How To Make Money Online Without Having Your Own Website

Most internet marketing websites and blogs you come across these days preach the idea of being able to generate income online through websites and blogs. While owning your own web property is certainly a favorable situation, it doesn’t have to be for you to profit from the resources already available on the internet.

Unfortunately, not many internet marketing bloggers or authors of website focus on “alternative” means to profit online because in my opinion, there is more money to be made recommending products and services that assist one in establishing a web property such as a blog, and then promoting it to get the traffic, which is needed to monetize or profit from.

Without getting too deeply involved with the reasons why most internet marketers do not tend to focus on other means to profit from the internet and how I personally feel about it, I want to discuss one specific way you can leverage what you already know and make money online from it.

Everyone knows something, whether it is something from your profession, your education, passion or a field of personal interest. When you know something so well, or have deep knowledge of a particular topic, chances are high that there is a community out there that values what you know and is willing to pay for the information you can share.

So the question is – how can you reach your community and deliver the information they need (which you know) in a quick and cost effective manner without having to build your own website or blog?

Write An eBook

The answer is rather simple. Document what you know on paper and turn it into an eBook – a digital product that provides you with an endless supply of inventory, and is easy to deliver and update as new information on your topic emerges.

Before you stop reading this article, let me clarify that when I say to create an eBook, all I mean is to open a word processor like Microsoft Word and start typing what you know. Arrange it in sequence or chapters, much like a book reads. When done, simply convert it to a portable document format (PDF), get a neat cover created for $5 and start distributing it for sale.

I know it sounds simplistic, but it really is. The part that takes the most time is writing the eBook because writing simply takes time. No part of the process is difficult at all. If you can type, you can create an eBook. As a non techie and an author of over 20 successfully selling eBooks online, believe me when I say that.

Newer versions of Microsoft Office come with built-in capabilities to turn a word document to a PDF. This option can usually be found in the “File” – “Save As” menu. If your word processor doesn’t have this, you can download a free PDF converter from or use a tool like PDF995. Downloading is free, safe and instant, and you can convert your word document to a PDF document just as quickly after.

Once you have a PDF copy of the eBook, you are ready to distribute it for sale. But before that, get a nifty eBook cover developed quickly through any freelance websites. For a task like this I recommend checking out Fiverr. For $5, you can get a nice 2D or 3D eBook cover designed that is appealing and professional looking.

Distribute Your eBook

Now that you have your eBook and eBook cover files in hand, you are ready to distribute your eBook. There are many avenues online where you can do this. The three biggest and best that I will focus on are Google, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Each of these vendors offers a self publishing platform where you sign up for a free author account. Once approved, you upload your eBook and cover, wait for them to review and approve it, and start selling your eBook once live.

Selling doesn’t mean you have to do anything, although you can actively promote your eBooks through various online and offline means. Once your eBook is live, it can be found by anyone searching these platforms for eBooks on your selected topic.

I like these platforms the most because of two main things. First, they have a global reach. For example, if approved in the US, Amazon also gives you the opportunity to sell your eBook in the UK, Australia and several other countries. Same goes with Google and Barnes.

The second thing I like is that these platforms often have affiliate programs, which allow anyone to promote your eBooks and earn a commission for each sale generated. For you, this means more sales automatically without much incremental effort on your part.

Concluding Thoughts

There you have it, a much quicker way to start profiting from the Internet. Once you have done this once successfully, the process is much easier to rinse and repeat. Like I said earlier, I have over 20 eBooks successfully selling online today. I also rinsed and repeated the process discussed in this article.

Although owning your own web property is nice, it is not necessary. Not everyone has the capability or interest to build a website or blog. I have consulted several lawyers, psychologists and other professionals who make high six figure salaries but simply don’t have that appetite for website and blogs. I was still able to help them become successful published authors through this process. You can too!

Writing and selling eBooks online have been very lucrative for me. Even if you take away all the profitable niche websites that I own, and even my blog, the income generated by my eBooks is still significant enough, an amount that surpasses what many would call a full time living.

We all have at least one good eBook in us. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Get that eBook done today and start profiting online without owning your own website or blog.


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Sunil is the author of the Extra Money Blog, a platform that discusses expedited wealth building through multiple streams of active and passive income where you can download his FREE report on How to Establish a $1,000 a Month Passive Income Stream in Your Spare Time in Less Than 180 Days. He was a CPA in his previous life and has also authored the CPA Requirements portal which guides CPA candidates in passing the CPA exam and expediting their career success.

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  • Great article. I’ve considered writing an e-book myself and might just get around to doing it this year. I have often thought of writing one and giving it away for free or $.99 on sites like Amazon and then including links to my website towards the end of the book in the hopes of increasing my subscriber base. It is definitely something to look into.

    • Laura,

      Good idea. I have done something similar selling an ebook for 2.99. However, I make a substantial amount on the back-end through affiliate links embedded.

      • That really smart of you Sunil.

        Would love to read your book. Please add me to the link.

        • ZK, you can get a free copy of my book on my blog. Simply subscribe to the email updates and a link will be sent your way immediately

        • If you want to make real “Smart Passive Income”, then you need to get your hands on Affiliate Marketing..

          If you are good in explaining things, you need to review some products.. Reviewing a product is difficult for those who haven’t used the product..

          For this you can ask the author for a review copy..

          After writing a detailed review, all you need to build quality links to that url, create web 2.0 directories links, do aggressive blog commenting, go for PPC ads and BANG!! You will soon get desired visits for that particular keyword 🙂

          Good Luck!

  • Hi Sunil
    One of my goals for this year is create my own products so this post is good for my plans. I do have a blog but you have given me something to think about as I did not know that Amazon offer a self publishing platform so I will check it out.
    Thanks for sharing this information.
    Have a great day

    • Yes Pauline,

      Amazon has the oldest big name platform, the Kindle self publishing program. The disadvantage is a huge cut (60%) – but that is still 40% of something you would not have otherwise gotten right?

      I have several books on Kindle

  • Very interesting article. Earning an income online is possible in many different ways… Selling ebooks on the Kindle or other platform is one of them.

  • That’s great idea. But I think the difficult task is researching and writing and I’d like to oursource these tasks to some expert authors. Sunil, Would you mind revealing one of your ebooks?

    • If you turn it into an assembly line type operation, then yes you need a team. However, the ebooks should be of good quality otherwise you will have a high refund rate and the publisher platforms do not like that.

      I have talked about at least 7 different ebooks on my blog. Each is marketed through a niche site of its own. You can certainly check each of them out.

  • “Selling doesn’t mean you have to do anything, although you can actively promote your eBooks through various online and offline means”

    Well, I would say if you don’t promote your ebook you won’t sell it at all. There are tons of books in Amazon, Kindle, etc. If you don’t promote your product nobody will find it.

    • Cristina,

      This depends on your comfort level. I have several books that I have not marketed and they sell. Each platform has a search engine of its own. When users search for relevant terms your book shows up.

      That said, I agree that if your goal is to aggressively sell, then one must market.

      What do you think?

  • Hi Yaro and Sunil, great article. I’ve written ebooks before and enjoy the process of creating products, but have used mine as giveaways for opt-in incentives. I hadn’t considered selling my ebooks until my list has grown substantially, but your idea of selling through amazon, barnes and noble and google is a good one. I’m probably not the only person to have overlooked this seemingly obvious sales channel?
    The other idea I’ve come across recently for ebooks is to syndicate them through free ebooks. You’re not making money from book sales this way but raising awareness of your brand and offering the potential for affiliate sales.
    Thanks for an interesting article.

  • I would probably try this method in the future, but the key here is to make your eBook visible and it is not always that easy. There are thousands of eBooks out there and they cover everything possible, so I would do it when my site/blog gets a good visibility. Without a strong way to promote it, an eBook is just a piece of paper.

    • Edoardo,

      A following to generate buzz is helpful. In my experience, simply having an ebook out there with an optimized title will result in some sales over time. I do agree that actively marketing it will lead to more sales.

      • Yep, I have read the story of the Man who wrote Six Pack Abs ( If I am not wrong), it is quite impressive. In the first year, he didn’t make anything, but then in the second year it exploded and at the end he made about 500k with a single ebook.
        However I am still trying to find the general topic of my Blog. With a tech news blog you can’t sell much..

  • eBooks are a great way to bring in money, specially with more and more marketplaces to sell them in, like the new Google Play marketplace.

    If you don’t want to actively sell the ebook you can offer a commission to affiliates and they will do some work on your behalf. You can also hire a marketing company if you really believe in your ebook.

    • Good call Jamie. An affiliate program can really kick start sales. Do you know of marketing companies that will market your book on contingency (not fixed fee) ?

      Just got the Google Play email as well

      • Honestly I don’t know any marketing companies that work like that, but if you have a really good product you can probably strike a deal with a smaller marketing company.

  • One of the easiest way to make money without a site is to create an AdWords ad with an affiliate link. It posts money though but Google often gives free coupons for certain amounts of money.

  • First, I must say your article has just given me a “push” to finish a book project I’ve been working on. You made the whole thing look so simple that anyone can do it!

    Having said that, I want to add that marketing your ebook online will have some advantage if you also have a website. Yes, most of these ebook selling sites will host and sell you ebook, but having a place where your prospects can know more about you will add to your selling points. It may not be necessary but I think it’s important! 🙂

    • Excellent point Chadrack. Your website will definitely add credibility. And yes, anyone can do it. We all have unique experiences / expertise don’t we?

  • Great article Sunil. You’re right that one doesn’t really need a website or blog to make money on the internet. Yet when it comes to creating eBooks a lot of people don’t know where to start or how to go about it. Besides there are several who honestly believe they don’t know how to write.

    Outsourcing is a good idea but getting someone who can create high quality content is not easy.

    That being said, I have been working on my first eBook – I have done some ghost-writing projects for clients and written free reports to giveaway to my subscribers but this time around, I want to write for me; to help people and make money.

  • I know its slightly off topic but eBooks are also great as linkbaits if you have a website or blog that is. I could not believe my eyes when I recently found out from Google Webmaster tools that a simple 2 page eBook I had created a couple of years ago has ended up attracting a total of 1,647 back-links to my website, all from people linking to my eBook.

    • Yes indeed, however I’d caution around using this approach too much and too aggressively, unless of course the content on the site and the 2 pages is superb time after time.

  • Joe

    Hi There,

    eBooks are a great investment I think, submitting it to Clickbank is a great way to get it kickstarted also.

    As for Google Adwords, I would be careful with this method as I have seen them clamp down on direct linking, and have seen people have their whole account banned because one of their affiliate links didn’t 100% follow Google’s policies, I’m not sure how it didn’t/

    Joe 🙂

    • Joe, all my ebooks are primarily hosted with Clickbank as I sell them on my niche websites. I agree that this step alone makes it available for affiliates to promote on your behalf

  • If you own ebook products, you still need a website as branding tool. And you put your own website url into the ebook products. So the readers can reach you through the website, not only the ebooks.

  • Thanks for the post Sunil. I was definitely under the impression that I needed a popular blog to start selling an ebook. Some of the other commentators think so too. I think I will try this suggest to see which way is fastest and which way gets me the most sales. Thanks again!

    • Tomas think about it. Amazon and Barnes have readers who search their databases for books they are interested in. If your ebook is there and its found, it has a chance of being bought.

  • Wow Sunil! This is really great!

    This is just the push I need to really think about creating my first ebook. This is something that I’ve wanted to do, but now I think I need to take it more seriously and get started working on it. Thanks!

  • You certainly don’t need to build a website to write a popular e-book, but it would help. If you have your own web property you can use it as the hub for promotions you run on various social media such as facebook, twitter or linkedin and so on, with all the spokes leading to your site. You can put up any social proof such as reviews or testimonials as to the quality of your book.

    Could be another idea to mix in your Youtube account, and embed interviews with you as the author which lend a lot of weight to the status of your ebook and makes you seem more professional.

    Thanks for a good article!

  • Hey Sunil, congratz on getting your article published on Yaro’s blog! Fine article it is too, and I definitely really like your over-all message – not owning a website does not mean you cannot make an income!!

    Marketing an info product is very important indeed. Unless you are very fortunate, like I was when Pat Flynn stumbled on my backlinking method on Warriors, then without a marketing plan in place, it can leave an awesome info product like a dead duck – utterly life-less.

    There are many great ways to create thoroughly successful marketing campaigns online these days – not least of which are solo ads, which although I’ve yet to implement, I surely see they can offer fantastic value to a prospective marketer.

    But how about SEO and Google? Many folks shy from this now since Goog are always changing the ball game, and its tricky to firstly gain the rankings, and then to hold on to them. Before you know it, your previous top ten ranking is dumped and you are no where to be seen. Thus sales plummet entirely, if you were relying on the good graces of Google to help you out.

    But if you use “vehicles” other than a blog or a sales page or some other similar style website, gaining and keeping Goog rankings can indeed be a whole lot easier.

    One method which I found on Steve Scott’s site, was to create an eBook (mainly outsourced) then to formulate an Amazon Kindle product from that eBook.

    Ranking an Amazon webpage in Google is far far easier than ranking a sales page which is hosted on a private domain. Thus you simply use the likes of Amazon as your marketing vehicle. Not only will you potentially gain sales via Amazon itself, but you can go on to gain far more sales from a solid Google ranking.

    You can use eBay for this too (I’ve been experimenting with eBay stores, and the results thus far are fairly encouraging) and no doubt there are other “vehicles” you can focus on besides Amazon and eBay.

    Where there is a will there is most certainly a way! If you truly believe in your info product, you owe it to yourself and to your potential audience to find out the best ways to market it.

    There are many blogs around now that detail these marketing principles and they give away all this info freely too.


    • Good to see you here Sir. I’ve actually been a columnist on Yaro’s blog for a few months now.

      I appreciate you adding color to the approach. I do exactly what Scott is suggesting and it works well indeed. I also agree with you that a variety of approaches can work well. In the end it’s about balancing the time you invest in each strategy to the return.

      On another note, does the strategy you outline in your ebook still work today given so many changes in the search landscape?

      • I’ll be following your activity much more often from now on Sunil.

        The methods in my ebook – do they still work? Yes, indeed they do! Probably now better than ever, simply due to the Goog changes. Where many other SEO methods are now flagging badly (high PR networks are being Google bombed left, right and center), the outer tier site building method/s are continuing to work very nicely. Slow but very sure. No doubting that a long term approach to SEO in Google is the best approach these days if you are working a private domain. But when using “vehicles” such as Amazon and eBay etc. you can go fast and furious and still achieve the rankings. Not that I need to be telling you that though 😉

  • I think e-books are a great alternative to “making money online” in the traditional sense of hosting and maintaining a website. Thanks for the tips and pointers on how to go about doing it.

  • Awesome Post Sunil Let me See How it’s Work For Me…Thank You Bro

  • Ruby

    I am going to write some ebooks in due course so this post has been MOST useful. Thank you. I do however want to ask what is possibly an unusual question. I have several garden sites and want to create back links using a series of very niched blogs (possibly 50 or more) that then link back to my main websites to create same subject back links. Examples would be something like How to Get Rid of Slugs or Growing a Lawn in Shade. These won’t have Adsense on them as I don’t want Google to know they are all mine. I am an expert garden writer having done it for over 40 years but I don’t want to write for article sites.

    I would much rather create my own series of well written informative mini sites using WordPress. My question is how do I stop Google knowing the sites all belong to me? Can I buy the domains using a different name and also use lots of different servers so that none of the sites are at the same IP address? In due course I would probably add something like Infolinks to make some money from the sites. Do you think I could get away with it or would Google penalise me for spam? Your advice would be very helpful.

    • it’s more work than worth it. plus, you will have to let google know eventually (google webmaster tools) – if not, they will likely find out anyway. I am not seeing the reason for the anonymity here

  • First of all, thanks.- and sorry for the ortograph, I´m not english – Now, I´m actually triying to write a book. Is not that easy… but it´s possible. The point is, that I belive for me is better to give the ebook away for free. Not triying to earn money selling it. If I give it for free I´ll get a lot more of people reading muy words. And knowing my name.
    What Do you think?


  • I know that there is money to be made in writing and publishing an e-book online. I started writing my e-book today. I can’t wait until it’s all done, so I can see how well it sells.

  • So I have recently created an eBook that I am giving away for free but what I am looking for are the best places to promote it. So far the only 2 places are my blog and Scribd. Most of the other places I looked at seemed a bit “shady”. Any good suggestions for free distribution?

    • I recently started a series on ebooks on my blog. it will be well over 25k words by the time it is done. one of the sections focuses mainly on ebook promotion. keep an eye out for it.

  • Hans

    Very helpful post. I’m still in the process of setting up a blog myself but can’t seem to agree about what topic. May be I should first write an e-book about music composition since I’m music composer myself. Thanks very much for this idea.
    With friendly greetings,

    • all the best Hans. doesn’t matter which you start first…an ebook can start selling online, whereas an ebook can sell better with a strong blog following 😉

  • Sounds like an awesome idea, but my writing skill aren’t very good. I’m new to affiliate marketing and struggle to write a 400 word article for article directories. Writing an ebook is a bit much to take on right now. Hopefully my writing skills will improve with practice and I will be up for this task.

    • Dennis – you will be surprised. On my blog I’ve written about why that belief is nothing but an illusion. Everyone of us has a good book inside us.

  • lance

    I was actually considering writing an eBook after I’ve developed a nice stream of income from my blogs. I think it’s a great idea to diversify your online income by using a variety of methods – adsense, affiliate marketing, eBooks – since it’ll provide greater stability. Right now, I’m not making enough to quit my job and focus on ths full-time, but when I do, I’ll probably try a little bit of everything.

  • Sunil …

    Many author described earning through ebook but your post provided the in depth details from starting to end.

    We would love to read your next posts on the format of an ebook with few examples.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Sunil, thank you for the informative post. This is definately something I would like to try when I start working part-time when I have a family. But can it not be difficult to promote it? Whilst you can use sites like Squidoo, LinkedIn, Amazon and other websites, there are so many ebooks out there I imagine it would be difficult to create a buzz!

    • Cloe, you are not selling to everyone, only to your niche/interested readers. I got a comprehensive series going on my blog on ebooks. Have a read at it as it covers promotion, pricing, distribution, etc.

  • Writing an eBook is definitely my next step. However, I really want to make it good so the research part is going on at the moment. Have you got any recommendations about how long should an eBook be?

    • Donna, there are many factors to the length of an ebook. Like I told Chloe, I have a comprehensive ebook series going on my blog just on ebooks. I do discuss length of the product as well.

  • Everything you’ve said, Sunil, is true. I wrote my my first eBook and published it in 2003. I bought a program and followed the directions, very similar to what you’ve said here. You don’t have to be a great writer, in fact, many successful authors online say you should write conversationally, meaning you write in the same way you’re talking to someone.

    I’ve sold a few thousand copies of that first eBook and wrote a few others. Interestingly, the first book has sold the most copies. Go figure.

    David Tinney

    • you are a practical example of this stuff working David, congratulations. how many ebooks are you selling online now? what are your long term goals/objectives?

      for our readers, what marketing strategies have worked best for you?

      • I market my 2 eBooks through the Clickbank network and my personal website, Sunil. My long term goal is to write about a dozen eBooks about travel related subjects from the perspective of a travel agent owner.

        I’d encourage your readers to take a few moments and seriously think about what topic or subject they’re most knowledgeable about. Once they’ve pinpointed it, that is what they should focus their writing about. Thats what I do.

        I hope this helps.

        David Tinney

  • people try the above link it works

  • Kb

    I’m aware of the massive opportunity presented by Amazon (Kindle), Itunes’ Bookstore, and so on. But I believe these online ebook is only catered for US and Europe’s writers, and it’s not open to Asian people. Just try to sign up for Amazon’s Kindle program if you have time to do it. I don’t understand why it’s not open to Asian community to try our luck with these ebook mania. No point mentioning Amanda Hocking and all those successful authors, because all of them are US-based or Europe-bound writers. Can you explain why Asian community is not being given the chance to succeed also?

  • Interesting ideas only a little bit difficult to achieve them for ordinary people. 🙂

  • Jaime

    Hi Sunil, thanks for the information.
    I have a question: how can I do to get associate with a website owner in order to he promote mi ebook in his website, and without having my own website?? and earn money both: the website owner and me. For example: say to the website owner: “hey I have something of value..let´s win both.” How can I do exactly this deal ? do you have some information about this that you can recomend me or a good e-product to buy??
    thanks and regards

  • Jaime

    another question Sunil, if I want to sell my ebook in Clickbank do I need to have my own website?? or not necessarily?

    and the other is: Can I sell my ebook in ebay ??


  • Really impressive post, I’m going to learn English to improve my English skill then focus on writing an ebook and then sell it, thank for your great advice, Sunil.

  • You hit the point. I’ve heard much on making money via ebook in the past and decided one day to create an ebook on an offline local business I know very well like the back of my palm.

    So after typing in Ms word, I used Nitro Pdf converter to turn it to pdf, create a blog at its free and easy to create in 3minutes) and put up a short salesletter(poorly written though cos its my 1st time) with my bank details at the end of the letter and promote just thrice in a local forum where people congregate to find out offline business oppoturnity and was so surprise to see text messages from my bank confirming sales(though I’ve not been promoting it aggressively and don’t even have 2D or 3D ecover).

    Bottomline: I will go back to the drawing board and reformat the tactics, this time targeting global demand and promoting it or not as you suggested in as much as there is compelling title.

    Atleast my first ebook has given me the confirmation I needed that there are books inside me which people needs and are willing to pay for.

    Ever since I read the maxim that says “find a group of people with a problem, research a solution to their problem and give it to them, rinse and repeat,” I’ve not rested. Am currently writing 3 more ebooks targeting local biz……Global ebook on my mind now too.

    Thanks for the kick. I’ll be visiting you blog henceforth to learn more tips.

  • The problem with using e-books is that first you have to write them (and really, who among us into this without embarrassing themselves) and then you have to promote them (and try promoting an e-book without having a website; it’s not that simple).

    Really, given the restrictions we business owners have when it comes to time and money to spend on our businesses, wouldn’t it just be simpler and more cost-effective to have a website and promoted using traditional methods such as banner ads, seo and ppc campaigns?

  • Nice post Sunil,

    I would like to know what if the knowledge of the particular subject you know a lot about if freely available online? What I mean is, is it still worthwhile publishing an eBook when all of the information I can write about is available for Free online?

    Is there a way around it or a different angle you can approach to writing the Ebook that would make someone want to pay money for it?


  • You refer to yourself on your Extra Money blog as “having Supernatural powers and abilities”. Yes, you have been successful in business, but you are not Supernatural. Please get over yourself.

  • Well this is a great idea and I liked it. I was also thinking to create an ebook on a course of thetradingforex . I was thinking to offer this ebook to new traders for free of cost so that they can learn how to trade successfully and earn $1000 per hour, but now this idea seems to be more interesting. Thanks a lot Sunil!

  • First of all I would like to congrats you for posting such a wonderful informative article.Its really gonna help a lot beginners like us. I just wanted to know one thing. Is there  I have recently got a site and i am working on it. So what are the prospected job i can look forward  to with that?

  • Vin Doobs

    I have already written an e-book, but it’s not making any money. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Sunil,

    Does this apply to creating mini e-books also, or is there a certain length a book must be for it to get approved by the publishers you mentioned. Also,
    I’ve seen word documents on websites that are simply pdf’s that sell as “packages” or “products,” like “how-to’s, etc. If I want to create a few pages of informative information to sell at a low price, what’s the best approach? Is it to think of my product as an e-book & go the route you mention in your article above? I have lots to say, yet in small packages.

  • I think one thing to keep in mind here is that non-fiction sells much better than fiction for new, unestablished authors.

  • Writing an ebook also needs concentration and care about its content, research and experience both are also bonus points, be calm and relax while writing it, Try to make its title and initial pages attractive, as we know first impression might be the last impression 🙂 .. Well thanks for the great article bro.

  • Nice post Sunil,
    I would like to know what if the knowledge of the particular subject you know a lot about if freely available online? What I mean is, is it still worthwhile publishing an eBook when all of the information I can write about is available for Free online?
    Is there a way around it or a different angle you can approach to writing the Ebook that would make someone want to pay money for it?
    cat mario online

  • Well there are many tips of earning money without having website…but I don’t think that will be a good idea, because sooner or later you must have a website for passive income

  • Peter doan

    Great trio! Your article is really helps me more confidence and think about writing ebook to sell on Amazon, and barn and nobles …
    My ebook will be on health geneal and usmle materials for medical students since I am a medical graduated….o, I think it is not just to share my own notes with others but to make money as well. That would be nice….
    Thanks again.

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