How Anshul Dayal Leveraged Ebay And Small AdSense Sites To Quit His Day Job

Hello again dear reader, today we’re hearing from a friend of mine, Anshul Dayal.

Anshul is an ex-architect turned animator who worked on the Oscar winning film, “Happy Feet.” Like almost everyone reading this blog, Anshul was bitten by the online entrepreneur bug and after that there was no turning back.

Press play to hear my interview with Anshul –

There are a few reasons I thought Anshul would be a cool person to hear from. For one thing, he’s a great example of someone who has begun to see real results as an online entrepreneur. It’s very helpful to know how and why he’s winning this game we’re all playing. I also find it inspiring to meet other entrepreneurs who are a few steps in front of me because they give me the feeling that I’m so close to getting to where they’re at and if they can do it, I can!

Anshul’s online businesses are kicking over nicely for him and every time I see him, he’s done something new and cool to keep his business expansion snowballing along.

E-Commerce Is A Great Way To Start

Interestingly enough, Anshul started out just like me, with an online store on Ebay. Unlike me, Anshul’s turned his online store into a successful e-commerce business. This brings me to the first point he makes that relates to one of his success traits.

When I asked Anshul why he thinks he’s been able to replace his income with his online businesses and quit his job, he says he just stuck with one thing and completely followed through with it. Anshul learned from other successful online marketers that this was one of the key elements needed to reach that much desired goal of quitting your day job.

Why Most People Fail To Make Money Online

One of the biggest stumbling blocks faced by people building an online business is giving up when they don’t see results fast enough. Anshul worked consistently on the one money making strategy for months before he started seeing results. He was very disciplined about sticking to just one strategy.

It’s very easy to get excited by all the different options there are to make money online and try to do too many and completely blow your chances of success. Nowadays, Anshul has been able to branch out and set up a number of online businesses. Initially though, he just stuck with the one business and refused to get side tracked or defeated.

A Strategy Is Vital For Success

Another thing Anshul told me that made a big difference in his success was that he had a clearly defined strategy and he followed it. Unless you have a clearly defined and realistic strategy to make money online, it’s going to be very difficult to reach your goals. Anshul was adamant that a lack of strategy and giving up is the real cause of most entrepreneurial failure, and anyone can commit themselves to their business and get results.

It is important for readers to understand that results come slowly though. Anshul worked hard to get results and every successful online entrepreneur he knows has as well. But there is a momentum that you build up in your entrepreneurial journey. Once the initial intense input of time and effort has created some results, it does get easier. You get better and faster at what you’re doing, and you truly can spend less time in front of the computer working in your business.

Affiliate Marketing Or AdSense?

When Anshul had his e-commerce store running successfully, the next online business he began was based on using Google AdSense as his money making strategy. Affiliate marketing is always an attractive option if you have a list to sell to, but Anshul decided Google AdSense was an even better option because it doesn’t rely on conversions to make money. As an affiliate marketer, you rely on people actually buying the product you’re promoting on your site, but with AdSense you get paid whenever someone clicks on your add.

Because you get up to 68% of the revenue from every person clicking on ads on your sites, creating niche sites and using AdSense to generate revenue can become quite a profitable money making strategy. In 2010 in just one quarter of a year, Google paid 1.2 billion dollars to AdSense publishers.

Quality Content Is ALWAYS A Must

In order to make this strategy work, Anshul had to create a lot niche sites, I think he has 60 or more.

He recommends focusing on creating quality content first then moving into advertising to make money from the content. If the content on your site is good, people will share it and Google will reward you for this by ranking your site higher in its search engine.

Google always aims to provide the best quality content for its users, so creating quality content is a key aspect in being successful online, regardless of whether your strategy is to generate revenue with AdSense or not.

For people beginning online entrepreneurship, using niche sites and AdSense has a few significant benefits. One is that it’s a relatively low risk and low cost way to begin. A micro 5-6 page niche site can be built for less than $50 and it has the potential to pay you long term returns.

Although this business model isn’t completely set and forget, once you get the hang of it and fine-tune this online strategy, you can set and forget it more than many other strategies.

A How-To Guide For Using AdSense

Anshul has put together everything he learned and everything he did to create enough passive income from AdSense marketing to quit his day job, and you can access it for free on his site,

He doesn’t follow the strategy of giving something for free then trying to up-sell subscribers either, so you truly can access everything you need to know and follow the exact same strategies he used to make money online.

Anshul is living proof that if you are determined and disciplined enough to stick with it and follow the strategy all the way through to the end, quitting your day job and making money online is a dream that can be fulfilled.


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  • The part about how people don’t wait long enough is so true. I do have to say that rather than saying “most people don’t make money online” it should say “most people don’t make a significant amount of money online”. It’s easy to make a few bucks, but people often give up before they have a chance to up the ante and bring it to the next level.

    • This is very true. A lot of people make some money online, but most don’t make enough to keep it going.

    • Hi theresa, that’s a good point…making a few bucks online isn’t that hard…but making money consistently so you can replace your income and work from home certainly requires a lot more work & perseverance.

      Cheers, neroli 🙂

  • Neroli, Thank you for this post. I constantly need to be reminded to stick with one thing and see it to the end. Thanks again.

    • Hi Thomas 🙂 I’m glad it’s helped remind you to stick with it! That was one of my own reasons for interviewing Anshul, he’s a great reminder and inspiration to us that it can happen if we just keep going! Cheers, neroli

  • Pablo

    Very true, determination is key for the success of any business. Great article.

    • Thanks Pablo 😉 I need to remind myself of this quite regularly, cheers, neroli

  • I am intrigued to know how he managed to make an income through Ebay when it seems that the marketplace is saturated. When I’ve sold my old junk on Ebay I’ve had to offer them for rock bottom pricves because of the amount of other people selling the same stuff.

    How does he do it?

    • Hi Dean, I’ve sold things on Ebay & there does seem to be quite an art form to making it work out so it’s profitable. I’ll see if Anshul can reply to your question as he would have a better idea, but from what i’ve gathered there are a few things needed.
      1. build up seller credibility through continual quality products that are all part of a similar genre, like women’s shoes or something…brand name stuff always helps!
      2. Having great sales copy makes a big difference to selling stuff.
      3. Creating an online store to draw buyers from the one item to other things you are selling is also a good way to increase revenue.
      4. Providing excellent customer service so you buyers become repeat clients who jump online to shop with you, and refer you to others
      I’m sure anshul can provide even better insights too, so stay tuned, cheers, neroli

  • Neroli I strongly agree with Anshul, staying disciplined and sticking to one thing is key

    • HI Kenny, yep – it’s really the key to success in anything isn’t it? cheers 🙂 neroli

  • I think, te main reason why so many people fail online is because they give up too quickly. Unfortunately, there are thousands of websites that try to make people believe how easy it is to make lots of money on the internet spending only a few minutes a day. That’s not true at all. You need a plan and a strategy, perseverance, patience and passion for what you are doing – that’s the only way to make money online in the long run

    • Hi Robert, yeah – the get rich quick schemes are really get poor quick aren’t they? I’ve been suckered in to some of those more times than I should have! I guess we all have to learn that lesson one way or another : / Cheers, neroli

  • eCommerce is probably the hardest nut to crack, in making on online income, especially using your own domain/platform.

    I’ve been at it since 2004. eBay did have a window of opportunity to make a decent income, but as Dean mentioned, this market is saturated. It’s not a long term strategy either, one flip of the switch by eBay and your income can disappear.

    The gold nugget here is that Anshul stuck with his plan and followed through.

  • Very inspiring and Congrats to Anshul. Wish he would go a long way. I also fully agree with the point ” stick with one thing” and stay focused at your initial days unless you are comfortable and confident enough to divert your business in multiple channels. Have multiple back-up strategy, focused foresight, dedication, patience and being evolved with the advancement of Internet…are some key pointers to get success in any online business.

  • I agree that Adsense is a great way to add revenue and the main point I think you make is the quality content. It has to be engaging so your readers will come back again and even recommend your site. Good post.

  • I think that there are these unrealistic expectations about this sort of work. It’s an everyday job just like any other. You just get to do it from home.

  • JD

    I really like your focus on focus.

    One of my most influential mentors taught me early on that the difference between those that succeed, and those that don’t … is focus.

    > Micro 5-6 page niche sites
    Beautiful point on the power of precision and it’s quality, not quantity that amplifies your impact.

  • I hate to sound like a stick in the mud, however between the poor accustics and the accents, I had difficulty staying involved with the discussion. I’m sure it was helpful to most.

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