Timing Is Everything In Affiliate Marketing – Read This Now

I ran two affiliate promotions recently for very similar products at very similar pricing points. The promotion techniques were also very similar, and although there are many variables involved, there’s a powerful conclusion you can make as a result of this test.

One promotion, as I type this, is nearing $5,000 in commissions.

The other is nearing $500.

So what gives? Why did one do ten times better than the other?

The answer is TIMING.

One product was brand new to the market and I was one of the very first people to promote it.

The other I was very late to the show and as a result most people who were likely to purchase already had.

This is a lesson that always holds true, and there are some powerful reasons why.

Why You Need To Act Fast As An Affiliate

If you ever want to make good money as an affiliate, here’s some very sound advice about why you need to promote early and promote often when a product is first released –

  1. When a product is new, it’s NEW. New sells a lot more than old because people are interested in new things.
  2. When a product is new, no one has bought it yet. The entire market is still up for grabs. Those who act quickly stand to gain the most.
  3. New products are often launched with a lot of buzz. You can ride along with that buzz and benefit from the excitement. That’s why the launch formula works, and it can help affiliates too, as long as you have the right timing.

I Have Something New – Now Is Your Chance To Have Good Timing

I’ve just finished switching over my affiliate program to Clickbank. All my current affiliates have to set up new accounts with the system and replace their old affiliate links with the new ones. All existing affiliates should have received an email about this already.

Blog Mastermind is now available to promote under the new system. As a result of this change, I am once again able to offer the $97/month option for those who can’t afford the $497 upfront payment (this is also an opportunity for smart affiliates – I’ll email details about this shortly).

However, and this is really exciting, I have something new that is about to launch, which many of you know is coming already.

I’m finally going to do an official public opening of my Membership Site Mastermind training program and the launch is just about ready to start rolling.

If you want to get in on the ground floor as an affiliate, now is the time to join. Here’s the link –

The Yaro Starak Affiliate Program

Once you sign up you will be on my affiliate email newsletter. I only send details about opportunities with my affiliate program to that newsletter, so as to not clutter this blog with too much promotional content, so if you want in, go register now.

Once you register you will have your personal affiliate links to promote Blog Mastermind immediately, and then Membership Site Mastermind once it is ready to roll. New and existing affiliates should go straight to this address now and sign-up –


I look forward to working with you.

Yaro Starak
Making New Things

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Yay first comment. : ) On the case already. Thanks.

  • Just checked my affiliate account and it seems to be okay
    Perhaps a message in the old affiliate account telling people to change their links might be appropriate

  • Hi Yaro, just wondering what factors made you move to vlickbank and where did u move from?



  • I have just promoted my first affiliate product. However it is not new.

    I would only promote a product that I tried and which really works, so it would take time to try it. Therefore I would not be able to promote a brand new product but I see the point in your post.

  • I agree, super affiliate always looking for new product to promote before the crowd.

  • I anxiously await of your affiliate program. I will going through your blog course and I can’t wait to get myself going with blogging.


  • joe

    Hmm why switching over to clickbank for the affil program?

  • Affiliates trust clickbank more than a in house system. Also there is no hassle in receiving payments. You get 1 check with all the affiliate earnings in it.

    In fact I was wondering why Yaro did not have the program in clickbank before this time.

  • I disagree, selling a new product can be just as dificult, if not more difficult, than sellding an old product

  • Actually Chris, the point being made here is that with a new product, the market is not already saturated. Chances of getting visitors that have never seen the product before are higher. Also if you get in early, the possibility of dominating the search engines for that product name are higher…if you run with the early bird advantage

  • Flawed logic my friend. If the products were very similar, the one you promoted first to your audience would sell best…. probably by a large margin. You satisfied the need your list had for that type of product with the first endorsement, even if perhaps the second product was far superior.

    • That’s a good point Brian (is that you in the gravatar photo? – it doesn’t look like it), and I did mention there are other variables involved.

      I don’t think there’s a conclusive argument to made here, but there are definitely some points to consider –

      – Getting in early and first is good
      – What product you promote first usually sells better if the products are similar in terms of the need they meet
      – How you state the offer in each promotion will impact things to a huge degree as well
      – What one person considers a superior product will not be the same as another, due to different motivations to buy

      There are too many variables to consider, but lots of good points to make. Thanks for brining that point up.

      • Dude, that’s not my gravatar. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth looking at it. ­čÖé

  • That’s great news Yaro!

    Means more money for all of us. Im sure it will be a great success.

  • Solid advice Yaro. As a beginning blogger, I constantly feel as though I’m swimming in the wake of thousands of other successful bloggers who are ahead of me. This is especially true of affiliate marketing. Hopefully I can differentiate and find new readers who haven’t be exposed to as many affiliate marketing pitches as the average blog reader (if that’s possible).

  • It so much easier to promote product when it’s new. Lack of competition is even better than high price.

  • Affiliate marketing is one of those industry where you have to be the first ones. If you are among the first then you won’t benefit the most. Remember why stores compete for the product to be out in their store first because at this time demand is high and you are the only place that they can get it from. So most likely they will get it. When another store have it you are sharing your business.

  • I also agree. Timing is everything in an affiliate marketing. In my opinion, I also think that new products sell better than old ones because people like to try something new. The don’t like old things. They like to be in row with the fashion.

  • The only thing that new might bring that you didn’t mention was the fact that it also may be a failure. Being so new may not be as great as waiting a while to see what that product is doing. If you do that you will either join in on the new products cash flow or avoid the heartache of it crushing you.
    I do feel that timing is crucial, in any product new or old. Whether it is knowing when to jump in or jump out timing is key but it is not always that easy, if it was everyone would be rich.

  • There are a lot of things that you can do to succeed in affiliate marketing. Besides timing, you must also learn how to nurture your prospects. Not all of your leads will qualify in your marketing campaign; however, you also cannot afford to let go of the unqualified ones, since they can be useful later on.

  • Good to see your affiliate program on Clickbank. Though I would want to agree with what you say, I still feel that there is some part of it where I would disagree. If a product is good and carries value, then you might see a slight dip in sale in the short term. But in the long term it will still give you the same result as any other product. If the products are evaluated for success after some time, the results should measure to be the same and there should not be considerable difference in the performance of the two products.

  • Brilliant way of marketing your own new product, introducing it with the story of two marketing campaigns, one doing well, the other not so well.
    At the same time you cover your back saying that there are other issues as well, but you don’t go into them.
    With this I am not saying that your product is not good, I bet it is.
    I also did not see a reply on why you are now affiliating via cb, instead of your till now usual source.
    Some people will go with old and known products, others with the new products. Maybe those going for the new, have already tried the old, and for whatever reason, it did not work out for them. Whatever reasons – can be anything you want.

  • I equate it to surfing.

    Find a big wave and get on it early you can ride it longer.

    There are still some hidden breaks that have very little competition and give a you a great ride as well – so keep an eye out for those as well!

  • Yaro,
    I just signed up with you, to promote the Blog Mastermind. After studying become a blogger, I wanted so much to promote the Mastermind as well as study it for my self. Now my wishes had been fulfilled.

  • Awww hope I am not too late. Your blog mastermind sells really well!

  • Am just starting to get my feet wet in the blogosphere, and affiliate marketing is going to come once my WordPress endeavours are sorted. Having people like you to guide me is definitely making the journey infinitely easier. Thanks Yaro!

  • couldn’t agree more. timing is everything, as timing is everything in biz as well!

  • Yes, timing’s important and you can get good results by looking ahead to what products will be released in a few months (or more) and getting started on pages promoting them early.

    That way they can be ranking on the search engines for when the product is released. You couldn’t do that if you waited until just before the release date – it takes some time to get good rankings.

  • Perhaps there is a way for affiliate marketers to provide new stuff but not necessarily
    new products.

    Obviously, for various reasons, some people cannot create their own products. However, they can produce a blog with fresh free content. The free content would drive customers toward a proven winner (with or without an email list). It might be the same old thing but it always converts.

    I don’t think that new things always produce a good response. People often like familiar things. For example, the Coca Cola company produced a new version of Coke in the 1980’s which didn’t do so well. Therefore, they started making “Classic Coke”. In my hometown, they overplay classic rock on the radio. However, people like it. I think it’s overplayed but it’s a proven winner.

    Finally, I think that fresh free content which directs buyers toward a well known product can be just as good as a fresh new product (in many instances). Therefore, the buyers get something new but also get something with solid reputation.

  • I agree. Market saturation is a big problem. Saturation in combination with a bad economy has dried up sales completely for many niches.

    I think jobs are a recession resistant niche so I’m trying to promote them on my sites.

  • Yes, Yaro. It makes total sense when some new product comes out that you need to step in first, so that by the day it hits big news and every affiliate knows about it, it will be old; you’ll have more competition by that time and will so need to put in even more weight. Thanks for reminding me.

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