How To Finally Make A Profitable Website In 2012 – Webinar Recording Now Available

New Update! As requested, the recording of the webinar is now available.

You can stream it from this page –

How to Finally Make A Profitable Website In 2012 – Webinar Live Recording

On that page you will also find the link for the special $1 trial for two weeks + huge bonus pack offer that expires January 31st at 9pm Eastern US Time

Imagine building a website that makes $100 a month. Then you go and build another website, in a completely different subject area, and it makes $200 a month.

Repeat this process, making anywhere from $100 and $1,000 a month from each website and you can build up a nice portfolio – enough to quit your job and become a full time internet marketer.

That’s a dream I know plenty of people have. It’s fantastic for beginners because you don’t need to be a subject expert or have a lot of capital. I’d go as far to say it’s also one of the most reliable methods to make money online.

There are no guarantees, and more people fail than succeed, but as an entry level online business, niche websites is about as good a starting point I know of (along with blogging of course!).

You spread your risk across various subject matters, but the system you use is the same for each website. Research traffic, set up a website, create a few key pages to attract visitors, monetize the audience, and repeat.

Of course it’s not quite as “simple” as that, but in principle, this is exactly what Adam Short did several years ago and began teaching to other people.

Way back in 2009 I invited Adam on to a podcast interview to explain his process for setting up profitable niche websites, the system he developed to build up a portfolio that was generating in excess of $90,000 a month.

The podcast was a huge hit, but that was a while ago, so it’s time for an update…

A New Webinar For 2012

Yaro Starak and Adam ShortNow it’s 2012 and it’s time to do a brand new live presentation with Adam, to learn what are the current niche profit website techniques he is using.

You can watch the free webinar here –

Adam goes through his entire presentation, revealing to us –

  • What kind of money niche websites can make and why it’s a great opportunity for people new to internet marketing
  • How he conducts research to know what topics have the traffic (and the traffic that makes money!)
  • How to set up a niche website to target the traffic you find during the research step
  • How to outsource the creation of content to target the right keywords that bring in free traffic from Google
  • And what methods he uses to make $100 to $1500 a month from that traffic from each website

If you don’t yet have an online business model or you’ve been struggling to find one that works, make sure you watch this webinar.

At the end of the presentation Adam has a special package offer to try his full Niche Profit Classroom course.

It’s optional to join and the webinar itself has plenty of practical lessons, but if you like what you learn, Adam’s special offer will be worth waiting for.

I’ve promoted Adam’s course for three years and it has been my number one affiliate product. He has the best “stick” rate of any product I have ever promoted – which means the people I refer to him sign up for his course and stay with it for a long time.

This tells me that Adam’s course is good, which is why I have no hesitation recommending it to you and introducing you to Adam and his methods on this webinar.

I don’t promote many courses anymore, but this is definitely one person and system I still endorse.

Enjoy the webinar!


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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • I am SOOOOO looking forward to this. I’ve been listening to the podcasts where you had Adam on and now I get to chime in live. Awesome!

    • Sir,

      I am in the last semester of C.A (Pak). Due to some personal reasons i can’t work any where else than at home.I want to do any online job relating to finance, audit accounting, article writing, tuition, managing workforce; any sale, purchase, order taking, delivery, reporting, research etc…. Please help me or suggest or recommend .me to do or contact to anybody else.




  • Fred Jumayao

    Any chance this Webinar will be available off-line for us folks who can’t make it for those dates?


  • Monica

    I also would like to know if the seminar will be available offline.

  • def signed up for this one, looking forward to it!

  • Cant wait.. I know this is going to be good.

  • phil

    Latest techniques you say? Well, then I must assume you missed the last two years. I was part of the NPC subscription program in 2009 and it’s – sorry – totally outdated.

    I remember Yaro’s last post saying that he will concentrate on his new business entirely. Looks like he does not stick to what he states.

    • Hey Phil, have you been in the NPC program lately?

      I’ve noticed a few people complain about NPC, but 90% of the people I send towards Adam’s training stay with him, some for over a year which is incredible for a membership site and tells me for a majority of people it’s what they want.

      Not everyone of course will stick with the program – like you perhaps – but I have no problems recommending it based on results. Nothing satisfies everyone, but I noticed the people who are not happy are much more vocal about it complaining in comments like you wrote, while the happy people are the silent majority.

      As for what I am concentrating on, yes it is, my main project. However if you read my article you will have noticed that I’m working on BAB 2.0 as well, and let’s not forget that this blog is something I still love – I wrote over 6000 words in two articles for the start of this year, so I’m not exactly giving up.

      Get your facts straight before making accusations.

  • I looked at Adams program and it’s really nice for the first 14 days with just $1 but at a $67 per month amount that’s a lot of money for a membership program for niche site creation. Is this going to be the same product he’s pitching on this webinar or is it going to be something a bit better with a better price to it because that’s just a little out there.

    • I suspect it will be the same course, with some bonuses (I have a bonus as well).

      My membership programs have been from $47 to $97 a month, so this is not an unusually price.

      That’s also way more affordable than the $2,000 internet marketing courses usually come priced at with the big launches.

      • Yeah, I would never purchase a $2000 course that would just be ridiculous. Courses I wouldn’t mind purchasing at a $97 price point but membership sites should be a bit lower than that though. I’m looking forward to these bonuses that you two will come up with then.

  • I haven’t come across an explicit and reliable information such as yours. I hope to be successful in the internet business as I am just a beginner and deeply I believe your information will be of much help to me. Thank you Yaro and your team for doing such a good Job.

  • Eric

    Having been a member several times I can assure anyone who is willing to put in the work, it works. I was very lazy about writing content and other things didn’t seem easy such as graphics (at the time of 3.0) so I never saw much success.

    That being said however, I did make my very first sale online through clickbank using NPC. Honestly, it’s expensive, yes, but for me very hard to stay away from, not so much because I like the model (I blogged about blogging for over a year and LOVE IT!) but because of the way Adam teaches and the videos he does and the unique software.

    Don’t get me wrong – you have to be willing to learn and do some rather boring things such as learn enough about the topic to write decent content, seo, things like that. But if you do, it really does work.

    With NPC 4.0 I already like some of the upgrades and changes they’re making and Adam is only improving the quality of the course to higher levels of success. Things seem a bit easier than last time and while it’s not a course I can afford at this point I do plan to check back into it in the future and see what I might make of it.

    Okay, so bottom line is, this, in my opinion, is THE best Internet Marketing course on the Internet period. There are others out there that are good and I’m sure work well but I do hold NPC in high regard over all.

    There’s of course other ways to build a profitable website (long-term) or a blog (Yaro’s course and David Risley) but for NOT get-rich-quick but real results that are much faster (depending on market, your knowledge, etc.), NPC is by far the best, hands down.

  • I can’t believe I’ve just seen this 12 minutes after it has started in my time zone!!

  • I’m looking forward to the webinar, and I hope it’s informative and helpful to me. I started making $100 a month on one of my blogs, but since about the end of October, the traffic and income have dropped dramatically and are slowly climbing back up. It’s frustrating.

  • Jan Dirk Rabie

    I missed the Webinar I was asleep because in my time zone it was on at 5 am 🙁 really wanted to attained it

  • I should get you the webinar recording in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!

    • Jan Dirk Rabie

      AH! thanks Yaro! it means the world to me 😀 Really want to help my mom 🙂

      Thank you

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Great article, there is a lot to take out of it.

  • We missed part of the webinar too, due to celebration of our Lunar Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Hope you can advise us when the webinar recording is ready for viewing…

    Thank you

  • Adam does a good presentation, but the video in this form is less useful than it could be because I hate taking notes, and I want to revisit bits of it.

    1. A PDF transcript would help
    2. Or at the very least, a control bar and the ability to jump back and forth in the video.

  • I’m glad you posted this. I missed the original live airing, and am very glad to see this up. Thank-You cannot wait to explore and see what you two have to offer.

  • Jerome Pringle

    Today is the 30th and the offer has been closed. I thought the offer was open until the 31st?

  • Niche marketing is one of those things that definitely works… the only problem is always the promotion. Seeing something “genuine” like NPC is great since it shows how tough the entire process can be.

    When you get a course that puts everything into perspective and gives you a complete picture, you have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon and see how far you can get yourself. Honesty is going to be one of those key factors that decides who gets the lion’s share of the profits and who fights for the scraps.

    Thanks again, Yaro and Adam!

  • Good post-

    I would cautuion however that it does take time to be established on the net. My SBI personal goal settting website went live in June 2009, and it wasn’t until March 2011 (twenty months later) that I actually received my first advertising check from MOTHER GOOGLE and actually made close to $500.00 US with advertising fees and fees as a paid author from articles I wrote and had published by leading magazine periodicals. Since March 2011, I am receiving GOOGLE checks every other month as one of many monetization models that I employ on my site.

    The thing I can not over emphasize is that although niche websites (like my own), which is a 170 pages with another 30 pages yet to develop, can be very lucrative, you need to be careful in researching your niche themed website. I researched for months before I chose my theme, partially because of my experience working with non-profits and individuals in corporate goal setting, which made sense to develop a website based upon my passion and interests anyway.

    Secondly, riches and success do not happen over night. It takes time. I receive weekly emails from people who like my site and want me to build them one. You have to find your own creative niche using your own creative voice. Your website should be a reflection of you as a person, and your enthusiasm and passion should jump off the pages.

    I should double or triple my website earnings this year, but I have already planted yesterday’s online business marketing seeds for tomorrows eventual marketing harvest.

    Remember: Your Ability is only limited by your inability to take Action…

  • I like this site. Always bring me forward. Thank’s Yaro ..

  • It all takes time and usually a lot of effort, although if you pick the niche well, and choose your keywords, with high search results but either low or medium results you can achieve good rankings in google quiet quickly and start getting traffic. I started a blog in November last year and today it is PR4 and is getting steady visitors.

  • great blog!I’m looking forward to the webinar, and I hope it’s informative and helpful to me.

  • Thanks for sharing another opportunity to make money online. For now as a begginer, I still consentrate from Amazon. Anyway, very good post…

  • Farhat

    Adam Short is very genuine, patient, and he really loves what he does. That really shows in his webinars that he has and his courses he teaches. I see nothing but growth in his website and the software he uses is priceless. It is a great way to learn affiliate marketing and making profitable niche websites.

  • Hello Yaro!
    I have been reading your various ebooks all evening. They are really nice ebooks Yaro, I really wanted to thank you for them personally! I will read them and do my best to put them into practice.
    I saw a post you were talking about preeminence and that was the first thing that came to my mind as I was reading about you and the young man in the webinar Adam Short. Watching how you both compliment each others talents in various ways is a perfect example of Preeminence in the natural creation phase. Without that being the main reason or focus of the event of course, it still has the desired effect. Well done Yaro. That was an awesome idea to bring him back for an update for 2012 to give your subscribers and visitors hope for the coming year. Thanks for your dedication Yaro to your profession. I know I use to many exclamation marks, however, I sometimes can hardly contain my enthusiasm when I am sharing and learning new things. Have a great evening Yaro!

  • account suspended…what the?

  • I think Adams product rocks and provides great value – niche markets really help the end user and should be a part of a key strategy

  • […] promoted Adam on EJ several times over the past five years. His NPC program, in terms of income generated, is the most […]

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