Video: How To Find Out What Your Members Want Before You Launch

I’ve got a short video for you today, following up on the Masterplan release. In the video I explain how I used a simple survey to determine what my members wanted in my very first training program launch.

This is a very powerful technique because not only does it help you isolate the needs of your potential customers, it also gives you an insight into the type of language they use to describe their problems.

As you will see in the video I used a basic email survey and transcribed responses via pen and paper. You may decide to use a more sophisticated solution like SurveyMonkey or a GoogleDocs form as a better way to collect and analyze the data.

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  • Hi Yaro,
    thanks for the ebook on membershipsite plan. i have downloaded it and read some parts last night.

    I opens up my mind. i just set up my blog and hope to join your coaching. i am estimating the cost.

    anyway, thanks a lot. greetings from Indonesia

  • Thanks for the free ebook.

  • Yaro where R U lol

    thanks for the updates buddy 🙂

    Best Regards- Thomas

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for the absolutely awesome report. Finished reading it in 1 seating last night.

    You always produce amazing content that makes the reader want to indulge in and find out more about what you have to say.

    Hope your launch is going to be a great success.

    Wishing you the very best!
    Welly Mulia

    PS. If you do get a chance to visit Indonesia, please let me know as I’ll be sure to take you around here 🙂

  • Thanks for your information, I have download your ebook and I have get a lot of knowledge how to make business on internet

  • Thanks for the tip Yaro! Valuable points.

    I’ve actually been sitting on a blog idea that I think would make a great membership site. One of the most daunting tasks has been conceptualizing all the content. With this approach, I can address usability issues as well as content, well before the site even takes off. Very excited to continue gaining more insight into how to launch this thing correctly.

    • One of the best ways I know of to conceptualize content for a membership site is to plan out a series of blog articles to cover a topic. Those blog articles can then be combined and used as a free report to launch your membership site. Your membership site can then use the free report as the outline for the course content.

      It’s a pretty simple formula that, although challenging to put the work in, once you start you will see it all take shape and in the end you will have a great product and great free content too.

  • actually I confuse with like this program because I’m still beginner. but after I read this article likely I interest to learn in detail about program like this.

    thank for this sharing.
    sorry my english not good

  • fas

    That is quite a interesting vidoe. Can’t wait for the next video. Great going Yaro.

  • pablito

    proofread your title

    • Haha, thanks Pablito – I can’t believe it took so long for anyone (or me) to pick up on that one.

  • Hi, Could not hear the whole video, tracks to 1m32 and shoots back, were those HaDiDa’s in the background (big grey noisy bird)??? Will down load and read, thanks for the anticipated content. May to August best time here in Durban – sounds much like what you have, weather wise.

    • Try pressing play and then pause, let the whole video load, and then press play again to watch the entire thing.

    • Did you say Durban? It is great to see fellow South Africans commenting, I also wondered about the Hadeda. They sure are noisy deluxe!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I downloaded the Membership Site Master Plan, it is loaded with great ideas and tools.

    Surveys work really well because you are able to know your prospects’ frustrations, aspirations and what they want.

    Based on this you can create a product that solves your prospect’s problems.

    ^PV Reymond

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great information. Thanks. Although my success is not as big as yours, I can testify to how powerful this is. My first ebook product was created purely from both survey results and keyword research – when you group the survey responses and keywords into ‘themes or problem areas, it gives you your chapters or modules, and when you re-phrase keyword phrases and individual survey results as questions, it gives you your ebook or course content. And of course, the wording of the survey responses and the keywords give your your salescopy. It really is a powerful way to give them exactly what they want.

    thanks again for the useful info – looking forward to the mastermind..

    all the best,

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the Membership Site Master Plan. I read most of it last night and I will say it’s a great read and loaded with useful information and resources.

    Also enjoyed the video and agree that conducting surveys before launching a membership site makes great sense.

    Best regards,

  • The video has some problems, not loading fine. For videos like this, you better host it in Vimeo/

    • I added a YouTube version so hopefully that solved your problem Vicky.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great strategic information.

    I use the logs from my Web chat client to see the kinds of questions that people are asking and the phrases they use.

    The insight you get is great for SEO.

  • I had a hard time trying to play this video. I do not know why it isn’t loading even when hosted in Amazon. I kept hunting and finally found this video in your youtube channel. 🙂

  • […] If you have any interest at all in creating a membership site this is a must read.  As if the free report wasn’t enough Yaro also tells you how to find out what your members want.  You can check that out here. […]

  • Yaro,

    I’m dying to know the five questions. Also, some of the other commenters were concerned with having a existing list or blog to funnel their target market to their new membership site. Or even just confirm if they already have a good idea.

    Really, if the niche is already popular you may be able to find an existing group on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc. Or even a discussion forum to post the link to the survey. People are already congregating somewhere online usually.

    • Great points Monique. It’s nice if you have a blog or email list so you can ask your people directly, but if you don’t there’s no reason why you can’t head into a forum and ask for feedback in a survey style format.

      The information to get you started is everywhere.

      I provide a copy of the survey email I sent out in the task sheet of Module 1 inside Membership Site Mastermind by the way :-). That survey was particularly helpful for coming up with the framework for my first membership site course.

  • […] also prepared Blue Sky Survey Video, where Yaro explains a special survey technique you can use before launching your membership […]

  • Great video Yaro. I know this will help save me time and money.

  • Thanks for the tip – read all your stuff, but not usually a commenter. This time I had to. This tip is truly one of those things you can do and see immediate results – and I wonder why I’ve never done it before. I just took 10 minutes and popped a survey into my autoresponder follow up messages. 5 “open ended” questions (so I don’t get yes and no answers) – that are going to answer the questions I need answering.

    Now, every subscriber is going to get asked the questions at a certain point in my sequence. Now I will not only get the issues people need solved now by my site now, but I can also monitor if those needs ever start to change.

    I think I’ll add another survey a couple of months into the sequence after this one to get some more feedback. Funny how the simplest things can be so effective. Even though I’ve been running a busy pseudo-membership site for last couple of years, things like this make me hit myself in the head and say “doh”.

    Thanks again.

    • Aaron – Great work, congratulations for taking action and doing more than just seeing this as a good idea.

      Adding it as an automatic followup in your autoresponder series is a great idea, you can never know too much about your customers.

      Keep up the good work!

  • Yaro, I want that t-shirt!

    I wonder what would happen if dozens of people now start membership websites…

    • Sam

      dozens of people have already created membership sites. It’s not until you start creating membership sites that you see how many there are online. Nothing wrong with healthy competition though. Continue to work towards success!

  • The membership site master plan is a work of art. So glad I was able to get my hands on it. Can’t wait to create a membership site of my own!

  • Yaro, you rock!
    Always great info, great tips, great gifts!
    you are so resourceful!
    Thanks ,man!

  • Thanks for your free e-book and i want to write an e-book too.

  • I just read the ebook with audio. Good work Yaro… I may join your membership site 🙂

  • Once you have created your product the battle has only begun. A mediocre product will outsell any high quality product if it is marketed effectively. A typical example of this is when Microsoft first started they did not have the best operating system, but Bill Gates was a genius at marketing it.

  • Yaro,

    Solid Gold Idea…

    I can see asking “What is the biggest obstacle to your success?”
    But, what are the other four questions that get them to open up to you?



    • Hey Craig, I give out the exact copy of the survey email I sent to my list for my first ever membership site in the module 1 task sheet of my coaching program, Membership Site Mastermind.

      In brief, it’s questions like what is your biggest problem, how much money would you be willing to spend, if you had coaching, what questions would you ask, what are your goals, etc etc…

  • Except for the first few seconds, the video won’t load.

  • Duncan Capicchiano

    Hello Yaro,

    You’re an absolute legend, not only are you geunine and down to earth, but you continually deliver relevevant, high quality information and systems.

    For the last 3 months I have been wondering where I would get information on how to setup a membership website… and of course YOU deliver it right to my door step!

    Thank you and I can’t wait to join your new membership program.

    Duncan Capicchiano

  • hi very gald to read all your emails and lots of other various piecs of information so provide there are a few people that when i get thier emails these i learned early on are the ones to hold on to yours YARO STARAK and LIZ TOMEY you guys rock thank you

  • Great video! Surveys can provide excellent insight, hadn’t really thought about the ‘language’ part of the formula like that though. Interesting indeed!

  • Look forward to reading the new ebook. Am downloading the video now.

  • Totaly awesome and top class information Yaro, much appreciated 🙂

    Am currently ballancing my papers and your mastermind master class is the top most one to join as soon as am done. I look forward to learn a great deal from you soon.

    Once again you valuble tips and information is much appreciated, thanks a bunch 🙂

  • Glenys

    I’m loving the Brizzy weather right now too, definitely my favorite time of year. Hard to focus on work when it’s so nice outside…..

  • Kept going back to the start from halfway through for me.

    • Did you try the YouTube version Evan?

  • Hmmm, what timing. You and I just had a conversation in the BMM forum about what to offer in a membership site.

    I love this idea of asking your newsletter readers what they want. If only I had more than 8 people on my list… *sigh*

    • List building can be slow, but once you build your asset and get some consistent inflows of traffic, it becomes a lot easier.

      We all have to go through that period when we have no subscribers, so remember even those with huge lists now started at the beginning like you.

  • Wow that is pretty cool that you were able to pay off your house in 18 months. I have always wanted to travel maybe someday I will be able to get down their in Australia. How long did it take you to build up to creating a membership site, and how long did it take for that to take off.

    • Hey Mr School, Have a read of my blog if you want the long story, and of course read my free reports too.

      I started this blog in Jan 2005 and by 2007 launched my first membership site making over $150K from it during the next 12 months. It’s a long process, but a fun one and very rewarding if you stick to it.

  • Yaro, you did give me a good idea about how to make money in the internet. I’m not good at all that technology yet but I’ll keep checking into it. And the Gideon and Yaro newsletters opened my eyes too. You’re so smart. Thank you 🙂

  • You would have to be the most successful and modest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting Yaro. Youre a champion mate.


  • SawasDee-krab Mr.Yaro,

    I have learnt a lots from your site.I’m a new member in online business.
    Thanks very much for usefull infomations.


  • looking forward to it. I continue to learn so much from your site. Now, I need to go back and implement it 🙂

  • Yaro,
    Thanks for the tips you have been sending ous out. I do check my mail and also noticed that some of your readers are already using the popular social networks. I came here to learn more about product branding and how we can be able to see ahead of what members are looking for that helps build their business. Blogging has always been favorite for me. I have made several ways to bring in customers and your right, if we are offering content that is relevant to our readers, This also helps them build with us. Thanks for keeping up with your journals and tips that other are finding your work well worth reading. The videos really speak out to customers and helps them see the person behind the blog. Helping direct people to my opinion is and added plus and gain for even them too.

    Consultant Advisor & Affiliate


  • Yaro,

    since you made it blogging, since you’re ready to impact your world by imparting into your world, I will also make it. Thanks for the free ebook and follow-up mails for over a year now. I resisted your prospects for over a year, until your decent importunity convinced me to follow. So here I am, brother. From somewhere in Africa.

    Thanks a million.


  • i have a plan to make a site with unsigned artists becoming members, but my alternative plan is to not have all the membership stuff and save money and effort. i want them to pay for the advertisement, give me their info. and a demo so i can put them on my site and give them exposure.

  • Georjina

    Great info as always Yaro, but what if you have no list? Nada, zip, zilch. I ran a survey for the subscribers to my blog – 3 responses in 30 days and since then, however nothing else has changed except more joining my blog.

    • You do have to build a platform first before you can stand there and ask questions.

      I talk about traffic building in module two of my coaching program and inside the free Masterplan report too.

      It’s something we all have to do, you can’t get around needing traffic, but if you really want success online you will find a way to get in front of your audience.

      I did it through blogging. Other people do it through Pay Per Click advertising. Some use banner advertising, or offline marketing, or speaking from the stage. Others focus on JVs. All of these options can work, it’s just up to you to test and find what works in your market until you have a big enough list to get results.

  • The monthly revenue is a great powerful lever to use. I’ve had some success now with 2 membership sites and they are really starting to produce.

    I do think its important to point out that membership sites are really a little more advanced. People should first learn to build lists, affiliate marketing and even adsense first! Then move to memberships.

  • Nice presentation… Yaro, can you really continue to give everything away – and for how long? You’re giving amazing examples of what you’re doing and have done successfully. It’s helping tremendously but I wonder – aren’t you giving away the milk for free?

    • Vern if you are reacting like that then I know I’m doing a good job, but there’s always more I can give away.

      My goal is to benefit everyone regardless of whether you give me money or not. I know the more people I help, the more I will get in return, so I’ll keep doing what I do until I stop enjoying it.

      There’s many layers to every subject so it’s not hard to give away your best ideas and still have more to talk about and help people with inside your paid courses and products. Some people need more help and some don’t, which is another factor to consider.

      It’s important you give away heaps of value so you capture attention, and for those who want more from you, offer them paid products. That’s a great formula for a successful online business.

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  • Absolutely mind blowing advise and very practical too. Thanks.

  • It’s definitely the best time of the year in Brisbane. The humidity has gone and the days are clear.

  • Thanks Yaro for the FREE ebook on membership sites. Fantastic information. Best to you. Mike

  • Your comment about how you should ask your audience for suggestions instead of trying to read their minds makes sense. This can save a lot of wear and tear on my own brain. Thanks a lot.

  • Awesome plan Yaro, quick question as I am starting without a list, can I get you give an example of one of your ppc adds you use to do a survey when you are starting from scratch?P.S. I just joined your coaching program.

    • Hi Lyca,

      As I probably replied to you inside the coaching program, I don’t do much PPC, though I did supply an example of another survey landing page, which pretty much looks like an email.

      I don’t use PPC because I choose to blog instead right now. Any PPC I do at the moment goes to my landing pages that give away my free reports, not for surveys.

      If you want a specific example of how to use PPC for landing pages, I recommend you take a look at Andrew and Daryl’s model here –

  • wow that sky really is blue! Trust me, I would love to go visit Australia. It’s great that you were able to pay off the home loan so quickly. From my experience using a survey really does give you a lot of information about your target customers.

    Till then,


  • Excellent video Yaro. Soon I will start collecting your videos, they are like me, and continually learn something new …

  • Sometimes nobody tells you the customer’s needs. Therefore, you guess and sometimes your right and other times wrong. I agree with the video. Surveys would be an effective way to understand your customer’s needs and opinions.

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  • Is it still possible to sign up for the Membership site course on October the 27th? I also live in Brisbane so If there is any chance to meet up face to face to do this course that would be great!!

    Thanks Yaro!


    • Hey Joel, yep, the course is opening on Tuesday the 27th for the last time in 2009. I am in Brisbane, however there is no face to face component of this program as most of the members are in the USA. We do live coaching calls though, so hopefully you can make one of those.

  • Al

    Surveying your list is fine and dandy so what is your advice when your list is small? Build your list and then open a membership site?

    Or just open your site using the best feedback you can get and market the site?



    • It’s never too soon to solicit feedback. Perhaps adding a permanent followup email as was suggested earlier in the comments is a way you can begin leveraging your list for survey responses from day one, though it will take some time to build things up.

      Every business owner should have some form of automated lead generation mechanism, so you should be thinking about traffic from day one. I do cover traffic in the second module of the coaching program, or of course if you want to do it through blogging, you can take my Blog Mastermind program (, which will teach you how to use a blog to build your audience/list.

  • Are you going to teach how to do blogging or are you going to teach list building.

    Are you going to explain everything about internet marketing tactics.

    Yaro your video is great and thanks for sharing this useful opportunity..

    Do you provide affiliate for that..


    • Alam, I don’t teach everything, that is impossible.

      I will explain how you can do it, I will show you how I do it, and from there it’s up to you to make your own path. That’s all a coach can ever do, but you will be given all the education you need, how you use it is up to you.

      However if you really want to focus on list building or blogging and that is it, you might want to look for a more specific course. My program does cover these two things, but not in great depth, since we’re talking about launching membership sites/coaching products in this course.

  • As always Yaro, your videos and posts are full of great information that can be instantly put to the test. Thanks for posting.

  • Great advice! Surveys provide an awesome way to create products–Mike Koenigs and I used a survey as the foundation for our product on how to do surveys!

    One suggestion is to combine the kind of open-ended questions you describe with some closed-ended questions (where you provide the answer choices). It makes it a lot easier to make sense of the answers quickly and your customers/readers will generally like those questions, because they’re quick to answer.

  • hi yaro

    first of all thanks for all the newsletter u sent to me all the times ad i wat thank you alot for masterplan e book it”s terrific just terrific i have read alot of books about makig money from internet but your book was different from all and for free this is realy helpful thanks alot

  • Yaro,
    My wife and I are students of yours. We loved your product BecomeABlogger with Gideon. We launched our website after taking your course.

    I just wanted to stop by and say to anyone that purchases this course, I think you will get your money’s worth. My wife and I bought BecomeABlogger back in July and we have since launched our website from Yaro’s great ideas. We are actually going to write a post about it by relating it to our website soon.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to give any indecisive people out there a reason to use Yaro’s product. He is genuine and provides a great product that you will get your money’s worth from.

    • Thanks Elliot, I appreciate the feedback 🙂

  • Dear Yaro,

    Thank you so much for this download and for your emails. I have been reading them, and am beginning to implement your ideas into my personal website. I haven’t yet read Masterplan (well, I took a peek and it looks great, actually!) and will print it out for my husband to read. We have a website that is half-finished (not the site listed above) and we will definitely need your coaching skills to make this thing fly–Your truthful enthusiasm and genuine experience speaks volumes.
    Thank you again. All the best to you and yours.

  • I loved the video “Blue Sky” that tells about how to find out what your viewers want from your membership site. That’s actually a really great idea that I never thought of.

    Obviously this doesn’t just apply to a membership site and can be used on just about any type of site, whether it be blog, membership, or mini site, and can give you a great deal of information on how other people want to view it and can get you a great jump on competition. Loved it Yaro. You’re epic man.

  • Dear God:
    Please let me become a financially successful blogger YA! so that I can visit the blue skies of Australia.

    Love Always,
    Your Prodigal:)

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  • Yaro, I appreciate the video, but it would be great to include the main lines of the speech in written words along the video. I´m not understand english fluently.

    Thanks anyway.

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  • hi Yaro,
    Brilliant education for me, you’ve unfuzzed my vision in some important areas.

  • I now see the importance in doing a survey before launching a product. Having gotten to where I’m ready to launch a membership site yet, but I will definitely keep this in mind before launching my own product. Thanks for sharing, Yaro!

  • hi! yaro
    thanks for shareing the vedio. I understood the importance of launching a survey before starting a membership site. I will be doing it soon

    thanks a lot.

    greetings from india

  • The one thing that shoots this whole video in it’s foot for me is the statement “I only had a mailing list of about 3000”. That’s like Donald Trump stating he is a self made man because he only had 50 million to start out! Sheesh!!! LOL

  • this guy is good, every time I’m reading his articles or watching videos I’m tempted to buy his membership pasckage. I think i will buy later but at the moment I really appreciate free materials, since there is still so much to learn, the course would overhelm me, thanks a lot for a good content

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