Just Released: Our Ten New Become A Blogger 2.0 Training Videos

About four years ago I partnered with Gideon Shalwick to create ten free videos to teach one thing – How To Set Up A Blog.

The videos were deliberately focused on beginners, people who wanted to follow the steps presented in a video to learn how to do each task necessary to create a fully functional, optimized and beautiful blog.

Over the years the world of blogging has changed. WordPress, the blog platform we use and teach in our videos, has updated many times. Tools change, layouts change, even what makes a good blog changes. All this means our videos became somewhat out of date.

Today I am proud to announce that we have a completely revamped our ten training videos, which you can access right now for free. You only need to opt-in to our Become A Blogger 2.0 Email Newsletter, confirm your subscription, then we will send you a login to access the videos.

You can begin the sign-up process right here –

Brand New Become A Blogger 2.0 Videos

When you watch these videos you will notice someone new is presenting. His name is Leslie Samuel, the same Leslie who has a column here on EJ and has been a long time online friend and student of my programs.

Leslie is, to say the least, quite brilliant. He also possesses something that I have to admit I am a bit jealous of – a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm.

Leslie is our new partner in Become A Blogger 2.0, and the primary teacher. He’s perfect for this job because he has the exact skills needed.

Leslie is a university lecturer by trade, so a very qualified teacher. He is absolutely brilliant at teaching through video (he learned a lot from Gideon’s video training) and he knows how to set up successful blogs (he has studied all my stuff, and owns several successful blogs, including one on Biology – so he’s made money in some non-marketing niches).

I can honestly say, Leslie has done a better job at the new Become A Blogger 2.0 videos than I could do, and I feel very lucky to have him on our team.

You don’t have to take my word for it of course, just take a look at the ten free videos he created to update and replace the ones we made all those years ago.

What Will You Learn?

The ten free videos will teach you every process, using step-by-step presentations, to show you exactly what you need to do to set up your own blog, including the following topics –

  1. Why You Should Use WordPress
  2. How To Get Your Own Domain Name
  3. How To Get A Web Host
  4. How To Install WordPress
  5. How To Upload Files
  6. Where To Find A Good WordPress Theme
  7. How To Install WordPress Plugins
  8. How To Create Your First Blog Posts And Pages
  9. What Is RSS And Why Do You Need It
  10. How To Use Feedburner

You can access all of these videos after you opt-in here –

Brand New Become A Blogger 2.0 Videos

On that page you will see a brief welcome video first from me and Gideon, with a cameo from Leslie, inviting you to sign up for the videos by entering your name and email. Once you do this, we will send you a confirmation email where you will have to click a link, then you will be sent your login details to access the videos.

Please leave comments to let Leslie, Gideon and myself know what you think of the new updated videos, and feel free to link to any new blogs you set up after following the videos.

Yaro Starak
Blog Trainer

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  • Great to see see the videos being updated. I guess a lot has changed since this was published several years ago.

  • Thanks for this. I am really interested in wordpress. Want to learn how to use it.

  • blue

    I am happy you are letting us look at these for free. I am interested in doing a blog and I have done one with blogger but I didn’t enjoy blogging on that platform and let my blog die. But I always wanted to start another one and this time I wanted o do it properly so that I could at least gain traffic to it. I don’t think your course teaches this much however, I am still interested in hearing what a pro like you have to say about blogging. So, thanks again, hopefully I will learn something new. I think I will because I don’t know much about feedburner.

  • This is great! I work primarily with beginners and can’t wait to share this with them.

  • Wow! this is a very interesting content, i hope teh training videos will help new marketers on how to decide on matters pertaining there readers based on ethic problems and how to solve them. Thanks Yaro

  • Looks like these videos will be very helpful. Thanks for always providing such great value for your readers!

  • Novlloyd Celeste

    Thanks for the inputs, honestly I have been following all the lessons in your reports in Blogs Profit, and today, its really an advantage to have a good niche when blogging… that is what I learned from studying all the reports I have downloaded regarding online marketing…my problem now is that I have a hard time choosing my niche because when I do so, I found many good sites already established and I am a newbie… I only used free keyword tools, and still I don’t find any niche for me to work on in the long run..

    Blogging, Internet Marketing, PLR, etc…all have been discovered..where can I go…please help

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Glad you guys are finding value in the FREE videos. If you think those are good, just wait until you see the rest 😉

  • Hey Leslie, great story about your biology blog. I can’t wait to take a look at the videos. I’m sure they’re excellent. Thanks for this guys!

    • Thanks Taylor,

      It has been an awesome experience to see the Biology Blog grow. I get excited when people build successful blogs outside of teaching people how to make money. It’s a real demonstration of the fact that Blogging WORKS!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I am my way to getting these videos in my inbox! Thanks a lot foe all you guys are doing for the beginners.

    Happy day.

  • A nice teaser fr the more serious and, of course, interesting stuff. It’s absolutely the perfect stuff for anybody who needs a bit help with these things.

  • […] Learn from Yaro (also Gideon and Leslie): Just Released: Our Ten New Become A Blogger 2.0 Training Videos […]

  • I’ve always enjoyed and followed your blog. I even joined blog mastermind last year and continue to refer back to the valuable information. Is Become a Blogger 2.0 similar to the now closed Blog Mastermind? Will there also be an affiliate program for Blogger 2.0 like there was for Blog Mastermind? The 10 free videos are fantastic by the way. Great to get so much information free.

    • Hi Tanja,

      BAB 2 is similar to BM in principle. The core system and fundamentals taught are the same, however BAB teaches everything through video and focuses more on people who want to do all the tech stuff themselves. It’s more for beginners, more technical. BM is more strategic and I tend to leave you on your own to go and get the technical stuff done yourself. It’s also a lot more written/audio content than BAB2.

      BAB 2 will have an affiliate program eventually. First we want to make sure the charter group of members are happy with the program.

      • Great stuff Yaro, I referred your BAB 2 course on my blog post anyway as like you said it’s great for beginners and that’s what my blog is about.

  • Its a great idea to have helpful tips and videos for people just starting out. I have just used your videos to help me build my first ever blog! I am really proud of it. Thanks guys and if you can check it out.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I remember these videos well and recommended them to other people who wanted to set up there own blog so I look forward to reviewing this up date.

    Kind regards


  • Lee Markle

    Yaro, just tried to sign up for Become a Blogger 2. Got a message, it is not set up yet. My friend and I have an ecommerce store and wanted to add a blog to our site.
    Thanks, Blue Print was very helpful.

  • I tried to sign up but, as Lee-Markle found out, I got a message that it has not been set up yet. Very disappointed, love Leslie Samuel and would like to see the videos.

    Thank you

    • Hey Louise – all the videos should be there for watching again. If you couldn’t get access after opting in, can you email support@becomeablogger.com and Leslie will help figure out what is wrong.

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