Slide Show: How I Made $211,969 While Traveling The World & Two Unique Case Studies


This is a fun video and it has some important information for you if you are wondering whether you have to be famous/have lots of exposure already to launch a membership site, and also whether my Membership Site Mastermind system works in markets outside of the making money niche.

In this video you will see case studies of two people starting the process of building their lists and conducting surveys like I talked about in the Blue-Sky video, in unique niches –

  • Fran Kerr who you might know from my blog already, who targets acne sufferers at
  • Jay Jay the magician who targets the Magic and Illusions market at

I start the video with a brief trip around the world slide show, where I show you some of the places I visited as I traveled the planet last year visiting 25 cities in 8 months. I also show you how I was able to conduct two membership site launches during the trip and make more money while traveling than I had when I left Australia.

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  • Hey Yaro,

    You don’t have an accent; you’re Canadian, eh? 🙂

    Great video btw and yes I’m pumped (you did a good job of getting me pumped). Obviously, I’m really curious about those survey questions (as my list is at 1,700 people) and I’m guessing those questions are not part of your membership program, but something I would create myself.

    • Hey Steve, I’m glad you’re pumped 🙂

      I give the survey email I used, but obviously you need to adapt them to your unique market.

      If you join the program you’re welcome to come on one of the coaching calls and ask about that aspect of your membership site launch and we can talk about it then.

  • Yaro,

    Enjoyed the Video, I got to say I like your style. Clean and good content along with motivation. It has me pumped for my current project. A Thank You/Free Membership site with primary goal is to start building my list so I can eventually do a paid membership site. I still a newbie at all this but I will say I really enjoy your site.

    I will have to check out you program once I finish the one I am working through right now. I got a rule I got finish a program and get or make back at least what I paided for my last program before I can start on the next one.

    Keep em coming!

  • Thank you Yaro for the video with your trip around the world.
    I did not know that you are actually a Canadian too. Love your
    canadian english, very easy for me to understand. I did come
    from Germany to Canada and australian english makes me
    some problems.

    Your case-studies tell me what one can accomplish by being
    focused and work toward ones goal.

  • Yaro, I’ve only known about you for a few weeks now (thanks to Lisa at, but you’re an invaluable resource. You give away SO much good, free information it makes me WANT to pay you money and join your program. It’s brilliant. While my site is in its infancy right now, I have a sneaky suspicion I will be joining your program at some point in the next year.

    By the way, thank you for including information on people who AREN’T in the “make money online” niche. It’s refreshing to see your principles put into action in other markets.

  • Brilliant Yaro!

    This piece is fantastic. Thanks for showing us how practical it is to build a list. I have some videos on YouTube as well, but I’m not funneling to any capture pages. I guess you don’t need a lot of content to start funneling. I guess I need to find something to give away in return for the visitor’s email. The way you present the case studies show that reciprocity is critical to the equation to boost opt-in rate.

    I need to marinate on what I should give away. I’m stumped at the moment.

  • Hi Yari,

    Thanks for an inspiring video.

    I’m a very happy member of becomeabogger and I wonder if you will cover things in this membership that I will not get in becomeablogger?
    In what way are they different?
    Would I benefit from participate i both?

    Be well my friend!

    Love and Blessings,

    • Lily,

      Become a Blogger is quite different – it’s about blogging.

      Membership Site Mastermind is about running membership sites.

      There’s a little overlap, but the courses are VERY different.

      If you want to launch a membership site now or in the future, and if you plan to release a product of your own it should be a membership site, you should take the program


  • Hi Yaro,

    Great video, you share great info here…

    Membership sites work, no doubt about it because. If you set it up the right way and you deliver good content you’ll have a great stream of income. You can be traveling or doing whatever you want because it is a passive income.

    ^PV Reymond

  • I always love your videos Yaro. You are able to explain the technicalities in a simple to understand way, which is great.


  • I like how you gave the example of Jay Jay that started from zero really anything and how he was able to really start things off. This might be the last straw… I’m going to be done with school in a week and need to start looking into the future. I have a few ideas floating around my head now I need to get serious about them.
    Thanks for all the advice.

  • Yaro,

    Great video. Enjoyed the slide show on your travels. I’m really interested in what kind of survey was used. As always, learned a few new things from your site today.

  • Yaro,

    Recently I became a member of your blogmastermind program. I am loving it, and taking it at a very fast pace. Ultimately I want to start a membership website (or multiple websites), but I got the feeling that you have to build up a following first through a blog.

    I am torn on what to do.

    Should I keep going with the blog mastermind program, and hope that there are future openings of membership mastermind in the future.

    Or should I make use of your 60-day guarantee and take that money to put it into the membership program

    OR should I do both.

    Thank you so much for the blog mastermind program, it has finally given me the tools to get my blog on its feet!

    • If you’re loving Blog Mastermind keep doing that program.

      You should be able to afford Membership Site Mastermind as I’ll be sending a special invite to Blog Mastermind members with a link for a discount on the membership site program.

      It’s definitely worth having my blog training because it gives you a great platform to establish the conditions to launch a membership site – exactly what I did.

  • Fantastic video!! My head is spinning now with a ton of new ideas. I never really thought about starting a membership site for non-internet marketing niches.

    Thank you so much!

  • the possibilities are immense. The examples offered are helpful and is encouraging for anyone wanting to make money off a niche outside blogging.

  • Great vid Yaro,

    I don’t know if this is possible but have you ever considered having subtitles in your video? Sometimes I am just not in a position to listen to the audio but would love to read the dialogue.


    • Hi Matt,

      I do sometimes include a transcript of my videos, but usually for the really significant ones that are part of paid coaching programs. For example all the video modules inside Membership Site Mastermind were transcribed into text and then editing so they flow well for easier reading (not just a word for word transcript).

  • Sam

    Continuity is a great business model. I like the idea of building it once and getting paid monthly for your content.

  • Tatiana

    Enjoy your great video.Love traveling. Great inspiration.
    I live what you are doing.Saw your presentation on Google.
    It is fantastic to see people professionalism.
    You put in my mind a lot to think.
    Wish you the best

  • Hi Yaro!

    Your Video is absolutely beautiful! I love the message and the
    pictures of your travels around the world. The review of the 2 people you interview was clear to demonstrate how anyone can
    do your program to build their op-in list while developing a member ship site. The survey format is great because you have people
    reponding who have a genuine interest in what your niche is about. You really do some of the best work I’ve ever seen for a
    program developer/marketer. I’m learning from the best!

  • Great video. You have a great talent in setting the stage and explaining your plans and process step by step. I think a great ‘hidden tip’ is just watching your videos and reading your blog for your selling techniques!

  • Art

    Hi Yaro,
    I have planned on a membership site in the future. I read the free report and your upcoming course seems like what I will need. Due to life stuff I am not ready to put the work in right now, but in the next six months or so. Is their a point in joining the course now when I can’t put the work in and keep up with the coaching?

    I also don’t know anything about putting up and maintaining a blog. How important is that learning curve before doing the membership?

    • Art – I’m opening Membership Site Mastermind for the last time in 2009 on October 27th, so if you want to take the course this year, get ready.

      You don’t need a blog to do my membership course, though you will need to decide on a traffic generation strategy. I give you several different options inside the program, but of course blogging is my favorite and what I know the most about.

      If you don’t want to blog, you can buy traffic with Pay Per Click, or use offline advertising methods like classified, or flyers, or speaking on stage, or you can set up a content site and focus on SEO for certain keywords.

      There are lots of options for traffic, you just need to decide which ones to pursue by testing. A good start is to take a coaching program like mine so you understand the big picture you are working towards, so you can then make decisions like what traffic sources to target based on your big picture vision.

      I hope to see you in the program!

  • Thank for the video Yaro.

    It’s impressive to see everything you’ve accomplished since you met Rich.



  • Yaro i really love your video. But when i try on playing as you i always failed. I think maybe next time i will be successful like you.

  • Hi yaro,
    Always love to give you comments on your different and unique is so cool.i wana add some thing about membership sites.
    The key to a successful membership site is keeping the customer happy so they pay each month. In order to do this, you will need to supply your site with fresh content, bonuses, virtual features, interactive chat rooms, forums, etc. Give your customers what they want and they will be happy to pay you.

  • It keeps going back to the beginning at about 1:30.

  • I’m always happy to see the new info you send me thru the newsletter. Very professional, great content, info, well spoken. I find to build a good blog and to move on to next steps, I need a second person to help me. I admit, it’s very time consuming for me and I’m not so good with the new technology. I’m not giving up, contrary, I will apply what you advise, but I need to find a partner who want to work together on this. Thank’s again for sharing!

    Chantal (north of Montreal city, Canada)

    P.S.: Let me know when you’re in town, I would like to meet you in person and also you could visit the beautifull Lower Laurentians.

  • I’m a PY student as well and just wanted to offer some advice. How valid do you think the study results might be given that people under 27 will probably participate, and that sinceyou are not face to face with your participants they are more likely to make a joke of the questions.

    • This is not a scientific study to find absolute results, rather a process of finding out the language, needs and thought process going on in the mind of your potential customers.

      It’s very helpful, but it won’t tell you exactly what to do, you have to test in a live market to figure out exactly what works given what you want to achieve.

  • Great video! Looks like I need to work harder =)

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  • How much is this program going to be? I have to put it in my spending plan!

  • […] Watch this video and I know you will be excited by the possibilities too – A video to inspire you to take action. […]

  • Wow, Yaro — great job! This video really inspires me to try my hardest and make money online being able to travel the world while making money online. I plan on creating a membership site someday.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Yaro, once again you have outdone yourself. The information that you provide is immensely helpful!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the newsletter and the content. I’m a recent member of your blog mastermind program. Just joined last week and I”m already full of new ideas for my BizSkoolblog which I’ve run during my MBA program and I started TheSkooloflife which is going to be my new blog that I put all your principles to use in.

  • fas

    Quality Content + Opt In + Survey + Membership Site = Rich 🙂

  • I am eager to learn more from the techniques your membership offers. I have already subscribed.

  • Just wondering, Yaro. Do you find often yourself thinking “this would make a great video!” or “this would make a great blog post!” as you’re wandering around doing and experiencing things? And if so, how do you feel about that? Just curious.

    • I feel that all the time Needmoney, it’s the basis for all creativity: experience.

  • Wow Yaro, it was fun to see some of the different places you have visited, when you say you were making and launching your business etc, over seas, could that be a problem in the future? I mean.. taxes wise…

    Till then,


    • I run an Australian registered company (several actually), and pay taxes in Australia. The funny thing is I use services to run my business, like web hosting and email clients, that are based on the USA, and I might be sitting at a cafe managing my business from anywhere in the world.

      It can be confusing, so if you want to be really sure about anything to do with legalities or tax, you need to contact the appropriate support services like lawyers, accountants and governments.

  • Hi… I really idolized you since when I first visited your site. How I really wanted to avail your coaching in but I don’t have money to purchase. Philippines is a poor country that don’t have high technology informations and job to apply. So I decided to start a blog to make money. I started last January 2009 when the time that my curiosity dug my mind asking, if is it possible to earn money over the internet. So I started a research. I found many informations and choices but still I’m not convince yet, because I thought this thing was a scam and until I saw a video on from a successful filipino blogger that earns money over the internet and I got the courage to try. I started to make some execution from my research, trying different niches to cover, but still I don’t have much information to make money online. Until I found your blog and read your successful stories. I tried to cover another topic to my blog. I want to try internet marketing and understand its core of giving chances to people. I don’t much have knowledge about computer, but thanks to my job as an internet cafe attendant, it helps a lot after two years of experience on using the internet. I want to have money to buy my own domain name, hosting and also avail your coaching but still my adsense income still low. I think it’s $24.00. I followed some of your advice from the process of arranging and positioning the widgets and features to my blog. I want to start another blog but I always remember what you told in your ebook that wait your baby grown up and focus on one thing. I got discourage for how many times and still I remember your teachings. I really like your style of organizing things.

    My friend since I don’t have money to purchase your coaching, I still want to know what’s inside in that e-book. All I ask your advice and guidance to the process of success in blogging business. I want you to be my friend, I know deep inside my heart that your a humble person. I’m 22 years old got married when I’m still 19 having two kids to raised. I have a big plan to my family and I think God gave this blogging opportunity to be successful in life from the help of different people around the globe.

    My dream from now is to buy my own computer, purchase my own domain name and hosting, avail your coaching and to be a successful blogger. I want to a professional from the informations in your coaching method and spread it to the world the power of blogging business.

    Thanks for reading my comments I’m looking forward to your reply. God Bless…

    • Sigh – That’s quite a story! It sounds like you are in a great position to learn a lot about the Internet since you work at a net cafe.

      Just keep learning and keep implementing and you will get there!

      Good luck 🙂

  • i wait your membership mastermind launch, want to see detail about your course, thanks.

  • You sure are living life to the fullest Yaro. It is great seeing what can be done whilst “on the road”. I enjoyed the slideshow of your world trip, it sure does put things into perspective, doesn’t it!

    I’m sure you’ll achieve your goal of achieving all the tennis grand slams in due course, Wimbledon must surely rate as the one tournament I would like to attend the most.
    Keep the content coming, your blog is something really special!

  • Congratulations Yaro! You are living the real dotcom lifestyle and it is great.

    You are a source of inspiration!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Was great to meet you and Gideon in person the other night…you do come across sooo famous on line yet are still down to earth. I would love to hear you both go up and speack and tell your story some time.
    I think that what you do is fantastic. I am enjoying putting in place your tips every week and really look forward to checking out your next launch…some time today.


  • I can’t wait to see your course and what it details. I am sure it has taken a ton of time and information to create.

  • Yaro,

    Your authenticity and factual approach will continue to win fans, and your long term approach makes believers out of us all!

    I’ve been a subscriber for a couple years, I’m excited to see the launch tomorrow, I’m praying that I can arrange to purchase, as a membership site launch would be a life saver for me. I’m a restaurant owner, but in reality, the lifestyle is very tough, and being a tech lover, I really see my future in creating content, and launching membership sites.

    So excited to see the launch, keep up the GREAT work!

    Chef Tony

  • Enjoyed the video. It flowed very naturally and was easy to follow. I think I will become a blogger time permitting.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the newsletter and the content. my new blog that I put all your principles to use in.

  • I also want to promote a video. I need to know, should I use a web-cam or a video phone, or what?

    • You can use a webcam or a video phone or a digital camera – whatever is available given your circumstances.

      Just get out there and start creating videos!

  • I’ve got a great idea for you, Yaro: take on one charity case for your Membership Mastermind course. It’ll be great for your future marketing:

    “I took on this one student who was so broke he couldn’t even afford my course, but I’m so generous that I wanted to help one poor soul…”

    That would be me, of course! LOL – I’m drooling over MSMM but I’m broke.

    • It’s not a bad idea, but unfortunately I find most people who get something for free don’t have the follow-through with what they learn. That could be because they are lazy, or because they end up going in a different direction.

      In my experience those who invest their own money are much more motivated to take action, which is why sometimes I do believe paying for something is a good idea.

      The only person I would ever give free access to one of my programs is someone who has shown that they are extreme action takers, with demonstrable proof of what they have done. Many people can claim to be motivated and talk big about what they are capable of, but the proof is in the doing. Action takers tend to have a history of results that demonstrate this.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have only been a subscriber for a short while, the information you provide is
    so informative and direct. I would just like to thank you for helping me put together my first blog website.

    It’s Obvious you put alot of hard work and effort into your website, you are my inspiration to achieve my goal and eventually be successful.

    Thank You

  • I was following your posts when you were traveling. I did not know at that time that you were Canadian. Anyway, this recap and the advise is truly mind blowing.

  • this is some pretty wild stuff, I love hearing your stories

  • Is always nice reading your posts and newsletters.

    Hope i’ll be as successful as you are today.

    Derrick Ng dot Com

    Make Money Online : Autopilot Profits

  • Brilliant video! Yaro Starak, you are a great inspiration for peeps out there dreaming of success!… Hope to get there one day

  • Hey Yaro , awsome video content on the 3 different niches also enjoyed going on tour with you 🙂 , great ebook on your membership site with mp3 very impressed, look forward to the relaunch, missed out this time

  • Yaro,
    Thanks once more for the motivational information. The examples are very good and inspirational.

  • Excellent video. I am surprised that with a simple slide show, you managed to earn so much money.

  • A person needs a list to be profitable in today’s economy. However, I don’t use an opt in page for the job niche. People contact my email for jobs. Therefore, I use a different form of list building. However, I think an opt in page would be the best method for most niches. Should internet marketers avoid a list? It would be unprofitable in today’s slow economy.

  • Yaro, I try to record podcasts and videos but my voice is REALLY bad, it keeps scratching – And your voice doesn’t do it, what equipment are you using?

    • I have a snowball blue mic at the moment for my mac, which is pretty good for the price. You can pick them up at a mac shop or online.

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  • Yaro,
    My wife and I are students of yours. We loved your product BecomeABlogger with Gideon. We launched our website after taking your course.

    I just wanted to stop by and say to anyone that purchases this course, I think you will get your money’s worth. My wife and I bought BecomeABlogger back in July and we have since launched our website from Yaro’s great ideas. We are actually going to write a post about it by relating it to our website soon.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to give any indecisive people out there a reason to use Yaro’s product. He is genuine and provides a great product that you will get your money’s worth from.

  • Hi, Yaro, great video! I see it second time.
    Do you remeber I am waiting you here in Toronto?

    • You might be waiting a while yet Anatoly! – I won’t be back in Canada until at least 2010, maybe longer, though with my family there it’s only a matter of time no doubt before I visit again.

  • Yaro – great info – thank you – definitely looking fwd to your newest relaunch – the Beach eh? cool! Howard

  • Yaro

    Thanks for this video, I am like Fran with an existing online gift business, and I have been looking at ways to expand, and basically give my customers better value for money. I can now see that by setting this membership/blog/forum up, I can do a lot more for them (my existing/new customers).
    Great video.

  • Hi Yaro, Great to meet you , finally get to leave a comment, i had to make a start on my new Blog first , after being inspired by your Blogging Videos, it grabbed me into action, after having an online presence for a number of years and earning some extra income to pay for my online activities from affiliate programs, and learning the hard way. Making web pages was not hard, but time consuming, and now with wordpress, it makes it so much easier to make and add content. So here is our first start into a blog , do make contact after you have visited, i would be interested in your thoughts, thanks for your valuable time. Cheers Theo Auckland NZ
    ps i am throughly enjoying all your videos, there is so much to learn, also your audios have a huge amount of info to take in, you have to listen to them several times , not to miss and tips.

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  • Hi Yaro:

    As always great free information and I am looking into joining your course to set up a Membership site to teach real estate agents how to be sucessful in this market.

    I have been a succesful Realtor for ten years now and have been instructing my whole career and thought about selling a e-book until I got your email about setting up my own membership site and was intrigued at the tought.

    1 question for on realted to this topic – Although I have an extensive list of emails for my past clients and associates, I don’t have a list of realtors and/or prospesctive realtors. However, these lists can be purchased rather easily from varoius Real Estate Booards across the country. Why can’t we just purchase a list to start sending out emails to using our AWeber account???

    This seems to cut to the chase to entice them in an email with a free report and/or video to join my membershipo site???

    Any thoughts….


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  • […] make $350K while traveling around the world?  If you don’t believe it can be done, you have to watch this video from Yaro Starak, where he shows you how he made over $200K from just one product.  In the video he shows you some […]

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing the great info bout making money via membership site. However I still have a long way to go. Still learning about all kinds of stuff on the net and kind of confused what to do…. a case of information overload.

    As always your dedication towards your blog is most inspiring I wish I have that commitment. I have tough time thinking what topic to write for my next blog.
    However hope to be as successful like you one day. If only i can commit myself and stay focus but there’s so many things out there and they all sound great.

  • Hi Yaro,
    You are the new messiah of freedom..! Ty
    I am just getting motivated to get into this virtual jungle to hunt from being a conventional professional (architect).I had a few queries..
    1.How do you find out what is legally required for floating a company,taxation,internet laws applicable in different regions,I am thinking of India and UAE as my future target markets.Even when you are a home based small business owner what compliance do you need? This know how is not touched in your handbook.
    2.Do you talk to the web hosting company for the technical requirements of the data storage required,formats included like forum,multiple pages etc.If you are not a technical person,how do you decide on these things?
    3.What are the secrets of non membership sites like a community classified website of a city? How do they float and make money? ( like Craig list is still a foundation with org..) What can be handled by 1- 2 people sitting at home and what requires an office and some staff?

    Will appreciate your feedback.

  • red

    Hey Yaro, what if I’m not good at speaking english, do I have to have a video of myself? or I can hire someone to do it for me?

    • Well you could market to the people who speak the same language as you, or hire someone to do the video for you.

      But don’t assume your English isn’t good enough – I’ve seen some videos from people with heavy accents still perform very well.

  • Hi Yaro…
    Just wanted to know… how do you start a membership site if you don’t have a specialist knowlege area that has commercial value…. I would love to go down this road, but haven’t the faintest idea what kind of site to create… Is this a question you cover in your course?

  • I have finished watching the fantastic video and I am impressed with the fact that this is applicable to various niche.

    As usual, you have pumped out great content and video.

    • Yaro got it right. I love the way he shares his information about his topic because it is easy to understand and not complicated to follow.

      I think, it might took me some 5 years to go to reach the 1/2 of yaro’s achievements. Lol! I am just wandering.

      Thanks for sharing it.

  • hey! Yaro.
    really a stunning video. after watching this video, my head is full of new ideas.

    Want to have more of such video.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I just wanted to ask you a question. Consider a blog which is having a low traffic.
    Then, is it possible to have a success launching a membership site to such a low traffic blogs. And is it possible that the popularity of such blogs increases if the membership site is offered at low cost for few days.

  • […] Or even better, be like Yaro Starak, who came back home to Brisbane, Australia after 8 months of travelling around the world with more money in his bank account than when he left it! […]

  • Hi Yaro,

    That’s a great video tutorial which has really opened my mind.

  • Loved the video – very informative. Now I have to find out more about how to do an effective survey! Thanks.

  • Yaro~ Thanks for the great content!

  • While a membership site is a good thing to have if you are able to get the right one going. I have seen quite a few people fail at this. I would rather stick to what i know. this may mean limiting myself, but it not for everyone.

  • it seems so simple ^^
    great pictures, that’s the cool stuff of bogging, u can do it anywhere

  • Hi Yaro, another nice video, it’s really inspiring to see people making money in all different nieches, because I already started to think that the only way to make money on internet is to write how to make money on internet 🙂
    Me and my partner are about to start an information website, I just got this idea how to quickly build up a contact list and wondering what you think of that. The website is gona be articles and videos mainly, the newest few will appear on the home page, but if intrigued readers want to access older posts they have to sign up for free. Does that make sense? thanks!

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  • A true inspiration for bloggers. This was written in 2009 and you traveled 25 cities from different countries, I guess that number grew already. Thanks for sharing your expertise. And thanks for this cool video, very inspiring.

  • Wow, it’s great amount of money when you traveling.
    I can’t do like that nowaday, thanks for the inspiration for making money on the internet, Yaro.

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