How To Successfully Dodge Failure As An Entrepreneur

Do you want to make your business fail proof regardless of how big your goals are or how big your challenges may be? Do you you want to make sure nothing stands between you and the goals you want to achieve as an entrepreneur?

I’m a business coach who for the last 10 years, has researched the science of successfully growing a small but truly profitable business.

I have been studying the patterns of how a solo-preneur, or entrepreneur can predictably reach the highest goals in the shortest period of time without feeling defeated no matter what external circumstances try to hold back your business.

In these two short videos you’re about to watch, I am going to present to you the MAP for making yourself fail proof as an entrepreneur.

My experience has shown me that we, as entrepreneurs, tend to give up on a goal when we experience a set back and we truly believe that this set back has the power to keep us from accomplishing our goal. We build this belief equation in our heads (setback = inevitable failure) and we haven’t implanted the opposite belief that challenges can be overcome. This is a very powerful distinction that sets the successful entrepreneur apart from the entrepreneur who is left behind in frustration.

What Does That Mean Exactly?

It’s not enough to just believe in the possibility of accomplishing a goal if we want predictable success. We can believe in the possibility of accomplishing a goal and still illogically rationalize how a particular setback has rendered it unattainable. Therefore, it’s advantageous for us to condition our beliefs and conceive that failure is impossible. This ensures that the failure never becomes possible for us.

Our first step in making sure we never fail is to take time out of our day to train our belief system to include the understanding that failure is impossible for us, and make the decision that we will not stop until we achieve the goals that we have laid out in front of us.

Our next step is to master the process of minimizing influences that may cause friction and cause more challenges toward reaching our goals. That’s why in the next video here at Entrepreneurs I am going to share with you how to forecast and avoid setbacks that are unique to your personal journey as an entrepreneur.

Then, I’m going to help you discover how to pull data out of the setbacks that you experience so you can be sure they are not repeated.

Minimize Setbacks

The best way to minimize the setbacks we experience is through clear, effective decision making.

Entrepreneurs who consistently make effective decisions have three primary things in common:

  1. They have a defined map of “territory” that they are moving through toward completion of their goal.
  2. They have Present Moment Awareness and a high level of focus on the tasks they are engaging in.
  3. They are exceptionally good at being objective.

Obtaining A Map

There are only two ways to obtain a clear map of the territory you are traveling through. We can either get it from using experience of trial and error, or we can get the map by borrowing it from someone else.

We are talking about forecasting potential challenges, so let’s see how to develop a map through trial and error for the moment, so we can talk about borrowing someone else’s map.

It’s never been easier in history to learn from others how they were able to successfully reach a business goal.

If you were driving in a city that was unfamiliar to you, but you had a friend who lived there and knew his or her way around, you would probably call them and get answers if you weren’t sure of the best direction to go. Wherever you get your map or applied knowledge, remember that it’s as simple as treating the advice you get like a real map. Follow it as closely as possible and ask for directions on things you don’t understand.

As I mentioned above, there are two ways to obtain a map. There may be circumstances where you are “boldly going where no man or woman has ever gone before.” In a case where you are creating your own map, I want to challenge you to break down the elements of your business and find individual maps for each of those elements. Because all new positive elements are made of successful building blocks that came before it.

Present Moment Awareness And Focus

Now you have a clear map drawn out of where you are headed and how to get there. The more presence or focus we can bring to our individual tasks, the more precise our decisions become.

Picture yourself working your way through an obstacle course. Imagine a spotlight shining on the specific obstacle you are working on at that moment. The spotlight gives you concentrated clarity so you can give that obstacle your full attention and focus before moving onto the next. The brighter it is, the easier it is to see your way through that challenge you are facing at that given moment.

Stay present. Stay focused.

Becoming Exceptionally Objective

Being objective and not taking things personal keeps unneeded emotions from clouding your decisions. Yes, there is a part of your journey that you probably won’t find on someone else’s map because it is unique to your path. But, the more presence we hold in a situation and the more objective we are, the easier it is to hear that inner voice telling us what decisions to make on the part of the journey that is unique to our life situation.

That’s why it’s been said by so many amazing people that…

we start to become great when we listen to our inner voice.

We will never hear our inner voice unless we are present and objective.

Now, what do we do with the setbacks we don’t or can’t avoid?

Although sometimes painful, setbacks are a natural part of getting feedback and learning as an entrepreneur. Inside any setback or challenge is feedback. This feedback is a clue into how we can become more effective with the process we are using to achieve our goal with our business.

Journaling and asking yourself the hard questions about whether what you’re doing is the best way to build a strong map through trial and error. After you make a discovery or improvement, put that improvement into a standard protocol that will be implemented into your business whether you are a solo-preneur or have several companies.

I hope you are able to use all of the value in these videos. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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  • Dude, first and foremost great tips. Although they were pretty simple, I think these simple ones are the ones that people tend to ignore. Simply shifting my belief to making failure appear to be impossible seems to have changed my mindset all together. I applaud you for this great piece of content, Nathaneal.

    • Thanks Amtej, hope your having a great day friend!

  • Nice tips. Simple and easy to read.

  • […] One of my favourite entrepreneurs blogs in the whole wide world is and today there is a brilliant post by Nathaneal with two short videos on the topic of how you can successfully dodge failure as an entrepreneur. […]

  • I really found this very thought provoking, as someone who IS an entrepreneur and always learning, and who coaches entrepreneurs – well done Nathaneal! That pen in Video 2 was a touch distracting though, was it there for a reason it was there or did you just forget it? LOL. Really, interesting points you raised there, in both videos, and I’ve shared and linked as every entrepreneur should read/watch this.

    • Thanks Nicola, honestly forgot about the pen…lol. Hope your have a great start to your week!

  • Great tips, i would also recommend one of the most important is perseverance

  • Yes, it’s hard to stick with whatever you’re doing. It takes a strong, confident person to achieve the goals. A kind of person who doesn’t surrender to the obstacles.
    We shouldn’t think about the problems that sets us back. Thinking about those problems is the problem.

    • Right on Mitja, you know…I am not sure where I heard this..but I did hear once— that someone took a controlled group of kids and gave them a challenging task to complete. Its my understanding that THEY (THEY being whomever was doing this experiment) — told half of the kids to solve the (PROBLEM) and told the other half to complete the (PROJECT) As the story goes the controlled group of kids that were completing a (PROJECT) had a much higher success rate than the kids told to solve the (PROBLEM) its amazing what can be done with a little re-frame on the situation isn’t it?

  • I’m not trying to brag, but I had a really difficult situation in my life when I had to take charge of everything and everybody around me due to a financial collapse and health hazard that happened to my family.

    I was at college at that time, and I managed to finish my college while working and supporting two seriously ill parents. The point is – whenever people ask me how I did it, my answer is – I had no other option but to succeed!

    • Thats awesome Dee! thanks for sharing a little about your story!

  • Great tips. I recently had a guest article on my blog along the same lines. There are a lot of things you can do to mess up a business, the key is to watch every step and over-scrutinize every move before making it.

  • Great tips, I am new to affiliate marketing and I am determined not to give up. I have read many who said it took them a long period of time to become successful, so I am in it for the long haul. I really have nothing to lose but time and that’s one thing I have plenty of at the moment. Thanks for the information and inspiration.

    • Awesome, great to hear Dennis – I look forward to hearing about your success story.

  • I really think that to many people think failure is a good thing and think it’s ok to fail. I see it differently, it’s ok to fail as long as you learn from your mistakes and move forward. But I don’t feel that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to fail.. I think that you should go about it that failure isn’t an option but if things don’t go to plan, it’s another step forward as you learned another way not to do it. FAILURE is a bad word just change your perception of the word and you move forwards.

  • esp

    I consider myself lucky, I experinced several setbacks before I ever spent a penny to start my business, if I were going to give up at the first sign of trouble I’d have done it already. I’ve continued to have the ocasional setback, but I know I am doing something right when the one solution that hasn’t occured to me is quitting on my business (though it seems to be the only thing that has occured to everything around me). It’s a good thing my inner voice has a habit of screaming.

  • Really thought provoking article Nathaneal. I just wanted to add couple things. I think even Patience is also needed for entrepreneur to be successful. The most important thing I learned is either you have a dire need or passion to be successful. If situations force you (necessity) then you would automatically put focus on to achieve your goals. Like Dee said above. Or one should have passion and not to look for either success or fail, just look for excellence in what you do, you would defenitely be successful. Just my 2 cents.

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