How We Made A Three Person Partnership Work

In case you missed it, last week Gideon Shalwick and Leslie Samuel, my two partners in Become A Blogger 2.0, along with me (Yaro), hosted a live webinar.

Before I begin telling you some of the background story about how this new partnership came together and the challenges we faced, I want to make sure you know about our $1 Trial.

$1 Trial Ends Monday At Midnight

This is the very first opening of Become A Blogger 2.0. That means you have the best chance to grab the full course at the lowest price and with the most extras.

During the Webinar we opened up the doors to the Become A Blogger 2.0 Premium course, which includes 9 training modules, my master the mindset audios and 3 special gifts, one from me, Gideon and Leslie.

As I write this we already have 206 new members, which is fantastic (welcome to all of you!).

All the details are available on our sign-up page here –

The $1 trial is for two weeks, after which, it is $27 a month for six months to complete the course.

The $1 trial ends Monday at midnight, so if you want to sample the first two weeks of the program before committing, today is the day to sign up.

We also plan to increase the fee to $47 by the end of the week, so today really is the best day to join.

Why Add Another Partner To An Already Successful Mix?

Gideon and I enjoyed huge success with Become A Blogger, the first version, three years ago. We’ve had almost 2,000 paying members take the program, not to mention nearly 40,000 people join our email list.

Over a year ago we closed the course down. It was in need of some updating, and Gideon and I were not in a position to do it, so we decided shutting down was the best course of action.

To be honest, I was a little surprised (pleasantly) by how well the program did over the two or so years we had it on the market. It is a beginner course, focused on video, which clearly hit the sweet spot for a lot of people.

We didn’t want to let the service or the brand just die, so last year we began thinking about how we could reinvent and reinvigorate the program.

One of the most successful graduates of Become A Blogger 1.0 was Leslie Samuel. I had been in contact with Leslie for a long time, interviewing him about his freebie trading site, then taking him on board as a columnist and reviewer here on EJ. He had gone on to grow a successful Biology blog too.

Leslie, as I learned through regular contact, is very skilled and knowledgeable about blogging and internet marketing. He’s also a wonderfully friendly guy, very enthusiastic about what he does online.

Amazingly enough, his online projects were created part time, as Leslie works a full time job as a teacher and more recently, university lecturer. This demonstrates to me that his work ethic and efficiency is incredible – something I know is rare and worth learning about.

Last year Gideon was knee deep in his video training products and my focus had switched to CrankyAds. I floated the idea to Gideon about asking if Leslie wanted to join the BAB 2.0 team, and become the main teacher for the reincarnation of the program.

I had seen Leslie’s videos on his own website – his YouTube channel has over a million views – so he knows how to teach with video (it helps that he is a teacher and so enthusiastic, it makes for fantastic video viewing).

We all met on Skype (Leslie is in Michigan, and Gideon has moved to the Sunshine Coast, about an hour away from me in Brisbane) and cemented our plans to launch Become A Blogger 2.0, with Leslie as the figurehead.

Just as Gideon had partnered with me and created most of the videos for the first program, Leslie would come on board and be the new leader for the 2.0 version.

Is Three Better Than Two?

I’ve never worked in a three person partnership before. I’ve done two person partnerships, but adding a third to an existing partnership presented a few unique challenges.

Gideon and I were very clear up front with Leslie. We were going to provide strategic direction and distribution, with Leslie updating and creating new videos, and doing the lion-share of the teaching.

The greatest challenge has turned out to be timing. With three people, scheduling is difficult, especially with Leslie in the US and Gideon and I in Australia.

We also took a long time to settle on a strategy.

When BAB 1.0 launched we used my standard formula – release a free report, then do a series of launch content emails, then open the doors with a long form sales letter. We actually added the ten free videos to the mix as an additional method to bring attention to our service, which thanks to affiliates, helped us reach a lot of people.

We knew the ten free videos needed updating, so that was the first thing Leslie went to work on. We also knew that the entire course needed a review, and revamp. Some videos were no longer needed, while new ones needed to be added. Only a handful were still relevant (mostly the strategic/fundamentals videos), so about 80% of the course needed creating, which Leslie went to work on over a period of months.

Once the course was done and the ten free videos were ready to go, we had to decide how to get all this out to you.

In the end, we decided to test out what is clearly the hottest trend in Internet marketing – hosting a free webinar.

Teaching And Selling Via Webinars

You might be surprised to know that the BAB 2.0 webinar was the first one I have ever done as a promotional tool for my own product (in partnership or on my own).

I’ve been a part of a lot of webinars where I would be the “host” so to speak, bringing my audience some great training from other experts, but these were always other peoples presentations.

This time, Leslie, Gideon and me would have to be the show.

It took us a few months, but after several skype calls, time spent creating slides, work done to combine the presentations and two practice runs, we had a pretty good presentation ready to go.

Last Friday we did our first live run of the presentation, which you can watch the encore for here –

Become A Blogger Live Webinar – Encore Presentation

Besides some audio issues, which only affected a minority of people, the show went off without a hitch. We spent one and a half hours teaching our system for making money with blogs, with another hour or so answering questions and of course, inviting people to join our program with the $1 Trial opening up at the end.

I may be biased, but I’m very impressed with what we came up with. My part of the presentation focused on showing you success stories and then explaining where most would-be-bloggers go wrong. Gideon, our MC, used his wonderful visual presenting style to give an overview of the system we follow and teach (including a cameo from some underwear loving Gnomes) and then Leslie presented a fantastic step-by-step teaching case study, using his Biology blog as the example.

If you are a new blogger or very early in your blogging career, I think you will get a lot out of this presentation

The Effectiveness Of Case Studies

Judging by the questions we had during the Webinar, people really loved following along with Leslie’s part of the presentation, dissecting his Biology blog.

He teaches a technique, whether it be for choosing a topic, or getting traffic or making money, then shows how he went and applied the technique to his Biology blog.

Practical examples like this are great learning tools, especially in this case because Leslie was showing exactly what he had done over the previous year following the system Gideon and I teach AND he has done it in a non-internet marketing niche (i.e. he is not showing people how he made money teaching how to make money).

If you haven’t watched the Webinar, I strongly recommend you do so, Leslie’s part of the presentation begins about half an hour into the show, so look out for it.

Private Coaching With All Three Of Us

If you do decide to join Become A Blogger 2.0, during the order process you will have an opportunity to upgrade your account to include private coaching.

Gideon, Leslie and I are hosting 6 live teaching and question and answer webinars, but only for those who upgrade.

We are only doing this ONCE, so it won’t be available as live Webinars for future releases of the course. If you want to speak to me, Gideon and Leslie and get personal support for your blog and business, sign up this week and upgrade your account when you have the chance to do so.

I’ll leave you with the two most important links

  1. The Sign-Up Page For BAB 2.0
  2. The Encore Presentation Of The Webinar

Enjoy the free training, and I’ll see you inside BAB 2.0.

Yaro Starak
Still Training

P.S. If you are thinking about starting a new project in a partnership, here is some further reading I published a while ago about my partnership with Gideon –

Is A Partnership Right For You?

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  • Jon

    Very good breakdown Yaro… partnerships are a tricky thing to deal with especially as you increase the number of cooks in the kitchen. Happy you figured-out how to make it work!

    From what I’ve seen of your training programs, there is some serious man hours put into them which is why they do so well, it’s quality over quantity though you have lots of quantity for sure!

    I think if you apply this approach to more complex systems like Magento and other frameworks out there, your success could be much bigger as well… wordpress should be seen as a beginning for these videos, not an end in my opinion.


    • Thanks for the kind words and feedback Jon. I’m not a Magento user, and I do find specialising in one area generally gets me better results too, so I think for now we will stick with WordPress.

      Of course when it comes to the fundamentals, it doesn’t really matter what platform you use, it’s all about using the right strategy and techniques to execute that strategy.

      • Jon

        Thanks for your reply Yaro, you’ve established a brand now and due to your experience (including Gideon’s), know how to market to who and when… what I’m saying is you don’t need to know about Magento (you have your pick from hundreds of popular systems out there), all you need is a qualified partner that does – different software and “3rd partner” (although I’m sure Leslie is more than up to it) and repeat… whole new market and profit center which will then feed into your and any other systems you build, including


  • I am not the kind of person that likes working in three. I usually prefer working alone and then if the workload is too much I usually ask for help. When you work alone you know what you want to do and how you need to do the task; the best thing is that you don’t have to coordinate the other partner, who in some cases could cause problems. However I see that sometimes working in two can be the best choice.

    • Pros and cons Edoardo. I’ve had success with both formulas, but I have noticed my success is “bigger” so to speak with a partnership. You just seem to achieve more when you have another person to work with and feel responsible to.

  • Pat

    I LOVE this partnership! I follow all 3 of you guys and I’ve learned so much and have had great success! Not only with my own blog, but a lot of my clients blogs as well. Glad you guys teamed up to show people out there how to really make some $ with a blog! Cheers to many more courses to come!

  • I’m currently in a partnership with two other people and I think it is working out beautifully. I would say that I think it is very important to communicate as clearly as you can and to make sure everyone’s expectations are the same, otherwise disagreements will probably arise. Thanks for the post!

    • So true Thomas – with two partners you have to be extra clear about who is doing what. It’s like a math equation that multiplies with more numbers.

  • Lily

    Congratulations to each of you, Yaro, Gideon and Leslie. The webinar was great, the program is fantastic and Leslie is a fine addition to a great partnership. I love his enthusiasm, his very concise presentation skills, his affable manner and his wonderful smile. Good luck with your partnership.

    • Heyyy, stop trying to make me blush Lily, LOL. No fair!

      Glad you are enjoying the content, and that you are finding value in my smile 🙂

  • Two is better than one, and a threefold cord is not easily broken!

  • fas

    Wow, a very nice way to find talent indeed.

  • It is a good partnership! I think it is a bit difficult to combine 3 people. But you seem to be a good team!

  • I have been following you Yaro,for about 2 years. Never heard of your partners before,but I believe in you,and if you feel that this is a worthy marriage for us and yourself, I trust your judgement Yaro.

  • Hey Guys,

    I have been in a long lasting three way partnership for over 5 years with my partners John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. We have multiple products together and a great friendship.

    I guess it helps that we all used to work together and were friends before business partners. Some people say there are no friends in business, but I feel we have a strong relationship.

    Working as a 3 way gives you 3 times the work rate and 3 times the ideas.

    Great stuff guys, keep it up!

    Dan Sumner

  • Yaro

    great webinar with your fellow bloggers, this blogging course is high quality

  • So true about partnerships and picking the right partners. I can tell BAB 2.0 will be even a bigger improvement over the earlier one. If anyone here is sitting on the fence on this one about becoming an authority and building wealth through blogging, don’t hesitate on any of Yaro’s training materials, they are top notch.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog . com

  • I think that having a new member in a team can be amazingly productive thing if there is that certain “chemistry” going on. It simply has to feel right to everybody in order to work.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Personally I think that 90% of financial success comes down to the individuals attitude and mindset. For instance, take a moment to consider PHd’s and professors, because I know quite a few and not one of them has yet reached the status of self made millionaire although they often have the knowledge to be so and have proved that they know how to learn.

    So it must be soothing else which I am sure is the correct mindset.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Yaro,

    I very much admire individuals who can make partnerships work, especially 3 way partnerships as they can be the most difficult of all.

    Personally, I have never had much luck with partnerships so I suppose that I have to take full responsibility and all of the blame myself. Although for saying that I have enjoys some very valuable joint ventures with the most unlikely of characters.

    Kind regards

    Kevin Martyn

  • “partnerships are a tricky thing to deal with especially as you increase the number of cooks in the kitchen.”<—yeah – you need someone to really manage things at that point. I don't know what I mean by that, exactly, but I know it's true.

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