Affiliate Theme Review – The Perfect WordPress Theme For Marketing

I’ve been in communication with Nate Whitehill from Unique Blog Designs for many months now and today his team have released something that all affiliate marketers should be excited about.

Back in August of 08 Nate and his team decided to begin work on a special WordPress theme that would make life easier for affiliate marketers to create websites.

Many online marketers today use WordPress blogs as their default website content management system to set up landing pages, mini-sites and review sites – stock staples for affiliate marketers. This new premium theme makes the process of creating affiliate marketing sites a select-and-click process, much easier and more efficient than hacking standard WordPress themes or building sites from scratch using Frontpage or Dreamweaver for example.

The theme has been given the very obvious name – Affiliate Theme – and you can read more about it here –

What Is Affiliate Theme?

Affiliate ThemeAffiliate Theme is a premium WordPress theme with a customized back-end administration system that allows you to easily control and test the elements of your website.

I’ve had access to the theme for a few days now and had a play with the interface. If you’ve ever wanted to control the most crucial elements of your WordPress blog without needing to go in and hack the code, this is the theme you need, especially if you set up blog websites to sell affiliate offers.

Here’s a list of some of the customization options –

  • With a single click you can change the entire layout from 1-column, 2-column, 3-column, 4-column, left-column sidebar or right-column sidebar. That effectively means you can test six different website layouts without needing multiple themes.
  • You can control the background colors or images, font typography, homepage title and header graphics.
  • You can easily insert tracking code without needing to hack your theme.
  • Your blog’s navigation system can easily be changed, as well as the footer elements.
  • There are settings for a featured offer on your homepage (like a highlight box) and also individual page offers.
  • and a WHOLE lot more…

Frankly it’s hard to explain this using text, so the best introduction you can have is this video that Nate put together to introduce you to the Affiliate Theme –

How To Profit With Affiliate Theme

Affiliate Theme is designed for affiliate marketers, in particular marketers who use affiliate networks to find offers in many different niches they then promote with websites.

As a classic example, and something that Affiliate Theme is perfect for, you might choose to target a dating affiliate offer. To do this you set up a website that offers dating tips and advice and send people to dating websites using your affiliate link and earn commissions whenever a person signs up via your site. Some people make hundreds of thousands of dollars right now using this exact strategy.

With the Affiliate Theme you can set up your dating website, or as many dating websites as you like, in a matter of moments just by clicking a few links in the admin area. You could then test different theme layouts to see which gets the most clicks so you can maximize your conversion.

The theme is ideal for people who are practicing any form of niche marketing online, who set up multiple websites to sell different offers in different niches. It’s especially good if you’re not technical but can’t afford a tech person to help with every change, because Affiliate Theme let’s you easily control the most important elements of your site – the elements that you test to make more money – without ever needing to look at code or upload files to a server.

If this sounds like something you do now, or you’re currently learning how to do niche marketing and want a very easy way to set up websites, Affiliate Theme is a very good choice – the best WordPress theme I know of today for this in fact.

Click here for more details about Affiliate Theme

Are There Any Problems With Affiliate Theme?

When I first logged into the Affiliate Theme admin area in the test site I had access to, I was initially overwhelmed. Given the amount of control you have over your site, the amount of options you face can be daunting. Once I started to play with the settings and see how they impact the look of my site, it started to become much easier, but you need to prepare for a learning curve.

Normally I find with technology like this and of course as the 80/20 rule dictates, after some playing around and developing a few sites you will only end up using a handful of the options available. It will be your ability to test by changing those few options that you will deliver the real leverage, but it will take some time to figure out what those options are.

Let me also state the obvious – simply setting up an affiliate website is not going to make you money. You need to go to work to drive traffic to your site using whatever techniques you know and start making sales. Affiliate Theme is not a magic button, rather a tool to make the process much simpler and more efficient.

Nate has assured me that in future versions of the Affiliate Theme, there will be support for easily adding an opt-in box to the layout and also options for creating squeeze pages and sales pages, so effectively a blog theme for Internet marketers. I’m truly excited about these ideas, but of course for now the focus is on affiliate marketing, so the theme is lacking the email integration options I’d like to see.

There really aren’t any major issues with the theme, except of course if you can’t afford it. This is a premium theme starting at $97 for a single site license and $147 if you want to use it across multiple sites. If you’re focusing on one authority blog then you only need the single site license, but if you are a true affiliate marketer operating in many niches, you will need to purchase the multiple use license so you can set up as many sites with the theme as you like.

The Extras

To help combat that initial overwhelm I mentioned, the UBD team have put together a video resource library to show you how to make use of their theme. There’s also a knowledge base and a support forum.

Pre-made templates are plugged into the theme, which you can select with a drop down box. The templates are great if you are in niches like dating, home business, health, anti-aging, weight loss, ringtones, car insurance and skin products, or you can make adjustments on an element-by-element basis (header, footer, background, etc) to construct your site how you want it to look.

If you like to get your hands dirty and play with the code (you sick puppy), then Affiliate Theme has a clean designers interface with fully commented code. Of course you can do pretty much everything with this theme without ever looking at code, but the code interface is there if you’re an advanced user.

By far the best bonus are the interviews with expert affiliate marketers, including me :-). You can listen to guys like Ryan Wade, Zac Johnson, John Chow, Gobala Krishnan, Jonathan Volk and Jim Kukral talk about how they make hundreds of thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing.

Of course the reason why you would buy this product is for the theme, but there’s some pretty good support features and bonuses to help sweeten the deal.

You can see the full breakdown of what you get here –

Affiliate Theme complete details

Do You Need This Theme?

If you like to have control of how your blog website looks but can’t afford a tech person to make the changes for you, a once off fee of $97 is a pretty darn affordable option to give you more power over your site. If you operate in more than one niche, then $147 is still very reasonable for an unlimited site license.

If your blog is functioning well and you are comfortable making design changes by yourself, then you don’t need this theme. If you find yourself setting up new blogs every week, then using Affiliate Theme will make things a lot easier and much more effective, plus you get the power to easily test different aspects of your site – and testing is the key for big success online.

Affiliate Theme has the backing of a team of people who are by far the leaders in their field. I don’t know of any blog design company I would recommend above Unique Blog Designs and Nate Whitehill is just a great guy. The fact that it’s these guys who created Affiliate Theme and are backing it, is a real confidence boost, plus of course you have the usual money back guarantees with Affiliate Theme, so you have no excuses for not giving it a shot.

Here’s the link one more time –

Yaro Starak
Affiliate Marketer

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  • Very nice theme. I liked haw easy it was to change the look and color for site. There is a lot packed into it. Well worth the price.

  • I don’t know Yaro, for that price I can get a unique theme and I can talk to the designer to make it for affiliate marketing.
    It’s a little bit pricy maybe :S

    • Ganar – if you have a designer who can get you a theme that you can change over and over again, including testing all kinds of tiny variables (6 different layouts, unlimited background color changes, unlimited header design changes, footers, feature boxes, calls to action, etc) for under $100 bucks – you’re doing very well.

    • Hey Ganar,
      I sure would like to meet this designer of yours too. Very nice theme, it is. If I was into marketing I’d go for it, really I would.
      I’m not into making money just following my dream if money comes then it comes.
      I like my three column neo classical for the time being while I figure out what I’m doing and how to put my graphic novel on line it will do.

      Thanks for showing this Yaro I do know someone who would like it so I’ll pass it on.

      Onwards and upwards

  • Ganar – you said it..

    I use and it has lot more flexibility (framework wise) ..and a price tag wayyy less…unless I am missing something here.

    May be Yaro can put a comparison chart for us 🙂


    • Hey Deep – Ahh, that’s a different story. Comparing Affiliate Theme to Thesis is a much better fight. Thesis is, as far as I can tell based on feedback from my students, and awesome premium theme for WordPress and similarly priced.

      I definitely recommend checking it out as well, though I suspect the difference might be the focus on affiliate marketing with Affiliate theme, but I really should try Thesis before making conclusions. Brian Clark suggested I try it a while ago so I should give it a go and perhaps write a comparison review.

      • Dan

        Second in line to read a comparison review… Been looking longingly at Thesis for quite some time now…

      • It will be nice to read the comaprison of the two themes. Though those are both good for different purposes.

  • Beautiful! This is perfect for what I want to do, I know exactly how I am going to use this : ) UBD are going to do well off of this one.

  • Yaro,

    I’ve read quite a bit about Affiliate Theme over the past couple of days. The customization issue is what initially made me choose my Blogger’s Workshop’s current theme (FlexxTheme), but this looks like it might offer even more options.

    If it’s anything like FlexxTheme, it’s not for people who enjoy coding, hacking themes, and general “tinkering”. That’s not me. I prefer to be able to set up a theme the way I want it, without having to spend a lot of time screwing around with the details. For those of us who are more interested in producing great content than tinkering with our blogs, this looks like a great option.

    I also like that the multi-use license is quite affordable. I imagine that there’s a bit of a learning curve involved with using Affiliate Theme, so it would be nice to know that once you’ve learned your way around, you can set up additional blogs in a fraction of the time it takes to set up your first one using this theme.

    Thanks for posting this – I’m sure many of your readers will find it quite useful, and I imagine it will save them quite a bit of time and money as well!

    Ganar dinero – I’m likewise impressed if you can retain a theme designer for such a small fee. I’m currently going through bids to design a header for Blogger’s Workshop, and I’ve yet to find anyone willing to do it for under $150 – and that’s just for the rotating header images.

  • Dude…

    You rock Yaro!

    this is an awesome resource! thanks so much!


  • I’m with Deep on this – another happy Thesis user. Plus some sites that use other Chris Pearson themes as well. The Thesis developer license is a little more expensive than Affiliate Theme – but there’s an option that allows clients to use my license, at $40 a site, so in all it’s a good option for me.

    For my clients, I tend to use the same ol’ layout time & again, just making minor changes to the masthead image and background image. The few plugins I use are just uploaded with the them each time. So in less than an hour we have a fully operational site! Can’t beat that 🙂

    • I’ve just had word back from Nate and a “developers” licence for people who want to sell sites using Affilate Theme is $397. Not bad considering how much value it adds!

  • It’s interesting to see the new themes that are out there. I recently just changed my theme and know the hassle of figuring out how to work a new layout. I can see how this theme would be appealing.

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for the rec.

    I’ve been using the FLEXX theme for the past few months and again it is one-click to change things…great for those who are non-technical.

    I shall check out this new theme as well…always great to be able to offer customers a choice!

    Thanks again.


  • The customisation options look impressive. What is surprising to me is that themes like this only seem to be appearing now. “Theme shopping” is such a bore and so time consuming that it may be worth the learning curve involved in getting on top of this theme

  • Looks great. Thank for the link. It’s a nice looking theme.

  • Awesome Yaro!

    I’ll definitively learn more about this new theme, and let my readers and subscribers know more about it.

    Thank you.


  • One very discouraging issue with all the premium theme vendors, they all rely on one payment method to publishers which is paypal. If you’re an African based publisher like myself, you can’t join any affiliate program since paypal only allows African users to pay and not receive any funds through their facility.

    Am glad Google doesn’t discriminate in that way, we’re able to participate in their adsense program and get paid by cheque.each month. The day these vendors also open up to other forms of payments to affiliate they’ll realise that African publishers all have great value to contribute on their bottom line.

    As for PayPal, I real don’t know for how long will Africans be banned from using their facility to receive funds, we’re also part and parcel of the internet economy.

  • I agree – theme shopping is a drag. A lot of scrolling and clicking, too. Ugh. So, having one theme that can be adapted looks great. But, then again, I wonder if that’ll be the wave of the future? Easily adaptable premium themes?

    I’ll want to shake things up on my blog next year. This looks like a likely prospect. But who knows what else might come down the pike in the meantime?
    Thanks for keeping us updated on all these new goodies, Yaro.

  • For a non-techie can someone tell me how it compares to the Thesis theme which I bought recently to use it for all of my websites ?

    and thanks to Yaro for once again sharing something that can make life easier for people.

    • I’m interested in the answer to this as well.

      For a non-technical person, the advanced themes I’ve tried can be quite difficult to configure

  • I really like this theme, I actually made a whole site using the theme and I review the theme using the site. Someone had to do it, but it’s a great example of what everything looks like.

    Check it out at AffiliateThemeReview.Com

  • I actually got an e-mail from UBD about this theme, it is great to hear that you believe it is a good tool and worth the investment. I’m new to Affiliate Marketing, and am using your site as a starting point.

  • I’ve been looking into the Thesis theme myself…I like that its so customizable and I’ve been seeing it everywhere in all sorts of forms. I’d definitely look forward to reading an in-depth comparison of the two themes features before making a choice.

  • Thanks again, Yaro
    Once again you’ve shown that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! The ‘Affiliate Theme’ is very clean and showcases the affiliate product without being pushy or loud at all. Very nice.

    Best regards,

  • Until Nate comes up with a way for Opt-in, is there an alternative way to place an Opt-in form for someone with minimum tech skills?

    Do any of the similar click and point themes have a way for Opt-in? I’m in the process of turning a couple of websites into blogs and not having an Opt-in would be a deal breaker.

    Am currently shopping for a theme.

  • I use Thesis and love my theme.

    But I would use Affiliate Theme for promoting affiliate products. I really liked the different layouts, color changes and how easy it is to change the headers and footers. It has a lot going on.


  • I did a custom project with Nate. He’s great… and his programming team are pretty good.His outsourced team is not so great at design. His partner Matt helped me put together my blog that is similiar to Darren Rowse. It was an up and down deal but I would recommend these guys for any WP custom design.

    I plan on grabbing the affiliate templates but find that Google isn’t really that friendly now with WP themes because of the debacle over the weight loss blog ads that were around the internet for a few weeks… Google has really shot down these type of sites.

    • Thank you for all of the great feedback and compliments, everyone! Our sincere goal is to make your life easier by using the Affiliate Theme for any of your affiliate web properties, and we believe it’s a great starting point. We’ll be putting in a massive amount of effort to improve it over time, and we hope to receive more feedback from everyone!


      Thank you for your recommendation! Just a heads up, I personally designed your site (along with some design done by Nate), and I’m not an outsourced designer. 🙂 It’s all done in-house.

    • It’s always amazing to see how helpless we are with Google. You know what? If you depend on Google or any single entity for the primary source of traffic to your site, then you will always stand on thin ice.

      Don’t let Google or any other entity hold your business hostage. There is always a way around any difficult project. Be creative, use a combination of offline and online tactics to market your stuff.

  • Tia Lynn

    I too would really love to see a comparison between this Affiliate theme and Thesis. I’ve used Thesis on one site as a test, and was planning on buying a license for multiple sites. But it’d be nice to know if there was something better before I do that. It’s such a bummer to buy a new toy.. uh, tool, and then there’s something that works better.

  • Sounds interesting, I think I’ll give it a try. And by the way – really impressive review!

  • […] 2. Yaro Starak prepare professional review of this theme here: The Perfect WordPress Theme For Marketing […]

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing but I use the “Thesis theme” by Chris Pearson. I have everything I need. Thanks again,


  • This looks like a very good looking theme. I am just starting out, but it seems like it makes sense to invest in starting with something good vs. playing around with so many other “not so hot” themes that don’t have what I will need.

  • I really like it. Easy to change the layout and very suitable for affiliate marketeers to work as review site. Thanks Yaro.

  • This is an awesome out-the-box theme, and although it is pricier than other themes available, the complete lack of development and tweaking work needed really appeals to me. I am currently sitting with a purchased theme that I can’t use because I can’t get it to work right and the developers are “too busy” to tweak it for me. Enough said!

  • Good looking theme! It´s funny how much the blogs appearance matter when it comes to make money.It has to look professional or it is not credible.I just changed my blog theme to WP Cutline 2.2, the more simple the less it will confuse visitors I think.

  • Man, I wish I had the patience to learn php….there’s serious money in blog design..

  • Hey Yaro,

    I purchased this theme on your recommendation, so far I’m frustrated with it but I can see that it will probably work out fine in the end.

    I’ve been trying to do something really simple, just create a landing page, text, video and a call to action button at the bottom. Man I can’t get the sucker to work.

    I’m used to just flying through this kind of stuff in 5 minutes and so spending hours fiddling with this is quite annoying for me. I did make a post in the forum and Nate was quick to respond although I’ve still not been able to get the answer I was looking for.

    The support forum timed out for me and some weird bug won’t allow me to get back in to make another post. I had to create a 2nd user account and once that timed out, same deal with that…driving me crazy!

    I can see how this theme could be really great, I just wish I could hit the ground running with it instead of being held up at the starting gates.

  • Nice theme, I like it a lot, it might be a lot easier than creating a new theme every time or looking for the right theme when you can just mod this one sooo easy. Keep up the good work.

  • I just read about the affiliate theme on another blog today but you went into more detail about how it works, what it does, and why it is great.

  • I don’t understand the importance of a theme for marketing. I think quality matters. Maybe I am a novice in the field of marketing.

  • Wow this is so useful. As somebody who has a couple of websites and wants to add affiliates in this is useful information. I have always wondered why somebody hasn’t customized blogs and made them easier as even though it is getting easier it is still hard for non tech people to understand

  • This theme is definitely their work than previous one. I like how customizable it is so I even consider using it.

  • Tanner

    About the Optin option, is it possible to incorporate a
    sliding opt in here or not?

  • It looks great!

    Although im not a big fan of paying for WP themes (only cause I know how to customize the free ones) this specific theme looks like it may be a wise investment.



  • Aidan

    Yaro, I watched your BlogMastermind Video this morning and am actually reading the Roadmap and the Blueprint as I write this post for you. Man I thought that the video was extremely informative and motivating. I have spent the 2 weeks previous to last reading about Affiliate marketing and how to get started with that. But they didn’t tell me how to set up my site to market from. I am going to try to take what I learned there and what I am learning from you to create my own blog in the near future. Keep up the great work and don’t be suprised if you find my name in your coaching box in the future. I want to learn from the best.



  • The themes look great, but do they help with the SEO results or do they just get viewers more interested in your blog?

  • I use the Thesis Theme. After looking at the Affiliate Theme website, and reading the reviews, it seems clear they are both good administrative function controllers, but for my buck, the Thesis community and the lifetime of upgrades is the kicker.

    I’m no coding wizard, but my site looks great, thanks to Thesis.

  • I was tempted by affiliate theme as I liked the idea but on the sales page half of the template examples they give are for scam CPA offers like Acai, Emillionaire, Govt Grants etc. I am not going to buy anything from someone who promotes scams or helps/encourages others to do so!

    • I agree. This theme is overpriced and under-supported. At first I thought the problems I had with it were just my tech challenged brain, but I’ve spent three months trying to get my problems resolved through their (pseudo) support, and two local developers have told me that the software is broken.
      Yaro, I have great respect for you and your advice – but you must be a very special bloke if you can get this thing to work properly. I’ve taken the theme off all other sites I’ve got and gone back to free themes, which work great. I left the one above in the hopes that someone may come along and help me with it. I sure don’t have any hopes that the UBD team will deign to help me OR return my money.

  • WordPress is an exciting open source technology that has enabled many bloggers to get started with their business without spending too much money.At the end of the day, people pay more attention to your content and less to eye-candy features on your website. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your Website’s layout completely.

  • We are looking for something like this as well to use with our own affiliates, and this may be a perfect out-of-the-box solution for us!

    You can bet we got cookied for this one. 😉


  • Well I guess this works much better than the thesis theme?

  • I am interested in buying this, but mine is actually blog that uses affiliate links contextually, ie a review of a book and I would want to add affiiate links to that. Is this theme good for that or only static sites?

  • Yeah, I’ve heard that after I began spending so much time trying to make my site LOOK nice with html, php and css. Now I see all these bloggers using basic wordpress layouts, but putting all the quality in the content. If you think about it, all the biggest websites are plain and basically white, but have tons of cool features and content.

  • Hi There!!

    I definitely going to recommend the guys from Unique Blog Desings. The’ve made such a cool job with their themes! I have their free-money making theme for my blog and it looks very professional and clean.

  • wow very interesting theme. love the customization features.

  • It does make the theme limited though. I mean soon every affiliate blog will look similar and that will kinda make it dry.

  • Your Message Hi Yaro I am starting a coaching and training, speaking business and eventually selling products.
    Would you suggest Thesis or the Affiliate Theme. I would like to do some affiliate marketing but haven’t defined that yet.

    • Valerie they are both great themes and which ever you choose you will be in good hands. While technology is important, it’s more important what you do with the blog rather than what bits go together to make it work technically.

  • […] Yaro Starak (Entrepreneur’s Journey) – The Perfect WordPress Theme For Marketing […]

  • […] Yaro Starak (Entrepreneur’s Journey) – The Perfect WordPress Theme For Marketing […]

  • it is really nice way to Perfect WordPress Theme For Marketing by this nice article..

  • Yaro –

    What theme are you using? I’m starting out as an affiliate marketer, but I was thinking more along the lines of one blog, one niche first and then going really deep into that niche.

    Is this theme more for just purely hardsell affiliates, or will it look like this blog?


    • Jessica, my blog doesn’t have a premium theme, it has a custom theme done by Nate and his team at I don’t maintain this theme myself beyond adding content to the blog of course.

      If you were interested in managing a theme like mine I would suggest thesis or headway, however affiliate theme and squeeze them could also do it. It really depends on your skill level. Of course you would still need a designer to create the layout for you, unless you can manipulate graphics and HTML/CSS yourself.

      Have a read of all the blog theme reviews in my site and then make up your mind.

  • Beautiful! This is perfect for what I want to do, I know exactly how I am going to use this : ) UBD are going to do well off of this one.

  • Hello,

    I’ve purchased the affiliate theme by unique blog designs, and unfortunately, I am having the hardest time with customization for this theme. I would like to outsource this to someone that is familiar with this theme.

  • This theme is great for affiliates. Love the customizations as well. Can’t go wrong with it as an affiliate!

  • Ali

    OMG, this article was a life-saver for me. i’m new to blogging and very intimidated by code so have been using a free theme. Whenever it’s not functioning correctly i have no idea what to do! I have no doubt affiliate theme will be worth the investment. This is exactly what I have been needing. I was thinking blogging may not be for me, I’ve been so frustrated. But now I’m syked!

  • Hi, i like the theme your site is using very much, can you tell me is this a ready-for-use theme or you have done some design by yourself, my site’s theme is very ugly, and i want to change it. You can see my email, hope you can reply me. Thanks.

  • I don’t think there are that many people who realizes how important a website template in terms of how the layout NEEDS to look, is. At the end of the day they would wonder why their return rate would be so poor.

  • I want to start off by saying that I am a relatively new blogger (Oct. 2010).
    Two days ago while trying to add some code recommended for manual insertion of social media buttons, my site crashed.
    Yes, WHITE DEATH and I learned something very important because of it.
    The theme you choose must have excellent support in place.
    This theme did not.
    I have yet to hear from the themes developer or anyone on WordPress’ forum.
    I went with PageLine and have to say after hours of tweaking with still a long way to go, this post came a day late and a dollar short.
    But Yaro, I appreciate the advice.
    Almost went with Thesis.
    Why not?
    Because Thesis doesn’t offer a free version of the theme which gives you the ability to play around and check things out before shelling out a hundred bucks for a pro version.
    Something all future developers may want to keep in mind.
    All the best,

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