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By Yaro Starak

Most entrepreneurs are ideas people. They are dreamers, creative types that see opportunity in daily life. I liken the creativity of business idea generation to what an artist or a musician experiences when indulging in their craft. Thinking of new business ideas for an entrepreneur is like painting a picture or composing a song, it’s a creative process with much joy.

If you are like me you generate new business ideas almost every day. True a lot of it is day-dreaming, or business-dreaming, and you may never attempt or even intend to start the business but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to ponder the potential. I keep a text file of ideas that I’ve thought of over the years and for today’s blog post I thought I might share a few with you. Some of these may not be original because I must admit I have not conducted thorough research into the marketplace, I simply had a thought, expanded a little and jotted down notes. I have no problems sharing these ideas and if someone out there decides they want to pursue them by all means, go for it. I’d love to see them turned into successful businesses. I have my plate full with my own projects at the moment so most of these ideas are best left as business-dreams or future possibilities in my case.

An eBook Merchant Service and Online Retail Store
This idea I came up with while trying to think of many-to-many business ideas where I could bring together buyers and sellers in one place and leverage the unlimited market size potential (eBay style, and yes, this idea came shortly after finishing reading The Perfect Store). The idea is to provide merchant facilities for eBook authors to sell their books. The front end would be an style shop for eBooks with all the standard features such as user reviews and samples broken down by categories, top 10 lists etc. The back end would allow authors to write the blurbs and sales pitch for their book and also handle all document delivery, payment and processing of sales. In exchange for this service the business would take a small percentage from each sale. It would provide a place for anyone to sell their book, have an instant audience of buyers and not need to develop their own website to sell their information product. Of course the trick would be to get the audience, as always.

“What do you do with your life?” Blog
This idea I’m still quite keen on, but I’m not certain it’s necessarily got potential for profit, it’s more of a human interest project. I recently completed reading the book ‘What do I want to do with my life‘ by Po Bronson. It’s a book that collects stories about what people choose to do with their lives and how they came to be where they are. I’m a huge fan of the ultimate question, the meaning of life and I picked up this book hoping to learn from other peoples’ stories. The business idea would be similar to the book by collecting interviews both in text and audio casts from people that I could manage to convince to be interviewed. There would be set questions but I’d like it to be more of a story unfolding than a direct Q&A session, much like Po’s book. The potential for profit could come from compiling a book from the content and then publishing it or of course good old advertising revenue. In my mind I’d prefer it stayed as a not-for-profit that helped people to find focus and direction in their life by reading the stories of others, or at least not to feel so alone if they are a bit lost because there are a lot of other lost souls out there (most of the people I know seem to be!).

A Flirting Course
This idea came completely randomly and certainly isn’t new and original, but it’s an interesting story of dumb luck and the power of reputation. My father, Yaro Starak (Snr), is well respected in the Gestalt Therapy field and has been interviewed in newspapers, radio and television during his life for all kinds of reasons but usually because of his involvement in workshops and special events.

Recently he was contacted by the Courier-Mail, a mainstream Brisbane newspaper, to complete a piece about flirting. My dad had read a book on the subject and with little preparation created a quick course for the journalist and his friends to complete. As a result my father was featured in the article which turned out to be a showcase piece linked from the front page of the newspaper during the middle of the week.

Needless to say the power of this sort of PR is golden and combined with the runoff, which included radio interviews, my father was in a perfect position to start a flirting business. Unfortunately he was also due to leave for overseas just before the article went live so much of the hype died before he returned to Brisbane so he never really had a chance.

My idea was to run weekly flirting classes that would bring together equal numbers of guys and girls in the same age bracket to complete a short flirting course and then finish with drinks and a time for them to test their newly developed skills on each other. With the recent boom of online dating and the obvious inclination the press has to run with any article related to this industry I think the potential to leverage PR for a business like this is good. Plus I think the idea in general is a good one, combining education with dating so it doesn’t have quite the same social stigma as speed dating.

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