Become A Blogger Premium Training Program Closes Friday

Gideon Shalwick and I had a long chat last week and we’ve decided to close the doors to new members for our Become A Blogger Premium video training program for a while.

Become A Blogger Premium

We opened the program in December 08 and had well over 850 members join the program, which to be honest was a bit better than we expected. We feel that our capacity is about 1000 people, so we’re going to shut the doors since we are getting close to that number, so we can ensure the first group of students finish the program around the same time and so we can make technical changes to the system.

In case you don’t know what this program is all about, I invite you to head to the sales page and read the details –

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you grab the free report Gideon and I put together, The Roadmap To Become A Blogger, which has now surpassed 13,000 downloads with several hundred new downloads every day coming in. It’s a great report and a great introduction to what we are about as blog trainers.

If you haven’t got your copy yet and you’re interested in succeeding as a blogger, make sure you grab the Roadmap report from here (it’s available in PDF and MP3 audio) –

The Roadmap To Become A Blogger – Free Download

Be sure to read the second half about the X-Factor strategies, as that has proven to be the key learning lesson from the report, especially for those of you who are already experienced with blogs.

The 10 free Become A Blogger videos are always available if you haven’t set up your WordPress blog yet and have now been viewed by over 118,248 people.

The Deadline Is This Friday

We are closing the doors to the premium program on Friday the 6th of February at just before midnight Eastern USA time, so you’ve got a little over 5 days at the time of me posting this article to join.

Now that our program has been running for nearly two months I can report back how well it’s doing. It’s safe to say in terms of member retention, this is the best training program I’ve been a part of yet. We have had an overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic group of people join, who are sticking to the plan and following the process carefully.

We set up a special blog post inside the membership site to collect feedback from our members so we can improve the program and as a tool to collect testimonials from our members. Here’s one of the comments we received –

Honestly Gideon your videos are great! Now that I’m looking at doing business on the internet and watched a few videos from others who claim to be gurus; theirs are really awful, too fast to see what they’re doing and not explaining things in a logical sequence as if done on the fly.

Your teaching skills and videos are in a class of their own. Keep up the good work!


Here’s another that I’m particularly found of…

I am 59, going on 30 (I wish), I am just getting in to this blogging stuff, and I am intending to spread my knowledge of the Plumbing and Welding Industry I have gained in the past 43 years. I am very impressed with your style and the easy to understand methods in the videos. Your instructional skills are second to none. I am a bit of a hard copy freak, and I like that you are able to print out the instructions as well.

Top work Gideon and Yaro, keep it coming.


There’s plenty more where that came from, but I don’t want to make this page too long, so I’ll stop there.

Why Join Become A Blogger Premium

I’m not going to spend too much time selling our program as I think by now you have decided whether you are in a position to benefit from our training, and the sales page does a good enough job talking about what is inside the course.

If you’re new to blogging, enjoy video training, are the type of person who prefers to learn how to do things yourself (or you can’t afford to hire people) and blogging is a part of your online strategy for 2009, I suggest you join our program. There isn’t anything else out there like it, created by people who have actually had success with blogs.

Join Become A Blogger Here

I’ve been asked several times what is the difference between Become A Blogger Premium and Blog Mastermind, my other coaching program (there’s quite a difference). If you are also asking this question, please go read this post and especially the comments that follow it for the answers –

What is the difference between Yaro’s coaching programs?

No Risk To Try, But Don’t Be Late

We won’t be re-opening the premium program until the second half of 2009 after the first group of students graduate, so if you don’t join now you have quite a wait ahead of you.

Since this is a Clickbank product their mandatory 60 day refund period applies, so you can join now and try it for two whole months before you have to decide whether to continue or get a refund. The course goes for six months, but you can cancel at any time during that period.

You receive lifetime access to all resources that you pay for, so you shouldn’t feel pressured that the materials will be taken away from you if you don’t keep paying. There are six monthly payments and that’s it.

Thanks to all the members who have supported us thus far and engaged with our program and I look forward to working with all the new members who join this week and go through this journey with myself and Gideon. I’ll speak to you all in the member teleconferences and inside the private members forum.

Deadline: Friday the 6th of February

Yaro Starak
Become A Blogger Mentor

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Congrats on attaining your goal guys and great work in all that you’ve done to spread the word on blogging, in general.

    I just won your Blog Mastermind program Twitter contest from John Chow earlier today and can’t wait to get started!

    Talk to you soon Yaro and keep up the great training.

  • Hi Yaro,

    thanks for starting this program =)

    it was the best thing that happened to me in my 2008 life (w.r.t business)

    your knowledge and sincerity to help us (bloggers) combined with gideon’s down-to-earth-practical instructions (trust me i couldn’t believe how beginner-friendly it was – it goes down to even teaching you how to unzip a file with step by step instructions!)

    awesome program !

    Thumbs Up!!!

  • Hi Yaro – its Kym!

    Can you please tell me whether this is the same as the blogging mastermind course – or is this altogether different?

    also – how long does this course go for in total?
    I love the sales page – would we learn the specifics of setting up something like that aswell?

    Thanks – hope its not too hot in Brisy!

    • Hey Kym – As I wrote in the above article, if you want details about the differences between my two coaching programs, see this post –

      AND in particular read the comments after the post where Leslie, who is in both of my programs, explains the difference.

      The course is 6 months, with several tutorial videos given to you each week, along with other membership content, private members forums and group teleconference calls with me and Gideon.

      We don’t cover creating sales pages however, the focus is on blogging.

    • Hi Kym,

      I am currently considering putting together a bit of a package on how to compose a sales page, so if you and others like you would like to let me know your interest levels and what sort of things you are after, I would be happy to oblige.

      If anyone is interested, either respond in this post or go to my blog and leave me a comment. My blog is still very new, but don’t get put off by that… Just register your interest and let me know of the areas of content that you are looking for and I will get something over to you.

      If we are all in the same boat, we should try all rowing in the same direction…

      Oh, and Yaro, I love your stuff man. Fellow Queenslander! I can’t wait to get started with your Become a Blogger Premium program.



  • After one month setting up our blogs I am thrilled we are getting into the content production part. I am glad to know that I am part of this success, and I hope to take a more active part on it pretty soon. Looking forward to next videos.

    For whoever is in doubt, I strongly reccomend this one. It is organized and the private forums are extraordinary! The Mindset audio collection is wonderful as well. It all adds up to help you build momentum, which is the hardest part to a beginner. (At least for me.)

    Cheers, D.

  • WOW, that is really a very great offer, I would like to join in, but I don’ have enough money now, I think that when the next time maybe I will join in, will you will continue offer that for people, thanks, Yaro!

    • Yup, it’s still just the beginning of the year. The wallet is a bit thin.

  • Congratulations on exceeding your goal! You guys are not just good bloggers, you are master marketeers.

    While in this program, I hope to absorb as much of your business savy as possible. By the end, I am determined to reach my personal goal — creating a blog that not only informs and entertains but also makes money!

  • Looks like an interesting event. Maybe next time for me, as I’ve only recently began participating in blogs more. I used to be a big forum guy, now predominately on the mic. However, over the weekend I had to set up 2 new blogs. 1 for my wife to use, somewhat cathartic of a use for her. To write how she feels and about her experiences as her mother traverses Alzheimers. The second was a personal one, so not so much for Powerblogging. But good luck to you on this event.

    • Would you mind sharing the link to your wife’s blog? My wife is going through a similar experience and I think she’ll want to check it out. thanks.

  • Andrew Price

    Hello Yaro!
    I’m really keen to join this program and would type in my credit card details right now if it weren’t for the confusion with this program and your ‘Bloggers Mastermind’ program. I listening to your very interesting audio interviews with other bloggers, and I’d like to join whatever program they did!

    The people you interviewed mentioned that they did the bloggers mastermind, but this program is called ‘The Blogger Premium Training’. Are they the same thing? Are they both written by you?

    What is the difference? And which one should I join?

    Please let me know ASAP by replying or emailing me direct:


  • thanks for the hook up. I’ll read through my download this weekend, hope it will really add much value.

  • Internet marketing education is always useful. Nonetheless, you have to watch out for scams. However, any program that demands hard work and no promise of fast return is probably honest.

  • Hi,Thanks for sharing this nice info have a good article with good topic…..keep it up..with best wishes…

  • Of course, the richest people in the California gold rush sold tools to the miners. In other words, the wealth seekers had liitle chance. It’s similar to winning in Las Vegas.

    Nonetheless, that is the rules of the game. If you compete then you have to accept a large risk of loss. Does anyone agree? Disagree?

  • Ohh wow I didn’t even know you had this going Yaro! I will check it out and keep an eye out for the updated version. Those are great numbers by the way!

  • Hi Yoro,

    I regularly visit your website. I downloaded almost all free resources of your site. Each of your products are very informative. Recently, I sign up in This site is also good. However, its premium membership plan little bit pricy for me to afford. If I ever can afford such amount, I would like to join in your in future.
    Thanks for your excellent resources.

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