“How My Blog Business Works” Web Strategy Summit Video Presentation

I presented at the Web Strategy Summit in Brisbane. The organisers of the event, Adam and Toby, invited me to come in and do a short presentation of 18 minutes, then a 10 minute question and answer session.

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The event featured panel discussions for about 45 minutes and several 18-minute “keynotes”, so they could get through plenty of speakers. There were about 100 attendees.

I blame TED talks for popularising the short presentation format. Since I didn’t actually have an 18-minute talk ready to go (my talks are usually an hour long) I had to put something new together. We determined my topic would be –

How I used my Blog and Podcast to grow my audience to 100,000 people and make $1 million online

Over the weekend I decided since I had the slides from the talk that I’d do a recording of my presentation and publish it here on EJ and YouTube. Here is the video and MP3 download –

The video is a highlight reel of the core concepts behind a successful blog. The timeframe for the presentation was a bit restrictive, and given the audience I was talking to I had to tailor it to them. They were marketing professionals working for small businesses mostly, so not my usual crowd of people wanting to quit their job and start an online business.

In the video, I talk about –

  • What core message and image I present online
  • What technique is at the heart of my success
  • Which tools I use to grow my audience
  • Two concepts that are especially important to creative individuals online
  • How much of an impact having a personal brand can have

Enjoy the presentation.


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  • Nice presentation there Yaro, Thanks for sharing and very good for a short presentation 😉

  • Thanks Yaro,
    yet again more food for serious thought and additions to my action plan. I particularly like the reminder to develop my own tribe, very apt indeed.

  • Casey Dennison

    I absolutely love the presentation Yaro! I don’t know what it it, but hearing you speak motivates me.

  • Nice post, Yaro. I now deeply understand the importance of having your own personal brand. I ‘knew’ it before but I never understood it deeply as I have now. So I moved from affiliate marketing ‘in the shadows’ to creating my own blog. So, your website provides a lot of useful insights I can adapt to grow my blog and my list. Thank you! Thank you!


  • Precious

    That was an awesome little presentation! I literally lol’ed at the conversion slide.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great video. You shared a lot of great insights on how you built your blog and your business. I have been following your blog for years and had forgotten that you had started with other projects (proofreading/English school,etc) before transitioning to internet marketing. It’s always motivating to hear other people’s background and that nothing was an “instant” success.

    Been a while since you did a video. Keep em coming. Always found your videos helpful & interesting.

  • I’ve just listened to the whole presentation and liked it very much. The part with your hair cut und the photo is hilarious 🙂

  • Cheryl Hill

    Nice photo on the info flyer Yaro. LOL They had to try and make you fit with the suits by chopping off everything but your glasses!

  • Thanks Yaro! I watched this on the train on the way to work this morning… Dreaming of breaking free from the 9-5!! 🙂


    I watched four videos. They WERE very helpful,and obviously you had thought about the types of questions we might have. This is very much appreciated!

  • Hey Yaro, thanks for sharing some great tips in such a short space of time. I like the short nuggets of info, it keeps me focused. Thanks for sharing and keeping it real!


  • Great to hear from you again Yaro. I used to enjoy your training videos. They were quite helpful, just pure and solid info. Thanks for sharing this presentation.

  • Your budgie was getting in on the act, but it might have been the end of the second video I watched that was recorded in your lounge room.

    Great tips on finding a way to be different and have a personal brand. I’m thinking that Hip Hop Blogger might be a goer, but probably not. What do you think? It would be different at least. Maybe with a twist of humour as well? Dancing is definitely out though.

  • I love your videos, so yes, please do more! As far as likeability, you have that going for you…great voice, great looking, great personality! But you also give such valuable advice and information and I really appreciate all you do. I have learned so many tips from you…thanks.

  • Nice video. Valuable advice on how to make people your followers. I’m still in this stage so I should use it. Thanks for sharing your life story. Keep in touch, Hans

  • Cheryl Hill

    Question Yaro – (one that is really stumping me!)
    Re the A-Z 55 page how to’s?
    I know Rich Schefren recommends them too. BUT –
    In this more current crowded online environment I am hearing it is better to write shorter ’10 tips’ types of hand out’s as your opt-in – for people like me who do not have a loyal following yet?
    You ‘drip’ Trusted Authority’ and I read every word of your Blueprint – but I do that with very few people. You came recommended. But people I don’t know of I will tend to go for ‘nibbles’ rather than the meal.
    I would love to hear your thoughts?

  • Cheryl Hill

    P.S. Yes this was very helpful – thank you. BUT –
    You said something a while back that I keep wanting to respond to. You said you were thinking about doing a series of interviews. I think you are one of the best interviewers I have heard. You have an unusual talent – in many different ways. (Which I would love to list – but not sure if it is relevant to you?)
    Have you ever watch Michael Parkinson? Your style reminds me of him.
    You enrich the online community hugely Yaro. I am very thankful for your presence in this online community.

  • Yaro,
    Great stuff! I enjoyed your recent interview with Brian Moran.

  • Hey Yaro! You did a commendable job on the video. Great presentation, I must congratulate you first. This is one of the crucial things that you have mentioned to increase your followers and most don’t care to admit but we all need that.I definitely found this very helpful.

  • I like the way you present the facts Yaro. It’s a nice one. 🙂

  • […] Story” article or series is a great way to establish strong rapport and build your tribe. It’s the perfect combination of demonstrating why you know what you know, it captures […]

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