Why Beginner Entrepreneurs Fail To Bridge The Gap Between Start Up And Sustainable Profit

There are internal habits of thinking and feeling that are responsible for the level of success we have as Entrepreneurs. Within those internal habits are a few specific qualities that have also held us back from our next level of success.

This can be especially dangerous when you’re a new entrepreneur if you’re not at a place of sustainable profitability yet. Because if you’re stuck in the stage of business that isn’t profitable, you have to ask yourself: how long you can you go without changing things before facing some serious and very real challenges?

Hi, my name is Nathaneal Mohr. I am a business coach who specializes in social video blogging. In this article and video I am going to share with you some of the internal mental and emotional habits that kick starts the journey of the entrepreneur.

I am going to share with you how internal mental and emotional habits end up being responsible for many entrepreneurs’ failure over time.

After that I am going to show you how to slightly tweak those unseen habits, so you can permanently shift from a struggling entrepreneur to a profitable entrepreneur if you presently face this challenge.

What Instigates Or Inspires Our Entrepreneurial Journey?

It starts with the desire to change something. Those of us who step up to the challenge and actually take action to create the change we want by using business as the tool for that change, start down the path of the entrepreneur.

This process of how we decide to solve this great challenge is as unique as the individual entrepreneur. If we want to use business as a tool for some kind of change, we need to understand what business really is.

What Business Really Is

Business is just a process. This process has the goal of exchanging value for the physical or monetary equivalent of that value, which is our case is money.

Now along the path of developing these business processes something very interesting happens…We reach a point of friction or resistance.

Now this point of resistance has to happen because certain skills can only be developed by rolling up your sleeves and actually doing the activities that create the skills we need to succeed.

If you have never done something before there is going to be a learning curve. Your results will be a reflection of where you are along that learning curve.

How Great Resources Accidentally Become A Liability

Since thoughts and feelings are habitual by nature so many of us will start to feel discontent with this friction and start looking for better ways to accomplish our business goal. This is that first stimulus response process we talked about that inspired you to become an entrepreneur.

The process of feeling discontent with a result and reaching out to personally create a solution is a wonderful processes. Except when, due to lack of experience, we point our finger at the actual process as being the point of discontent, instead of pointing our fingers in the mirror and looking at how we can become smarter, more efficient, or effective in this business process.

This first big learning curve in your new business endeavor is a pivotal moment in your career. Because this is where we either graduate to the next level of our entrepreneurial journey, or fail and have to take this very first class over again if you want to stay on this path.

Now sometimes you need to change your business, your industry, niche or the way to get profit from your business… that happens. More than 90% of the time it’s not the business process that’s the problem but how well you master that business process.

I have seen many well meaning beginner entrepreneurs get stuck going round and round in circles and never really getting their business off the ground. This happens usually because every time they get to an area of friction they choose to believe the problem is the business process itself. Then they choose to look for a solution outside themselves instead of inside themselves.

The new entrepreneur can do this by upgrading their skill level in the business process they are presently committed to. You might have heard of people stuck at this level of the process called “opportunity junkies“.

Starting Over Again And Again

Giving up on a business building process when you reach friction is the equivalent to finding a seed of the perfect crop, locating the farm you want to grow it on, preparing the soil and planting the seeds, then only taking care of those seeds until right before the seedlings break through the ground. Just walking away from your crop leaving it to die, while starting the process all over again somewhere else, is not going to work.

If you were entering into a career as a farmer and followed that pattern of farming it wouldn’t be long before you had some serious challenges. I recommend you don’t do that with your business building processes either.

What’s The Answer?

If you want to get unstuck and move into your first level of consistent profitability you have to be able to quickly make business decisions, but change those business decisions slowly. Entrepreneurs always sort through our world to find better ways of doing things. That is what makes us who we are. We have to commit to mastering a business process until at least the first harvest.

If you’re just starting out, promise yourself that you won’t move to some other business process or opportunity until you have mastered and fully leveraged the results you can get from the process you are engaged in right now.

When you pick up a new method of growing your business or a new business opportunity, give it everything you have before you decide to just drop it and move to the next shiny object.

Remember that our business only grows as quickly as we do. If you’re just getting started review this video weekly to remind yourself to stay committed. If there is someone you believe could benefit from this information – share it with them; it could save them years of wasted effort and thousands of dollars in lost profit.

Also remember the best results in the world aren’t a mystery. The journey of the entrepreneur demands of us that we evolve into the person that would create the level of results we want.

I would love to read your comments about the skills you are dedicated to developing in order to reach your next level along your journey as a entrepreneur.


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  • Nathaneal,
    Thank you so much for this important video, and thanks also to Yaro for having you on here. I have quit my day job and have committed to give myself a few months focused work to get my internet business going. I began by joining a virtual company writing blogs for real estate agents. I am doing this for the discipline and to learn to monetize their blogs as I go along. This is a benefit to them through increased traffic and to me through knowledge and application. I am at exactly the place you are describing. Sometimes I want to scream at myself because I am not using my time to the best of my ability. I want to be off playing with my own websites, and instead I am having to make myself focus on real estate issues, and write blog posts about them. Thanks again. It always helps to know you are not the “only one!” 😉

    • my pleasure Sharilee, your at a pretty exciting place right now. You get to build the skills you need… to grow the business you want. Do you know how many people are spending 8-10 hours a day working at a job that has nothing to do with the business they want to build? Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Very good video and post-

    From my own personal experience I think the number one reason most people struggle and fail online or with a brick or mortar business, is the false expectation that business dealings and income happen overnight which many still belive to be true.

    I began my online busines with SBI in June 2009, developed my entire 171 page informational website from scratch with just the SBI 10 day action guide and the online SBI forum community as my guide. It took me over twenty months before I earned any payment from my efforts, but was rewarded in March 2011 with my first of many advertising payments from MOTHER GOOGLE.
    But it took me only 3 months and 2 months susbsequently to receive my 2nd and 3rd checks, and now I am receiving payment from GOOGLE every other month.

    Between my payment fees as a paid author and advertising revenue alone I netted almost $500.00 US, which more than offset my $299.00 SBI membership ecoomerce and webhosting website-I was in the black, and am positioned to probably double or triple my income alone this year.

    I already have received payment from one advertiser for placing a one year ad on my website this year, and am in the finishing touches of editing my first published book and am currently working on an ebook for one of my top most frequented pages on my site.

    Yes, you can make it online, but you have to be consistent, and to throw away limiting beliefs of failure. I recevie so many emails from people who like my website and want to the do the same thing but do not know where to begin. You have to start somewhere, anyday progressing towards your dream of economic independence is better than remaining idle.

    Remember: Your ability is only limited by your inability to take Action…



    • Thanks Wayne, ya man….properly managing expectations is very important to the success. It makes it logical to keep moving and giving yourself the space to grow. Thanks for sharing the wisdom that comes along with your story. Have an amazing weekend!

  • Nicola Cairncross

    Great post! In my first online business, successful by most people’s standards as we reached a quarter million pound turnover within 3 years, the biggest mistake I made was relying 100% on my gut instinct rather than tracking the results of my ‘inspired’ changes to my website. This time round I am focusing on one thing till its profitable (there now!) and then carefully and slowly introducing the next thing but testing and tracking all the way!

    • Thanks Nicola, I’ve made the same mistake…more than once actually. What a BIG lesson. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  • Hmm… well written. I read the transcripts (I assume they are?) because I’m using a really limited connection and didn’t want to spend all my bandwidth watching video. I’m on vacation now so it’s a problem. Back to your question.

    I love writing and have built my business through that skill. But there are different ways to write and I’ve tried different models. When I perfect one way of writing and begin to earn money with that, I branch out and learn another method.

    Right now, I’m writing an e-guide and I would like to see how that goes. I’m learning and perfecting my skills as I go along. It is actually more technical than I thought, but when I get to a point I can’t go on, I search for help and learn what I need to learn.

    I’m also learning copywriting so that I can use that for my products.

    Even in doing something I really love, the learning curve can be quite steep and it’s so easy to shrug and stick to what I’m comfortable with. But being an entrepreneur means stepping out of my comfort zone occasionally.

    Thank you for this post Nathaneal. Really got me thinking. And thanks Yaro, I always look forward to reading the articles on Entrepreneur’s Journey.

    • My pleasure & thanks Sharon, good for you…being able to write copy that can sell is such an important skill. Our business success has so much to do with our ability to— get people to intellectually engage in a future that is best for them…and then get them to emotionally committed to the result they want…I heard someone say that once and I realized thats exactly what good copywriting is all about for me. Thanks for sharing your experience–hope you have a great weekend!

  • Starting over and over again is something that I’ve found the most problematic about my own business. I was afraid that my best wouldn’t be good enough.

    It really helped me building my self esteem and confidence

    • I’ve been there too Dona…it took me years of going around and around in circles… before finally deciding that all I had to do was master the step I am taking right now.

      When I made the decision just to master what was in front of me… I noticed I was always ready for the step when it came.

      You wouldn’t be on this journey if you weren’t capable. Thanks for sharing!

  • I think it is pretty easy to explain: people hear stories of people making Millions while they sit at the kitchen table in their underwear and they BELIEVE it. There is simpley not enough people, like you and me, who try and educate people that it takes a lot of effort and time to be a success.

    • Your absolutely right Dean. The majority of people only hear about becoming an entrepreneur from 2 places. 1. The headlining stories of overnight successes. Never hearing the part of the story… of the years of failure that provided the entrepreneur with all the learnings to have an overnight success.

      2. from people that are trying to SELL the idea… that becoming an entrepreneur is possible for anyone. Being successful as an entrepreneur is possible for anyone; but so is becoming a Doctor. The only difference is as an Entrepreneur you can start making a little bit of money as you build the skills, attitudes and beliefs you need to get much bigger results if you want. And as an Entrepreneur you don’t have any limits to how many people you can serve or how amazing the results you can get… are. Have a great weekend Dean.

  • Becky

    Great message – I have just been through a really tough patch right after selling my first ebook a year on from starting quite a successful blog. I just didn’t think I’d succeeded and that hardly anyone wanted my message – that’s after a year in blogging and making some good affiliate commissions and have a great weekly ezine with high open rates and rising U.V to the site – all positive and I’ve been 100% dedicated to the job..yet, I just ‘lost the plot’ after I’d worked so hard, I thought I’d have done much better with my first ever product – had this feeling of sudden self doubt – just the sinking feeling it’s not going to work. I just stopped blogging in my tracks for 2 months…until I looked in the mirror and kicked my butt so hard recently and told myself ‘you got SALES’ and the conversion was 5% – that’s brilliant..it’s not the number of sales, it’s the conversion AND you made a sale – that IS THE START of entrepreneurship!! So instead of quitting for much longer, and looking at other new niches (crossed my mind to start in a new area..), I decided instead to evaluate and analyse my results and see where I could do better next time which has led to a whole new inspiration and motivation to be bigger and better and to simply ‘keep digging’ in the same spot and to NEVER quit. This post hits the nail on the head – if you’re ‘losing it’ pick your butt off the ground and keep going – work through the issues…there are lessons to learn and new motivation to gain!

    • Thats exactly it Becky, your experience is exactly what I am talking about. Your on the 90 yard line— of a really, amazing business. Thanks for sharing your story! Have a great weekend!

  • Loved the video within the article. Marvelous job.

    • Thank you Amtej, I am glad you got value from it. Have a great day!

  • I know certain reasons for the failure of beginners.Selecting the proper topic they always choose the topic which has demand or boom but they never choose topic which they have expertise.And they do a lot of spamming than link building.And they do them as part time,and when they dont have time to blog they ruin it instead of continuing them.

  • Tomas Merrill

    This article reminded me of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill says that Persistence is one of the key elements of success. I did like the way you pointed out that entrepreneurs have to stop and learn from their mistakes (that is stop and figure out why they are experiencing friction) before continuing doing what they are doing. Without learning Persistence is foolish. Thank you for pointing this out in the article.

  • Great article. Sticking to a specific strategy is the conclusion that I came up with a few months ago, as I have tended to jump between projects and abandon ship if it is not looking good straight away. I have set a goal, todo list and a rough time frame for my latest ventures. Lets hope to see some dollars rolling in soon.

  • esp

    Some people might veiw starting a business as a “get rich quick scheme” I prefer to think of starting my business (and all the business ventures I plan to start and run along side my current business) as a “get rich ever plan”

  • Pia

    This is a great guide. ‘…looking at how we can become smarter, more effective in this business process’ is so true. Every moment is a chance to learn but when things goes bad it’s difficult to remember that truth. ‘into the person that would create the level of results we want to’ It’s awesome. Thinking of becoming that kind of person makes me excited.
    I’ve just bought a host and am looking forward to a day I talk about my growing business.
    Thank you Nathaneal

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