Core Influence: Frank Kern On How To Connect With Your Audience

When I got home from my travels I finally had some time to go through some of the DVDs and CDs that came in the mail from various purchases I had made.

I bought Traffic Secrets 2.0 from John Reese when he released it mid last year and Frank Kern was nice (smart) enough to throw in a couple of bonus DVDs to the first group of buyers, and I was one of them.

Frank KernI’m a fan of Frank Kern simply because he’s a good entertainer in his videos and obviously he’s great at selling through email when it comes to Internet marketing products, but to be honest I’ve never been blown away by his marketing advice. That being said, I’ve never seen much of his work outside of his free videos, so I really need to spend more time with the surfer dude slash internet marketer.

With Traffic Secrets Frank threw in two DVD presentations. One of his very early Mass Control presentations and another on Core Influence, which I thought was the better of the two and the one I want to talk about now.

What Is Core Influence?

I’m not going to reveal the whole DVD presentation to you in this article, but there is one really powerful idea that Frank talked about that I’d like to explore. It’s not something specifically new to business, but it was presented in that special Frank Kern style (swearing included) and is relevant to anyone selling online, particularly those of us selling with email and blogs.

If you’re on Frank’s email list then you probably get his very short, very relaxed emails, often only several lines long, which I have no doubt generate thousands of dollars in affiliate sales. I HATE that Frank can send such short emails and make such good money, but he’s done a great job building a persona and relationships with his subscribers, so he can get away with it. That in itself is a good reason to listen to the guy.

Core Influence is Frank’s explanation for how to truly connect with your constituents – your customers and potential customers. It’s about understanding their needs and wants and the emotions driving their decision making process.

Frank did a great job demonstrating that it’s not the money that people specifically want when they enter the internet marketing and business world, but the freedom that the money can create. That’s the same message you will hear from a lot of leaders in the entrepreneur space – I’ve said it myself – and it’s pretty much an elaboration of this common phrase, “It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters”.

We are all very goal orientated, but as Frank explained so well, we derive satisfaction from the experiences we go through in order to achieve something, rather than actually getting the result itself. That’s why it’s often so anticlimactic when you finally get the result you want and why you quickly look for the next mountain to climb so you have a new destination.

This is part of the core persona of all of us who are striving to make money online. We all want freedoms and we all want to enjoy new experiences that come while chasing that freedom and that money can grant us.

Two Exercises To Find Core Motivations

Frank suggested two exercises in order to find what is the core motivation of your audience so you can best deliver what they want and on the flip side, find what your own core persona is so you are coming from a place of authenticity, and my favorite word, congruency.

You must be congruent with your motivation for doing something – for selling something to your customers – in order to truly connect with them. Once you get congruency of purpose and you know what you want, then you can find the type of customer and determine the type of relationship you want to have with them.

But it even goes deeper than that.

(An aside: While watching Frank talk about congruency it triggered a reminder of an article I wrote to this blog a long time ago, back in November 2005. It’s called – Personal Congruency… At 21? How To Be Confident At Any Age – and is worth a read if you are still trying to figure out your place in the world.)

Frank’s first exercise was to list your “ideal AVERAGE day”. He explained how he did this and how it influenced some changes to his business. The idea is to figure out what you want to experience each day and who you want to share those experiences with, and not simply focus on things you want to own.

This is not a new idea, and while I appreciated Frank’s take on the subject, I did feel a sense of “I’ve heard this before” as I listened to him explain the concept. Frank was quick to joke that it sounds like some very “new-agey” thing to do, and I agree, you often get this sort of advice from personal development manuals, but it’s worth doing (I still remember John Reese’s “brain dump” technique and how powerful it can be – you would have to be in internet marketing a while to remember that one though!).

What I thought was special, was what came next.

Frank’s second exercise, as he noted, is what most people don’t do. You might plan YOUR day and figure out what YOU want, but do you do the same for your customers?

Frank’s strategy is to take the exact same exercise and step into the shoes of your customer. Figure out what they want to change in their lives and map out what they want their ideal average day to contain. This helps to determine what they want to change in their lives and importantly, helps you to “feel” the emotions they are going through so you can better connect with them.

The outcome you are looking for according to Frank, is a congruent connection between what you want in your life and what your customers want, and your business acts as the facilitator between the two. When you come from a place of congruency and you connect deeply with the emotional drives of your customers, then you have “core influence”, which from a business standpoint means you can make a lot of sales simply by asking if people want more from you.

You Are Probably Doing This Wrong

Nearly all of the bloggers and email marketers who are not enjoying huge success despite having access to an audience, are failing because of a lack of connection and understanding of their market.

So many people go out and try to sell something to their readers by forcing a hard sell, focusing energy on the wrong things, pitching benefits they “think” their audience wants and blindly copying what other people do hoping that it will work for their market too.

The beautiful thing about truly understanding the people you are trying to serve is that you can effortlessly communicate with them as a real human being, teach them, tell stories and hit all the crucial elements because you intimately know what they want. Why? Because you want what they want and it’s easy to give people want they want when you have worked to bring it into your own life.

The simple lesson hear is to spend more time learning about your audience. Understand where they are coming from, what they most want to experience in their lives and then when you communicate with them and teach them, use these insights to foster a stronger relationship and deliver more value. This will help your customers and help you.

I recommend you check out Frank’s stuff on Core Influence. You should have a chance in February when he opens up Mass Control 2.0, which I’m considering purchasing myself (see how effective a marketing tool giving away a few free DVDs can be).

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  • Yaro,

    Great post. I too have seen the Frank Kern videos but have to say you are very much more clear in your post about your decoding of his message.

    I appreciate the read and hope to read more in the future.

  • I’ve watched many of Frank Kern’s videos and agree that they’re quite entertaining…especially his love of absinthe lol.

    I love his (and many others) point of views about driving home the benefits instead of the features when selling and it makes total sense.

    People don’t want things based on features, but to fulfill the feeling that using that product will give them.

  • Ronnie

    Hi Yaro,

    I’m one of your BM students and ever since I made the decision to blog about what I love (satire), I find writing really easy and fun. I actually look forward to writing on my blog! I’m pretty much writing every single day and really enjoying my experience.

    I have a couple of other sites that I started for the money a couple of years ago but I detest writing for them!

    My ideal day would include writing on my satirical blog (ok, maybe once every two days), so I think I’m on the right path!

    I thought I would include this comment for your readers as I know how hard it is (for some, including me) to find your passion – no, scratch that – to accept what your heart is telling you is your passion.



  • Yaro, I have to agree that Frank is one of the more entertaining IM “gurus.” Much of what he says is just a repackaging of the teachings of others, but he’s a really good repackager!

    I’m ashamed to admit that I received the Core Influence DVD in the “big ol’ box of stuff” that he sent out in the Mass Control Monthly giveaway (yes, I got the free stuff then canceled my subscription), but I haven’t watched it yet! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

    • Everything is repackaged. Some are just better at it than others ; )

  • Yaro!
    Very well put.

    I’ve watched Frank over the last year and have to say that his unique style of core communication makes his style very powerful.

    As a previous promoter of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and several other big names I must say that when I first saw Frank I instantly connected with him. When I told my wife about how cool this guy was and how for some reason I really like him, she said something very interesting. “Based on how much you are talking about him Roger, I’m kind of freaked out.”

    You see I don’t connect with people this fast at such a core level. Not even Tony or Jim. That alone proved to me how effective he is.

    While there are many who have talked about core connections and influence Frank seems to be one of the few who have actually mastered it in such a unique style.

    Your comment however brought out some even greater stuff that fly right under my radar and that was the part on “What I thought was special, was what came next. ” That was a great point you flushed out with great clarity.

    Thanks for giving the cliff notes on a great DVD!

    Keep dishing it out and I’ll keep eating until I’m stuffed.

    Roger G. CEO

  • I totally agree about many online marketers fail because of the lack of communication with their prospects.

    With the use of internet which eliminate face-to-face presentation, somehow people are forgetting that they are actually selling to real people at the other end.

    Getting sales very much depends on to the trust you get from your prospects. And that trust can only be built by building relationship with them.

    Thanks Yaro. I’m expecting Mass Control 2.0 as well.

  • I gotta say… that this was an amazing post yaro…

    I remember from one of frank’s seminars he talks about how Your average day is and should be…

    wake up (what you eat for breakfast ideally everyday)

    and what things you would do throughout the day.

    It helps when you want to create your dreamlife and see it better!

    love the post yaro!

    will be reading your blog more often!

    David King

  • There is definately a thin line between motivating your readers to ude your services and turning them off. Nothing worse that having a sales pitch pushed down your throat.

  • That photo, alone, makes me want to listen to the guy and buy him a beer. Looks like a nice bloke.

    I’m all for a swear word filled, no bullshit approach to things. I’ve started about 20 blogs to make cash, got sick of them, and each one died. Now I write for fun, not for cash, and I think my blog is better for it – plus I have more readers now.

    Congruency all the way. Hoorah!

  • Frank is the man. I asked him if we would see Officer Spadanko launch his own line of counter intelligence products this year 🙂 What kills me about Kern is that he knows his readers so well that he knows what there thinking before they do. Then eliminates any doubt by being openly transparent. For instance, acknowledging that you will be buying from his affiliate link of a product he is promoting. He makes himself out to be some lazy surfer dude but I’m sure he bust his tail to get to the level he’s at now. He’s a great marketer indeed!

  • This is a very interesting concept that Frank Kern uses. He definitely puts a lot of emphasis toward detail when trying to get across what he is trying to say. Frank is an internet expert that everyone should listen to every time he speaks.

  • Great write up.

    I really like the ideal Average Day test and I’m a fan of congruence.

    The book Married to the Brand explores ways to measure customer connection. It’s pretty insightful how bonding works.

  • very well explain yaro. if it is not for this i wouldn’t understand.

  • Great post, Yaro. I’ve heard of connecting to readers through your articles and it only now struck me to look a things from the reader’s shoes.

  • What I have been learning from Frank is how to build a personality and talk to your leads as a friend not as a sales person, after I listen to him I always get the feeling that I will get a phone call from him personally, and I call that success

    Cheers, Amr

  • I would have to agree that there is an Art to selling in a B2B marketplace, and of course selling something in an already very cluttered marketplace…requires skill. The fact that someone has been able to attract and illicit the kind of response, even from a single blog, is testament to his abilities as an internet marketer…repackaged or re-purposed…is irrelevant.
    What matters is that he can and does get your attention. What he’s learned, he obviously learned well.

    The question is, can others follow his lead?

  • That’s why it is important to only blog/write about what you really enjoy and what you are really familiar with. Otherwise marketing would be a hit and miss practice.

  • When you work an online business, if you don’t know your market and know them VERY well, you’ll never reach the success that you’re capable of.

    Everyone of us is capable of being successful if we remember to put ourselves in our reader’s/customer’s shoes with each and everything we do – from emails, to articles, to sales pages, etc. it doesn’t matter what we want – it’s what they want!

  • I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of Frank Kern. But after reading this I am going to check him out, good ideas, and a great philosophy.


  • Interesting. Makes a lot of sense. By being able to step into the shoes of your customers, and get a sense for where your interests and their interests coincide, then you find opportunities.

  • I saw Kern in some news article on the internet but I don’t know much about him. I believe I should go read up more about his work.

    Personal Development Blogger

  • Great blog Yaro! There is so much to learn from you for a amateur blogger like me.

  • Wow, that was a very brilliant post! Thanks for sharing those great insights about core influencing. I realized just now that I have been doing some stuff about it all wrong. Your post just enlightened me on that. 🙂

  • This is very good advice no matter what you may be selling; product or idea. To succeed you must first know what your “customer” wants, and if you don’t know what they want you are just causing customers and that is the worst way of doing business because you want the customers to come to you with as little effort as possible.

  • Thanks for the post. I have never seen those videos but now I want to see more. Thanks for sharing.

  • Frank is awesome. So many “gurus” look either sleazy or all business but Frank is something different while being normal. I love his videos and his demeanour just makes you want to buy from him. 🙂

  • Oh dear Yaro!! What is a truth is that you and Frank have the rare hability to make the thinks seem as easy as eat a piece of cake, you are really eloquent and wise, two masters indeed.

    I´ll consider myself a success if I achieve the half of the mastership anyone of you got.

    Thanks a bunch for share your wisdom. (To both of you).

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Cajiga

  • Great Points. Lot’s of bloggers just write long articles and don’t think about how well it reads. I always recommend rereading your posts before you post them. I’ve caught many mistakes that way.

  • I love watching Frank grow up and grow into where he is today. Funnier still to me is when Frank sends a new op. and watching as others who list I have been on down the line. Mostly these last months I have learned things “not” to do when my own goes live. lol…
    I’m new on this blog so I’m scouting out the neighborhood so to speak. Have a great year and as soon as I can figure out how to get yours in mine, we’ll hook up. lj

  • I guess it’s true about the reason why entrepreneurs like to be an entrepreneur, it’s the freedom it gives. Not tied to a 9 to 5 job with a evil bovine master.

  • Vic

    Great post. Great businessmen and even the world’s philosophers agree. Its not much on the destination but its on the journey. Even reaching our destinations also means a new journey to begin. In everything we do, its how we do it and not what we will achieve.

  • It always comes down to knowing your cusomers/clients/market… Something we’ve lost sight of, due largely to the distance placed between us and the people with whom we’re communicating, by digital communication technology..

  • “it’s not the money that people specifically want when they enter the internet marketing and business world, but the freedom that the money can create.”

    That is an excellent point. We can get so caught up in the process of making money online that we forget thr reason WHY people work so hard to do so. I’m definitely going to pay more attention to the benefits and rewards my readers can obtain rather than the process and strategies alone.

  • Yaro, your review on Frank kern’s video is much more understandable for me. His videos are worth seeing and advices are worth following, especially when you get a lot of benefit from them. How to find more successful ways of connecting to your potential customers is an actual question every seller or promoter gives himself daily.

  • I have also watched Frank Kern’s Core Influence and thought it had some good concepts. As a Hypnotist the concepts and exercises he mentions are not new to me at all, but the idea of taking that same personal development exercise and using it with customers was quite interesting and something I actually never thought of doing.

    Yaro is also correct though that it all comes down to being congruent. When we are aligned mentally and physically with what we really want than we have a much better chance at reaching our goals.

    Joshua Houghton
    Certified Hypnotist & Blogger

  • i am a fan of frank kern. I haven’t used his products yet. A little to much for me to buy. I think email marketing is still very useful.

  • Although FK has TONS of wholesome advice, I appreciate the fact that he advocates not only being honest to your audience/prospects, but to be honest to yourself. Makes a refreshing change in the world of IM!

  • Great post Yaro.

    Frank Kern is hilarious. He and Perry Belcher definitely have that ability to level with just about anyone just by simply talking to you online like he would be talking to you in person. It helps to be funny and genuine.

    I think its amazing he made $24 milion in a day and you made a great point; you have to know your audience to know what to sell them!

  • My quick assessment of what you are supposed to learn from these videos.

    Frank Kern makes loads of money so you should do what he says.

    Stop finding out what people want and selling them stuff.

    Start finding out what people REALLY want and sell them stuff.

    If you sell big ticket items, you don’t need to sell as many of them to make loads of money.

    The second video is a conspicuous display of Frank’s opulent lifestyle, a calculation of how much a day it would take to support that, and the suggestion that would only take a couple of daily sales of a $997 product.

    Then we find out that Frank ahs a new list building product coming out.

    I am guessing it is going to be around $997.

    I really think that he is having a laugh. He is seeing how far he can push it and still get people to buy from him.

    He lays it all out in front of you. This is it what it takes to support my lifestyle. Send me your money. He even calls people who won’t by his high priced stuff ‘bottom feeders’ and says he is not interested in them.

    There are no new marketing ideas here, he is just very good at the old ones and will get away with it again.

    People will hand over their cash and love him for it. I suppose they must be getting what they REALLY want.


    • Well put, Rich!

      He’s making oodles of money and has applied others’ marketing knowledge to do so. As a result of his skill in marketing and branding, he charges a premium for his information products and is thus able to earn a far higher profit in doing so.

      Excellent summary. Thanks for that!



  • I think the reason why he is so successful is not only because he knows his topic inside and out and delivers a lot of value but because he is being himself – surfy fun down to earth. And his brand just oozes of him with that transparent likable nature that people are drawn too. We can all repackage info with a twist.

  • Congruency all the way.

    Misbah Mumtaz

  • I’m a big fan of him, he told us many philosophy of internet marketing, a lot. And that’s made him a lot of money, by told us the real deal.

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