Membership Site Mastermind Is Open – Amazing Fast Action Bonus Available Today Only

I know you have been waiting patiently for this ever since I released the Masterplan report last week. You’re probably curious how much my new course, Membership Site Mastermind is, right?

Membership Site Mastermind Video Presentation

I just turned the order page on and you can sign up to my six week intensive training program, Membership Site Mastermind, right here, right now –

I’m leaving the doors open for one week, then I’m closing and I’ll begin running the weekly live coaching calls and working with the students as they go through the modules.

My Best Fast-Action Bonus Is Yours If You Act Today

I haven’t told anyone about this yet, so this is a particularly special bonus.

Later this year, in July, I’m doing something I’ve never done before – I’m teaching an entire live event focused just on my materials.

The title of the seminar is “How To Live The Two-Hour Work Day“.

(Tim can keep his 4 hour work-week, I like to work a little each day because it’s fun!)

I’ll be presenting my entire formula for living the ideal lifestyle where you can work a few hours a day and live comfortably with the freedom to do what you want when you want.

I’ll be teaching everything I’ve done to realize this lifestlye, including how I’ve bought and sold websites to make over $180,000 part time, my success principles to grow a profitable blog and how to make big money with membership sites.

This is the first time I’ve ever done a live workshop and depending how it goes, it might be the last, because I don’t want to commit to too much work (proof that I really do value freedom over money).

So, here’s the bonus…

Fast Action Bonus

Every person who joins Membership Site Mastermind within the next 24 hours will receive one double-pass for two people to attend my live event, valued at $1,997.

That’s the deadline and if you miss it, you miss out. Here is the link to sign-up:

Join Membership Site Mastermind

The event will be held in Brisbane Australia, my home city. If you can’t make the trip down under to attend the event in person, you will receive access to the live recordings of the event online.

I recommend you book a trip to Australia, you can visit the beaches after you fill your brain with ideas at my event. It has never been cheaper to fly, so it’s a great time to travel.

What’s Inside Membership Site Mastermind?

I’m not going to explain what’s in my program here as I have a detailed info page and video that breaks down everything. Yes it is a long sales page, but if you don’t want to read it, either scan the parts that interest you, or watch the video at the top, which explains everything in detail (and you will learn a thing or two as well!).

If you’re still not convinced after reading my report, the Masterplan, and watching the videos I’ve released during the previous week, then see this page, it has the answers to your questions –

Membership Site Mastermind Info Page

You have precisely one week to join my program and that’s it. Once the doors close it won’t be open to the public again for many months.

If you’re ready to go after the best online business model there is and launch your own successful membership site, you need to take this course, it’s the best way to get started quickly.

I can’t wait to start working with you to help you launch your membership site and guide you to that dream goal – $10,000 a month from your own membership site.

I’ll speak to you on the inside.

Yaro Starak
Mastering Membership Sites

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • wow, i am the first to wait for yr launch!

  • I’m assuming you’re going to teach via webcam since you talk about teaching personally. And if you shut the doors in a week, will you open them again? Very very good idea

    • The video modules are recorded presentations. I teach personally over the group coaching calls. Check the sales page for a full break down of what is in the program.

      It will reopen again, but not likely for another 3 to 6 months – maybe even next year depending how this opening goes.

  • I am not yet ready. I am afraid that I have to give it a miss. sorry.

  • You priced it way out of my range though I am extremely interested. I’d pay maybe $50 a month but $297 a month is ridiculous. How about I pay you when I make my first $100,000 from my membership site?

    I love all your stuff and you do give a lot of free info away on your blog and report but it is just too much for an out of work -trying to be an entrepreneur in the US.


  • Yaro,
    Your Blog Mastermind course has been fantastic! I will definitely sign up for the membership course. Thanks for all your help!

  • Xavi

    I have to agree with Julie, NOT because I think you’re charging too much, not at ALL…but because my income has dropped to around 300 bucks a month, and the next money I can expect will be around the 18th of this month…I just don’t have the money right now, and nothing to sell to raise it…living on ramen noodles and egg til then, lol!. There might be an awful lot of people like me out there, maybe folks who have lost their jobs and investments. Read something on the news this morning about people with college degrees having to live in tent cities, which are growing. Who knew? I’m one of the lucky ones, with an awesome, proven product…just a matter of getting it out there 🙂

    Thanks for the great information Yaro, you are one the few who come across as sincere and so very methodical, you have a unique talent for breaking a topic down into tidy, logical bites. I hope the other gurus take note!

  • Yusuf


    Does the money-back guarantee cover Option 2 (“Membership Site + Blog Mastermind”) as well?

    Look forward to your reply.

    • Yep, I don’t want you in my programs if you’re not going to study the materials, so the refund period covers you for both programs.

  • Rob

    Very nice. Blog Mastermind Program was great. I suspect this will be easy to follow and implement also.

  • Sounds awesome, can’t wait.

  • Hey Julie, Nicole and Xavi – If you’re budget is really tight I wouldn’t want you in my program anyway – that’s just too much pressure on you to succeed.

    For people who are completely broke I recommend you take all the great free reports I’ve published and get out there and do something. Build up a blog that makes at least $100 a month, save that money and then consider reinvesting it back into paid coaching programs to advance further.

    I spent $5,000 on a coaching program, but I did that when I was making $2,000 a month from my blogging, so there is a time and a place to invest based on your unique situation.

    The people who join Membership Site Mastermind this time around are ready to join – they’ve done the assessment and it makes sense based on their present situation.

  • Well I actually already have a list of about 4000 names and learned alot just from watching you promote this program. I just want to know how to set up wordpress to handle memberships. I already know how to use wordpress but am not a programmer so hopefully I can figure it out.

    It is also that I am not sure it if is worth that much because most of these things I buy I already know most of the info or it is just more junk so I am skeptical of paying that much for anything online anymore.


  • Hey Yaro, I’ve taken some of your advise and started up my own blog. Hopefully that will bring in some income. Maybe in a year or so, if you relaunch MSM I’ll be making enough to purchase it.

  • Sounds marvellous!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Just wondering how you filmed the video on the sales page? It is very professionally done.


  • Hi Yaro,

    That’s really good advice. I think building up a blog is a great way to work towards something bigger in the future. I started my blog at the beginning of this year and am now seeing an increase in traffic and a little return on my investment. Sometimes things come along at the wrong time but it doesn’t mean we won’t have the opportunity to participate in the future.

    Enjoy the journey.


  • What are the best info-product creating courses available today?

  • Good job, once again your long awaited program is out. I missed the 24 hours deal but I will not miss the 7 days deal before the program closes it’s door to new members. You always give lots of free stuff. Among blogger tutors, I count you the people I respect because your materials are free of fluff. I respect the expertise and time you put into products development.
    I support your programs, I even wrote about Membership Site Mastermind on my blog. I have your ads all over my blog. I even promoted it on twitter and facebook like crazy. You are very inspirational and I want to be in the orbit of successful people like you.
    Keep the good work!

  • Consciously Awaiting to avail this opportunity.

  • Awesome stuff Yaro. You’ve been doing great work and shared some great material. I’d wish you good luck, but I doubt you need that.. 😉

  • Adam

    Hi Yaro,

    I currently am on another membership training course that I get information sent through to me on a weekly basis (For the next 12 months! arggh for testing and reviewing purposes mind!)

    Anyways so far they have only sent me information on how to setup a short term FIXED LENGTH membership website. Does you program offer the information for long term membership site setup?

  • I would love to sign up for this I know that you are very knowledgeable in this field but unfortunately cash flow is kinda tight right now, when is your next sign up date because you said you were closing the doors to this offer in a week.

  • Hi Yaro

    I very interessted into your Membership Site Mastermind programm.
    first I’ve some questions. I’m a really beginner and have any knowledge about internet and everything that has to do with it.

    I’m willing to learn step by step. But what I need is a mentor who has patience to explain everystep I don’t need. I a direct contact and help so that I can go step by step to my success.

    I’m writting you, because I had the experence that people promise, that a newcommer without any knowleadge can learn with their programm. but what I remark, when I had questions or don’t know what to do next or don’t understand, then I got just an e-mail which is inpersonal and most of the time didn’t answer my questions.

    And as a newcommer without any knowleadge I need really somebody who take me by the hand and show me step by step what to do, etc. to get my succes.

    what do you think, am I the right person for your programm?
    I’m really willing to learn BUT I NEED a good mentor!

    thanks for your replie

  • Hi Yaro

    I had problem to pay the programm with paypal.
    when I click on paypal. nothing is going on?

    what do I have to do, so that I can pay with paypal?
    thanks for your answer soon.

    N. Tran

  • Yaro,

    I jumped in the new Membership Site MasterMind at the very last minute (90 minutes before the close).

    I really hesitated due to so many other expenses related to my business, but I’m determined to launch my first paid product for my new site this year and I hope your program will help me achieve my goals.

  • I started using Twitter about a week ago. At first I was reluctant to join, but after reading Yaro’s article (and similar articles by other marketers) I decided that it would be in my best interest to at investigate what all the fuss is about.

    Plus, a lot of my blog traffic has been originating from Twitter accounts. That, alone, is reason enough top join the service.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Hi Yaro… I’ve been following your site for a while and it’s been really helpfull to me. A friend and me have an idea to launch a site and I’ve already read your free membership site report, however I’d like to take your six weeks membership course, but I can’t find any page or PDF or whatever where I can see what I’m gonna get buying this course, in detail.
    I tried to acces through this link but I just find that the membership is closed now. I can’t find any valuable information to understand what are the contents in this six weeks course, how much is it, how it works once I signed up, etc.
    I’d really appreaciate some information about it.

    • Chris, Membership Site Mastermind is closed now, but I will be reopening it late October, at which stage you will have a good idea of what’s in the program.

      You haven’t already, check the end of the Masterplan report as I talk a bit about the course there, otherwise stay tuned for late October.

  • I am not yet ready. I am afraid that I have to give it a miss. sorry.

  • hey Yaro – I’m soooo looking forward to the new intake – only 4 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes & 16 seconds – 15 seconds – 14 seconds – 13…..

    I plan to be first in. Have my niche, my product/idea and a list growing daily – woot!

    Seeya on the inside!


  • […] area is the Shoe Money System, a $200 a month guru training program.  This is an offshoot of what Yaro Starak did with a similar idea.  If you read the comments to our blog post people are complaining about […]

  • I am interested in joining your membership site in the future. I’m currently working on building my newsletter and traffic to my blogging platform. It’s my hope to already have lucrative numbers to these platform and use that as leverage before launching my membership site. In the future I will definitely be open to joining your membership site.

    Thanks for sharing, Yaro!!

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