X-Factor Video: Get Audio On Your Blog And Even Host Your Own Radio Show

Last week Gideon released another free X-Factor video. This time the subject is audio and how an amazing service, that’s free, can be used to produce audio for your blog and if you are serious, you can use it to do interviews and host your own radio show with callers and all kinds of cool features.

I’ll let Gideon show you exactly how it works in his video. As with all Become A Blogger videos, this is for beginners.

You can watch the video and leave a comment here –

X-Factor Video – An Easy Way To Get Audio Onto Your Blog


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  • Woah. Cool way to get audio on the blog. I am seriously considering audio on my blog and this just helps me even more!


  • Awesome video! Thanks!

    I Think I’ll start on podcasting!

  • Your one of the only bloggers I see using audio.

  • I haven’t paid much attention to Internet radio, but I think it’s an interesting niche.

    If you have a face for radio and a compelling personality, it seems like a great path.

    I know a lot of people play videos, but just listen to the audio, which is why then tend to prefer the podcasts. It lets them multitask, Providing a great Internet radio channel to play in the background could be powerful. There’s a lot of companies that play music all day — maybe they’ll start picking blogger radio shows.

    • I found today a lot of resources online radio. They work fine.

  • Ya its great it adds a lot strenght to blog and will act as powerful resource Thanx for this free great free service and video.

  • Thanks for the notification. I will have to check it out. ’09 is the year for me to stop just testing and playing around with adding multi-media to my sites, but to do it. So thanks for the post.

  • This is really excellent. I will use it. -)

  • I need to give this a trial. I have not been a great fan of audio and video because of low bandwidth. I guess there is no escaping multimedia 😉

  • Its a great idea, but some how I’m just too insecure to go audio right now. Am far more comfortable writing my thoughts down.

  • I think having video increasing page rank too right? At least from YouTube. If you have some kind of great audio, you can probably have it play in the background of your blog as well…just to give a quick 6 second heads up to visitors. Appeal to all the senses…that’s the idea.

  • Ooooh cool! I definitely need to look into this as I’ve been waiting for the new year to start adding more interactivity to my offerings. I also think having different forms of media decreases bounce rate and helps suck people into the conversation. 😮

  • This is a cool product. I’ve been doing article marketing for several years and would love trying to post audio podcasts to augment my blog. As soon as an inexpensive video & editing product hits the shelves, the major TV networks are in trouble. (oh… that’s likely happened too)

    Thanks for writing about it.

  • Well, I’m a believer in Podcasts! However, that should be obvious. We’ve produced more original programming than one can imagine. I must say, if you’re not doing anything fancy, this is simple.
    A few tips, if you can skype out to the number they give you, I’m thinking they are VOIP, and if you remain digital, your voice will sound as if you were sitting in a studio on a warm mic.
    Also, try to not use cell phones…bad idea. Trust me.

    Don’t forget, be passionate about what you’re podcasting about. If you are engaging about what you are talking about, then someone is going to listen, and they are going to tell someone about it if they like it.

    Podcasting rocks! But I’m biased…

  • I have never thought on producing radio for my blog. Now I see the idea is quite interesting and achievable. Beside of it is very innovative way to attract new readers.

  • It sounds like a fun hobby. I’d like to use blog radio just for fun not money. Could anyone imagine this type of technology 20 years ago or even 10 years ago? We’re not flying in spaceships now but in many ways the world has advanced.

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