavily on that, so your perceived expertise isn’t as important – it’s all about incoming links and SEO.

      • If each of the new sites linked back to each other with follow links, thats an automatic 9 to 19 inbound links for each site.

      • Bob’s blogging technique is all about Niche Marketing and you may not be an expert in the subject at all. You can get all the contents from PLR/MRR and register with adsense then what you need to do is get traffic to it. SEO is the main method to get traffic.
        Yaro’s blogging approach will require you to have passion in the subject you are blogging about and become expert in it.You get traffic from other means than SEO.
        I have got a copy of the book.I think it is worth an investment and you become affiliate as well.


    • “With ten or twenty blogs I don’t understand how a person would have time to get traffic for all of them.” – No offense Andy but I think you’re not getting it. I use the same strategy and I have 3-5 blogs consistently getting 3000+ visitors per month from search engines.

      The main thing here is that you create the blogs once, write content, them build links to it. After that you just let it gather momentum while you move on to the next one.

      My point is, if you do it this way you can have as many blogs as you want because really at any given time you’re only really working on 1-2 blogs.

      Sure you get more traffic if you blog every day like I do for the blogs that I want to build a brand in, but for “auto-pilot” niche blogs it really requires a different way of thinking.

      • Disposable sites have a lot of SEO advantages. Fill one with some free articles a few original posts, a few linkbait lists, use an original them that has your real sites as DL and Author Links, throw some advertising on them and you have a great potential not only to make some money but improve your own SEO.

        If the disposable site gains some PR great you have an even better source of income. Paid posts and backlink programs are great extra sources of income for disposable sites and so what if they cause you to loose PR, the site only has value as long as the information in it was popular to begin with.

  • I think Rob must rely on search engine traffic, he just turn conventional static affiliate page using blogging method.

    The advantage of search engine traffic is sustainable…until competition knock you out! With combination of list building, he can easily make a lot of money and some blogger don’t like that.

    • You are right when on many counts here. Rob’s traffic is search engine reliant, it is easy to get ranked on them too without paying a dime. Secondly he is using a blogging platform to create what is essentially a static site, There is nothing wrong with that, wordpress is the greatest site building tool available right now. It is a 100x better than FrontPage ever was.

      Last but not least there are a lot of bloggers who get pissy about people non bloggers making money using a blog platform. Why? Jealousy is the only thing I can come up with. They are stuck on the people will by my ad space or adsense is all I need mode of thinking and neither works really well on its own.

  • Great Review! I appreciate the honesty. I’m just getting started in blogging and it doesn’t sound like Rob’s approach is the one I’m aiming for.

    • Agreed – not because of the potential $, but because of the job-like blogging 😛

      And I don’t want blogging feels like working 😀

      I think his key is on outsourcing – that allows him to focus on growing the business.

      Thanks for the review, Yaro!

  • Hi Yaro,

    This is a great review. Thank you for the honesty.

    With 10 or 20 blogs you only can go for the search engine traffic. I think it’s not possible to get recognized as authority in so many different niches. It may would be if you outsource the work for all these blogs and only put your image on them.

    A good point is the list building. This is something a lot of blogger don’t do or only do it through their feeds. In my oppinion, email list building is the most important part. I thinks the first thing you should do when you build your blog is putting up an optin form to collect email addresses and than starting monetizing the blog with affiliate programs and adsense or whatever…



  • Yaro if his trying to flog this ebook for $50, then every post you publish should be worth $500. Your stuff is simply the best. I’ve purchased Bobs stuff in the past and its marketing hype. Does it work? Yes it does. It’s easy to tell someone do this and do that, BUT TAKE THE TIME TO TEACH THEM. Just my 2 cents.

    • This is easily explained. The book will never reveal minor nuances. Only specialists can do it.

  • Hey Yaro

    I think that this type of undertaking (building many different unrelated niche blogs) is not for most people, and the vast majority will not be able to keep up the pace required to reach their goals, simply because it is impossible to be truly passionate about more than a few different topics.

    Most people, even the ones who are really motivated by the money, will lose motivation writing for a topic they don’t love long before the money shows up.

    I myself am planning on creating a niche blog in a profitable niche that I am confident that I can dominate, but I am only doing it because I have extensive knowledge of the niche, and I know I can write relevant content that will connect. In my opinion it is just too hard to do this for a wide variety of topics, not to mention you have to be a killer writer for that, which most people are not.

    I commend you for writing an honest review of this product, it says alot about you that you are willing to sacrifice some commissions for the integrity of your site. Keep it up!

    • You can’t underestimate the power of money to motivate.

      I can this see people setting up 5 blogs and then two of them start bringing in $100 a month. The person then thinks, okay, so if I can do this 10 more times and get them all up to $200 a month I’m already making over $2000. That’s motivating, regardless of whether you care about the topics.

      I think the point here is NOT to care about the topics and focus only on the system, which means it’s great for people who don’t like writing.

      All that being said of course – it’s NOT easy, but hey, when you are passionate about the subject AND like to write, that doesn’t make it any easier, we all face the same challenges to build momentum to start with.

      • I do see it differently after you put it that way. It is important to stay focused on the system and not the topics, and that is definitely easier when the money starts to come.

        Of course my comment is tainted by my own perspective….I need to feel competent in the topic to write about it. Still, I don’t think that it is about whether you like to write or not, but rather whether you actually are good at it. There is a big difference. I still think that something like this requires a good writer, not necessarily for the quality of the writing, but rather for the speed at which you can develop the content. I do think that there is good money to be made using this technique.

        Have you ever put anything like this to use? I know that you advocate buying and selling blogs….have you ever built (or bought) niche blogs and put them on autopilot?

        Keep up the good writing Yaro, I am a big fan.

      • I’ve never done it on the scale that Rob does. I think if I did I would do exactly like he does – use content from to build multiple blogs and maybe throw in the odd product review post I wrote myself, though they wouldn’t be as in-depth as my usual reviews like this one.

        I’ve always had my hands full building upon one very successful blog, but if I wasn’t interested in teaching and building my own credibility in a market, then I can see the appeal of Rob’s system. It’s good for those who just want the money and not the limelight, who may in fact hate the idea of putting their own face online.

      • I see what your saying. These are 2 completely different systems for making money blogging. I have set up a blog, added a little bit of content and some affiliate links only to find out I was disinterested in the topic. I left it alone for some time but found out that I was making a little money from it. Honestly, even though the small money I made was surprising to me, I didn’t feel the need to create more blogs to get a “trickling” of income from each blog. I just don’t have that kind of time. I rather focus on a niche I’m deeply passionate about and add my own voice to it. Today’s blog reader are becoming more savvy. They can start to tell if your the voice of your own blog. At least I can tell when I read someone’s blog.

  • Yaro, Thanks for the honest review. I like the idea behind the book. Being short and to the point is great for a technique book. Although like you say some techniques could be explained a bit more in detail. Those could be the keys we really need to know.

    Thanks again

    Gary McElwain

  • Another great review from the famous Yaro Starak. Is this a paid review for bloggingtothebank? I would not write negative part in my review if its paid one. Thanks for the honest review.

    • No this wasn’t paid, although obviously my affiliate link is in it so I do get paid if people order the book via my review (thanks if you do!).

  • Will

    I just wish getting back links was as easy as everyone makes it sound. And does he say EXACTLY what Web 2.0 techniques to use? Social networking takes TIME, lots of it. Those who have to work for a living barely have time to create and add content to the blog.

    I think the term Web 2.0 qualifies as the most vague, overused term of 2008. It can mean almost anything anymore.

    • He mentions using several social media sites, such as Digg, Delicious and Squidoo – actually that’s the main “new” content compared to the previous incarnations of the book.

  • Great post Yaro. As everyone else has mentioned I appreciate your honesty and I agree that it’s good to learn varying techniques from multiple sources so you can find what works best for you. Good stuff.

  • Nice review, but yes, I think you’d have to leverage other sources of articles/feeds for a constant flow of content into all those niches, but of course it’s doable.

  • Yaro wouldn’t this process be border line spam. Just posting old PLR content to create rehashed information does not give the visitor anything of value. I can clearly see why you teach your buisness model in preference to this short term gain of petty cash. I’d gladly take an authority site with unique content over 10 splogs that probably generate loose change, just my thoughts please don’t crucify me.

    • I think Rob and Gobala and everyone else who uses this method realizes that if they really want to maximize the longevity of each blog the content source needs to be of some value.

      It won’t be as good as coming from a true passionate expert, but it still can provide value even if it comes from PLR or a paid outsourcer. Remember too that some entry level style posts that really just rely facts don’t require brilliant writing to provide good content.

      Of course all of this is subjective since we are trying to decide what is “good” content and what is SPAM – that’s different for every person. Some people would call a review like this one you just read as spam simply because it contains an affiliate link.

      For the purposes of the blogging to the bank methodology, as long as your blog is ranking well and bringing in search traffic which translates into income, then you are succeeding.

      I’m sure with time you come to learn how much is required and how long a blog can remain high enough ranked to deliver cashflow.

  • It would be very hard to build communities if you have like 20 blogs, wouldn’t it? I mean to me blog is about content and creating a community. Having 20 popular blogs in the long run means hours of time spent putting in quality content and replying to the communities. I guess you can purchase quality articles or hire people to do it for you…

  • I recently learned that the most successful blogger Russia earns from his blog about 5 thousand dollars a month. It’s fun, I think. -)

  • It is refreshing to read a “real” review of a product instead of a fake review done for the sole purpose of promoting the product. Seeing as how I am new to Blogging to make money, I’ll stick with my little blog until I improve on what I’m doing. Again, thanks for the honest review.

  • Thanks for the honest review, you explained the book pretty well, Ill be sure to look into it

  • I purchased his first version of his ebook and to me just seems like brain damage to keep up with it all. 🙂

  • Thanks for the review…I was just looking into Blogging to the Bank so your post was perfect timing.

  • I actually started out in Internet Marketing by becoming a member of one of Rob Benwell’s membership sites. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that great. I’ve read Blogging to the Bank 1 and 2 and they’re decent, but I’ve learned more from other sources. Actually, the first one had some black hat strategies that were questionable.

    Rob does teach some good tactics so it may be worth checking out. This one looks a bit more promising than his others. Thanks for the review.

  • Your approach is different and I want to follow most of your stuff. It’s quite tempting to know about Rob Benwell’s ideas, but maybe I’d just springkle some of it on my salad. You said we can implement techniques from different sources, right? =)

    Anyway, your method is more down to earth. Therefore, you rock!!

  • That was a very thorough and honest review … thanks very much.

  • Nice review and was actually looking for some review about the blogging to bank, and actually you’ve helped me for those information.

    David Cheong.

  • To inform, Rob is dropping the price tag to $37 only for 48 hours, starting tomorrow 🙂

    Hmm – will it be a good read?

  • Although there are some great ideas presented here, I can not agree completely with everything said; However, I do strongly agree that the best way to drive more highly targeted traffic to your offer and make the most money is by focusing and blogging strictly about information which you have expertism in, whether its information which you are already an expert in or information which you can readily acquire expertism in.

  • Yaro, I love the way you do your review.

    Frank, blunt but objective. It is interesting to note that the subject matter of the book sort of conflict with your main idea of how blogging should be done for profit.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the comparism and contrast done.

    A good job you did and judging by your review the book is worth buying. Keep up the good work.

  • This sounds like PPC marketing which my friend does. He create tons of blogs, use Adwords to drive traffic and sell affiliate programs from the blogs. Once one program reach its expiry he dumps the blog create a new one and repeats it over and over again.

    Well honestly I think this method does make money but it isn’t really passive income per say cos you need to really keep up to date with the latest trends.

    I prefer the old school methods of having one blog and pointing and linking it to the several affiliate sources or resources. Its slower but it builds up loyal followers and affiliates that trust you. When you have loyal affiliates, that also means the potential of getting AUTOPILOT income. This works for the long term.

    From Singapore!

  • garg

    You wrote: “Research the web using keyword tools, Google and Clickbank to find where the traffic and money is”

    Can any one recommend some good articles on this topic?

  • nan

    Maybe I am missing something – but – in a method like this you build your email lists from multiple blogs – then you use those lists to solicit sales for affiliate products…I think that is correct. But if you send an affiliate product to all your lists accumulated from multiple blogs – won’t you be abusing those separate lists – in other words – I signed up for the SEO course – but now I’m getting a sales letter for something completely different. Isn’t that spam? Shouldn’t you be considerate of each list and their interests – and not combine them all to blast with different products?

    • You don’t promote each product to every list. Like you said, you consider each list and what reason the person subscribed and send related offers.

      You certainly won’t make money selling a guide on growing tomatoes to a list that signed up to learn about baby tips 🙂

    • Yaro talked about this in a recent blog post he did. Referring to email segmentation. Which is something you should do if you use the Blogging To Bank 3.0 system and create multiple lists on all of the blogs you create. This way you don’t piss off your readers by sending them offers that don’t relate to them or that didn’t sign up for.

      You can visit that blog post here.

  • Wayne

    Thank you for the great review Yaro!!!

    I’ve been getting several emails about this product and I just happened to open yours this morning.

    Lucky me.

    Nice to read an HONEST review from A REAL BLOGGER!!!

    Thanks again.

  • Yaro, seriously, don’t you think that there are already too many of these out there? Only they seem to be making the kind of money that they talk about!

    • “Too many” is a subjective matter. Too many for me to keep track of – yes, but too many for the market to sustain, probably not, they keep selling like hotcakes.

      As a customer you should pick one and study it and ignore the rest until you have had time to test the product you already bought.

  • I’m already purchased the 2nd version(2.0) and agreed with Vera Raposo there is too much thing to do. But I’m not deny got somethings to learn which very valuable.

    I think what most people need on their blog actually “plug-in” ready and only concentrate on market research, content and build buying list. Good Luck!

  • On number 2 of the break down thing
    “Produce content by writing it yourself, buying it and outsourcing”

    what’s meaning of buying it ?…

    • Buying articles – could be through private label rights or article packages.

  • Hey mate,
    Nice cut to the chase like normal 🙂
    Keep going my Aussie friend


  • This is a case study for how to do a good review!!! Also, for providing honest insight about a product you are making available for purchase. Really good. Thanks, I learned a lot.

  • Nice piece Yaro,

    Like any business, internet business(including blogging) is the same in their essence; the success depends more on marketing rather product alone.
    This business teaching that marketing is perhaps 90% component of the whole business process,product only 10%.
    Therefore,however great your product is but nowbody knows and nobody sees,then the business would not take off.
    Therefore,its marketing…
    In Internet Marketing,that would mean traffics.
    Bottom line is,doesn’t matter whether you have 1 blog promoting 1 product or 60 blogs promoting hundred products,you have to get the traffic to succeed.

  • Thanks for the review Yaro. Can you compare it to “Commission Blueprint”? I bought that one in August and found it to be very comprehensive. From the sounds of it, it is much the same as this one but in more depth.

    Vancouver, BC

    • Nick I’d love to, but I haven’t read commission blueprint, though I did get some emails about it.

      I can’t take on board everything that comes my way so I only study the most interesting and relevant to my market.

  • Ahhh… I see this master scammer is at it again!

    Just ask ask all the dudded people (myself included), that handed of US$695 for his “Niche Domination System” a few years back, (other people lost a LOT more (like over $4000), what they would think of his latest offering.

    In 6 weeks he absolutely guaranteed you to be dominating any niche. (along with a tempter of an offer to buy back your site for $1000 if it didn’t “dominate the niche”) I’ve still got a copy of his sales pitch (and let me tell you it was good enoungh to suck in me and around 200 others in hook, line and sinker)

    He took the entire membership site offline (saying he had a virus problem), never to be returned, and then (because the Clickbank period for refunds had passed – I think it was something like 45 days), they did not want to know about any refunds.

    And guess what? That strategy of the 6 weeks was deliberate so it would pass the Clickbank refund time!

    And as for the information.. utter crap.

    This guy took hundreds of people’s money and seriously under delivered! All while holding his new born baby in his photos (wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t his kid). I estimated he made over a cool $450,000 from the Niche Domination scam.

    At the time I even hunted down Michael Cheney’s email (another UK cohort) and wrote him. He responded with a disbelief that Rob would do something like this, and said he would have a “talk” with him.

    Michael “recommended” this system and I questioned his involvement with this scammer’s launch (along with most of the other high flyers in IM who heavily promoted it through their affiliate links (bold, make that strong, underlined, 18pt font for all the newbies out there). If I hadn’t deleted all the emails I got touting this product launch from other IM’ers I would have written to them too.

    In the end there was a class action being gotten together by a number of the members, but… as you could imagine, being a worldwide medium this is very difficult to see through to the end.

    I resigned myself to the fact that I did the money cold, and as far as I am concerned he seriously tainted the Internet marketing community and he STILL has the temerity to front up and do it all again!

    Yes.. I was a newbie then, and now Google is my best friend when it comes to product launches.

    I guess when you are onto a good thing strick to it?

    And Yaro.. think long and hard my aussie friend. If you choose not to display this post then your integrity as been got at in the name of Internet Marketing – and you can keep Rob Benwell warm at night.

    Just Google Rob Benwell Scam and see what turns up – and while you are there, Google Rob Benwell Alias… yes this master of scams is known by a lot of other names to keep his coffers brimming with the hard earned cash from other unsuspecting, trusting fools who while they use Google all day would forget to Google the author’s name and see what comes up.

    oh.. and while you are there have a look at what other internet marketers actually have had Rob as a guest speaker at their seminars.

    Mate.. he should join the Hall of Fame with Jim Baker, and go down just as shamefully.

    And Yaro.. if you want to preserve your integrity have nothing to do with him. And the best thing you can do for ALL the people who lost hard earned money to this !$@#!^$#!@ is to put him in his place and completely remove anything to do with his latest offering. Then delete every post except this one.

    Then go email all your mates and tell them this story and get them to do the same.

    • Hi Mg – I don’t know Rob personally, but I did read his book and wrote my review based on that experience.

      The challenge I face whenever doing an affiliate promotion is that nearly every marketer out there seems to have a group of people who got burned and are not happy about it.

      If I promote something by Mike Filsaime, or Rich Schefren or Stompernet there’s always a handful of people who are upset with these guys for whatever reason and have similar comments. Maybe they didn’t get their product in time because of technology failure, maybe they are upset that a refund took more than a week to process, or maybe they are just tired of not making money and yet spending money on products that promise riches.

      Whatever the reason, there’s always two sides of every coin and I’m not going to judge because I don’t have enough information.

      Now I’m not going to deny your grievances either, which is why I’m happy to have your comment published here. However I cannot ever expect to have the full story. I get your point of view, maybe something from another customer of Rob who was happy with his product then another that agrees with you and thinks he is a scammer. Rob might tell me his side of the story too and maybe a colleague of mine might tell me what he thinks of Rob. None of these sources have a true account of what is going on so all I can do is use what is in front of me – in this case a copy of the book.

      I’ll send an email to Rob to tell him to check this comment out, but whether he will respond I don’t know.

      I would like to say this review is a review of the content in the book. I don’t know Rob personally, I don’t know how good his customer service is nor whether his claims are factual.

      What I can say is the book is sold via Clickbank, which is so easy to get a refund from because the merchant has no control – you just ask Clickbank within 60 days and you get your money back. So in this case with this book, you are safe, but of course if you are going to invest several hundreds or thousands of dollars, you should do your due diligence and then make a decision based on your findings.

      Thanks for your comment Mg and sorry about your experiences with Rob.

      • Hi Yaro,
        I really appreciate your reply. I count you as one of the very few in IM circles who have some integrity. Obviously the bigger you get the harder you fall, and the likes of Mike Filsaime, Derek Gehl, and others who make themselves accessible cannot afford to not deliver. Ditto for Yaro Starak. You are one of 2 bloggers I regulary read and whose knowledge I appreciate.

        That being said, it really disturbs me when the internet marketing fraternity gets behind one of its “brothers” and does not hold him accountable for his actions, and in actual fact “rewards” them by promoting their products and having them as guest speakers.

        What I wouldn’t give to be at one of those seminars and put Rob Benwell on the spot and see what he has to say about his past actions.

        Of course there will always be an unsuspecting barrage of newbies ready and eager to make money online and part with their hard earned cash (or credit), little knowing that the money they are investing in these well spun sales pitch grabs is all part of what they are wanting to become involved in.

        To be successful you have to invite emotion, and nothing gets the emotion going better than to see a snapshot of some bank account or Clickbank account with a number and a lot of zeros after it.

        Just load up the sales page with lots of $ signs and people start eating it up. I have read thousands of sales pages, and now could write my own with enough emotion, “testimonials” and a hard luck turned good stories to reel in any unsuspecting newbie, right down to the 100% no questions asked guarantee – but I have integrity.

        I did read your point about those who are not happy with a product and want refunds, but that is a whole different ball game to those who deliberately and unashamedy rip people off and continue to profit from it.

        Am I saying his book is no good? No. I haven’t read it and I wouldn’t buy it no matter what the cost. It’s a matter of principal.

        My comment was not to comment on the latest offering by Rob (or whatver he choses to call himself), it was to question your alignment with someone who has unashamedly ripped people off.

        As an additional point, Clickbanks Policy states (from their site)

        “Our official return policy for all ClickBank products is as follows:

        ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 60 day return period. After 60 days all sales are final”.

        You may care to note that Rob has a “guarantee” which is 8 weeks (56 days).

        Now tell me Yaro, how can someone test drive a system in 56 days (from the time of purchase), and get it doing what he claims, and then make a claim within 4 more days to Clickbank to refund if it doesn”t live up to the claims? (to which you have to PROVE to clickbank that you followed the sytem implicitly for them to refund and that in itself takes time)

        Simply.. they wont get the refund. And Rob knows it. He’ll stall, not answer emails until that 60 day period is up (and that’s if you can even find an email to contact him – ’cause there’s nothing on the website to contact him) That’s his modis operandi.

        It’s time the Internet Marketing community, stopped supporting those who make outrageous claims and brag about how much money they made and encouraged transparency (like a phone number, or contact details on their site).

        His sales pitch headline in truth should read…

        “Millionaire Blogger Reveals His Secret Blueprint To Lure In Unsuspecting Newbies, Give a Guarantee That’s Not Worth A Pinch of !$@%!, and Laugh All The Way To The Bank”. Just ask anyone who brought in to the Niche Domination System.

        He’s making money alright. From NDS alone he opened it to 500 at $697 a pop. By my calculations that’s $348,500 for a “system” that failed to deliver… and it’s because of the saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

        And if Rob wants to respond.. bring it on. I have oodles of information which would bury him.

      • Speaking as one that got burned, I can see why so many are angry with him. But hey though I didn’t get paid, nor is he taking any funds from my account, I will just be happy I do have one package deal that got me up and running in 3 days for only 13 bucks, well really only 9 for the name.

        I fell the same as you Yaro on the UNDER EXPLAINED – robot type of thing. I had to put so many thing together on my own. IS VIDS ARE NICE BUT TO SMALL TO SEE THE LINKS/INFO YOU SHOULD PUT IN -REPLACING HIS INFO, For starters.

        If you are not wise enough to notice the links he tells you to USE YOURS HERE will only be his links to clickbank/ejunikie and not your own. I am not the best (yet) at this so I am thankful I noticed that when a person did tell me she signed up for his BTTB through my site.(I have had 5 sign up and i have yet to receive anything for that – ah well)

        Hey we all learn right, so no sour grapes here but I will now learn how to put YARO, DARREN AND RON on my top upper page and remove his sites that he hasn’t paid me for as of many months now.

        After three months it would be KIND if one finally answered an email from Hostazar or from himself as i have twittered and written him many times over now. He has only answered one em form em about 5 months ago now.

        I do love the package deal tho (nice to have everything in one little box ya know- and I am getting more hits every day. I will be grateful for that, and try a better thing next time.

        Thank you Yaro for being one of the truly great ones, inside and out.


    • First of all, Thanks Yaro for taking a look at the book and everyone else who’s showed an interest in it… Demand has been crazy with over 2000 sales on launch day.

      On to this comment…

      I don’t usually reply to people blasting me because I don’t feel the need it will change their opinion… Some people just aren’t happy with anything. A prime example is people on some of the websites you mention that claim anything and everything is a scam.

      The numbers I claim are real… Those are my cars, my new home and the other photo’s online are with me and my oldest son… I now have two little boys, one 2 years 4 months and one just turned one year old.

      On the claims you make…

      The site came down 10 months after it launched so there was plenty of time to download the product… I also moved the videos on to another server and emailed members the details so they could still be viewed.

      I poured hours every day into training for over 2 full months like I said I would on the website… Lots of members made money and took action… Some even became my friends, JV’s and have gone on to make six figures.

      I did offer refunds and gave around 20-30 in total from people that weren’t happy… I also honored my guarantee and purchased a few sites off members

      The guarantee did state that you must follow the system… yet I still gave refunds to people who didn’t so I feel I was more than fair.

      There was no class action… Just a couple of people who didn’t take action and expected money to just turn up in their accounts and wanted to complain about everything.

      To end… I’m not a scammer, BTTB is not a scam… Like Yaro said, Clickbank offers an 8 week guarantee that I don’t even have control over so you can grab a copy and check it out… If you’re not happy with it just email clickbank for a refund.

      Thanks for reading


      • Rob,

        IMO, your system could, and is, working well – I’ve purchased the ebook and read it thoroughly…

        Yaro is right, stating that your ebook is too to-the-point and need some more ‘background stories’. However, sometimes, to-the-point is what people need 🙂

        I’m not even close following your blueprint, but starting to go there – I own 5 active blogs right now, that I 100% wrote myself.

        The key is setting up a team with 3 job description, like you mentioned in your book – writer, poster, promoter.

        I’ve also already applied some techniques you mentioned, and they work well for me – so, your concept is doable, and certainly not a scam.


  • There’s NO WAY you could run 20+ blogs and associated email lists (all on separate niche topics that your aren’t remotely interested in) properly AND make decent money doing it.

    There’s a reason why there aren’t case studies in the book – he hasn’t got any that back up what he says he is doing.

    The answer is obvious. There’s more money to be made telling people to do stuff than doing it yourself. Think about it – if you REALLY had a blogging system that was your own bank – would you be telling the world about it? I certainly wouldn’t.

    • There’s some truth to what you say Male Pattern Baldness, but I believe it is possible to run 20 blogs and 20 lists, you would just need to employ help. Have some write the emails and manage the blogs for you.

      I have no idea how many blogs Rob runs or how many helpers he has. Of course it would be great for him to talk about this, but I’m not sure whether he wants to reveal that much detail about his business.

      • I fully agree. I run a large number of blogs and, with outsourcing most content and all traffic generation, and with treating it like the business it is, instead of some ‘little part-time thing’, multiple blogs are very possible.

        Where most people shoot themselves in the foot is they won’t commit to thier business, and be prepared to spend some money on outsourcing the routine, and / or less vital aspects of thier business.

        The distinction that has to be made is between a cost and an investment. Outsourcing, when appropriate and well done is an investment in your businesses future.


    • I would think having case studies from Blogging To The Bank 2.0 would further help Rob’s case about people in doubt of his book and provide some social proof. But there is none other than written testimonials. Now video testimonials are replacing written because people want more social proof. Like you said Yaro, I don’t buy anything without doing due diligence.

      Case and point, I will be joining your blog mastermind in December when i scrounge up the money. The only reason why is because you pre-sold me even before I got to the sales page with this blog i’m commenting on. Then your sales pages had numerous case studies that I’m implementing now and is working. Then you had your students on the sales page to talk about the experiences in your blog mastermind program. That did it for me and I think if anyone wants to achieve a level of success blogging you have to provide more than just directionals and tell people what to do. I think your success depends on how others succeed using your product or service so you should have a vested interest in seeing people succeed.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Good review and for a minute there, it seemed interesting. Then it hit me about the list. My list is targeted to my blog, so I know what promotions to send them. With 20 – 50 blogs on 20-50 different ‘could care less’ topics, how do you build a relationship with your list to sell to them later?

    Maybe it’s just me but I get enough ‘next great thingy’ from someone who knows nothing about my business or me. Glad you wrote this because I’ve been thinking about building more blogs, but there are just some areas I’d rather eat a maggot than get into for the money.

    Been following your blog and Problogger, that’s been an education in itself:) Thanks for the heads up though…..guess my spam folder will be full of this one for the next 2 weeks (sigh).

    • Hi Georjina – How you would manage 20 lists is to set up an automatic sequence of emails to go out that builds the relationships for you.

      I actually do this with my blog traffic tips newsletter. I have over 50 messages cued up that go out automatically to members and they all start at message one.

      It would mean some work at the start to write all the messages, but once they are created, delivery is automatic. You could set one up and move on, especially if you only sell affiliate products since there is no customer support then.

      • Please explain how an email list subscriber can have “a relationship” with an autoresponder…………….

      • Lol – well true, you don’t have a relationship with an autoresponder, you have a relationship with the person who wrote the emails that the autoresponder delivers.

        Just like those who read my blog have a relationship of some sorts with me, not with my blog.

  • Thanks for a great and comprehensive review. I have gotten many different emails about this product but has been unable to find an honest review until i saw this one.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for your honest review. What I like about you is your honesty. You don’t just recommend stuff. You specify who the product is for.

    I tried having multiple blogs before but it doesn’t work for me. I can’t even update one blog regularly. So, right now I’m just going to focus to write my blog everyday before I move on to another blogging method.

    Chetz Yusof
    Win The Battle

  • Thanks for the very detailed and honest review.
    I always enjoy reading your reviews, as its not pushy and in the face kind of style which makes u feel like a loser if you dont get the product/ebook.

    If I had not already bought BTTB last time, and just waiting for the new version for free, I probably would be very convinced with ur review and go purchase it.

  • Thanks for sharing this book. I’m still learning SEO and it will help me out.

  • Great thourough review, thanks alot. Heard a few things about this and been looking for more info and opinions on whether its worth it. Definetly helped thanks

  • Rob

    Like Yaro who has my full respect as a Blooger I do not know Rob personally although I have seen his product arouct around since last year. I considered selling Blogging to the Bank 2.0 until I heard about Yaro’s review. After reading the review and considering what I kew about blogging at the time I decided agaisnt it. From the pieces I’m able to put together it sounds as though Rob’s offering is wat to concise for the average blogger attempting to get his feet wet. No doubt there is content in Rob’s 50 page ebook but at what cost it sounds to me as though a little to musch is missing for the average blogger. And in that many sales I anticipate will be returned on this topic corners cannot be cut assumptions are not to be made. Facts and detaails and even more details become a necessary commodity once in the hands of the average blogger. To my mind Blogging To The Bank 3.0 sounds just a little to much like another another money crab.

  • It’s look similar to continuity blueprint by Ryan Deiss A million dollar in a napkin…………isn’t?

  • Jon B

    Loved your honesty and comments about the content of Rob’s book. For a first time blogger it is all very useful and food for thought for sure.

    While I like his approach and am going to be blogging for the cash, I believe passion has to be involved to some degree in all the different aspects involved. I don’t think you can shut off the passion from one blog to another either as it is all part of the whole. If you have multiple blogs and love what your doing, there is bleed over whether you are aware of it or not to some degree IMO.

    However I also prefer the depth factor in your approach and will have to give thought to a mix of ideas and see what develops as time goes by in this.

    Everyone’s comments were extremely helpful as well and thanks to all who contribute.

  • One of the best product reviews I have read anywhere on any product!

    Yaro, this review increases your credibility to me.

  • Wow I love this open conversation. I’ve bought my share of ebooks and some have neen good and others garbage but I’ve been able to take something out of all of them. The easy thing to do is to buy everything that comes out promising easy money and then do nothing with it.

    I’ve read the sales page nomerous times now and almost bought it but held back. The reason I held back is because I promised myself not to spend anymore money until I apply what I’ve already purchased.

    I know that you cannot get rich overnight no matter what program you are using.

    I’ve got to say though that copyrighting is becoming key. It’s a very persuasive letter.

    Thank’s Yaro for your honesty as always.

  • Impartial Observer


    Just to let you know:
    Search in Google for “benwell” and click on the thread titled “Google Wealth System”.

    Check out the fourth post (user name noorodeen) – this was made by Amir who is the owner of Xtreme Conversions, which is a tracking software. He says his software was illegally bundled along with Rob Benwell’s product, and Rob’s account was suspended as a result.

    Would Rob care to explain?

    • Hey everyone again

      First off before I address the above comment that I just second what another reader said and agree that this is an awesome open conversation whats happening and most people are constructive

      Right to this comment… let me clear this up and wierdly enough it relates to the earlier comment.

      First off was not my site it was one of my coaching students… From my so called ‘scam’ Niche Domination System.

      He’s one of the ones who took action and is now doing well online

      I just happened to have registered the domain and was hosting the site like I did for some of my students.

      Now Matt (the creator) was ripped off by a programmer when having some software made as the programmer did breach copyright with Amir’s product… Matt and myself knew nothing about this.

      The site launched, was converting well and moving up Clickbank when we got the email from Amir… he also emailed Clickbank, posted all over on forums etc etc

      I wish Amir would have just come to Matt or me first as we had no problem removing the software from the package and working something out to say we were sorry this had happened… It was a genuine mistake.

      Amir went after me because Matt wasn’t a name in the industry and thretend to sue us for $100k… The site had made about $15k the first week before we withdrew the product.

      Don’t get me wrong… Amir had a right to be angry but I always think you should confront the person first and see what they have to say as often online mistakes can be made.

      Clickbank did ban Matt’s account and the product was withdrawn and we had to refund a lot of people

      Now Matt was down about it and scared he’d get sued so I did what I thought was best and took full responsibility for it and would cover any amount and take the blame if it went to court… which luckily it didn’t

      Matt hasn’t launched another IM product since but he’s doing well in a few other niches he went into following the NDS program

      I’ve been very careful with software since

      I hope this explains what you’ve read as it is kind of true in a way but not the full story

      Any more dirt lol

      It’s wierd to think that some people think I’m a complete bad ass out to steal everyones money and rip people off… If you met me in person you’d laugh and think it was crazy too

      Thanks again for all the interest and hopefully I’ll talk to you guys more on here in other future posts as I love Yaro’s blog and visit regular.


      • Ok. I’ll accept that explanation. But from my chair there is just way too much concentration on non-productive stuff. You need to know the court system. Amir could blow it out his pipes if he thought he could go directly to court for a settlement. Hey… AMIR… wakey wakey… it don’t work that way pal! The courts would run you through discovery then tell you to go away and consult …before you waste the peoples money!


        Sorry for shouting but how dumb do want these people to be.

        In this business, all you have is a “five minute head-start” on the masses. That’s all you’ll ever have. The entire trick is quite simple. It’s just like merging onto a freeway. If you crawl forward at 50 miles per hour you will get rear-ended or run over by the time you merge. However, if you get up you get up to speed (100 miles per hour) before you merge … then your merge will be seamless. The stupid folk will continue to merge at 50 MPH…occasionally applying their brakes on the on-ramp!

        When you get yourself up to speed in this business, you merge with the internet on-ramp seamlessly. People know this, and that is why they try to PURCHASE knowledge (speed).

        If you really believed in your product, you would give it away and monetize your site or turn it into a continuity platform. You’d be building for the future. Instead, it appears you are happier to simple “fleece” everyone.

        The netsphere is maturing. Your methods won’t work for long. What I suggest my clients to is to gradually build speed, then merge when comfortable to do so. Once you are up to speed, it take much less energy to stay “at speed”. But the trick at that point is to stay current. You can’t ignore the technology or trends. You need to dig in and live this stuff to stay ahead of the pack. Forge the right connections and friends. Join the right blogs – LIKE ENTREPRENEURS JOURNEY – and success is pretty much a given.

  • i yaro and every body and thanks for the review

    I think that many of commenters are confused about the kind of blogging that the book talks about. It ‘s not about making a blog and updating it regularely, promoting it and trying to build its authority about a niche market that we try to dominate or we claims our self as experts in it. The method is about creating very small blogs that are updated a few times.

    Each blog alone is not covering a niche market (because it’s very small) but only cover a very very specific part of a niche like a group of posts or a category do in a big blog. Then optimizing these blogs for search engines (especially for google) to get traffic from free organic listing using some specific Search engine optimization tips for these kind of blogs.

    And even if you have a website or a big blog you can still use these small blogs to get backlinks and quick traffic. And yes you can creats 10’s of these blogs and capture leads for email marketing because your blogs can be targetting the same niche market.

    Let’s take a niche market like “Search Engine Optimization” for exemple. this is a big and very competitif one which can be subdivised to small ones like “seo for blogs” or “seo for google” or “seo software”..etc

    These sub-niches can be subdivised to more specific ones like “seo for blogger blogs” “seo book review” “seo elite” …etc which target very specific and profitable keywords. Check this free blog to get an idea. this blog which contains only two posts and is not updated at all is listed in the first page of Google for the high competitive keywords like “seo elite”, “seo elite 4”, “buy seo elite”…etc (these keywords can cost more than $7 per click in Adwords). this blog is in the first page in yahoo for the terms “seo elite 4”, “seo elite 4.0”. So you can see that using small blogs is very effectif if we know how to optimize them for search engines. And this is exactly what the book try to explain. So you can write 10’s of small and specific blogs related to your niche and capture leads or sell affiliate programs or just have backlinks to your site or even to your big blog.

  • Yaro,
    I think your review was good. Nice and middle of the road. However, there are some issues about this book that bother me.

    First off… we all know why WE are here. Each of us realizes that the world economy is changing and that because of the power of the internet each of us has a chance to create an online income. We are all trying to find out little “niche” or piece of internet real estate.

    Getting to the top of Google or any of the other search engines is not a difficult task. I have my wife’s Canine Musical Freestyle site showing the top two in Google and 3 of the top 10. It is not rocket science to get there. It gets about 500 hits a day and soon I will monetize it… but not until I’m good and ready.

    There are some site design things you can do to ensure you get high rankings too. But it all comes down to this:

    1. You need good content.
    2. You need a clean and appealing design
    3. You need the time to do the editing.
    4. You need the skill to do the editing…and
    5. You need some key software tools

    I’m working on a site right now to demonstrate how all of this is done. I’m going to do it with short videos for each topic area. And… I’m not going to sell it. I am tired of people like Rob “nickle and diming” people to death with this stuff.

    The other thing that greatly offends me is this trend toward the use of “scarcity”. GET A GRIP! It is an insult to anyone’s intelligence to suggest that a digital product can be scarce. “Get it now before it’s gone!” What a load of BS! I will NEVER purchase a product who’s creator uses this tactic. NEVER.

    Next I want to talk about the Gurus who appear to be devaluing their stature. Yaro… YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM.

    I’ve been studying this stuff for 10 years… so you can imagine how many “hit lists” I am on. Way … way … back I used to be impressed with Mike Filsaime or Rich Shefren. But no more.

    These two are what I call “Internet Trampolines”. They did one huge promotion using Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula” then took that list and used it to milk affiliate incomes for years! Recently Schefren has tried to get back into it. For both of them, credibility sucks. If I could show you my Filsaime file you’d laugh! He’s now on my ignore list. First off… Mike is way late on everything. By the time I get his email trying to flog me some affiliate program, I’ve already got it from 14 others. Mike is always LAST.

    In all my experience on the net….and that dates back to 1987, you (Yaro Starak) are the only one who is doing it cleanly and with dignity.



    • Thanks Nick – that’s very nice of you to say, though I think you put me a little too high above the crowd – there’s many credible and successful marketers out there doing a much better job than me!

  • Yaro your Blog Profits Blueprint is better and you make a more step by step system than just a resource of tweaking your blog and submitting articles.

    Rob approach its a valid one, but it could be easier if you sitck focused with one blog, just as your student Alborz Fallah did. Get 3 blogs on the topic you like, and watch what blog has potential and develop it further.

    Just like you do, stay focused on one blog. Focus Focus Focus! Like some friend of Ryan Deiss said to him:

    “Ryan, don’t do what the gurus teach. Do what the gurus DO”

    Talks Soon,
    Jorge Diaz

  • Someone mentioned Ryan Deiss’ program “Continuity Blueprint”. I purchased that one. I don’t buy many of the offer out there but Ryan offers a different perspective. His program is all about CONTINUITY. That is… he believes that single product launches are not always the best route to go.

    Instead he believes in providing lots of GREAT quality stuff that will add tremendous value to a reader’s internet efforts. At the same time, this method tends to build a strong relationship with readers. The idea is to get them to sign up to a monthly service.

    On the surface, this sound dumb right? Who’s going to fall for that. Well.. as it turns out this system works well in many niches. Ryan is heavily into the Forex markets. He acts like an information broker bringing together people with knowledge and HIS readers. In information that Ryan causes to appear on those web pages make people many times the cost of the membership. His program is quite detailed and content rich so I didn’t mind the cost.

    Actually … I did mind the cost. I want everything free but that just wasn’t going to happen. I convinced myself that the cost was really only half of what I paid since I AM an Internet Marketer and 1/2 of my fees are returned to me in the spring through my income tax returns.

    A lot of people forget that once you declare yourself a business person, you can take advantage of many tax advantages. In my own case, I make $80,000 a year in my regular day job. This coming spring I will get back about $5300 in tax returns. But look at it this way… .For me to get an actual $5300 check in my day job, I’d have to earn about $11,000. (because of my income tax bracket) So when I get a $5300 check in the spring, it is like having an $11,000 raise. IE.. it is the same as making $94,000 per year in the day job!

    If you are thinking Ryan’s system, I can tell you it is for real. There are no BS tactics. But be prepared to work! It’s not a spectator sport.

  • Tom

    Appreciated your email announcing this review. It answered my question about whether this book is for me. Time is precious and I wanted to thank you for being considerate of this. I’ll read your review some other time (if ever at all).

  • Len

    Hi Yaro,
    First of all, I’de like to complement you for your honest review of blogging to the bank 3.

    As a newbie I appreciate the way you review products that you are affiliated to with integrity and without the ‘You must buy this now’ approach, I wish some of the other well known marketers would take a leaf out of your book.

    Secondly, I have purchased all of Robs blogging to the bank series and found them to be concise, yes, but also very helpful, I have yet to implement all of his methods, but I’m sure with a bit of effort, I will be successful.

    And therein seems to be the problem with a few of the comments on this post,
    ‘EFFORT’ why doesn’t anybody want to put in the time effort to give these things a chance?

    Also, I do not agree with the comments made about him being a scammer and I feel that rob runs his business with honesty and integrity.

    I cannot comment on the niche domination system as I haven’t purchased that, however I still feel that if people want success then PUT IN SOME WORK.

  • I actually bought BttB 3 yesterday, and although the book do have some good points, it is not worth the money imho.

  • Yaro,

    Your honest and transparent opinion is the main reason your on my preferred blogs to read. Out of all the blogs to read online, ( and there are thousands) I only read 5 because there is just to many freakin blogs out there. I’m glad your in my fave 5 🙂

  • Yaro, Great post and full of good information, I appreciate the candid comments on the Rob Benwell ebook. When I first started blogging earlier in the summer for my first time, I did fall for some of the ebooks that you download. Some but very few I’ve found helpful. To get to my point at one time I was getting emails from Rob almost 2 X week or so it seemed, I had wanted to know who this Rob Benwell was so “I” did Google his name as the commenter above mentioned… and it did come back with a “scam”. I don’t know what to tell you or anyone else but i did see it also in Google search. That in itself did not make me want to order this book,no matter how quickly it made me go to the bank. lol I feel for Rob being bombarded on this, but what are we suppose to do when Google comes up with that for an answer? Thanks again for the fair and open-minded review of this ebook.

  • Thomas

    Yaro don’t take this the wrong way, but this time you’ve sold out big time. The ebook is crap and thats putting it politely. The book makes reference to 3 things that have changed in blogging and only mentions 2. LOL. What a joke. Also whats with all the cross promotion. Please Yaro don’t sell out, you are an authority in blogging. Also reference to tools and software, the links don’t even work. Rob Benwell has a tarnished name, just search around the warrior forum. Dont associate with this crap.

    • To be fair Thomas, I see your point and I think you are correct in your assessment of the course’s worth. I’m an old guy (53) and have been on the net since we had 300 baud modems and thought animated gif’s were the ultimate in new age pornography! Ok?

      So when I say this, it is with great care. Yaro is doing an excellent job and he is doing the netsphere a wonderful service by sharing his knowledge. The bottom line,however, is that he has to make money somewhere. To quote Yaro’s assessment… he says, “I do think Rob’s training is worth studying, which is why I read the book, because it offers another system.”

      Yaro is young and it is expected that he would stumble in judgment at some point. This is not a cardinal sin! And when I talk about judgement… I am NOT talking about his decision to review the product. I am talking about his choice to tell you and I that he reads this kind of material. You see… the big risk here is that WE WON’T UNDERSTAND that it is necessary to be widely read and to understand what others are doing and where the trends are going in order to dominate any niche we might identify.

      So if you’d prefer that Yaro crawl into a hole and only review stuff that’s “not surprising” or “cutting edge” or not the least bit controversial, then what you will get is boring blog material that you can find on any other blog. It is precisely because of Yaro’s perspective that I am here. And I understand that he will unbiasedly review material that I might not like. In this case though, there were enough “code word” for this old guy to steer clear of Rob’s book.

      /set flame=off

    • As I’ve written in comments above – I wrote what I think of the book and it’s pretty clear I don’t think it’s the best book in the world, though it offers some value.

      This review is not a review of Rob’s reputation, it’s a review of his book, although I realize those two things are interrelated. If I thought he was cheating people with this book, then I wouldn’t write about it. I am not in a place to comment about Rob’s business behavior because I have never experienced problems with him as a customer, although clearly other people have.

      PayPal has a bad reputation online in many circles, but I’ve used it for years and I have no problem recommending it to others. In the eyes of some people I might tarnish my reputation by reviewing Rob’s book and endorsing PayPal, but that’s a given no matter what when you publish something – not everyone agrees with your decision.

      I know if I wrote this review and just said it was the best thing since sliced bread that would hurt my reputation. I’m in the blogging industry and blog’s book launch is a major thing in the blogging for money world, so it’s logical for me to write about it.

      And of course it’s also a business decision. This is a very on-target product for the audience I have. Plus I’m doing some integrated marketing with Rob because our products target the same audience. This helps my business.

      My intention of course is never to mislead my readers, which is why this review is the way it is and also why I’m happy for all these comments, both negative and positive, to be left here. This allows the people who read my blog to make a decision based on lots of information.

      If I didn’t write this review, then these comments would never have been left here, nor would my personal assessment of Rob’s book exist. I think this is a service of value that is also beneficial for my business.

      If it tarnishes my reputation in the eyes of certain people, that’s something I just have to accept. The same goes for any other marketer who’s product I promote – this is not the first time people have reacted this way and it won’t be the last.

      Now if Rob ends up ripping off his customers in this launch, or gets into legal trouble or anything like that – in particular if many people I refer to him come back with complaints, then I’ll not likely promote anything he does and adjust this review to include a warning message.

      For the moment though, Rob hasn’t stimulated this response in anything but a minority of vocal people and my experience dictates that this is normal. I’ve been the victim of a few vocal unsatisfied customers myself.

      In the end the decision is made by the reader and my job is to provide as much information as I can to aide in that decision making process.

      And of course, if I screw up, I’ll apologize and try and make right as best I can.

  • Thomas

    Its funny you replied “Now if Rob ends up ripping off his customers in this launch, or gets into legal trouble or anything like that – in particular if many people I refer to him come back with complaints, then I’ll not likely promote anything he does and adjust this review to include a warning message.” Do your research he is a scam, sorry Yaro. Your blog has saved me from garbage and scum like himself. It would be in good taste that you remove this scab from one of the best blogs in the world. Not questioning your integrity Yaro, but dig a little deeper and you will find the truth. When you plugged Blogging to the Bank 2 it was a paid review and you were honest in that review. Not to say that your not honest in this review, but alot has changed between stumps. He ripped so many people off in one foul swoop its not funny. At one stage he had 4 membership sites running all sold out and did not provide any info. The info he provided on some was laughable.

    Just to finish off, if i ever see him at one of the blogging conventions look out. Oh thats right, i forgot, he doesn’t do them anymore because he is a SCAM. Get rid of this shit Yaro please.

    • Silly immature boy, Thomas.

      Uttering Threats is in the criminal code. It carries a prison term! What are you thinking??

    • Thomas… Threats like this show your maturity although I should be at some blogging conventions next year so I’ll see you there 😉

      I’ve never had 4 membership sites going at once so thats a complete lie… Like some of the stuff you find on Google… What can I say, theres some jelus people out there who don’t like to see the money and lifestyle I have and think I must be a scammer because a 24 year old makes millions online.

      BTTB2 wasn’t a scam and none of my products are… Some people may not like my products or think they are too expensive but thats not scamming anyone… This happens with any business… Not one business in the world that has done over $1M has 100% satisfaction… Thats just how things are.



  • Allot of comments and a lot of “Opinions” -Yaro does put it well in that the book has some- “value”, which as an owner of this product, I agree with that point.

    Some people are looking for do 1, do 2, do 3 and make a million dollars- that product doesn’t exist – look to get a couple of points that you can take and use.

    My opinion based on first read has given me things to apply, and that really is the key, ebooks gathering digital dust dont work- get out and to massive action instead of questioning everything.

    I would have liked more detail in some areas, but will take another and apply what it talks about.


  • Thomas

    Guys, guys ,guys. If you ever do see me at the conventions you realise that i couldn’t hurt a fly. I’d love to see him so i can give him a piece of my mind. No physical threat implied. Its strange that he would think that, maybe his got something to hide.LOL. What a joke! Go to the warrior forum and search for his name. Enough said.

    • Thomas… I didn’t say anything about a physical threat and deffinatly nothing to hide… Althrough I do think you should appologise for the threat in the first place.

      Also, I took your adive and went to the warrior forum and searched my name… Nothing bad came up…

      Someone throught I sent too many emails to my lists… Thats about it

      So I’m sure that is enough said… I’m not a scammer in their eyes

  • Pat

    Guys- I gotta say I was seriously bummed with a couple things in this book- which I just finished reading.

    OK- if you’re new then maybe you will get a good idea of the overall process. BUT you will not get enough nuts and bolts…like keyword research for example.

    A couple other things though are even on the verge of being shady.

    He says go to this xyz site and submit an article and wham- you’ll get thousands of backlinks to your site. You’ll shimmy right on up those SE rankings like buttta!

    Well that site is crap short and sweet. No PR on those blogs. All look same- are they same IP..? Either way…you’ll put exact same content from all these sites which doesn’t give you real benefit except for maybe first 1-3 links or so.

    Did I forget to mention you pay like 40.00 per article. Pretty steep for 1- 3 backlinks from a 0 PR site in a questionable neighborhood that just might get you banned.

    The other thing that bugs me is that you can’t use one of the bonuses you get. The site is down- and Rob even owns it. So..all of this tells me where he is coming from.

    Just worry about the money…and don’t worry about stuff like honesty.

    My refund is being processed…and I think it’s be a great idea for all of the folks that make big bucks promoting products like this would look into them abit more before stamping their names on them.

    my 2 cents for what it’s worth.


    • Hey Pat,

      Sorry about your experience with the book. I’ll let Rob know about the bonus site that is down and hopefully he will get it back up again for those who decide to give his system a try.

      • Pat

        I appreciate you Yaro- thanks and we’ll all see what comes of it.

    • First of all, please email me about the bonus, no one else has compalined about not been able to download a bonus so it may have been a tempory issue

      As for the linking site you mention you have it all wrong and clearly havn’t tested seo techniques like me and my team.

      #1) You WON’T get banned for using this site or others like it… Google doesn’t ban or de-index sites/pages based on external factors

      #2) The blogs do have PR, even the sample blogs have pagerank so just saying that is wrong

      #3) The sites are spread across 50 IP’s at the moment but more blogs are been introduced to the network across another new 50 IP’s to make the 1000 blogs up.

      Pat… Please try and test things before coming to conclusions… I’ve used this service and others too like it and had awesome results and never, not even once been banned by google for it.



      • Pat


        Your site for the bonus article submitter looks like it’s still down..I did send you an email about it the day I bought your book.
        Or was it only me that couldn’t access it.

        The blogs look to be of pretty low quality.

        It’d be hugely better/smarter to just submit a few articles to the top directories that are FREE by the way without being associated with such a network of sites.

        Google is improving it’s algos more every day and even if this method gives you a backlink that works today there’s no guarantee it’ll work tomorrow.

        All in all…not the way I do things.

        Apart from that I couldn’t be more sick and tired of the hype built up around products like this that don’t really hit the mark.

  • Nick

    Well…. that pretty much wraps it! The jury has returned its verdict and rammed it down Robs throat.

    Rob.. bit of advice kid. If you’re doing so great… you might wish to just continue making money for yourself. Helping others CLEARLY isn’t your niche!

  • Paul Simmons

    Hi everyone

    Reading some of the comments above got me really mad… Here’s why

    I’m one of Rob’s past customers… NDS, BTTB2, NAM and now BTTB3

    I’ve never had any problems with his products, customer support or anything and due to his systems, advice etc I’ve been able to quit my job and earn a very good full time income… I’m no millionaire, not even close but i’m making what I want.

    I think people should think before saying people are scammers as to me a scam is when you pay for something and don’t get anything… Not when you pay for a product, get the product… don’t follow the training and then decide it’s easier just to blame the product and person behind it…

    So, from someone who has actually had experience with Rob for over 2 years now… He’s not a scammer… His products are good, better than most others online and like Yaro said… If you end up not liking the product then just email clickbank… They’ll give you your money back without even emailing Rob

    Just my opinion


  • This book just like ‘magic word’ that will teach you how to earn thousand of dollar just by blogging, and thanks for viewing your thought yaro. You always giving the Pron and cons to every program you involved only just to make us considering before we start. Great!

  • cat

    I think that they talk about such amounts of money in order only to inspire paople

  • Jari

    Just wanted to add my name to the list of people who thinks Rob Benwell is a scam.

    I ordered Google Nemesis via Rob Benwell´s affiliate link, since he promised a 4 Week Blog Annihilation Coaching program as a bonus to those who did.

    He has delivered just one video so far (August 22nd)!

    I´ve sent him several email asking him when he´s going to deliver the rest of the videos, but he does not reply to emails.

    I don´t know if the Blogging to The Bank ebooks (or any of his other products) are scams, but promising to deliver a coaching program and then not fulfilling it is
    (Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 – United Kingdom).

    I haven´t lost any money like some of other guys here, but I found this discussion and wanted to share my Rob Benwell experince with you.

    Rob, since you read this blog, maybe you can tell me if you´re ever going to deliver the rest of the 4 Week Blog Annihilation Coaching program?

  • Absolutely an honest review. I believe Rob is taking a short-term technical approach to blogs in order to make money. Of course, that’s one way. But not the natural, long lasting way. With every change in search engine policy/rules – which may be frequent – these technicalities will stop working and you need to remain updated with the new “techniques”. Since it is a sort of mechanical method, you are not going to enjoy your work but only the money (if it comes). A natural dedicated approach to a blog will yield long-term dividends and will remain stable, as you have pointed out. This is something I learned from you. Quite acceptable. However, I agree one should be aware of the available current methods and maybe give it a try to find out things for oneself.

  • I have bought only one of Rob’s products – the Niche Annihilation Method – and found it to be full of useful information and of good value. I won’t be buying BTTB3 because, after reading your review Yaro, I don’t think it will have much more information about Rob’s methods of making money from blogging than the Niche Annihilation Method has already provided.

    I can understand people being angry at being scammed with inferior products but I can’t complain about The Niche Annihilation Method.

    And people do use aliases in different niches just like they do for submitting to article directories. It doesn’t mean they are scammers.

  • Hey All…
    Don’t you think this is getting out of hand? Ok… it is GOOD for Yaro’s blog traffic… but lets take a different look.

    1. Rob has produced some material.
    2. Rob has offered it for sale – he’s promoted it.
    3. Some people will buy it.
    4. Some will think it great!
    5. Some will think it garbage.

    The fact that he has produced a product for sale, has promoted it, and has delivered it means he is NOT a scam. Those who use that word have chosen incorrectly.

    It all comes down to perspective. The guy or gal who still types with two fingers, who doesn’t know the difference between bandwidth and download speed, who has yet to register a domain, configure the DNS servers, install a WordPress blog with all its plugins, who hasn’t yet setup Twitter, Disqus, Facebook, AWeber, Feedburner, who hasn’t leanred the value of crosslinks and backlinks, who can’t manipulate CSS or html or php… and who has no clue how to manage an adwords campaign…. THEN ROB’S PROGRAM IS PURE GOLD TO THEM!

    If you’ve taken any of Yaro’s courses or studied Commission Blueprint or Traffic Secrets 2.0 or any of Jeff Walker’s material … then Rob’s stuff is pretty basic…maybe even NOT WORTH MUCH.

    If you’ve been an internet marketer for 3 or 4 years and you’ve studied Brad Callen’s early material (Adwords Made Easy) or Andy Jenkins’ material.. or joined Stompernet… then Rob’s material is TRASH.

    Value here is in the eye of the beholder! Just like “beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder” .. .it all depends what kind of influence you are under. I would pay Rob $10 for an electronic copy… but the people in category 1 would pay Rob $47 and think they got a steal!

    Now as far as the violence and threats thereof go… I can tell you this. I have worked for the justice system for 25 years. To the fellow who made the threat to Rob … it would behoove you to apologize ASAP. All Rob has to claim is that he took the threat seriously and he believed you had the intent and capacity to carry it out. That will land you in jail for 6 months. It is a prima facia case. All the evidence that is needed is already copied and printed. You should apologize and clarify your position soon.


  • Here’s my review of Blogging to the Bank: If you’ve been blogging for a while, skip it. Most of things he talked about in it, you probably already know because they are basically compiled information from good blog posts from various blogs.

    I’m not saying that’s not legitimate. It is. It can be very useful for newbies who need one organized resource to help them get started.

    But if you’re new, I’d recommend Yaro’s blogmastermind instead of Blogging to the Bank. It offers a more comprehensive approach, and actually teaches you how to build a solid blog that makes money well into the future, instead of building blogs that makes money NOW with its future uncertain.

  • Thomas

    To Rob Benwell, I sincerely Apologise. As i’ve already stated, no physical harm was ever intended. Some call me a geek/ nerd so my physical presence is laughable. I just want some of the material you have promised over the years and some of the bonuses that were never delivered for buying through your links. Also do you ever respond to your emails?

    P.S I want to make it very clear that my apology is for Rob who assumed i was making some kind of physical threat.

    @Nick- Since you’ve studied the justice system for 25 years, surely some of the people that have paid for products and havn’t recieved anything have a case as well.

    • Hey Thomas

      Thank you for the appology… If you see me at a conference or seminar say hello and we’ll grab a beer together

      I’m not sure what you haven’t received but just email me or my team at:

      rob ‘@’

      This also goes for anyone else that who hasn’t got something, just shoot me an email and I’ll fix it 🙂



      • Jari

        Has anyone had any luck in getting in touch with Rob?

        I´ve sent him an email (again) a couple of days ago, and as usual, no reply.

        So, he still hasn´t delivered the 4 Week Blog Annihilation Coaching program in full, and does not reply to emails.

        So, nothing has changed regardless of his promises in the above comment…

  • Couldn’t resist checking out the review after reading todays article… And I can see what you mean, not taking sides.. just laying the facts out on the table.. Great stuff!!

  • Thomas…. Good move! You’re fully protected now no matter what!
    Also, it takes a very strong person to apologize like that. Kudos to you.

    I know how angry you must have been to not receive stuff that was promised. But always remember… The final destination in life is determined by the little decisions we make. The highest order of intellect is to demonstrate a high EQ (emotional quotient). Einstein said that EQ is more important than IQ.

    Getting angry and wanting to lash out was always my first choice growing up. I’m Irish – 6’1″ 245 lbs with a head the size of bear. A good fight was always my preference. But by 25 I realized that it was getting me no where. When we learn to take the high road, we are rewarded in spades! Never judge the man or motive, judge the methodology… .or process.

    Legally you have a case in a court… but this is not a criminal court like you would have faced if he pressed charges. It is only a litigation where a judge may or may not find on your behalf. Litigation is costly. You’d have to file in the jurisdiction in which he operates. That could mean travel costs etc. If you lose, you’d also have to pay court costs.

    The best court for Rob to lose in would be the court of public opinion. He reads this. If he is wrong, he should square up with you. Rob – I’d suggest if it is within your control, send him the stuff. The goodwill would pay you back many times over. If you don’t wish to honor your obligation to Thomas, then what do you really have to offer anyone?

    G’night all

    • Voice of reason

      Thomas who? Protected from what?

      I’d love to see someone go after “Thomas” from a legal standpoint much less locate where on planet Earth “Thomas” resides

      Stop being a windbag alarmist, Nick.

      Thomas, even though you were baited into apologizing by Nick, I appreciate that you did even though it was entirely unnecessary because you should never apologize for having an opinion regardless of the perceived tone in your “Written” text.

      Nick, get over yourself already.

  • Thomas

    @Voice of Reason. For starters i wasn’t baited in apoligizing to anyone. I felt the need to apologise because of the way i made Rob feel. It was not my intention. Sometimes its hard to create the right tone when writting, so my statement wasn’t a physical threat. Thats all.

    As for finding me, if anyone is looking for me just send Yaro an email and i will give him my details. I have nothing to hide, simply put i thought i was the victim here.

  • Hey all

    Wow what a great blog Yaro !!

    This is my first visit and will most certainly not be my last !

    Thanks for this review, it is very open and helpful

    I myself have just started my own online business starting with a blog, however I have took the decision to not buy into any more products or services now.

    It has took me a year of getting no-where to realise that this is business and there is no ‘Magic button’ to push and watch the cash roll in.

    Hard work and ACTION.. seems to be working

    Thanks for the inspriration of your blog Yaro, my blog is detailing my every move to building an online business so others can come for help and follow what I am doing.

    Right im off to look around the rest of your blog

    Till next time


  • Yaro,

    I almost buy the latest book of the blogging to bank after reading your review. But I changed my mind after reading the comments of this post.

    Actually, I was inspired by this review to practice reviewing products. I really wanted to learn the way you review them.

    Thanks anyway.


  • I have already bought Rob Benwells product and have utmost faith that it will live up to all that it promises.
    As yet I have not started to look at it fully but I am sure it will be a useful addition to my present knowledge of blogging.
    But really I want to speak about Yaro.
    I am already one of his affiliates and would recommend him to anybody new or experienced in Blogging.My only regret is that I can’t afford to buy into his Mentoring program which I am confident enough to say would put anybody on the fast track to making money online.
    Alan mckinnell.

  • I have reviewed BTTB 3.0. It is smiliar to the BTTB 2.0. Rob wanted to make money more by the newest version in 90% of the same content.

  • Books like this are mostly always marketing hype and my advice is to just read blogs an forums and you’ll easily learn everything these “experts” just organize together.

    Everyone should know by now that people using those long and outdated sales copy pages should send up a red flag. People with systems making a lot of money are not going to show you any secrets so never expect to learn much from ebook fluff like this.

  • Hi all,

    I did buy blogging to the bank ebook. The main reason why i want to buy this book because i want to learn how to make money from blogging and plus it only cost me a little amount of money. Before this i never know how to build a blog but after i following rob benwell advice, i can make my own blog.

    In my opinion,his book is good if you are a affiliate marketer that want to leverage the way to get a traffic. I am also did ppc and others method. Those who want to make a affiliate business then this book is highly recommended.

    It is nothing wrong if you want to build a passion with your blog. You can make one blog that focus on what you are passion about then the others blog just for build your business empire. If you are a businessman who want to get lots of traffic then you should learn rob benwell tactic.

    If you don’t like it then, it’s your choice and do not forget to make a refund;

    If you like it then start taking action according to what rob has told you to do.

    “Ordinary Guy Who Make Money Online”

  • So this e-book concentrates completely on affiliate marketing of products via your blog? Is there anything at all about developing your own products?

    • Affiliate product sales is the focus yes.

  • We are living in strange times now. I was going to say “difficult” times, but that would not convey the true sentiment I want to get across. There is more information published every single day than any of us can read in our lifetimes. For the obsessive compulsive among us, THIS IS DAMN FRUSTRATING!

    If you bought a VIC-20 or Commodore-64 way back when… you could keep up with programming languages so long as you worked a bit every day. In the late 1980’s you could keep up so long as you bought a new computer every 18 months! Today, you have obsolete equipment before you get your new purchase on the back seat of your car!

    As with hardware, so goes software. The trends toward social media in the past 18 months has launched a revolution that we are only now beginning to understand. And OPEN source concept development is a by-product of this process. So while Rob has some material that was very appropriate and useful at one time, it becomes more and more difficult to remain so. That is why version 2 is needed. That is why versions 3 and 4 will be needed.

    In the past two weeks, YouTube has made some changes and tweaks to what they do and how they present. These changes are so profound that material like Rob’s will naturally get left in the dust. If you follow that stuff now, you will be sorrily behind! These changes will massively affect the way pages rank on Google (since Google owns YouTube) and therefore, successful internet marketers will not be able to ignore the use of the new YouTube Tools.

    I don’t mean to shamelessly plug Yaro’s product here but… I have to say that my own opinion is that people would be better off using Yaro’s formula since it dovetails nicely into the changes that YouTube has made. I’m certain Yaro didn’t know what was coming, but his system is naturally organic – which is harmony with the way YouTube is developing. Nice coincidence for Yaro!

    I suppose it all comes down to whether or not people want long or short term success. There is also the learning paradigm to consider.

    I’d like to know how people like to learn. Would your rather listen to a bunch mp3 files and read an ebook… or would you rather be able to log onto a resource and watch a series of 3 to 4 minute videos that show exactly what to do and how to do it?

    From all of the courses I have taken, there is one universal truth. Immediately after the purchase I download the material and get an anxiety attack! The last course I took cost about $2000 and came fully loaded – 28 .flv files, 30 mp3 files, 40 pdf files, 2 e-books, 3 work books, 6 swipe files, and a ton of hype. Was it worth it? Well.. yes.. it was. But assimilating that amount of information is a daunting task for anyone! Fortunately I was able to arrange my holiday time and work only three days a week and take the other four for myself. But in those four days I worked 16 hours per day. I read very fast and I listed to my mp3 at 1.5 times the speed.

    What the course fails to deliver is all the little stuff that falls between the cracks. I created a database of the 20 or so 3rd party accounts that are needed, the alternate browsers and their plugins that have unique features that speed things up, the 12 “must have” software programs to do the work, a 3 dimensional spreadsheet that acts as a matrix or “niche ferret” to manage ideas and actions, and it fails to tell me how I will remain up to date with the technological changes that take place.

    Actually.. as I write this I see a niche… a new product…. I could call it…
    “E Pluribus Unum” or something like that. Toss in a membership site with free updates for life and a forum for mastermind groups and brainstorming sessions… hm……

    I’ll be right back….

    • Great comment Nick and very poignant issue. I assume the product you are talking about here is not Rob’s book, but perhaps Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker? The contents you describe sounds more like his course.

      Information overload is a challenge and that’s why it’s so important to get good at something real fast so you can focus your energy just on keeping up with that aspect of what you do.

      Unless you intend to build a business with employees who can stay on top of things for you, you will always be catching up to what’s coming next.

  • I think that they talk about such amounts of money in order only to inspire paople

  • I’m a fan of diversification of strategies so I like your point about combined strategies – dominate a niche plus multiple niches.

  • ya its really possible to have 10-20 blogs when you become proffesional blogger if you have 2 seo sites you can make other sites to rely on them for seo and you have to work for hours as an job not just 2 hours day.
    Both strategy are good the motive is to get succed in any one which you can.

  • Peter Andersen

    Great great review…and I think this has nothing to do about Yaro wanting to promote his own book. This is something he burns for…something he knows a great deal about. I was just about to start on Rob’s idea…when I choose to doublecheck, and find every useful crossreferance there is. This helped me to stear away from Rob’s program. I guess it is like many people here say, either you want to take the short cut, and make a great deal of money very quick..or you want to blog about something you like, and actually have an opinion on. It will build up something that will last. Thank you Yaro, this saved me alot of time as I am looking into your page right now…

  • I want to thank you for pointing this book out. I have been doing the same thing but not really for the same reasons. I bought a domain on ebay for a buck that had a good name and filled it with some article directory articles and thought I would use it as a test site for the wordpress themes I was writing and new SEO techniques. Low and behold I started getting search traffic, then I started getting a lot of it the more articles gathered up wrote a few originals and soon enough after putting up some ads. I made some money, then once I got some PR and lots more traffic adsense, text links and paid posts really started to pay out.

    Before the trend died and I sold the blog. I have been trying to duplicate that success, I am hoping this book will give me a few more insights I might be missing.

  • It is great to see someone offer an opinion – that is what struck me in the email – it made me click through to the blog. The piece is nicely balanced presenting clearly thought out comments.

    It appears incredibly authentic and immediately my trust in Yaro soars – hey- it was actually pretty high anyway – but as a result of this – I will be back to this site in a couple of weeks (no I’m not going to do it now because I must focus on finishing some other work first). 24th March I’ll be back.

    Im going to add this to my swipe files as a great example of doing a review.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I am amazed, stunned, flabbergasted, shocked, disappointed, in TOTAL disbelief, sickened, but most of all surprised YOU, Yaro recommending this Rob Benwell S**T.

    Ok, perhaps not recommending it, but reviewing it and leading people to it.

    This guy DOES NOT cares LESS about his customers than that he cares for the stinking shit he dumps in the toilet the morning after a long night on the beer and too many burgers afterwards with a lot of garlic.

    If you ask me: This guy DID NOT make a million blogging, he might have made it with selling what is more a great and marketable name than that it is a quality product.

    EVERY single BTB book is crap.

    My opinion: people can do without it.

    Sorry to sound so harsh..


  • Great review! A lot of people are in it for the money, it’s nice to know they can get some great directions….maybe I should be in it for the money…lol

    • I have been saying it for a long time. There is nothing wrong about blogging for money, or getting into blogging for the money. The key is to have a clear goal and a plan in place to achieve it.

      There are a lot of ways to make money online, you just have to think of each of them as their own business with its own business strategy.

  • Even though my blog has nothing to do with Internet Marketing, one of my most read post is ‘How Scam Sites Fake Their Income Statistics’. Maybe it’s just because of this: my blog has nothing to do with Internet Marketing.

    Even though making money with my blog is not my core business, I am an Internet Marketer. 100% of my income comes from affiliate programs. Not from my blog but in a combination of what I learned by Perry Marshall (b.t.w.: Yaro, I liked your interview with Perry) with affiliate programs.

    I’m not a millionaire. Even better, I just sold my Jaguar last week and bought, uhumm, a Renault Twingo.

    Every time I see this so called big guys with their mansions and Ferrari’s I know what to think. They just telling the lies that people want to hear. It’s sometimes hard to believe that many people get involved in this over hyped nonsense.
    However, as long people listen to the lies they wanna hear, they maybe deserve to being lied to. Hard but true.

    If I had a so called secret to make millions within a year, I wouldn’t share it with anybody. I don’t even share the details of what I am doing now to earn my lunch, though there is no secret involved.

    No hard feelings, I like your blog.

  • Is it necessary to buy blogging from the bank 1 and 2? What do you recommend.

  • Doug

    As with any topic, any format, or any forum the opinions expressed here are very diverse and interesting. I read the posts from top to bottom to gain an understanding of the thoughts and feelings of people commenting on the topic of blogging.

    After completing my reading I thought before leaving the forum I would leave one formula for success (along with an example) showing how money can be made and continue to be made for years to come. Hopefully, I can express this clearly in a few words.

    Because the topic here is blogging the obvious starting point is to begin developing one and only one blog that covers a topic you have knowledge of and enjoy as a hobby. If you cannot accomplish this first step my tip will not help you – I am sorry. At the same time, develop the layout for a membership site that is intircately linked to the blog topic. The membership site can be developed as you work on driving traffic to your blog.

    Initially, the blog theme must have a “how-to” theme associated with it. For my example I will use quilting. Why quilting? I don’t know, perhaps because my wife makes quilts. Anyway, it is a good topic for discussing my point. Make an initial post and begin driving traffic to your blog. For instance, I may set up an initial post for cutting out quilting squares, selecting a pattern, etc. This should be very basic in nature and preferably should be supported in video format.

    Note: I will not cover traffic driving techniques and methods but instead leave that research up to you.

    When you begin to generate traffic really encourage participation by your visitors and develop a “community feeling.” Continue to over-deliver your content and tips.

    Now, introduce your membership site using a very soft sell approach. The objective here is to demonstrate to your visitors that there is more additional value in the membership site that justifies moving from a free blog to paying a monthly fee. My objective with a membership site is to select topics that permit developing a product from start to end and then showing subscribers how to sell that product to cover the cost of membership and make a few bucks. Ever priced a well-made quilt? Document the whole process, step-by-step, on video and provide a CD to your members for their archives. Your members gain valuable tips, increase their knowledge, and end up with a sellable product at the end of the process. Believe me, they will keep coming back.

    As you gain enough support for your membership site shift your blog to be informational only. For instance, I may include review of a quilt show, discuss a new technique or two, etc. Product reviews and monetization of information is shifted to the membership site. Use as many videos as possible!!

    The bottom line is use your blog to establish a membership site presence and then use them hand-in-hand to keep your visitors happy and informed. It does not take many members paying $19.95 per month to either generate a full-time income or easily make extra cash. Will it take time? Will it take work? Yes, but the rewards are there and you can make a living promoting something you enjoy.

    Best of luck to all…….

  • Yeah that’s exactly what I have done with Rob’s system. I have gone deep in my niche, but use his method for generating traffic and links to my site. My own network if you will that I can control.

  • I am an absolute newbie, and I found a lot of good information in this book – things totally new to me, like ClickBank. It’s going to take me awhile to digest, though. It’s good that the book is so concise, but at the same time, I would have liked a little more “how-to” in it. Maybe just because I am a newbie.

  • I have read BTTB by Rob Benwell and followed the steps in the eBook and I found that his methods WILL work and one can make hell lot of money through Blogging.

    I created a BLog on June 30th for one moderately searched for keyword “fake printable…..” (keyword not given fully) around 800 searches per month according to Google external keyword tool and it got indexed in 2, 3 days and ranked 2nd position for broad match and 1st position for exact match (“”) when I accidently checked (NOT expecting) on 27th July.

    I can’t believe my eyes that I can rank my Blog within a month to the top most position in Google, though Yahoo is yet to rank it.

    Good news is this despite the fact that my blog hardly has any backlinks when I checked and its top ranking is because of onpage optimization which effectively means off page optimization doesn’t count for this low hanging fruit (low competition) keyword.

  • In my previous comment I said my Fake-printable—-blogspot got 2ns postn in Google and 7th in search Engines after following Benwell’s BTTB. I checked again in Google and it has been pushed to 5th spot but it stays there till today.

    I think the reason for being pushed down is because I have not updated as frequently as Spiders would like to be updated.
    Anyway these are learning curve and so I realize what to be done during the course of the Blog’s existence.

  • I had bought the 2.0 version of this book and honestly was not very pleased. I think this book teaches you to add to the Internet cesspool and not really contribute anything. My conscious wasn’t really with his concept, so I dumped it.

  • If you are working on several blogs not all of them have to be about something you are passionate about.

  • I bought this book just a couple days ago based on Yaro’s recommendations for BTTB2.0. I have emailed both Rob and Yaro my opinion of the book. The only reason I emailed Yaro was because a) he deserved to know what I was going to say (I’m highly ethically that way) and b) because of his comment about not endorsing anything more of Rob’s in the future if enough people had issues.

    I bought not only the book but his “Blogging to the bank live”….. Here’s my email to Yaro and Rob unedited since I minorly edited it in my response to the review of BTTB2.0:

    Rob and Yaro,

    I have been a follower of Yaro’s blog for over a year and am a member of his Blog Mastermind program. I tend to put a lot of weight in what Yaro has to say about others in his field, and so excitedly bought “Blogging to the Bank 3”. Boy! Was that a waste of money! What’s worse is that I signed up for what I thought would be an opportunity to learn more indepth information with “Blogging to the Bank Live”.

    As I read through the materials today, which I purchased just this morning, I discovered that 99% of the links to Rob’s “resources” are crap. They go back to his sales page. The links to the “Undergroundsuccess” resources are now a parked domain advertising stuff about Tony Hawk. The majority of the written information is simply his 2006 package re-packaged. What’s not apparently simply re-packaged from an earlier edition would fit in an ezine article and I have seen written on any one of a dozen article sites.

    After watching the videos for “Blogging to the Bank Live” my disappointment and disgust only grew. While there was finally some valid information, the way you suggest “jumpstarting” someone’s readership after saying that you were going to go from “0 to a six figure income blog in 12 months” was to recycle the URL of a domain you already owned on the subject to begin with. That’s not exactly starting “From 0”.

    Now, Yaro, you know my philosophy on learning from something like this as we’ve discussed it in the past when I first complimented you on Blog Mastermind… “If you learn even one new thing from a book/course etc on your professional field and that new thing makes you even a dollar per customer then it’s paid for itself.” Unfortunately with blogging to the bank, there is nothing to learn. It is rehashed public domain information with broken links, frequent typos, and constant misuse of homonyms which is distracting to say the least and confusing at worst.

    Yaro, I have to give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume that you never had the opportunity to thoroughly go over Rob’s content before not only recommending it on your site, but also giving him a testamonial for him to put on his sales pages. Rob? I can only say that as of now in my book you are the next generation of Jeff Paul. You are a repackaged ripoff artist and I do want my money back.


    As of now, I still have no response from Rob and I WILL be calling clickbank. This book was only fit for lining my cat’s litter box. No links work, it still recommends using blogger to host the blogs etc. He’s one of the biggest rip offs I’ve seen in a LONG time.

    • I forgot to mention that the URL Rob recycled in his “Blogging to the bank live” had a PR6 already. It was the SALES page to his BTTB system. He says in the video that he’s going to move the sales page to an extension of the site and put the blog on the main page and that if we want to replicate that “Jumpstart” to go to and buy an established website and then highlights a PR4 website for sale for a measly $12,500.00USD.

  • Your Message I have read every post on here and all I can say is WOW! I loved the review by Yaro and respect all the love that has been poured out to him for his review (criticism as well). As for BTTB3 I was thinking about buying it and I’m still going to buy it because I believe it will either let me know if this approach is good for me or if Yaros’ approach is good for me. I believe I will get Yaros’ book also after I get Robs. It doesn’t matter to me if I find Robs’ book good or not I want it because it is affordable and for someone new to blogging I believe I will definitely learn something (good or bad) and it is all good. I will be tuning in to this forum regularly as blogging is my focus at this point. Thanks all and Yaro keep up the good reviews! Blessings!

  • I am not yet ready. I am afraid that I have to give it a miss. sorry.

  • Thanks for the review, I have not used Robs system but i have read most of it and it is good, but there are things that need to be added or changed in it. The review is great, thanks!

  • Im really confused, our agency is now turning to blogs because of the impact real time search is expected to have

  • Hi Yaro,

    Your review is great. I actually bought Rob’s ebook
    and I found out it was principally targeted at
    beginner or intermediate bloggers.

    The review is spot on.

  • Yaro, thank you for an honest review. I actually was thinking of buying the book and I searched for some review on Google and landed on your site. After reading the review I think I can make a informed decision.

  • Nice straight forward review Yaro. It’s interesting to note that you said that you feel like the author left out some information. As a product developer myself I think it’s fair to say that this is true for every product out there. No matter how comprehensive you make your product there will always be more information you can add. However, it’s good for a product developer to try their best. Also, as far as developing a successful niche site, I think they all boil down to the same thing, which is picking a positive niche market, finding the appropriate ways to monetize your site, and driving targeted traffic to it.

    • hello Magic Seo Book,

      Yes that is right Rb left out some of the information. Do you know what are those. Well I do not know all of them but some important information like getting backlinks.

      Where to place the backlinks?
      shall I place it just in the blog post? or should I use a separate place. This was not revealed. I found through the hard way. I will tell you where to place the backlinks.

      Go to design section. Select the link list option (from the mini window) enter any number of backlinks there. That is how backlinks take account.

      Previously I thought just placing in the blog post will do.

      I gave this information for Free which the gurus won’t reveal for obvious reasons.

      There is another info. Do you know how to remove nofollow tag from comments?
      🙂 well I can’t reveal think over you might be able to find how.

      I went through
      sunae’s comments and I agree with him. Yes most of the links don’t work which lead to time barred domain. He (Rob) has simply gave version number with rehashed stuff of the previous versions.

      The information I gave about backlinking, which Rob has cleverly didn’t reveal was pulled from Google search (some articles I think). What this means is these information are available for free online. One has to search for and of course he/she should know what to search for. Otherwise people like …so and so,.. will keep ripping off innocent people’s money.


  • Rob Benwell’s book is really good to know about blogs and how to bring traffic to blog throug onpage and off page SEO factors.

    What I liked about it is the detailed info regarding off page factors that is backlinks what are the automated software that will help the process faster but that is also the only way possible.

    Through blog commenting is a good way but it is a time consuming and more importantly a boring work. in fact humans can’t do it.

  • Hi Yaro

    I have been reading a lot of your stuff. Excellent content. I’m going to hang around your site for a while. I need more ideas. I am receiving hundreds of traffic to my site and growing rapidly, however I still have not made a sale.

    Excvellent information about Robs blogging to the bank. I’m happy to stick with one niche at a time. Too many blogs is too time consuming.

    Thanks Yaro


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