Mitch Wilson And His Million Dollar Sports Blog

Mitch Wilson was one of the very first students of my blog coaching programs. He was also one of the most proactive, attending nearly every live coaching call I did.

Mitch followed the system and took it to a whole new level, building a massive sports blog that is now in the top 1% of websites online – and that’s what Google told him, he’s not making it up just to sound good.

He’s generating over a million dollars a year, and has 30+ people working on the business, which all started with just him and one college football blog several years ago.

As part of the opening launch celebration for Become A Blogger 2.0, Leslie Samuel drove up to see Mitch in his Chicago headquarters to conduct an interview.

You can watch it right here –

The Case Study: Mitch Wilson Reveals How He Built Up His Million Dollar Sports Blog

In the interview Mitch explains –

  • What he was doing before he started blogging
  • How he was able to get so much traffic to his blog
  • What he believes is different about his mindset that helped him build such a hugely popular blog
  • How much money he makes
  • And a whole lot more!

This a very inspiring interview that you will love as an aspiring blogger. This is really the dream and Mitch shows that an average every day person can make it reality.

One word of warning – Mitch certainly kept it casual for the interview, so look out for his short shorts!

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  • Thanks Yaro – I found the interview honest, sincere and very real down to earth communication. its great to hear stories from people about how they started and their journey to where they are today. it gives hope and inspiration!

  • Mitch succeeded because he admitted what he didn’t know, wasn’t afraid to ask questions, and then acted on the answers he was given. That, and he worked his ass off. That makes a big difference too.

  • Sometimes i think how these kind of people getting success.
    I think i’ve been doing what they did, but it’s always a secret behind a big blog. Where i am and my blogging business career (not huge success blog) is because some secret.
    Sometimes it can’t be seen on the blog, coz it’s happen backstage and off-page.
    Inspiring and motivating post.

  • I found the story behind Mitch very uplifting, every so often you question as to the direction you are taking and will it work. When I ask this from myself, I am finding an answer such as the interview with Mitch comes along to give me great advice and encourages me to continue. As he says ” you are building a business, this takes time”

  • It is always nice to read a success story like this, it definitely inspires me to knuckle down and work harder at my own blogs. 🙂

  • The most important lesson I believe that can be learned by anyone paying attention to this post is that of taking action upon what your mentor teaches you.

    It is my firm belief that your success as a student is a 1,000 times more valuable in the eyes of a mentor than is the money you paid them.

    When you take action and get real world feedback upon it, you give your mentor exactly what they need to help you improve upon what you’re doing and take it to the next level.

    This ends up being a win-win situation because you get your breakthroughs to accomplishments you never thought possible and your mentor gets to feel like they’ve actually made a small difference on this planet and this feeling can never be purchased with any amount of money – only through the giving of your love, light, and wisdom.

    So I encourage everyone to follow in Mitch’s lead and become the very best student you can be which be determined not by what you consume, but what you do with what you consume.

    Thanks for the inspiration Yaro to be the best student I can be. :]

  • It is always inspirating to read a success story like this, it definitely inspires me to knuckle down and work harder at my own blogs.

  • Very inspiring of what people can do if they really wanted to. This gives me a lot of confidence in continue doing what I am doing. I think a lot of this has to do with mindset.

  • Matt

    What’s the name of Mitch’s site? He said it a couple of times but I couldn’t make out what he said…



  • Yaro, I have learned more today following your blogs than I have in the past month.I am determined to start my own Blog. Thank you for sharing so much great information. Thanks for the inspiration

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