Video Interview With Fran Kerr: 3 Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Blog With YouTube Videos

I had breakfast last weekend with my good friend, Fran Kerr who blogs at Fran has enjoyed some pretty amazing results, growing her audience to over 6000 daily subscribers, and much of that growth has come thanks to YouTube video marketing.

In this video Fran offers three quick tips for improving your results marketing with YouTube. Keep an eye on the background in this video and you will see all kinds of things going on (see if you can spot the ibis!).

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  • I have been doing a couple of youtube videos to try and drive traffic to my blog. Like blogging, it needs to be built up. You don’t just get 1,000,000 views in one day, you need to work hard to drive traffic.

    It is also hard for me on my blog as the make money online niche doesn’t really make for a good funny viral video. But I really liked the tips and I am going to apply them all and hopefully see some good results on my blog

    • Just wondering why my avatar isn’t showing up?
      I have signed up with MyBlogLog and put a picture on there….
      Hopefully it will start showing up.

    • Ryan, I was thinking the same thing. I think YouTube has a lot of potential – I guess it is like any niche though if you create the compelling content targeted at your audience then you will get more viewings.

  • Great to see actual pro-users talk about their usage of the YouTube video channel to drive traffic. For beginners, what you recommend as an ‘easy-to-manage’ video editing tool? Now that I know how important it is to include my URL… 🙂

    Thanks for the show, Stephan

    • For Mac – Just use iMovie
      For Windows – Just use Windows Movie Maker

      You shouldn’t need much more than that

  • Nice tips. Thanks for sharing… but Yaro, I hope you make a summary of the videos, maybe with the most important ideas and concepts… It would be useful, especially for people like me who are not listening English “fluenty” yet.

    • I know you are talking about a summary in writing
      But what would be AWESOME Yaro is if you made a summary of all your videos
      And just made one video with all the best bits in it.

      Would be great for those of us who don’t have a lot of time

    • I agree that a written post summarizing will be of great help to me too.

  • I actually enjoyed the video very much. I am going to be video blogging for my moving business blog at so this is quite timely. I really appreciated the insights that Fran gave. Those little tidbits was some thing that I had not known…

    BTW, I saw the bird three times in the video..


    • I also spotted the bird
      Where was this filmed?

      Somewhere in Sydney?

  • I have never tried marketing my blog with a video, maybe it’s time now.

    • I think it is definately time.

      A video is great for your readers as well (not just for traffic).

      Readers love video posts, so you should definately do one

  • I was a writer even before I was a blogger, but after seeing this video and watching videos from other bloggers, I’m getting dangerously close to adding videos to the mix on my blog. I can see a lot of positives coming from it.

  • Good tips there. I hadn’t thought of the importance of including the URL in the title. Nicely done relaxed video too.

  • Video blogging becomes more and more popular, everyone loves watching video more than reading a post

  • Never really had any success with youtube but I guess I’ll try harder next time

  • I couldn’t see the bird because my kids were crawling all over me. I’ve never made a YouTube video to drive traffic, although I’m sure it would be interesting having me sit there with my kids climbing up my back and hanging off my ponytail the entire time. I suppose you could always make a video of you talking with some sort of slide presentation instead of a video of yourself…

  • Great tips from Fran Kerr, I have used youtube for one of my other websites, and I must say, it is a good pretty good source to get some extra traffic, although for me it would not be my #1 source.

    I did get one take away from this, I need to spice up my channel page more as Fran suggests, to really “sell” yourself 🙂

    Till then,


  • Phil

    Below is a good post that explains how to create a clickable link in a YouTube video. Yaro, why do you and Fran not reference this as it seems more effective than pointing to a link and having a non-clickable overlay? Is this technique white hat, and wont get your videos delisted?

    • That service doesn’t work on the new widescreen version YouTube videos, but it’s still pretty good for linking through to affiliate products.

      This video was just a content video that teaches something, we weren’t trying to sell so I don’t really see the need to make it clickable.

  • The videos are really shaping up nicely for you. It is a nice change of pace from reading almost a three page post that you have been doing to watching/hearing this great videos. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Yaro,

    great interview. I checked out her website and noticed that her subscribed box for her report looks similar to yours, is there a tool that does this or a plugin for wordpress?


  • Nice inputs on generating traffic with Youtube videos. I have never been too keen on trying this method of generating traffic because videos for Youtube means quite a bit of work with pretty much the same return as any other traffic generation method with lesser efforts. Having said that I would want to reconsider the entire thing again after seeing this video of yours.

  • Great tip guys, especially the idea of using video to save time instead of spending hours of writing. I personally enjoyed it more than reading a long article.


  • Great interview Yaro, and good tips from Fran Kerr. Your blog is always one to come back and visit for good stuff 😉

    Terrance Charles

  • Youtube is a great way to market your products and get traffic . and now since youtube videos are making top positions in SERP it has become very important to market on youtube

  • Get tips on You Tube video marketing!

    I will implement these tips for my blogs soon. Thanks for sharing them Fran and Yaro I look forward to visiting your blog more often. You offer such great information and resource. I do appreciate it 🙂

  • I would rather create an anime character of myself (as I’m a graphic designer) than being filmed and shown on youtube. My blog is in English but English isn’t my mother toungue, so I don’t feel confortable speaking in English while my pronounciation could be more funny than interesting for the viewer. And I don’t think that a movie with speaker would be usefull… I have to improve my English pronounciation…yet another challenge for me.

  • mmm nice video tips…


  • Well done Fran on your video / blogging success, and good to see you guys recorded this video in one of our beautiful local Brisbane parks.

    I will take up your tip about showing the URL constantly through the videos, instead of just at the beginning and at the end.


  • Well done Fran AND Yaro – I think its this type of practical advice and real testimonials like these that will make a real difference for me and other bloggers as we start integrating more video on our sites. Here is my blog:

    I welcome any and all feedback, along with how to integrate video into the site.



  • This is the best video I have seen about marketing with youtube videos. Well done Fran and Yaro.

    BTW… It seemed like you had misspelled Frank Kern’s name at first sight!

  • Let me tell you youtube is a great tool to use I know that first hand. everyone gets on youtube to do a lot things and that is where you can get a lot attention, and the birds in the back ground LOL.

  • Marketing using youtube videos on your site really generates amazing results! It’s just that many people nowadays prefer to watch videos rather than read, read and read. Congratulations Fran on your blogging success…

    I enjoy watching your video as well as the cars passing by 🙂 lol

  • With Flash Video MX, you can add special effects, movie beginning and movie end, edit frame rate and audio effect, add multi-functional control bars to the generated Flash files, and even replace the original audio with your favorite music in the output Flash.

  • Yep, that really works =) I like marketing through youtube. Thanks for the video!

  • Peter

    Fran is beautiful! B-)

    Great blog Yaro!

  • Yaro, I like your style, and I was just thinking about using YouTube to drive traffic to my sites, since, I get very little(it drives me crazy!

    However, Until I have sizable traffic, subscription and email lists, I don’t see the point of a membership site.

    I’d truly like your coaching if I had a readership, but your costs for this coaching is prohibitive for me. This is very expensive for a short term course. Obviously, you’ve geared this for people who have disposable income and don’t live day to day. I wish you had some middle-ground, but obviously you’ve chosen your demographic.

    Perhaps some day, some internet marketer will realize that making information available at a reasonable cost allows even the beginner to participate. Your Blogger Premium course was an example of that and Kudo’s to you for that. I hope you don’t continue on this never ending reach to make more and more profit to the detriment of your
    audience. It seems, that you guys(interrnet marketers) are blind to the economy.

    I do wish you the best in your select demographic
    Melvin C. Long.

  • @ Melvin I think the price for the new membership mastermind program is justifiable. Yaro is great at providing great content that is easy to understand and I have no doubt that his new program will provide people with great information to build membership sites.

    However, I don’t see the membership mastermind course as a beginner course. I too am just starting out and building a lists and audience by providing great content is my first focus. That’s where I think become a blogger fits in, and at the right price point for beginners.

    Just my 5 cents ( because 2 cents Canadian isn’t much these

  • […] which I recommend as it will help drive traffic, check out Yaro’s recent interview with Fran Kerr: Video Interview With Fran Kerr: 3 Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Blog With YouTube Videos – Entrep… Tell everything twice if you can (depending on time constraints, how difficult it would be for a […]

  • I watched this video twice and it’s simply brilliant and quite timely since I need to create a new You Tube page for my new site Eat Smart Age Smart!!!

    Thanks Fran and Yaro!!!!

  • I’m planning to buy the wii internet channel, but wondering if I can watch youtube videos on TV with the same quality I watch on my pc? I’m asking this, because I’ve heard that youtube does not work well on Wii, and you get frame cuts.

  • I started with YouTube videos back in February and found that I got Lackadaisical. This inspires me to start back up and implement some of the steps that you shared, especially since I’m still gaining subscribers. Great advice, thanks for sharing!!

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