Become A Blogger Premium Open

Become A Blogger Premium

We’ve just flicked the switch to open the doors to Become A Blogger Premium video coaching program and I’d like to invite you to sign up as a member at this link –

Become A Blogger Premium

How Much Is The Course?

Gideon and I are focusing this program at beginners and we don’t want to restrict anyone because they can’t afford hundreds of dollars a month, especially given the current economic situation. I realize many people wanted to join my other coaching program, Blog Mastermind, but they simply can’t afford it.

If that sounds like you, then you should be pleased as we have a special price for Become A Blogger Premium –

It’s just $47 a month and the course goes for six months.

We are using Clickbank as the payment processor, which means you have a guaranteed 60 day refund period offered by Clickbank. You can try the program for a full two months and at any time during that period you decide it’s not for you, go to Clickbank and ask them for a refund.

Of course I know you will love the program and as with all the products I release, I’m not going to just abandoned this after I’ve made some sales. Gideon and I are committed to making Become A Blogger Premium a leading video course and will be refining and enhancing it for a long time to come as we get feedback from the first group of students who join this week.

Here’s the link to sign-up –

Join The Program Here

What Do You Get If You Join?

The core training materials in the course are videos presented by Gideon. You will receive two to three new videos a week for six months, delivered via email, that take you through the curriculum, broken down into the modules you will find listed on the sign-up page.

This is important: we don’t give you access to all of the videos immediately.

I find programs that dump you with 50 videos in a database to go through on your own very overwhelming – it’s too much work and you never get it done.

We’re not going to do this to you.

In our course we are giving you only a few videos to watch each week, with a few steps to follow in each video so you take a gradual step forward and build on previous videos. This is a sequential course that requires a few hours of devoted effort on your part each week to get a result.

If you do what we show you in the videos and work at a consistent pace that you feel comfortable with (it’s not a race!), you will get a result – I guarantee it. If you can handle that, you will really enjoy this program.

We haven’t actually finished creating all the videos yet, since we are going to actively ask the membership what new videos they want created on top of the core module content. If you are part of the first group who join now, you get a say as to how this program will develop.

Be Part Of The First Group – Sign-up Here

Additional Bonuses

On top of the core weekly video training, we provide the following additional resources as part of your membership. You have lifetime access these resources and the training videos, as long as you complete the full six month course.

  1. Access to the very popular private forums I offer only to paying members. You can get help and discuss any aspect of your blog with your fellow students and blogging mentors, including myself and Gideon, at any time.
  2. Access to regular question and answer live group “mastermind” teleconference calls, led by myself and Gideon. These are hugely popular and a great way to get direct access to me to ask any questions you have about your Internet business. You can use a normal telephone or Skype to call in and listen or ask questions.

    If you ever wanted to personally talk to me, joining this program is the cheapest way ever possible to get a direct line of contact.

  3. 3. My Master The Mindset ten part audio series, that until now has only been available to Blog Mastermind students, is included as a bonus for Become A Blogger Premium.

    This is a special ten part audio series, with text transcriptions, that covers the core “mindset” issues you need to grasp if you really want to succeed at professional blogging. Topics include the 80/20 rule, blog marketing, outsourcing, monetization, and more. It’s 100% me (Yaro) presenting to you.

Become A Blogger Premium Rego Page

Who Should Join?

If you are considering starting a blog, or you are a new blogger, then this is the course for you.

Our videos are targeted at beginners. Gideon is going to hold your hand and gently guide you through the steps to set up your blog, optimize it, market it, implement X-Factor techniques, and then monetize it.

If you have seen Gideon’s presenting style at the current free site videos, you will know how he teaches. He’s a soft spoken, south-African accented guy, who is free from hype and could probably teach your grandparents how to blog.

If you want to learn how to –

  • Set up a blog the right way using the best platform and plug-ins
  • Capture traffic from search engines
  • Learn how to write content that attracts readers and converts them into raving fans
  • Establish yourself as a leading expert in your field so you can sell books, or present on stage, or create an information publishing business
  • Make money from advertising programs and by selling affiliate products

…then you will benefit from our course.

In short, if you want to learn how to build a great blog and have it change your life, like my blog has changed mine, this is a great way to get started towards that goal. Plus you get to (virtually) hang out with me and Gideon, which honestly is worth the price of admission alone :-).

Who Should Not Join?

This is a program only for those who like to learn through video. This is a video course, so if you don’t like video, don’t join.

If you are already a veteran blogger, this course is going to be too easy for you. It’s for beginners who need a step-by-step formula to follow.

If you already know what plug-ins to install in your blog, you know how to write great content, you’ve studied traffic building techniques, and the “X-Factor” concepts we introduced to you in the Roadmap report were nothing new, then you are too advanced for our program. If your blog already works well then you don’t need our help!

This is a less is more course, which means you won’t learn everything about everything and we’re not going to overwhelm you with resources. You get some videos, some community support in forums and teleconferences and that’s it. We focus only on the 20% of elements that get you 80% of results (or really, the 1% for 99% return).

It’s up to you to actually do what the videos teach – we won’t set up your blog for you or do any technical work, and we don’t provide any blog themes or hosting services or anything like that. We are the guides, you still have to do the walking.

The Program Starts Immediately

Gideon Shalwick and Yaro StarakThat’s enough from me about the program. You can read the typically long sales page (though not too long!) of what’s in the course if you want more details and sign-up if you have decided to participate, at this link –

If you have any questions, please leave a comment reply to this post or email Gideon – – and he will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

The program is ready to go immediately as soon as you join. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick
The Become A Blogger Team

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • As much as I would like to , I am afraid that I simply cannot spare the time for this. Things are hectic at the moment, and I shall take a pass this time.

  • With Christmas just a heartbeat away I wonder whether now is the right time for anyone to be making a start on this.

    • You can “start” whenever you want to. After you join the resources are there ready for you when you are ready to study them. If you hold off until January that’s fine, just save the materials and study them then.

      The catch is of course you need to join before Thursday if you want the $27/m price, but as I said, you can join and then save the materials or just work on them in between holiday events – which is probably a great time to do it since you have more time off.

      • All the best to all participants who join this worthy project of Yaro – and Gideon.

  • Awesome! I can’t recall how I stumbled upon Yaro or Gideon but the experience has been worthwhile. Your blog is an essential guide post for newbies and pros alike. In your free videos, you gave so much for a newbie like me to actually drag myself and finally get stuff done. I will not only subscribe to your monthly program, I will recommend it proudly to my freinds. I will subscribe today and will even blog about it as my first post.
    This is too good to pass.
    I love you guys.
    Thank you Yaro, thank you Gideon.
    Will work with you guys for a very long time.
    Bless your heart men!

  • Congratulation Yaro on the fantastic launch of “Blogger Premium”.
    Right now I cannot afford it.But all the best to the new “Premium Blogger s”. Soon I hope to be one too.I was lagging behind in my blogging.But your articles and videos along with podcasts with your former students who have make it big with your coaching has given a boost to my enthusiasm.

  • Hi! I was recomended by my friend to download the roadmap to become a blogger.I found the content really excellent!My favourite section was the x-factor strategies-simply amazing!Tools I could use right away.Its well written,laid out and at the end a summary.The free videos were also clear step-by-step.I learned a lot and I would highly recommend it to anyone.You guys,Yaro and Gideon,I just cant thank you enough for the tips and awesome stuff you put out for newbies like me-its honest,genuine content not like some other hyped up “gurus” coaching out there.I would love to be a member for your coaching soon and thanks for making it more affordable at $27 per month.You guys are the best!

  • Thank you Yaro and Gideon for your free reports and videos!Really awesome genuine content and you guys deliver the good stuff.I love you guys! and thanks for making the program more affordable for newbies like me.

  • Barbara

    This sounds great. Definitely interested to join. I just would like you to let me know how this course relates to the Blog Mastermind course. Is it OK to join the Become a Blogger Premium course only without doing your previous course? How do the courses differ?
    Thank you

    • Hey Barbara,

      Become A Blogger Premium (BABP) is more for beginners compared to Blog Mastermind (BM). It’s focused primarily on video training and is led by Gideon as the instructor. It’s not as comprehensive as Blog Mastermind, hence the cheaper price, however it is definitely a complete course that doesn’t skip anything.

      BM is led by me, has text based lessons as the core training, covers more advanced topics, however it doesn’t cover social media and multimedia to the degree that BABP does.

      BABP is for people who want to learn how to everything themselves, even the technical aspects. BM suggest you outsource technical tasks.

      The two programs overlap but only in the very early training where we talk about getting a blog set up. After that they are quite different.

      If you are brand new to blogging and on a tight budget and thus want to do everything else yourself, I would join BABP.

      If you have the funds, then I would suggest you join BM, then take advantage of the 50% discount on BABP I offer to BM students and grab that course too. That way you get both programs and save some money off the video course.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  • I just wanted to add my two cents on here, so that you guys can know how good these guys are. I heard about Yaro back in June or July. When I started reading his blog and signed up for the blog tips newsletter, I thought to myself “Why in the world is this guy giving out all this info for free?”. It was great stuff (as you all probably already know).

    Then he launched Blog Mastermind and I thought to myself “Ok, if this guy is giving all of this good info for free, I HAVE TO see what he gives when you are in his coaching program”. I signed up on the first day and have NOT been disappointed one bit. After being in the program for one month, I decided on a blog topic and started blogging in September. MAN, I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. It gave me EXACTLY what I needed, EXACTLY when I needed it.

    My Blog started getting filled with pillar content and I started getting subscribers, which was a GREAT thing. People were actually reading my stuff on a regular basis.

    Then he started the subject of monetization. What happened next was beyond my expectations. I decided to try a little monetization on October 30th. Wow, within 1 month, I had made $2,280.00 (and I’m not exaggerating).

    Now Yaro teamed up with Gideon to launch Become a Blogger premium and I thought to myself – “that would be awesome to promote (since it was much cheaper than Blog Mastermind), but I guess I don’t need it because I am already in Blog Mastermind)”. MAN, was I ever wrong!

    I signed up mostly because I wanted to know what I would be promoting and WOW, I’m amazed. It’s not better than Blog Mastermind, it’s just different. It really teaches you how to take your blogging to a next level. There are so many blogs out there that in order to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd. Here’s my two sentence summary:

    1. Blog mastermind helps you to establish an authority blog in your industry and be able to use it as a stable source of income.

    2. Become a blogger helps you to set up a blog and make it STAND OUT from the crowd.

    I know this is a long comment, but it really is MUCH shorter than everything I have to say about these programs. If you didn’t do BMM because of the price, you BETTER get on Become A Blogger Premium BEFORE the price goes up, and even if you get in after, it’s worth more than twice the higher amount!

    • Leslie – thanks so much for that. Those last two lines sum up the differences so well, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

      I’ll have to borrow that explanation myself!

      And thanks for your wonderful feedback too. I think it’s time to get you on an interview call so we can talk about your success so far.

      Send me an email and let’s schedule something for January hey?

      • You are very much welcome Yaro. You can use that explanation anytime.

        Actually, if I were to tell the entire story, today is December 8th and since October 30th, I’ve actually made $5,067.50. Here’s the breakdown (as I said in the forums)

        – $2,750.00 in commissions from 1 affiliate program.
        – $2,317.50 from the Freebie Trading aspect of my blog (what my blog is actually about).

        The Freebie Trading part is one I did before blogging, but since October, I have transfered my efforts mostly to my blog and use that to get referrals for freebie trading and it just works out very well.

        HOWEVER, even in the Freebie Trading aspect, I use concepts that you explore in the BMM. I say that to say that the principles thought in BMM DON’T only apply to blogging, but to any aspect of Internet marketing (in my opinion).

        About our interview, I will send you an email ASAP. I would love to get that going and January would be great. We’ll talk more later.

    • Leslie, thank you for endorsing this program the way you did, with believable proof that you made some real money within two months of signing up with Yaro. You inspired me so much.
      Since my past blog failed to generate money I gave up until now, when I started researching again on successful bloggers. Yaro’s name keeps poping out here and there as I made my research. I was not going to brush him aside anymore. I signed up with him on this very program and intends to follow it up with the mastermind as well. Your admirable success and your full endorsement of his products sealed the deal.
      Thank you Leslie, thank you Yaro. Not to exclude Gideon, you rock!

  • Barbara

    Thanks Leslie and Yaro for the clarification. I will by enrolling for the BBP course tonight and I am really looking forward to learning some great stuff.
    Thanks again

  • This sounds like a great programme. I’ll sign up!

  • This is going to be a really good course Yaro. I think you and Gideon are going to help so many people same time and money and actually see success sooner than later or not at all.

  • That’s a pretty good golden rule — if you take action, you’ll produce a result .. so I think your guarantee is a safe bet ­čśë

  • Tammy

    Wow, thanks Leslie for such a great explanation of the difference between these two programs!

    I’m joining for sure, but have one question that I’m hoping you’ll see (or Yaro) and clarify for me, please… is it possible to start making that amount of $$ in a few months with the BABP program or is BM needed to take a blog to that next level?

    Again, thanks!

    • Hey Tammy,

      There are no guarantees with either program. My answer is that the possibility is there if you work the programs and produce a lot of output, but blogging is not about making money fast if you are looking to establish long term authority.

      If you want fast money with blog, you need to go the multiple niche blog system, which is not something I teach. I focus on building a industry leading site so you have the potential to build a real business around your blog.

      Desiring quick riches usually guarantees you will not get rich.

  • Tammy

    I just joined BABP… so ready to learn!
    So excited!

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