There’s No Such Thing As A New Idea And My New Social Page Proves It

A few months ago, Walter and Mick, my co-founders in, and I were having a brainstorming session to come up with App ideas.

Since both these guys are entrepreneurial we tend to go on these long tangents sometimes, thinking of cool ideas that just spring forth as we browse around the internet. More often than not we don’t actually follow these ideas up because we haven’t got the time or resources, but they are still fun to think about.

However I was thinking that if I could find an external resource, like an outsourcing company, we could have one or two of our ideas developed by other people while we are working on CrankyAds. I’m all about the leverage right…

As a result of this I connected with a firm that represents Pakistani developers. The company can develop virtually anything online. You work with a project manager and they develop your projects using their team in Pakistan.

My New Idea

I had a few chats with the owners of the company and decided I would get them to quote on one specific idea I had for a social media tool.

I was playing around with Pinterest at the time and reading about how much traffic the site is driving. Pinterest is an absolute monster for referring traffic, especially e-commerce traffic since so much of the site is full of products that people want to buy.

What I really like about Pinterest is the format. It’s perfect for browsing quickly, is very visual and offers continuous scrolling for new content. I think for some sites, a Pinterest style design can do a lot to increase pageview counts and time on site duration because it’s just so addictive.

For a moment I even considered changing the front page of EJ to mirror a Pinterest style design to see what it would do for my traffic statistics. I may still test it, although I have to admit I am fond of my current layout.

These thoughts lead me to a new idea, one that I really liked.

How good would it be to have a page that collects all your content and social media feeds in one place and displays them in Pinterest style layout. Imagine your Twitter timeline, your Facebook wall, your YouTube Channel videos and your blog posts all in the one page, displayed in boxes with headlines and pictures and media just like Pinterest.

I thought it was an awesome idea, a page where you could combine everything about you in one of the best formats for displaying content.

I believed it wasn’t too tricky to build it as a WordPress plugin to begin with. You install the plugin, link it up with all your social media and content feeds, then it pumps out the page for you dynamically. Easy enough right.

Getting A Quote

I scribbled out some drawings and wrote some notes about my idea. I handed these details to the development company along with a brief stating that I really didn’t want to spend more than $5,000 on this, preferably less.

They went away and worked out a quote for me. After some talking it appeared that my simple idea may not be that simple and the $5,000 price target would only get a very basic version of my vision.

Based on my new found experience with software development thanks to CrankyAds, I realised that even making a simple version of this idea would very likely turn into something that required more management and more money than I could afford.

I decided I just wasn’t in the right place to commit to something like that, even if a team I wasn’t looking after was working on it. I would need to focus time on it, which was divergent from what I was already doing (another lesson I have learned over the years – focus on as few things as you can for best results).

The Rebel Mouse

A couple of weeks ago Leslie Samuel pinged me on Skype. He shot through a link to a new page on

It was my idea!

I had shared my concept with Leslie when I first came up with it to get his feedback. He said it was great and gave me a few suggestions.

Before you get worried, Leslie didn’t go and steal my idea. He had actually visited Gary Vaynerchuk’s website and noticed that his front page was exactly like what I was talking about – a Pinterest style layout meshing together all of Gary’s social media and content sources.

Leslie hunted down how Gary had created the new homepage and found a service called RebelMouse. Leslie registered and then installed it on

I was blown away that my idea had already been thought of and created. The more I played with it the more impressed I became. The Rebel Mouse team have nailed it, it’s exactly what I was thinking and it works really well.

I have registered for Rebel Mouse, installed their plugin and set up my page. You can see it in action on my “Social” page linked from my sidebar –

I think it’s pretty cool. It offers a great snapshot of my social media life, is easy to scroll through and hopefully will bring more subscribers back to my Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you want to get Rebel Mouse for your blog or website, head to

There’s No Such Thing As A New Idea

I’m quite relieved that I didn’t invest money in my idea because I would have ended up with something not nearly as polished as what Rebel Mouse have created.

I suspect they had the idea before I did and have a dedicated startup team working on it. It’s only going to get better.

It is so true, there are no new ideas. It really is all about who executes it the quickest and does the best job.

Not that I want to put pressure on you, but if you have a good idea, go get busy and create it. Today is the day to work on it so someone else doesn’t beat you to the punch.

Yaro Starak

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  • You’re absolutely right Yaro!

    Most people (especially business wannabes online) spend weeks, months and even years trying to come up with the next BIG THING but it ends right there – spending time on various ideas.

    At same time, some people just pick an idea and start working on it – and obviously, get results!

    • Andrew,

      I remember a guest post I published a while ago from my blog, – it’s about startups to watch in 2013, which has generated quite some interests on LinkedIn. Some commenters moan that the ideas are not that revolutionary and won’t be making a difference.

      Like what you’ve said, the next big thing equals a fad. The real question is whether the startups can bring their idea further – beyond spending investors money only to find that there’s little or no profitability in it.

  • Getting started is half of the battle. Even if you never market or complete the idea, the time is not wasted. Creativity begets creativity.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  • Quite right, we’re sometimes carried away thinking that we have great idea, and only to find that we didn’t consider all aspects to see if we are prepared to take the responsibility that comes along.

  • When there are no new ideas I’ll stop blogging 🙂

    Just seems to be a rare case, rather than a good example of the web overall. After all, wasn’t Pinterest or even Rebel Mouse themselves new ideas?

    • I suppose if you look close enough Glen everything is unique. My version of what Rebel Mouse have done would have contained features that were different to what they did, even just placing something in a different location you could call a new idea.

      It then comes down to how closely you want to compare. You could say Pinterest is just Flickr with a different display and set of tools. Everything spawns from something else.

  • You are absolutely right my mentor. it is all about what is refer to as MALT…Much Ation Less Talk. Get to work, a drop of water could turn into a mighty ocean.

  • Yaro,

    I’m pretty much interested in, mainly to keep track how much time I “waste” on social media. I “think” I use social media for business-purpose, but I’m sure I spend too much time watching fail videos, commenting on funny stories, checking NBA scores and stats (I’m a basketball fan!), etc.

    Yeah, you are right – it’s not a new idea, and it definitely costs less than developing the app from scratch – but we all want what the app can do for us; why build if we can buy it off the shelf?

    Cheers for the post!

  • Hi Yaro,
    Have a look at the cool guys ( 3 Aussie brothers) who have created the Bislr website platform ( still in beta) – they have an app, Social stream, to create a website page that is very similar. I have built two websites and onto my third using Bislr. As a small off-line business owner Bislr rocks – our business is now on-line with a great looking site that I built myself. My next move is to experiment with the Bislr Social Stream app………. Alison

  • Hi Yaro
    So true. I always spend a couple of days scouring the web looking for competitors to an idea in the market research phase at the start before I progress to spending any time or money on a project. Especially with software, it’s a tough hill to climb to reach your competitors if you don’t have an edge or something different to offer.

    • Right on Aaron, although as we are learning with CrankyAds, because of the sheer size of the internet, even if your idea is quite similar to something else already out there, as long as there is a group of people who like what you offer, you can potentially have a business.

      You won’t necessarily be Google, but it depends what your goals are.

  • Wow, that’s so cool Yaro. So have you decided on whether or not you’re going to implement that layout for the whole EJ blog?

    • Not sure about the whole site yet Fonzy. The problem with that idea is that the social media tends to overrun my blog content. People will click away to my twitter, facebook and youtube pages, and also other resources I share.

      I’m probably a bit too random with my social media where EJ is more focused. I could however set up a separate Rebel Mouse account that only shares my blog content, which would be a good way to potentially do it.

      I’d still want to integrate an opt-in box and other features though, so it’s not a simple switch.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I like the post very much and I have a good idea I want to use. Maybe you can give me a tip on how to find good team to outsource the development. I will need a website, Facebook App, Hosting and a lot of programming in order to get the datafeeds and API’s connected with the site/app.

    Great post!

  • Hi Yaro,

    There is no such thing as a new idea, and even your post about there being no such thing as a new idea, is not a new idea – otherwise your post would contradict itself.

    So thank you for the old idea – which I had not come across before.

    But I do not believe your post – otherwise there would be a whole load of new inventions that had never been discovered.

    I thought being an entrepreneur was all about exploiting new ideas – rather than developing existing ones – but there is a certain amount of truth that people who make a real success, are often the ones who exploit other peoples ideas, rather than come up with original ones themselves.

    I worry about encouraging people to make money blogging – seems like a dead end to me – unless you are part of the top level of the blogging pyramid.

    Your blog is good – and I am glad to see you succeeded. Nothing wrong with success – but my concern is that too many people who do not have your talent and never will are convinced into paying for and doing stuff that will get them nowhere. Main reason for my thoughts on this is a site called Salty Droid – which I would like to bring your readers attention to. It is sort of a one man battle against the main scammers out there – and though the language is not good – the mission is honourable.

  • Thanks for the suggestion for I just installed it on my personal site and I am working on integrating it into my business site. Looks great so far and I look forward to seeing how it fits into things in the future.

  • […] to be a few bloggers talking about what you should do if a past passion no longer inspires you, or your next big idea’s already been done. Image courtesy stock.xchng user […]

  • Trevor

    Probably the least user-friendly app I’ve seen to-date. No way to control the dashboard and no apparent way to integrate into a wordpress blog. Looks like a big time-waster to me! Not to mention Facebook is a mess right now. The need for a good app that combines the right social media pages AND will integrate seamlessly with a wordpress blog is still sorely needed.

  • Very good blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?

    I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?
    There are so many options out there that I’m totally confused .. Any ideas? Cheers!

    • Hi Domina,

      Join my newsletter and read over my Blog Profits Blueprint and most of your questions will be answered 🙂


    • It then comes down to how closely you want to compare. You could say Pinterest is just Flickr with a different display and set of tools.

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