How To Run An Affiliate Competition During Your Next Product Launch

Do you know what Apple TV is? I didn’t either, so I decided to buy one. I explain how it works in this video, then I show you the Sony Bravia 40″ LCD television I won in an affiliate competition, which leads us to the real topic of today’s video – how and why you would want to run an affiliate competition during your next product launch.

Let me know what you think of the Viddler video quality. Ironically I did go over 10 minutes, although I did manage to get it up on YouTube as well. I think the quality looks better on Viddler though.

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  • Your video posts are great indeed, but please don’t exclude your written stuff totally. You have a great way with words, and always do substantial posts which makes really enthralling reading!

  • Hey Man, You really pumped apple in that video!! hope it works out for you. Was wondering if you submit your videos through tube mogul or do you do it directly to each hub??


  • Yaro! Thanks for keeping it under 11 🙂 I actually started wandering at 5min with your links on the page. Had to come back! Serrious now…

    Pretty good.

    Nice and clear, no ads across the screen even better. What kind of camera did you use?

    You may want to try as they do live HD streaming with no bogging buffering or hanging up. They are improving the platform and the customer support as they are just moving out of startup.

    Over all a great video. Some key ideas to implement in our newest product launch in two weeks. Looking forward to your launch. Oh yeah btw. Your European trip inspired me and my family of 8 to do like wise for 7 through Paris and Amsterdam. Now in summer were coming to Austrailia for two months! 🙂

  • Fantastic quality of the video. Good presentation.

  • Diogo Slov

    Both posts I don’t have headphones, both posts I have no clue on what’s being said. Video is cool, but it has its limitations for some visitors. Hope to see you back soon in text.


  • Very well-done. I thought the quality was pretty good actually. Better than youtube. I might have to start using viddler more. I use tubemogul to upload my videos to both (and some others), but I think I will start using viddler. Pretty sleek look.

  • Video quality was great. Video is way better than reading.

  • apple TV, I didn’t even know they had apple TV well you learn something new everyday. you continue to give very value information Great Post!

    • Apple TV has been out for a while now… however even though I know about it I don’t know exactly what it does. If Yaro could talk about that more then that would be cool.

  • ADD

    I don’t watch videos. Period. I was enjoying your blog and checking every day for new posts. I’ll have to unsubscribe if you go to video only, and that’s a shame, because I think I’ve read every post on this blog.

    Consider that not everyone is on the video bandwagon. And as for your role model in doing videos, acting like a jerk doesn’t win points with most people.

    Please no comments trying to convince me to watch videos. I have reasons that will not change for not being able to watch videos. You’re free to do what you want; it’s your blog. But you may not realize how much of your audience liked to just read a blog.

  • Tobias Zimpel

    Hey Yaro,

    quality of the video is great. But a video is hard to scan for interesting content, so I hope you do get back to writing. I just don’t want to go through 11 minutes of video to know if the information was valuable – instead I want to scan an article in seconds to know if it will contain valuable information for me. Also, often only some parts of an article are useful to me and my particular situation.

    Video is great for technical tutorials, step-by-step procedures, of for things that need the cisual component to be understandable. But it’s utterly useless to present information that is rather textual than visual.

    I really enjoy your deep articles, but this is a path I’m sure I won’t follow you on – my time is to valuable to spend it on 10-minutes-maybe-or-not-there-is-something-in-there-I-don’t-already-know Videos.



    • Dempsey

      I’m with Tobias here, Yaro – love your work (LOVE it!) and miss being able to scan for content. While video is fun and it’s nice to see and hear you, do please keep writing as well.

      Thanks so very much for all you do!

  • Yeah video quality is really good. I’ve also never heard of Apple TV.. probably because I’m from Europe.

    I’ve also held affiliate competitions more than once and the results were always good 🙂

  • Great idea. Small giveaways for readers would work too. Essentially they are customers (or potential customers at least) so rewarding them every once and awhile is good customer service. The prize could be in return for some feedback, joining an email list, best comment, etc or it could be “just because”. Great quality video btw and no ads, yay!

  • Cool video 😀

    BTW, for future reference, has amazing video quality. There’s an option to have HD or not, and even if you don’t they’re still great quality 🙂

  • Thats a good video, but what you said, can be covered in 5 minutes. Yaro, please try to make 5 minute videos and save the time of the readers (viewers) because video cannot be “scanned” like text articles.

  • Great video with amazing quality

  • Hi Yaro,

    Nice video and great quality. I have to agree with you on Viddler. I have my videos on both Viddler & YouTube, but definitely prefer Viddler.

    And they have this extra great feature (when not used too much) that you didn’t use: comments ‘in’ the video. For demo purposes I added one about Apple 😉

    Just as mentioned in one of the previous comments, how do you get Google credit/recognition for content mentioned in a video?


  • Yaro, I think your implementation of video is smart and you should continue doing so. It’s a matter of combining text, audio, video with the proper balance depending on the nature of your site. Don’t choose one over the other but instead find the proper balance of all.

    I like your videos and like anything else that is new, it will take a bit of trial and error b 4 u get completely down to a science with how you choose to use video on your site. I think its great and necessary for you to grow and expand your business. I am currently doing the same on my site.

    take care

  • If you wanted the video under 10min, you could have cut out the first 40 seconds talk about how you were going to keep it under 10minutes?

  • Congrats on the TV…that is a great prize.

    Keep up with the video it adds great value to your blog.


  • Hi Yaro,
    I agree with your readers about to not make your blog a vblog.
    I’m not an English-spoken person ( as you can see… I’m from Italy ! 🙂
    so for me it’s more easy to read contents instead of watch videos !! ^__^

  • I think Viddler video quality is great for sure, and for this particular video you are right that the Viddler Quality is a little bit better than the youtube one. However… I would still upload it to youtube at the least every time, because… we all know youtube is the biggest video site, so might as well hehe.

    On one note of the video… you said about you not watching TV much, I think that is becoming quite a large trend, and it’s great to see websites like coming to the scene and integrating a much more pleasant experience of the viewers. 🙂

    Till then,


  • Give a ways are always great to promote as long as what you are giving away can be covered by what you are promoting. The only bad thing about give a ways is that most of the time the small guy has no chance of getting it so they don’t even try which can be a loss for both prize receiver and giver.

  • Yaro, hope you don’t mind me being honest here, but I feel a reason why Gary Vaynerchuck is so good on video is because he is the expressive sort – passionate, full of energy, and entertaining… personalities that you don’t have. So… I feel you should stick to writing 🙂

  • I read blogs at work 😀 and watching a video isn’t to good for my job.
    Anyway it’s a good and informative video.
    And yep, I like Viddler more too.

  • Hi, excellent video quality … I really like your work shot on video, I love to watch more than read … 🙂

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