X-Factor Video: How To Research Facebook To Find Profitable Topics

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Text Transcript of Video

Last night the 500th member joined Become A Blogger Premium, which is an awesome result. We now have a great community who are ready to dive in and build fantastic blogs.

However, if you still haven’t decided whether our new video course is right for you, Gideon has put together some sample videos so you can see what the program is like. This is the caliber of video that is going to be released to members over the coming months.

We thought we’d start by sharing an X-Factor strategy video, since it’s clear people love the X-Factor concept to help make your blog stand out from the crowd.

The video above helps with Milestone One (Topic Selection) from the The Roadmap to Become A Blogger report we gave away last week. Make sure you download and read or listen to the report (there’s an MP3 audio version too) if you have not done so already.

Helping You Find Blog Topics

This video is for those of you who have yet to choose a topic for your blog, or perhaps your three test blogs if you are following that blogging strategy. In the video you see one way to gather live feedback from real people about potential topics and also gauge how popular topics could be.

Press the play button on the video that is at the start of this post to watch.

More Videos

Gideon and I have some more free sample videos to come out during this week leading up to Thursday, when we raise the price of membership from $27 to $47 a month.

Ready To Work With Gideon and Me?

If you want more great how-to videos like this, with clear and easy explanations that will guide you towards building a successful blog, please consider joining our new video training program –

Become A Blogger Premium Sign-Up

Stay tuned and keep up the blogging!

Yaro and Gideon

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • This is very cool Yaro! I, for one, need to brush up on some of my social networking skills as I tend to overlook some of the more popular sites out there.

    Great video for anyone starting to use Facebook and social media.

    • There is no rocket science , but all we have to do is to see things from different prospective, let my almost dead facebook account start working foe me now.

  • I already have a topic for my blog since I’ve been blogging for quite sometime now. Very informative though.

  • Good video for people who want to start using social media channels to drive traffic to their websites.

  • Hey Gideon,
    How applicable do you think this is to Internet marketers using namesqueeze pages? Do you think there are any distinctions they should use?

    • Hi Mwangi

      I’m not sure I fully understand your question…

      How would you use a namesqueeze page with the group function in Facebook?

      If you explain some more I might be able to help 🙂

      Gideon Shalwick

  • I’ve never bothered with Facebook before but after watching this video I realize I’ve been missing out on a great opportunity.

  • […] areas. You can watch the whole video, without paying a cent or even giving away your details, over here. Just go ahead and watch the video… It really wont cost you a thing, and it even […]

  • Social media marketing is really great for getting targeted traffic and audience. Instead of pulling them to our websites, we actually bring ourselves to the audiences. Well done, Yaro!

  • Hi Gideon, your videos have been very helpful in preparing me for blogging, I had no idea about how the social media came about or how valuable it can be to a blogger or to a webmaster.
    Very few websites or online promoters do I ever comment to, but you and Yaro have put together a great educational web site/blog – thank you very much and I look forward information from you and Yaro.

  • Hi,
    I do have an account with Facebook but don’t use it much. I’ll have to make more time for these type of sites

  • Wow, great hack. This video is on point too, makes it easy to understand. Thank you for this post, it’s time to explore this myself! 😉

  • Interesting, will check out.

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  • Thanks G,

    I never thought of searching for groups in Facebook. What an oversite on my part.

    I’m going to search later today for a screencasters group. I do hope you’ve already signed up or created one. My first question for the group will be, “how do I create my own Australian accent to make MY screencasts better. (you have an unfair advantage sir 🙂 )”


  • Very great video guys. I can see this video being very helpful for a lot of people. Keep up the good work. The premium version certainly looks like it will be an awesome membership for people.


  • Thanks for sharing this great piece of information, i never use facebook that way, or should i say i never thought facebook help me pour few visitors to my site. great tutorial indeed.

  • thanks for coming into my life at the perfect time!

  • Great video as usual. I learn something new every day. I had joined groups on Facebook from invites sent to me but never knew how to look them up and start my own. Thanks!

  • Really great post. Thanks. I hadn’t thought about this before. I can use this same idea and apply it to Google or Yahoo or MSN groups too. Thanks you got my creative juices flowing.

  • As always great video.

  • Very interesting video.

    I have been a member of Facebook for a long time, but I have never ever used it for marketing purposes. I guess it’s time to start, and I understand now that Facebook groups might be the place where I should begin my research.


  • Billy Bob

    Monday morning… what a surprise! Another email from Yaro selling another “money making” plan.

    I guess all of the other money making plans you push don’t work? How many can there be? Maybe you should sell a membership with access to all of these plans and charge a one time or yearly fee
    to access them.

    If you don’t do it, someone will… hmmm maybe me? 🙂 Yes, I think I will do that.

    I dunno… I just think your credibility goes down when you only send out blog posts with affiliate links, etc.

    My 2 cents for the day.

    Billy Bob

    • Oh Billy Bob, I wish you would put a website address along with your comment so I know you were a real person.

      If you don’t get value from the content I provide for free, even if there is an optional product to purchase too, then please unsubscribe. No one is forcing you to be here and I only want lovely people like all the individuals who left comments above you who actually appreciate the work we put it to help others.

      • Yes, yes, yes Yaro, couldn’t agree more. I have such gratitude and appreciation for the fine work you and Gideon do, and value every single gem you send me. I’ve gained so much from your generosity in sharing so much. I’m working towards joining one of your programs, real soon. Wishing you joy in all things. PS Hope this post doesn’t sound ingratiating or like I’m sucking up cos I’m not 🙂

  • Great video.. Will come in handy for me in future..

  • Thank you for that informative video! I have been blogging for only a short time now and I never thought to use Facebook as a marketing tool. But I will start now! Again thanks for the valuable info.

  • There is always genius in simplicity. Thanks for another great video.Love them!

  • Dude, great info!

    Love all your videos as well.

    Do you have a facebook page? Love to follow you over there.



  • Thanks for this information, will pass it onto other members of our team


  • Great post and video.
    I joined FB during the summer, as a bunch of my relatives that I don’t see often enough are on FB.
    This post gives great insight on how to use FB to our advantage, and the benefit of other like minded souls.
    Good Work!!!

  • I subscribe to many IM type blogs because internet marketers amuse me. But Yaro’s EJ blog is one I actually enjoy and get alot of value from. I don’t buy his products but I enjoy his content. He’s pushing this hard at the moment and kudos to him for an original idea.

    But a friendly tip. But don’t forget your non-paying readers, Yaro! It’s been almost 2 weeks and no normal content. If all you do is push your latest product the thousands that don’t buy will start to get bored. So lets see some updates that aren’t about Become A blogger.

    • Laurence, I appreciate your tip but I the way I look at it I AM looking after my non-paying members too.

      Did you have to pay for the Roadmap released last week? No, and that had more valuable FREE content than most blogs release in an entire month.

      Did you have to pay for this video? No, and most blogs never give away tips via video of this standard – that’s one of the reasons my blog has so many readers.

      I understand some people are turned off when they see a blogger ask for money to pay for a product after offering something valuable for free, but then I wonder why you read blogs that teach Internet marketing? The marketing process itself is amazing education.

      If for the past two weeks all I published were posts asking you to buy something with no content, then I’d agree with your comment, but as far as I see it, my blog has been publishing “normal” content as you put and there’s no reason my non-paying readers should get bored.

      If you are though, please stop subscribing to my blog.

      • Yaro, What I want you to understand is the information you provide for free on how to become a successful blogger is PRICELESS! I’ve subscribed to a lot of other sites and
        was still clueless as to how to get started blogging. You and Gideon are awesome at
        what you do and how you present it. Because you have built trust and creditability
        amongst your readers (myself included) you do not need to waste your time defending yourself. Especially if you have shown us how to incorporate affiliate marketing into our
        blogs. Anyway, thank you and Gideon for being instrumental in getting me started

  • dear yaro,
    i havent watched the video but i bet its very helpful as others (except billy bob) have been saying.. 😉 my first comment in your blog, and hoping it wont be my last coz at this time of the year, plenty of things to be sorted out and i’m thinking i may eventually forgot about learning more from you & gideon.. 🙁

    i already have a topic of what to blog, and i’m very sure its not one of the popular choice-topics, but i’m stuck with it unfortunately.. i need more traffic yes, but i dont think i need millions of visitors coz i may find it hard to service plenty of people!! focus on my niche market u say?

    thanks mate, its more nicer interacting with you aussies..

  • The difference is, Yaro, that all the videos are really promotionals for the Become a Blogger campaign. But we still love ya. 😉

  • Simon

    Thanks for posting the video, it is well made. The main point I got from this – do not join a facebook group based on the size of the group alone, check if the discussion board in the group is active before joining. Good tip. If one finds a large group that is active in this manner, can you then categorically call this a profitable topic though? The title of this post doesnt quite reflect the content of the video if not… Anyway, course seems like a solid and easy to follow start for beginners, and I think many people will also be inspired by the potential of the membership site model here. $27 x 500 p/month isn’t bad money is it people! Learn from what Yaro is doing here and think about what you know and who you know. Get your combined knowledge into multiple media formats and copy the process. There is a niche for virtually everything and more importantly different skill levels within these niches. What is basic to you and me is new and advanced to someone else, you just need to present and market it well. Basic stuff huh! Righto, keep up the good work.

    • Information is expensive at all times. -)

  • That´s an excellent video.Facebook has great traffic potential, good to know how to get the most of it.

  • Hey Yaro,what a coincidence.I am already doing that.Still thanks for the video which took a long time to buffer.I downloaded the pdf.Your article showed me I am on the right track.Thanks again.You are a gem to give away such useful information for free.Lucky are those who have become Blogger Premium.They must be having access to a lot more useful blogging tips.

  • Hey Guys

    Congrats on the amazing response… a testament, that people obviously need help with launching and creating a blog. Now, if those blogs actually remain and become something special is another story. Excellent work and continued success. 🙂 Cheers,


  • Sorry for being a critique, but the video assumes that the viewers know nothing about computers. For example it is enough to say… “Use the search feature in facebook” instead of.. “type your search term and press enter key in the keyboard” … 🙂

  • I’ve actually found a niche market and decided to attack it full force.

    The site is called http://www.BeatingAddiction.com and, as the address suggests, its about overcoming addiction. There are a few ways to recovery however the main method is — as seen in the current slogan — overcoming addiction through social networking.

    It is not meant to be a replacement or competitor to myspace, facebook, etc, but it is meant to be used as an outlet of seeking recovery for an addiction to anything by speaking with others to determine what is/was helpful and what isn’t/wasn’t.

    As I previously mentioned, it can be an addiction to anything so users have the ability to specify as few or as many as they like and network with others. If the addictions of their choice don’t exist, they may add it.

    Users can join support groups, and pretty much everything else that comes with social networking.

    Coincidentally, there is a facebook support group that users have joinied!

    I’ve been a reader, Yaro, for over 4 years — keep it coming!

    Best regards,


  • Yaro,
    This was a great video. Since my free membership site is connected to Facebook I’ll be sure to let my members know about grouping and the effects on their bottom line. It’s this kind of content that makes me want to get more involved with you and help you market through Bkiosk also.

  • I am so sick of all these whingers complaining about people making money.

    Yes like everyone else I am getting a little tired of product launch after product launch from people who really seem to have questionable businesses. Is making money from teaching people how to make money on the internet really a business when all you make your money from is teaching them how to make money? Maybe not.

    But who cares. Get off your high horse. Typical tall poppy rubbish. Jealousy will eat you up people, as will your expectation that people owe you something for nothing.

    If you don’t like it get lost. No one is making you stay subscribed to any of these lists, in fact they are better off without you.

    And well done Yaro for being so diplomatic. I think I would have found them on my list and unsubscribed them myself. Toxic people bring you down.

    Yaro, thank you for the content you provide and all the best to you for making money online. Anyone who walks the walk and provides as much free content as you do is ok. Keep it up please.


    • Rick


      Well said…

      Gideon Shalwick

      • Sorry for missing you out Gideon, no harm meant!

        Would love to shout you lunch when all this calms down a bit. I’m in Brissie too. Might drop you a line.



    • May be there is lesson here.When you have an established site with considerably long list and you move on to the next step of selling a product( your own or as an affiliate) that is a good marketing strategy
      to monetize your blog.That is the fundamental thing we are all here to learn.What we must also be prepared is to face a handful not-so-happy
      readers in the list .

  • I think this is a very good course for beginners.

  • Hi,
    I do have an account with Facebook but don’t use it much. I’ll have to make more time for these type of sites

  • I feel the need to respond to Billy Bob (and to a lesser degree) Laurence Flynn’s comments. Laurence I note your 2nd response. I have read EJ since mid 2006, I have done Blog Mastermind with Yaro, and have really been impressed with all Gideon’s content.

    From my point of view I would not promote Become a Blogger, if:

    a) Yaro had not calling a spade a spade when most A-list bloggers were pushing the “choose a niche, write twice a day, add adsense, laugh all the way to the bank” line,

    b) Yaro had not consistently over delivered on anything he has ever promised me

    c) Yaro had not consistently pumped out really valuable content.

    d) I wasn’t convinced Gideon is not out delivering in the same vein.

    If you have not found exceptional value in the free Become a Blogger videos or the free material that has been a part of this Become a Blogger Premium launch, then perhaps you have already been receiving Yaro’s free content for so long, you don’t need anymore.

    I can’t think of anywhere in the blogging/pro blogging space that you will get content like these guys are providing for free.

    If you know this stuff already. Then perhaps you could think about how you can use your knowledge to make the world a better place and not waste your wit on attacking two fellas having a red hot go!

  • […] basic covering the very first steps you would need to take to get your blog started. Yesterday a new free video was released which shows you how to use Facebook groups to research profitable topics for your […]

  • I just read roadmap to become a blogger and really enjoyed it. I am new to this type of thing but did learn much from it.
    Thank you very much.

  • I’m currently updating facebook on a regular basis in the notes section and creating a link back to my blog each time I do so. I try and do this at least two times per week.
    All I’m doing is writing about 150 word content piece on a particular topic and posting this in the notes section with a link back to my blog.

    Am finding a get a little bit of traffic from doing this.


  • Very crisp, clean and easy to follow. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Nicely done.

    I like the point on verifying whether the group is active before wasting your time.

  • I think there is merit to being yourself. Readers can feel authenticity, and given that we are all unique, it makes the writing more interesting.

  • So you use facebook groups to get discussion topics for your blog?

  • I definitely need to work on my social networking approach in business and blogging!! It’s always been something I’ve never quite managed to wrap my head around

  • I can’t think of anywhere in the blogging/pro blogging space that you will get content like these guys are providing for free.

  • […] can also use this to build a list so that’s why I put list building in the title. Here’s the link X-Factor Video: How To Research Facebook To Find Profitable Topics – Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Ya… Cheers, Brad PS- This is pretty cool and it’s a nifty way to use "free" stuff to get […]

  • THanks for the x-factor, I am waiting for my PDF download .. It’s seem another x-factor that I must learn..thanks also for sharing..

  • As a person who has been on Facebook for a very long time now and built a profile with more than 500 friends, I must admit that your pure content video has taught me a lot especially when it comes to creating a group.

    Making pages and groups in Facebook is a unique opportunity for all bloggers and webmaster who not only want targeted traffic to their websites, but also are working for branding.

    Facebook is so powerful and it’s getting bigger and bigger. I guess we need to get educated to use these resources as much as possible in a very proper way. And that’s when some powerful training programs come to the play. BecomeaBlogger.com is one of them.

    Thank you Yaro for providing this informative video and informing us about this amazing training program. BecomeaBlogger.com is really a winner supported by two successful marketers, Yaro and Gideon.

    To Your Success!


  • Hi Yaro,
    I have seen a seminar where a guy was talking about how facebook and myspace have in the TOS that they can use your photo,email,content and pretty much anything else they like, with your account and info etc..
    It also sais, that you don’t own any of the info your create, or put onto myspace.
    What’s your thoughts?
    Pretty crappy of them to do this as they can use any info about you however they see fit.

  • Is anyone going to reply to me? hellooo anyone here…lol

  • Great article, I’m on facebook and have used it to create my own group. I have also joined other groups. thanks

  • Jon

    I hate to be negative, but the information in the video/PDF is very elementary. Facebook is the #1 site on the web, so unless you’ve never used it before (climb out from under that rock people), this is basic stuff. Ooh… joining a group in Facebook! LOL

    Sorry, but I have to call a spade a spade. I’m a satisfied customer of the Blog Mastermind program, so I think a lot of Yaro’s stuff is great. However to me this wasn’t.

    (PS. Yaro, the new blog design doesn’t fit on netbooks whose default resolution is usually 1024×600. Even with Firefox in full screen mode on my Toshiba NB205, your blog scrolls from left to right. So not a friendly design for the growing number of netbook users out there.)

  • I have been a subscriber of your newsletters for some time now. And you’ve always managed to give free tips that is useful to make money online. For that I’m most thankful.

    As for the video. I think it’s just awesome. Easy, clear and useful for anyone wishing to make friends and make money at the same time.

  • I have downloaded the video, and it’s a very easy-to-understand tutorial. I just followed the 3 steps you mentioned and I hope it works!

  • I have had little success with using facebook but I’ll give it another try now.

  • Gideon,

    This video is awesome. No scrap that…it’s FIRST CLASS!

    I’m curious, what technology or software did you use to produce the video and where is it hosted? Does it sit on your servers or someone elses?


  • Thanks for this amazing tutorial Yaro.. You both are doing amazing. I was a little off track but am back and looking forward to all your stuff. Thanks

  • Thanks yaro, amazing video, had a bit of success using facebook

  • Short and straight to the point. I like it. Since the video was posted, Facebook has grown to gargantuan proportions, and the timing is still perfect for everyone who wants to start using Facebook for business. Thnx for sharing.

  • I really need to start using FaceAche! I’m quite active on Twitter and seeing some results but the thought of using Facebook just seems like so much extra work in my already tight schedule…

    Maybe now the Pages part has been updated I might get more out of it. Only one way to find out!

  • This is great, i’ve recently succeeded in using Facebook to build up a successful buzz around our brand and its really drawn people into our blog and website.

  • Great help. Video also plays easily as we don’t have good bandwith here.

  • Hi Yaro and Gideon,

    Thanks for the tips, not sure I can use them, but I know some people that can.

    You guys are the best and I frequently tell people so. Not only do you teach great information and help people feel confident to do it, you do it so very well. Masters at taking something that you may find so incredibly simple and making it work for people who have no knowledge of what they are doing.

    Thanks for all you do

  • I’m new to social media connections, but one of your oldest admirers! And probably the “Oldest Car Blogger Period!” Good job, Glen

  • Dear Yaro and Gideon,
    You guys are amazing. So amazing actually. I just wanna say that I subscribed to a lot of other websites for free information as I still cannot afford to pay for lessons which I will be in about a month (I hope and you guys will be the first to buy your products). Non of those websites provide such amazing and handy information for free like you. I actually learned what is a blog, how to set up one and how to start making money out of it from you for free. you are great and I am still learning. Guys please, I am a health care giver and I am the first person to know that giving people free stuff all the time is a great thing to do but not forever. those people went through a lot to learn just like a doctor to provide you with their knowledge and experience and despite all of that they keep giving priceless information for free but they need to make money as well to pay for what they have been through. we should all take a moment and thank them. Yaro and Gideon you guys rock :)) and thank you very much, this video was great and I never thought about facebook groups before even though you mentioned it before but I know what I was missing. thanks a lot

  • A pretty basic video – but good reminders for us – facebook is the future so it’s good to layout some space through pages there now and then figure out how to use it in the future

  • Thanks for this blog post
    Please note : you say in the video to search for groups and then look at the discussions in the group
    the discussion has been discontinued by face books a few months ago
    now the only this you can use is the wall


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