Membership Site Mastermind Closes Monday

The Membership Site Mastermind enrollment period is wrapping up on Monday. I hope you’ve enjoyed this launch and all the great content that came with it regarding running profitable membership sites.

If you’re still fence sitting about whether you should join, you have to decide today. I’m doing a lifetime guarantee on this one, so as long as I own the business at any time in the future if you feel you didn’t get value for money with my program, just cancel. Clickbank covers the first 60 days with their usual refund policy, and I’ll cover the rest.

The cutoff is midnight eastern US time on Monday May 11th. Once Tuesday hits New York City, that’s it.

Here’s the link –

Thanks to all the members who joined over the past week. My job now is to give you great service, so look out!

As for Entrepreneurs-Journey, I’ll be back to your regular blogging from this week onwards.

Oh and one last thing – if you’ve never done an online launch before, you really should try it – they are a tone of fun and you only get good things from them, even if they never go quite as you expect.

I’ll see you on the inside 😉


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  • I want to join but I really do not know what kind of membership site I could create for NFL trade rumors. Maybe I will wait for next time.

  • I made it! Just signed up with Yaro’s Mastermind programs. I got the duo pack of Blog and Membership Site Mastermind.

    You better hurry a deal like this will not last forever. Today, I wrote a good post, on my blog about this final 24 hours push to make the cut.
    Don’t blame me or anyone for that matter if you fail to make the cut. Yaro has been more generous with his products. Others will charge more than $5,000.00 for stuff like this. I know because I once paid for crappy programs that are worth nothing.

    So hurry, put off some bills that are not necessarily due. Grab your share of Yaro’s generosity.

  • I wish I could join your program right now but it seems that it is not for me right now. I would have joined if the cost was less than $50/month. I am still not sure about it yet.

  • Any chance they are extending this? I really would love to join but my schedule is very tight these days and my plate is totally full but I would love to join later. Thanks!

  • Any chance to extend this? When I saw your email was too late. Please advise. Thanks

  • When is the next time you will be opening this class up again? It is something that I am looking into doing but as of right now it is not a priority because I need to do some other things first.

  • Looking forward to your future blogging. Thanks for the offer

  • Hey Guys,

    It’s still open as I type this – you have about seven hours to go before the end of Monday.


  • You are tempting me to enrol in the next course, Jaro. I am really intrigued to see what these participants come up with after the course has run its course….hahahah…jokes aside, enjoy everybody!

  • Wow, Yaro, I guess your service is really good because a lifetime guarantee is an excellent guarantee. Maybe in the future I will be interested on an online launch.

  • David

    the only thing i dont like is you say with blogmastermind you make 10,000-35,000 per month from blogging, but then you say you make 2,000-5,000 when selling membership mastermind. How do i know your not inflating your earnings?

  • What a waste if you miss Yaro’s Membership Site Mastermind !

    Come with lifetime guarantee makes investors have a piece of mind to invest without doubts.

    Thanks Yaro.

  • Wow, it really ended! I heard a lot of great things about this site– Great service…The lifetime guarantee you are providing is really interesting. Too bad, I just missed joining Yaro’s Membership Site Mastermind. Hopefully it will open again 🙂

  • Hi everyone but there..

    If you really miss membership site mastermind then you are really missing some ways to making real money online..

    Pray that it will re-open in the near future..

    I myself is in the 1st batch of student in membership site mastermind

  • I cou;dn’t get the spirit to get into this one, but now it is too late, will look at for any future memberships from you!

  • Is this due to open again? Any waiting list that we can enter to be kept informed?

  • The link says the program will reopen so maybe I’ll try it. It sounds like an interesting product. However, I’m more interested in getting ads for my sites then promoting some product. Therefore, the odds are I won’t try it but maybe I will in another year or so.

  • I am signing up for the next one which is in a couple weeks, but I am so excited about this I can’t even tell you. I am feverishly working through the blog mastermind program and I thoroughly enjoy it. Thank You so much Yaro. You have opened my eyes to A LOT of new things.
    Larry C.

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