As part of some big changes to my overall strategy next year I am once again overhauling my main email newsletter series.

This is where you come in, but more about that in a moment…

My newsletter is a sequence of autoresponder emails sent roughly once a week using the follow-up function in AWeber.

When I originally launched my first newsletter I wrote over 50 emails all focused around the subject of blogging tips. You can find this series archived here –

The newsletters came out roughly once a week. I wrote them all during 2006/2007 and for the next few years they continued to provide value as people joined my newsletter.

Each new newsletter member would go through the sequence from the start, learning my blog training advice. The newsletter combined with my free report, The Blog Profits Blueprint, were a perfect primer for my blog coaching program Blog Mastermind.

I decided a couple of years ago to change the focus of my newsletter. It needed updating and I wanted to use it to drive more traffic to the blog.

Instead of having long emails in the newsletter, I planned to use shorter emails and direct readers to my blog articles to deliver the teaching content.

Eventually I closed down my coaching courses, so the newsletter no longer had the same purpose.

To cut a long story short, my newsletter autoresponder series lost purpose and direction.

While I still keep in touch with subscribers sending in-the-moment broadcasts, the automatic sequence has suffered from my indecision and neglect.

The current sequence is seven training emails that do a reasonable job of introducing people to the process of setting up a new money making website, but it’s far from complete.

Next year, I want to finally get my new newsletter finished properly, and this is where your help is required.

I Need Your Feedback

As part of changes for next year I’m once again going to overhaul the newsletter sequence, but this time I’m going to focus it 100% on you.

What does this mean?

I am taking questions from you and will build the newsletter sequence around answering your questions and solving your problems.

Of course to make this happen, I need your questions and to know your specific problems.

Hence, I have two very important questions for you –

1. Where Are You Stuck?

What aspect of your online business are you most stuck with?

I don’t mind if you are a beginner right at the start, or someone more advanced who already makes money online, or whatever stage you are at. I want to know what your number one problem is?

2. What Are You Trying To Achieve?

To put your problem into context, it helps for me to know your goal or goals.

Be specific, tell me what system you are trying to use (make money with a blog? or an e-commerce store? or Affiliate marketing?) and what your big picture goal is (Quit your job? Make a million dollars? Travel around the world? Work from Cafes or Home?).

The people who send in the best questions that I think will help the most people, will be the questions I reply to in my new newsletter.

Leave your replies as either comments left on this blog post, or you can write your own response on your blog and let me know with a comment, or email me, or do a YouTube video reply, or send me a message in facebook.

Whatever you are most comfortable with and please feel free to be as long winded as you like. The more I know about you the better I can help.

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • The process of elimination for choosing a niche would be a good topic.

    I talk to lots of people who are having a problem getting motivated and it’s because they haven’t figured out what to blog about.

    • Hey Jacko, yes I agree, that’s actually an area I want to put a blog post together on soon.

      Regarding your own experiences though, have you got a successful online business running now or are you still trying to find a profitable topic?

  • Alen

    Well I carefully planned my website, which will have a lot of content. Suffice it to say that I’m not going to be selling any information products, but I will try to bring quality content that people would want to read. Now my goal with this is to do what I love and to make money by doing it, although I’m not doing it for money it would be nice to make this my full time job. Now the website design was finished yesterday, and I have some of the content ready to start with, but what now? I figured I’m not going to start posting ads of do any affiliate marketing before I start gaining some traffic, which is obviously my priority, no traffic means no money. Now I know how to build traffic theoretically it’s just too many places to work with and I haven’t got a clue where to start. I was thinking starting with my friends and family, and they’d recommend it to more friends etc. Just starting a chain reaction. Am I on the right path here? Am I over thinking this? So many variables, and it’s hard to get the algorithm to work if everything isn’t in the right order.. So which order is that?

    • Hi Alen,

      That was quite a stream of consciousness you wrote there.

      I like that you are going to hold off with ads until you build traffic. I think that’s a good mindset choice so you can keep your focus clear.

      Family and friends are a good start for audience building. Creating at least one or two solid pieces of content a week and then going out there and telling people about it is another strategy you can apply.

      There’s a longer answer to this question I could give, so perhaps if you are okay with it I might use your question for one of my newsletters, if that is okay with you, and answer in more detail there.

      • Alen

        Hello again.

        Of course, I’d be very interested in that particular newsletter and I’m looking forward to it.

  • Hi Yaro, I’m stuck in monetizing my blog. I put Chitika ads on my blog but it seems that they don’t do anything. How to get people to click on these ads? What am I trying to achieve? I think I’ll first need to write a free ebook in order to get people interested in opting-in. Then when I have built a list I would try to sell people products, probably as an affiliate, in my niche’s market. Then again later on I’d like to set up a membership site where I’d like to teach piano by video-calls. Of course my goal is to quit my job and travel around the world with my family. Thanks for your interest in helping, With friendly greetings, Hans

    • Hi Hans,

      It sounds like you know what you could do, but perhaps you are not sure about doing it?

      I’m not a chitika user myself, never have been. I know Darren Rowse years ago had some training on how to improve your CTR with them, but I assume it’s much like adsense – put them in the hot spots and test different styles until you find the best version.

      I like your thoughts about building a list more, that is where I would focus your energy.

      Perhaps you could explain in more detail what you have done so far – you have a blog about what? Piano? How long have you been doing it, what is your traffic? Do you make any money and if so, how?


      • A note on Chitika ads: I used them on my design blog, and make a bit each month from it. It’s not phenomenal, but then my traffic numbers aren’t phenomenal either. Chitika doesn’t place the nice looking banner ads until a certain traffic quota is reached.

        The prime thing with any ad bank is to test placement (location, location, location!). This can really have an impact, but Google is also factoring in the ratio of content/ads above the fold.

        *I’ve found Adsense to have a higher earnings and CTR, but years ago got banned because I didn’t adequately understand that Google can – but doesn’t – track when an administrator accidentally clicks his own text ad. :/

  • Hello Yaro! First I’d like to say that I followed your blog back in the day from 2007 till about 2010, you and Darren Rowses. John Chow’s too, but his blog got a little too spammy / blackhatty for me hehe.

    Anyways thanks to you guys I launched a blog about a game in 2007, which became profitable from 2008 till 2010 when due to personal reasons I let the blog fail.

    I’m back now looking to launch a new blog about the topics: self-help, self-motivation / how to overcome depression and live life to the fullest. I’ve resubscribed to your newsletter and started reading problogger again as well.

    So to your questions, I guess where I’m stuck with at the moment is accomplishing several personal goals of mine, goals related to health & fitness among others which will help me be more of an authority in my niche. Having some accountability when it comes to writing.

    What I’m trying to achieve is a blog(s) / community which lets me earn a living just doing that. Writing and selling online products and services, I envision myself starting out mostly with affiliate marketing for products I intend to use in my own personal betterment quest. Later with enough history built up, more community based products.

    I want this to be my only job / career, I love blogging 🙂

    • Hey Leon,

      Great to hear from such a long term reader!

      First, I hope you don’t mind if I use parts of your comments as a template to start an email newsletter. You ask some good questions that I think would make great content for my autoresponder series next year.

      I think you have the right plan – start by studying things you want to, write about them and participate in the communities already out there about them. Build up your blog while you do this, start your newsletter and slowly refine what sub-niche of problem you are going to focus on helping people with.

      It’s probably a good idea to focus on something you personally have or had as a problem and then build out from there since you will know the subject matter more intimately.

      The most important thing is not to spend too much time thinking about it – get creating now if you are not because it’s going to take a while to build everything up.


      • Sure Yaro! And thanks for the tips 🙂

  • I think it’s great that you are updating your newsletter.

    You’ve got a wide range of subscribers. Many are beginners and many are experienced.

    Personally I’d love to read about your current projects. The successes you’ve had, the failures, the problems you came across and how you solved them. Case studies can be a powerful tool in teaching people how entrepreneurs make their living online.

  • Sure, with every new website I launch it’s always the same problems:

    Getting enough traffic from search and social
    Understanding your traffic and how best to serve them
    Technical solutions for consulting, payments and scheduling times
    and getting things done quickly

    The fourth is usually my biggest problem. The time to create things just takes so long, even with hiring help.

    So I have my own process for each of the above items, but I enjoy other insights as I might come across a new idea that helps me improve how I work.

  • Hey Yaro,

    When it comes to the email newsletter format of answering your users questions, there is no one that does it better than Eben Pagan. He’s been CRUSHING it for years with this strategy. But not with his business building content but with his multi-million dollar Double Your Dating content.

    I highly, highly recommend modeling what he is doing if you’re committed to going the Q&A route . . .

  • Hi Yaro,
    Here’s what I think would be helpful for me : To have other bloggers share their numbers.
    how much they make ?
    After how many months did they start to make that income ?
    How many subscribers they had ?
    How many unique visitors per month ?
    What are the main sources of traffic in % ?
    What is their conversation rate ?
    How long did they spend on creating their product ?
    And do on..

    Then to classify the info by niches (self help, marketing, dating, ..)

    That would be interesting to see if there are trends. And it’ll give us an idea of where we are in our blogging.. that can save time (for ex don’t spend too much time on an information product if email list is yet too small) and give us a good idea of what to expect.

    Thanks Yaro for your great work and for your love of sharing

    • Hi Yaro,
      I agree with what Moutassem suggested.
      I have put quite a lot of work into a blog + ebook site for a couple of years now . The goal is to promote my work and establish myself as a n expert + make some money with it. I find that progress is very slow to come. Very often I ask myself whether my blog’s progress is following the usual pattern, am I doing the right things, am I wasting too much time on useless actions etc etc…
      So having other bloggers to share their numbers and experiences of what worked for them could (to some extend) replace the direct advice of an expert coach.
      Thanks for asking and thanks for all the good work you are doing here

      • Александр

        May try to conduct online training, webinars, thus attract customers.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I’ve been following your blog / newsletter for a while.
    Fact is, I don’t know what’s holding me back. Getting into action has been a huge obstacle for me – I keep reading and “learning” and not actually doing anything.
    This is the reason I rarely buy any courses or other materials – I’m afraid I won’t do anything with it – and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    I’ve come across the idea that if I can find something I really want, that will provide motivation to get into action, – if you know “what” you’ll figure out “how” – like Dr. Mani does what he does to provide funding for sick children. The thought of those children propels him into action.
    I haven’t found my “passion”, to speak in slightly cliched terms, perhaps because I’m interested in nearly everything. This makes it difficult to focus.
    Focus!! That’s the word. That is what is holding me back. A lack of focus.
    Any ideas?

  • Kudos to you, I think it is a critical practice to periodically evaluate our business practices to see if they are really serving us.

  • Anne

    Hi Yaro

    1. I’m a moderate blogger (not a beginner but not an expert). I’m stuck at getting a substantial readership and marketing my blog out there. Which are probably hurting any potential earning prospects.

    2. My goal is to make good money from my blog so I can quit my job, work from home, and buy a house for my mum (Australian homes are expensive as you already know).

  • Hi, Yaro.
    First of all I just want to say thank you for giving this opportunity to air our problems. I remember when you wrote Maverick and in a newsletter you shared a video of a gathering you had with other entrepreneurs. One shared a message of the view other people have on entrepreneurs as greedy,dirty, shameless etc and ended with a note on think of all the difference we can make in this world. I found myself crying because it hit right home to me. Then I just knew who I was and what I wanted to be an entrepreneur , it is just who I am and I truly want to make a difference.
    My biggest challenges are:
    1. To find my own voice; ( I want to be a serial-entrepreneur)
    2. Staying focused ; I have no support whatever from my family or friends- they have the same view on entrepreneurs as described above and it makes it harder to believe in myself when others don’t support me.
    3. I started two businesses and in the last one I experienced the same as you did with your newsletters, it lost its direction and purpose.
    4. To find and keep that balance with the business identity, who I am and what the customers want.
    5. My web-sites have always gotten more views than my blogs.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • The major reason why people don’t get started in a blog is because they have not made up on what to write about. It’s very critical to choose a niche that your passionate about. In addition, researching the niche to make sure their is not too much competition. This will help you win over this particular niche.

  • Hi! I actually just started this blogging thing a few days ago. My first post is basically my introduction and goals for the blog.

    So although I’m not exactly stuck, my next step is to gain a following. And how to create something of value to build an email list.

    I’m looking forward to what may come in 2013!

  • Ted

    Hi Yaro,
    I’v been following you for quite some time and I appreciate all the great information you’ve provided over the years.
    I guess right now I’m stuck on deciding a niche. This is usually the hardest part for me. I’ve just recently started a new blog and I’m not sure I chose wisely regarding the niche.
    Also, I fear that attracting followers will be the toughest part of any online endeavor, and I’d be really interested in your opinion on how best to get readers to your blog and actually have them bring more readers in.
    I’ll be producing most of the content myself and I actually enjoy doing this, so in that respect I think I picked a subject that I can live with and that won’t get old and stale for me down the line.
    I’ve had many false starts and outright failures since starting online about 3 years ago, and I can’t seem to gain traction no matter what I try, and believe me I’ve tried it all, from affiliate marketing to product creation and everything in between. Now I just want to focus on providing the best information I can for people and actually try to help someone.

  • Hello. My biggest problem is getting followers to my website and then getting them to “Like” my Facebook page. I have a blog, and am still tweaking it to get the correct meta description, key words etc. I am considering changing to a plain website where I just focus on displaying my photos. I need to promote my blog but do not have the funds to hire an expert and my time is limited. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much.

  • I’m stuck with being consistent writing content. I enjoy the topic that I write about because it is my passion but I have not written as much as I would like to. Probably I am mostly lazy but some days, I can not think of something to write. I started my blog 4 years ago for the purpose of helping others that may have the same problems or questions that I had. I noticed that the bulk of my articles that still get hits are 3 or 4yrs old! I recently hit the $100 limit with Google and received payment for work I did 3-4 yrs ago!!! I now feel that if I continue to write new content, I can maybe make $100 faster….but I am still stuck on what to write. Also, stuck on the decision to stay on Blogger or move to WordPress and purchase a domain name.

  • My major issue is finding people to read and comment on blog posts.

    What is the point of creating content that no-one reads? I can always write hundreds of blog posts, but what keeps me motivated is that someone is reading and appreciating my hard work.

    I have seen this through experience. I started off writing a post-a-day, but as I never had any comments, I lost the motivation to continue writing; eventually not posting anything for months at a time.

    If I could get a conversation going on my website, what a pleasure that would be.

  • I’ve been a “bricks & mortar” retailer and salesman all my life. Been selling on eBay since the beginning. I’ve been working on a couple of different WordPress sites ( and a blogger site) and I would like to start out by putting up a WordPress site that has book reviews and an Amazon aStore. I have yet to find just the RIGHT theme and can’t decide whether the aStore should be the landing page or if the actual blog with reviews should be the landing point.

  • No matter what stage I have been at I have always had challenges, they change all the time. What used to be a challenge is now either solved or non-existent and in some cases forgotten, but plenty have taken their place. A lot of people say I have “good problems”, sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes:
    1) Consistent, reliable tech help-I have struggled with this since day 1. I have had a lot done but always feel I am flying solo.
    2) Letting go-It’s pretty clear there are people that handle the business part of my site better than I can, I just need to let them do it, it would grow my business even faster.
    3) Manage growth-The number of people wanting to write at my site has gone from a few a month to several a day, I am just lousy at hiring people. I am probably picking some people I shouldn’t and turning away people who can help me, I need to find someone to take care of this and manage it.
    I have several others but these came to mind the fastest so they must the most prominent.
    My long term goal at this point is to take a good chunk of the money we have made and to use our voice which reaches so many to help the youth of America and the world who don’t fit into the groups of family income ranges who can traditionally get aid but fit into what is the average American income, which isn’t much, and help these kids get a chance and help them financially in getting the best education they can. I am working with several other websites and brick and mortar corporations to establish this foundation…it’s really exciting.

  • My biggest problem is focus. I have several ideas for websites, too many for me to create all myself. How do I choose the best idea? How can I figure out which one will be the most successful?


  • Vivien

    1-All I have done so far is read books and wonder at other’s success story. I read
    -laptop millionaire ‘still reading)
    -super affiliate handbook (still reading)
    -blog profits blueprint (done)
    2- My goals are simple: 250,000+ subscribers and $1 million+ in sales yearly
    3-What’s holding me back so far? Don’t know where to start, don’t know which topic to choose to write on, don’t know which products to focus on…maybe it’s the prospect of writing that is scaring me…who knows! Has anyone been here? How did you get out of it?

    • I know what you’re saying! There’s so much info available you can get blogged (I mean bogged) down. My new motto is FOCUS!

  • Amy

    So far I’ve bought two domain names and tried two different thing- both niche blogs of some sort. And then that’s it, I add some content, try to do all of the SEO set up that I am supposed to, put just a couple of ads on the sites, and nothing. No one ever comes, and so then I lose all faith in said blog and here I am back at the start.

    That was my attempt to just go ahead and get started and stop wasting time, only I sink money setting it up and get nothing back. At other times I have stressed myself out for weeks wading through niches to find something that I can write about that would also bring traffic, only to come up with nothing suitable.

    So basically I would like to know how to build up traffic from the start so that I can see my site gaining momentum, even if it is little by little.

    My goal is to have some amount of profit whatsoever. My husband is French and we’ve just moved to France, only I cannot work properly until I know the language. I want to do something in the meantime, and hopefully develop a presence online that will help to sustain us in some degree.

    • You heard constantly about quality content. Do you write? I’m starting out by having at least 5 or so quality articles. Yaro has mention in one of his videos the idea of soliciting writing on Craigslist. I admit the idea is appealing!

  • Vera Basilone

    Hi Yaro,

    Thank you so much for providing such useful content on your site.

    I recently purchased a domain name with potential traffic built in. My goal is to use the site as the main anchor and link it to other sites we own. The main site will have evergreen content, an opt in page with a free gift, as well as sponsors to support the site. I’ve been creating the free gift, content for the site and following Leslie Samuel’s marketing course to set up my opt in page. I’ve been using one of my other sites with the basic WP theme (twenty eleven I think) as I teach myself how to set things up.

    My current problem is deciding which WordPress theme to use to set the site up. I like your site with content on the left and sponsors on the right. I also like traffic generation cafe’s site. Do you have a suggestion for a Word Press theme to use that will allow me to use optin pages, sponsors, videos and anything else I want to add as the business grows?

    I’d love to have information on the best way to monitor visitors to the site and gather statistics to use for sponsors etc.

    Thank you Yaro!
    Thank you.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have a huge issue that’s stopping me to achieve my goals: paralysis by analysis. It’s a biggie for me. The fact that I’ve been studying about online marketing for almost 5 years now and I am yet to accomplish anything tells a lot. I can’t seem to overcome my urge to always overanalyze and overthink things. And as a result, nothing gets done. Awfully frustrating.

    Since I am heavily into positive psychology I plan to create some information product on how people can live a more fulfilling, happier life. My strategy would be similar to what Rich Schefren and his team do. Greating a process where people sign up for a content packed evergreen webinar and learn about a specific topic then at the end I would offer them a product. I would also do email follow-ups to maximize conversion. FB ads and promotions would provide the initial traffic and part of the revenue would be reused to aquire more traffic.

    My fiancial goals? A nice monthly income that I can live off of. Nothing earth shattering, just an average income so that I wouldn’t have to take a regular job.

    The problem? Again…to much thinking, analyzing and planning. Right now I feel stuck because I cannot decide whether I should offer a low price continuity program and build up enough revenue over time or offer a higher priced online training program and get some cash flow from the get go. I think, I analyze day and night, but just can’t seem to decide which route to go. Thus, I donb’t do anything. 🙁 It’s killing me.

    Is there a cure for this?


    Zsolt from Hungary

    • Sharon

      I’ll second the analysis by paralysis issues.

  • Hallo Yaro

    my big dream to work on the internet was on me already almost 20 years ago (when i was 18 i made a great presentation about internet at secondary school even if it was not required)

    After i became psychologist and started working as a counselor, but it was not what i really wanted. In 2009 i started working on the internet creating my first sites and writing ebooks in italian. It was really difficult, lot of work, few money (like $700 per month) and nobody really understanding what was my job on the internet… I was too shy to record videos for example and i was selling the ebooks for something like $10

    At the same time i was always looking for great self help techniques to improve my feelings about business. Last summer i got it. I found a technique that empowered me to record videos, audios and to work for 4 months for a project allowing me to have idea after idea on how to make a powerful product and without being overweelmed by the tension of the fear of failure.

    I made a 3 months program to acquire a winning mindset to create a business online. I changed the way it is organized 3 times, but now i am very satisfied with it: i feel it’s a very unique and evergreen program and i am excited about the results that it can deliver.

    Now i just started empowering myself to study and find win win joint ventures.

    So the part that i am facing now is how to create a positive relationship with internet marketers in the “Create a Business – Make money online” niche. (i decided before starting to create the product for this marketers that have good marketing programs but that don’t have the “acquire the right mindset” part to offer to their prospects)

    My strategy is now to try to create a relationship with internet marketers and to send them a very good joint ventures partner purpose:
    * I give them a 7 part video series about overcoming the fear of failure that they can include in their memberships, include in their products etc.
    * I make a special one week coupon discount exclusive for their list
    * I am available to create a special video sales page for them.
    * I give 50% recurring commission with 365 days cookies

    And, i am still thinking and studying how to make good joint ventures.

    In my experience the most important thing are:
    * Finding the right idea. When i found the right idea, everithing changed
    * Acquiring the right mindset
    * Learn how to create positive relationships for successful joint ventures

    In the meantime, Yaro, if you like the idea of talking about the possibility to start a joint venture, please get back to me. (This is valid also for any marketer that is interested in promoting the program in my link)


    • Hello from a fellow psychologist! Good to know there are other shrinks who try their luck on the internet.
      That $700 per month you mentioned…boy, do I envy you! 🙂 Looks like you are much further down the path than me. Good job!

      • Hi Zsolt, very happy to hear from you, it seems incredibly strange: i see your site is in hungarian and i live in Budapest from 2 years! (even though i didn’t learn the language).
        I would be happy if you like to get in touch with you to share opinions and ideas


  • The reason why most people are stuck is Procrastination.

  • I am pushing 60yrs. and I have a blog that I would like to somehow use to generate income. My goal is to retire in about five years with a sustainable income of around 10k a month. Right now I am doing affiliate marketing but have not been successful at it. I am learning all I can about email marketing and finding my niche. The part where I get stuck is how to put all of this information together to create income. I feel I am missing something but can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what. I feel like I am going around the “thing” I am missing but can’t figure out how to get right to that “thing”. I hope this makes sense to you.

  • Hello, Yaro

    I’ve been writing a tea blog for 7 months. I figured out that if I specialized I would have an advantage so my blog is about Japanese green teas.
    So far my traffic is doing great, about 80 uniques per day, and it seems to be slowly increasing (hit 99 yesterday!).

    I’ve done my first guest post and plan to do another one soon, I have a list of possible places to guest post, so it’s like an ongoing campaign.

    I’m stuck at the monetizing part. I have a few amazon affiliate links (where it applies) but they make cents each month. Also, on the sidebar there are affiliate ads from tea companies (not much variety to choose, that’s one of the problems in the tea niche), and they make nothing each month! There are a few clicks but no sales.

    Do you think my traffic is still too low and I should be patient? Or should I make my own product, or perhaps work with tea companies for a monthly advertising deal?

    My goal is to have an income of $1,000 USD, that would basically enable me to work on the blog full time.

    Thanks for listening and for helping so many people out.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Let me start off my saying that you’re one of my online heroes and mentors.

    My Story (The shorter version)

    I’ve been blogging since September of 2010.
    After wandering around the blogger wilderness for about a year, I signed up for your Blog Mastermind course the final time it was offered around September of 2011. The information contained in that course REALLY helped me to develop a plan via focused tasks, specifically as it relates to developing my pillar content.

    Then in March 2012 I signed up for the Become a Blogger course that you put on with Leslie Samuel and Gideon Schalwick. I learned a TON about content creation, especially when it comes to alternative formats including video, and podcasting. I did have my first video hit 5,000 views, which made me feel FABULOUS!

    In January of 2013 I launched my first podcast episode, and the following week I posted my first interview episode with a fellow blogger.

    Throughout the last 2+ years I’ve grown my blog from 5 to 10 unique visitors/day to about 200 unique visitor/day, but I’ve had days where my traffic is over 600 uniques.

    I’m still trying to get to that 250/day amount that you suggest in your Blog Mastermind course.

    Things that make me feel stuck at times include, or have included:

    1. Content Creation – I feel that if I force myself to post once or twice a week that the quality of my content will suffer. BUT when I do post more often my traffic spikes significantly.
    a. I’ve tried outsourcing some of the content creation, but the quality has not been there for me. The results I’ve gotten are just the same old blah, blah content that you can find on a multitude of other sites. This lack of quality has forced me to rewrite the content in most cases, which sort of defeats the purpose of outsourcing.

    2. Visitors/Guest Quality – More often than not I feel like my content draws a lot of other bloggers from similar niches rather than those who would be my customers. This is demonstrated by a decent amount of traffic, but not all that match interaction relative to the amount of traffic.

    3. Money – I’m making a little money off the site at this point, but I’m still putting far more into it than I’m taking in.
    a. One place I get stuck a lot is figuring out where to spend my money on my site when I do get a little extra capital that I’m willing to invest. I struggle with the question “Where can I invest this money in my blog where it will provide the greatest ROI?”

    4. Products – I have no products and it makes me dependent on adsense and affiliate income for my revenue (which I HATE). Product creation is SO overwhelming and is VERY difficult while still trying to manage #1 above. At what point am I better off focusing on a product rather that updating the content of my site? OR is there even a case where this is true.

    5. Fear, Doubt, AND Paralysis by Analysis – I write every post, create every video, record every podcast episode with a little devil on my shoulder. He tells me that my content is not good enough, that it’s not ready to be released, that people won’t like it. I even remember this devil being there when I chose my niche. Every single time I’ve hit the “publish” button, I’ve done so despite what this little devil says. Do you ever kill the devil, or do you just learn to live with his annoying ass?

    My Goals:

    I quit my job just this last Monday, BUT unfortunately that bad news is that it was not to peruse my dreams of internet riches full time. The GOOD news is that I left to for a new position that will provide me with a considerable amount of more money that I intend on investing to grow my site (see Stuck #3).

    Every morning I start my 30 minute commute by driving by a little coffee shop on the corner and I dream that someday I’ll be running my “online empire” from that shop, tucked into one the over-sized chairs by a crackling fire (Minnesota is freaking cold).
    • My goal more specially is 1,000 dedicated and die-hard subscribers
    • A monthly income of $10,000
    • The ability to travel around the world to meet fans of the blog
    • Freedom of time and location
    • My Own Gym
    Thanks for all that you’ve done to help me in my journey Yaro. I’ve learned a ton, I’ve taken action, and I’m not giving up.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.

    Best wishes,

    • Matt,
      Well done for what you have achieved in a couple of years time!
      I just wanted to share with you a little tip I have to fight the Little Devil on my shoulder- I DO NOT hit the publish button. I always planify articles for later on. I try to planify for a few weeks ahead, so that I never have to hit the “publish now” button. Somehow this helps me to reduce the stress. Go figure!
      Good luck and keep up with the good work

      • Thanks for the tip Mira!

        I think the majority of my fear comes from moving beyond writing into other forms of media. I loved when Yaro did his standing desk post and shared some of his outtakes. It’s nice to see that he still makes mistakes. 🙂

        Best wishes to you!


  • Sharon

    My current issue is a bit different. I’ve got an informational site, with good traffic. I’ve written a few e-books and published them with createspace. I’ve been approached by a publishing company to write a book for them. I have checked out the company and they are legit. I’m trying to finding information on working with a publishing company, however all the searches I do I end up with information about self-publishing. It seems that it is difficult to get a publishing contract. I’d like a little guidance on how to negotiate a contract, what sorts of things I can expect to get. Do I really even WANT to work with a publishing company, are they really going to help me much? Probably not a common question so I don’t know if it will work into your newsletters but …..maybe? (insert big hopeful smile here)

  • I’m just starting and haven’t even monetized my website yet. My big problem is that I started out in the anti-aging field because I’m vain and I gathered tons of info to combat the aging process and I thought other women would be interested and it would be lucrative. However, I have two roadblocks, the field is highly competitive and I need to find a sub-niche and also long-tail keywords two fields I’m struggling with. Also purely technical parts of the WP website sometimes stop me in my tracks but YouTube always comes through for me there. The main problem is I had an illness (cured) that wiped me out financially so I’m starting with no capital. There are so many courses that I would love to take but just can’t financially. I do gather a lot of valuable information from your blogs for which I’m really am grateful.

  • Yaro, I have a membership site that’s stagnated at about 100 members. I’d like to push that to 850 this year and ultimately several thousand. The category is freelance writers and there’s at least on membership site for kids books writers that has those numbers so I know it’s possible. I’m stuck knowing how to move beyond my writing lists of about 5,000 folks.


  • Hi Yaro, I have a nice niche, but I am struggling to bring visitors to my site. I have set up a Facebook page and link my blog content to Facebook. I also write regular posts with informative content but am still not seeing the results I want, any advice? Thanks.

  • Holding me back? Probably lots of things…fear of failure…or even success…making the time…getting focused on where to start when I have 15 good ideas…what niche since I have experience in nonprofits, fundraising training, tax and accounting, financial freedom training in US and 6 other countries…website listed above is one project I started some time ago and have not worked it…bottom line I guess is just having the confidence to get started. Your site is one of 3 I even allow to permeate my world as there is way too many out there that guarantee you the world with no work. You, Pat Flynn and Fred Gleeck are about all I can handle and trust. Thanks for all of your excellent material.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I think that I know what I need to know, the problem is in putting everything together. The current thing that I’m having a mutter, mutter, mumble character building time with is trying to work out how to set up bonuses for visitors and buyers to download. Having given up on setting up something on my own site I’m trying to get things set up on amazon s3, but so far to no mutter, mutter, mumble avail 🙂

    Have fun 🙂


    • p.s almost forgot to mention that I realise that it’s probably a very simple thing to do, but that’s sol long as you know what you’re doin 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    I actually came looking for info on membership sites. I am already subscribed to your list and have your free ebook (which is excellent. I am going to reread it now). It seems like you had training program for membership sites in the past but it isn’t available anymore?

    And regarding your question I think membership sites are precisely what we need right now as we are tired of algorithm updates, ugly Adsense ads and cheesy Clickbank products. Just a thought 🙂 Thanks!

  • I’m stuck at figuring out the best way to monetize small traffic. I have regular readers and the rest of my traffic comes from search engines but the bounce rate is high. I also get traffic from other blogs that I either read or blogs that I contribute to.

    In 5 years, I’ve tried contextual ads, paid to post programs and affiliate links, to no avail. Each brought in $100 or less over a period of 9-12 months. I also tried the e-book thing twice but only had 1 sale. I’m currently working on a product that I hope to launch soon. Also, being an artist has helped me recently secure the ability to receive tax-deductible donations, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate that into my blog while having products for sale at the same time.

    My goal is to be able to make enough from blogging to work from home and pay bills and allow me more time to work on art projects without the need for an office job to pay bills.

  • My issue is I have one wildly successful website but it’s taking away all the energy I need to start a second one.


    The money is fantastic but my heart lies with the other website I am trying to make time to start.

    Thanks for the therapy.

  • Jim

    Thanks for asking Yaro.

    I’ve been trying for a few years now and have only lost money. Seems like there are SO many things that need to be just right: niche choice, website design, desirable ethical bribe, good content, blog material, articles, informative videos, press releases, SEO, inbound links, proper autoresponder series, large responsive list, great sales copy, good timing, desirable offer, proper pricing, etc. etc. etc. Screw up with any one of the those and you fail. It’s getting very discouraging…

    • Hi Jim,
      Yes, it certainly is complex, this online business: a combination of left-brain science and right-brain visionary art–all in one magnetic package, a fascinating challenge to learn the techniques while staying centered in truth.
      I have a question–what is “desirable ethical bribe”?
      The best of luck to you.

  • Ismail

    I have a fairly popular blog (3000+ daily according to G analytics). I have a membership list of almost 1500. I have dedicated subscribers. I have controversial content that generates lots of comments. I have an organically grown FB fanpage of over 5000 members.

    But I can’t seem to monetize all of this. I do a little adsense and some ebook selling, but nothing spectacular.

    My traffic is growing steadily. My bounce rate if fairly high, but I’m working on ways to get that down. My subscribers seem to like and trust me (but not enough to buy from me).

    Perhaps I’m not in the right field (religion and spirituality; hence the controversy). Some might say it isn’t profitable, but it certainly is popular, at least the way I’m doing it. There should be some way to earn enough to keep the lights on.

    My audience is most female between the ages of 18-24.

    What am I missing?

  • Hi Yaro,
    I commented a little while ago but did not see that it posted so I hope that this is not a repost. I recently started my first blog about a month ago. The blog is up with a few posts and according Google Webmaster Tools is in the Google index. I am taking it slowly and really want to learn the ins and outs of the blogging industry. I am looking for help on:

    Generating traffic – I am realistic about the fact that I will not be getting thousands of daily visitors but would like to start seeing at least a little traffic.

    Site Design – I would like to know if there is anything that I should do with the page layout, color schemes etc. to keep the few visitors that I do get from bouncing.

    Monetization – I would like to generate a little income from this site if possible. Huge income is great but not realistic. Just looking to cover some of the costs associated with the site and have a little bit left over.

    Thanks for all that you do to help the newbies!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I am quitely following you since years, getting nourishment from your experiences. Thank you for being so helpful 🙂

    I am currently running a job listings website. Although I have number of other projects but I’m more passionate about this one. My issue is that I am yet unable to drive a consistent revenue stream from the site.

    I am earning primarily from Adsense. But as you know its a high risk venture and Adsense has a history of going wild on publishers, closing accounts without explicit clarifications. In fact, it had happened to me a couple of times.

    My subsequent earning stream includes selling resume writing services. But its very slow, generating not more than couple of hundred dollars per month.

    I have started a mailing list last month and so far it got around 2500 subscribers. The catch here is that my users are mainly from countries where making online transactions is not very common (or as easy as its in US/Europe). Therefore selling them eBooks or such stuff is quite hard.

    My goal is to generate at least $5,000 per month from this site. And if I rely mainly on Adsense, I need huge traffic for that.

    All suggestions / pointers will be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello Yaro,
    I have been blogging since June 2012 and to be honest it’s not very easy for me. I do love blogging but I am not the best writer. Have paid for traffic and tried to bump up my SEO. I also have a 2nd website and wanted to make it a product line but I am messed up on that website and truly need help.

    My goal is to build a financial secure future and oh it would be so nice if I can earn a monthly income of $10,000 and pay off all my debts. Yes it’s a little steep but my hopes and dream I can make it happen with some awesome guidance.

    Things that make me feel stuck at times is:

    *not getting the unique traffic to help me to climb my mountains.

    *Google AdSense booted me out with the advertisements and I didn’t do anything against their rules. I have sent all the information to prove my innocence but they will not hear of it. So this leaves me with no ads to try to earn money. Since then I did sign up with infolinks but not making anything at all.

    *a huge problem for me is I can read many things over and over but I am the best when I am hands on, talk through. Then I will take off and move forward.

    *Finding the best way to finally get my feet on the ground and make some money to be financially free.

    Thank you Yaro and if you can help me I would truly appreciate it!!!
    I look forward to hearing from you!!


  • I still believe that everybody who wants to make money blogging has to make websites which promote their skills, not looking to find “good” niches and create content despite their lack of know-how.
    I have a few websites which promote affiliate products and have some adsense widgets. My earnings are far from what I want, so I need some pieces of advice.
    To answer your questions:
    1. Where Are You Stuck? – Getting visitors and gaining subscribers to my feed lists.
    2. What Are You Trying To Achieve?
    I’m in affiliate marketing, I want to work from home, and I want no more than a couple of thousand of dollars per month.
    Thanks for your article 🙂

  • Kyle

    Hey Yaro,
    I really like what you have been doing with your community. It has been very informative for me. Thank you.

    I appreciate your topic and can tell you my biggest problem is belief and consistancy. Just to enlighten you on my background. I come from a technical IT approach with business. I am currently working as a consultant. I do not have a marketing background and have not opened up shop yet on the internet. My biggest setback has always been around belief that anyone can make money online; blogging, or otherwise. I am very skeptical to product invitations and I am not sure if there is money to be made online or not. I keep hearing about how Google has introduced a great deal of change which has even affected people who were making money. Now, I truly want to understand how to do it right and what type of ROI are people really making online in their businesses. When I hear people talking about making $10k a month, I think to myself, what is the true bottom line after all expenses have been taken into account. Ok, you make $10k, but you actually are making $7k a month based on whatever expenses. When I do not get response from folks when I ask the question on true ROI, I usually back off from going further. To me, it points to a lack of openess and the product or otherwise has no feet to stand on its own. So I would like your help Yaro and make me a believer. Help me see that it is possible to have an online business and not just selling snake oil.
    Thank you,

  • Lynn

    I ready through The Membership Site Masterplan and at the end there is a link to which leads to your site about creating blogs. I am interested in creating a membership site, and find no way to find out exactly what you offer and how much it would cost.

  • Hi Yaro:
    I like this idea. Thank you so much for asking. I have been using Joomla to build a teacher-based website. I want to include as much information as possible for teachers to be successful in their job. I believe that I need to keep the articles coming to get followers. My biggest problem has been no formal training in web design, so I couple that with the problem of learning how and the learning curve becomes time consuming.
    I have put in a registration form, but while I get some traffic (about 100-200 hits a day according to 1and1 site analytics) no one has signed up. Evidently I am not asking correctly.
    The other big thing is how to monetize my website. I have several ads as an affiliate of, but no clicks there, either. It looks like my visitors are going straight to the lesson plans to download, maybe reading an article or two, and clicking on some of my hyperlinks but other than that nothing. All of this takes time, and I believe if I keep pushing forward I can get my website to look more professional and gain traffic.
    I also plan to start another blog soon. Too much on my plate? Probably.
    Thanks so much!

    • Whoops! I forgot to tell you that yes! I would love to be able quit my job some day and do this for a living, but I don’t have any money to pay someone, which is why I am doing it all myself.

  • Mags

    I definitely have the same issues as everyone else. In the begining I was all excited to start my blog. After reading all the succuess stories, I thought how easy it will be to make some money. After writing only twelve post, I wasn’t sure of what else to write about. I’m also not sure of how I can market my blog.

    My goal is to slowly grow my blog and hopefully make enough money for my daily living. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to let you know the problems I’m having with developing my blog.

  • We made the product from scratch, a multi-year effort on our part. Now, we’re tired and broke and we can’t advertise or hire sales people. We have a few clients, which keeps our heads above water, but we need a lot more to realize the goals we have, which is to help hundreds if not thousands get better results with their businesses.

  • Yaro,
    I mustn’t neglect to thank you for offering your talent, experience and expertise in an effort to remove whatever blocks other people may have, while at the same time giving them a realistic hope for success by modeling a being-state of integrity. Seeing a “real person” master the elements of an online business is inspiring.
    Congratulations for your well deserved success and thank you for your contribution.

  • Yaro, my biggest challenge is getting my articles shared to get a traffic source different from Google and its continuous updates. The problem is that I don’t have so much free time and I’m not really into the social thing.

    So I must stick to trying to write good content and hoping it to be shared by readers which doesn’t happen so often.

    My goal is to help other people around the world and get a secondary income, I’m using Adsense and a couple of affiliate products but I’m planning to add CrankyAds as soon as I go consistently over 10.000 monthly visits, I’m around 9000 now.

    Have a great day!

  • Maryse Collins

    Hi Yaro,

    I enjoy your newsletter. Thank you for all the great information and encouragement. I would be delighted to tell you where I am right now with my online business idea.

    I am a piano teacher (ALCM Teachers Diploma). I prepare students (aged from 6 to 18) for London College of Music graded exams. However the real magic to teaching piano for me is with a new system for teaching piano which was developed by a friend of mine. It is designed for anyone who wants to play their favourite songs by ear – and sing along. It is amazing how kids and adults alike take to this system. It is so simple and effective. We want to teach this system online.

    I have spent the past 6 months studying Internet Marketing (I worked in this area in the 90’s. I bought Jeff Walkers – Start from Scratch – loved it, I am a member of Chris Farrell membership and I am working my way through Jeff Johnson’s Tube Traffic Secrets. I have learned so much and now feel ready to jump in and start creating videos. Today I just watched the sales video for Easy Video Suite and think this might be where we are going to start. (By the way I would love if you reviewed it).

    There is a lot of talk about the potential of Teaching Something Online as the business of the future – apparently one of the Dragon’s on Dragon’s Den UK – suggested this as their number one business idea.

    My question is – Is a membership site the best way to teach piano – or any subject online??? If so – what’s the best way to create a membership site? I am finding difficulty on finding any help or advice on this.

    I’ve looked at Kajabi – I’ve read an encouraging review of Profits Theme. Optimise Press is another option. How important is it that your membership site is responsive.

    If you could address this – it would be fantastic. I’m sure others would be interested.

    That’s it.

    All the best,


    • Hi Maryse,

      I’ve seen you’re an official piano teacher. I basically do the same. In my free time I teach classical, jazz and pop piano and sometimes bass-guitar in rock and pop.
      Further on I studied and graduated in film scoring and commercial arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
      Since you’re a beginning blogger you might have a look at my blog which goes about music arranging. My blog:
      Feel free to write back at any time if you have questions.

      With friendly greetings,

      • Maryse Collins

        Hi Hans,
        I just had a very enjoyable tour of your site. I am so impressed and am definitely going to be spending more time there. I especially loved your discussion of the moods of different keys. Your content is very high quality and stylishly presented. I wish you the very best of luck.


  • Abby

    Hello Yaro,

    Thanks for this.

    A bit of background: I write a blog focusing on personal / faith related matters.

    My main challenge has been to generate consistent and substantial traffic to the blog site. So I have two major goals similar to Andrea:

    1. I feel that I have a lot to share because of the experiences I have had personally and those of people I have met over the years. However, I am not clear on how to turn these into compelling blogs that people will read and want to share with others.

    2. I would like to make some secondary income from the site but not to the point where it detracts from goal 1 (so in a way, I’m wary of google ads).

    Do enjoy your day.

  • Dave

    My goal is to work for myself. I no longer want to commute to the city & work in a “factory”. It’s time for me to have the life I want. I am a few weeks away from launching my new business. Sometimes it’s the small things that get in the way like completing a client form or contract. The other feeling I have is when I am creating my “product” like a blog. I feel I have to look & act like someone who has been out there for 10 years. I forget that I am a start-up. When I forget, it becomes overwhelming & I freeze. The other issue is when I do research on “how to” do something- there is so much information I feel I can never learn the topic. These are some of the things that hold me up & get in the way of me finishing. Thanks for letting me share.

    • You don’t really need to feel too overwhelmed and frozen, most of the go-to-guy or gurus in IM/blogging still face the same hurdle you are facing and which is perfectly normal. you can’t acquire all the skills and knowledge, that is why you need to outsource some part of these areas you are facing daunting challenges out.

      Remember its better you take imperfect action and make slight mistakes then discover and improve than not trying at all which is way destructive.

      Lastly, those that are afraid to fall can never learn how to fly, pleae brood on this for a moment

      • Very wise and helpful comment, i like it very much, thanks for it!

        What stops trying are the fear of failure and rejection, you seem a confident guy in your picture that doesn’t suffer very much these fears.

        But not everyone is like you, we all have different stories, still i appreciated very much your suggestions.

  • Aira

    Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for this,

    I have two or three challenges. I decided to be my own boss. I know about photography, I love blogging, I know about makeup artistry, but still I am not profesional or perfect in those areas. I have marketing and logistics experiences through my entire 20 years career and now I want to become what I really want to be. The thing is I feel too much pressure in the start, because is a shift of mind and also I have to learn my “new job”. Its taking sometime, because still I have to keep working from others to bring food to the table … and I feel not so prepared for that. I am not feeling confident. I feel fear. Fear to start. I know I hve to develop a plan and follow-up … but I am afraid to fail or not be good enough and have to come back to my old jobs.

    Thank you for this opportunity,


    • hey Aira!

      Who is telling you, you are not good enough? just imagine 20 years of experience, you know photography and makeup artistry! and these are beautiful money niche and they can go together! since is a sub mega niche – beauty or wealth

      its easy, finding a passion(niche) is the core factor and since you are through with this stage, see down and look out the hurdles you have always faced either when starting or now (problems) and write out them as article topics first, its could be 50 – 1000 topics

      Dont write anything yet under this topic, just sort the core problems people in this niche are having, then write in your niche language that they would understand and do few keywords research on any of the words in each of the topic and write on them. you would be amazed at how things is gonna turn out

  • Ira

    Hello , yaro my name is ira and my goal is make a million and quit my job and do some traveling around the world. Let tell you about me I live in Los Angeles all my years a person I have a family and I work as a Ambulance attendant (E.m.t.) for many years saving lives and delivey newborn and seeing dead also so I being this over 20 years now. I have did some e-commerce such as ebay and amazon and made some money to pay bills but not enough to quit my day job also I have a amazon assosiate account which I not made any money I try starting a blog with blogger and nothing happen I guess I did not know what I was doing , resently I purchase some software to build web sites from X-Site Pro company to see if I can build some affiliate marketing site or clickbank sites . Thanks

  • Hi Yaro,
    I just subscribed to your newsletter recently. I would like to make money blogging because I want both financial and location freedom. I already have a blog, but I am a beginner who started recently, so I am currently working on pillar articles and getting ready to open social media accounts.
    As for the monetization, I was thinking affiliate marketing, but I am open to testing different methods.
    I think you should cover niche selection extensively in your newsletter because I believe most people (myself included) will make the mistake of starting with a niche that is too general or too specific.
    I am not exactly stuck at driving traffic yet, but I do have a question related to it that is bothering me. What would be a bigger priority for driving traffic today – social networks and connecting with other bloggers or building links from directories? Which of the above can give you better results for less effort?

  • Hey Yaro,

    Hows your 2013?

    So where am I getting stuck?

    Well, I took your Membership Mastermind back in 2011…learned alot!

    I have everything laid out in business plans of how I am going to do this. I have a website person, video person, and even a internet marketing person all on staff.

    My problem is that I run a full coaching practice at the same time.

    So, we got the skeleton of the site up at

    We have lot more to do to it! I am creating a free membership with some intro content..and then I have to record a lot of the premium content and plan to launch it by the fall 2013…to get at first 200…

    Our projections tell us we could get up 100,000+

    Problem right now is time. I make good money and getting into group coaching is going to lead to even more income. I have multiplied my income by 5 over the past year, and plan to do the same this year.

    So…its really about finding more time in the day to work on it, record content, write, do videos, sales funnel setups, etc…My people are all waiting on me to get the stuff done..but when you coach 8-10 hours a day its hard.

    I have a plan to switch all to group coaching and raise my individual rates significantly, and cut my hours by half or more…which will solve it.

    Just in the process of building groups right now so i can switch over…

    Any other insights you have would be helpful 🙂

    Catch you soon and thanks for everything!

    -Tom M

    • And Yes, my goal is the 4 hour play week!

      I want to help millions of people overcome and master ADHD as I have….travel…live and play…invent and create….and also be abundant enough to have more time, less scheduling, and have the resources to rebuild the failing worldwide education system into something that is more aligned with creativity, abundance, and entrepreneurship!

      I hope that helps

  • Terry Fulljames

    Hi Yaro,

    I am a home builder / building inspector writing a 17 photo ebook series each with 100 pictures (My pillars ?)

    I am looking for traction in ebook sales for the first 5 photo books published on Amazon. I write on average one book per month.
    (hoping to scrape enough together to print publish the series someday)

    My big goal is to combine my love of sailing and writing and sail around the world and hopefully sail into Sidney harbor some day.
    I am a intermediate certified sailor, I own a small 20 foot sailboat for lake excursions.

    I have 30 years invested in my industry and have a boat load of information to offer people.

    Here is my link to my books;

    I was thinking I could set up a website similar to yours and sell space and offer a ton of great useable info. like you do.

    I love your approach to your business and your positive upbeat information

    Thanks for my opportunity to share

    Terry Fulljames

    Smithers BC Canada

  • Good day Yaro,
    I have a blog about arranging music for various kinds of musical styles. My number one problem is not traffic because this has gone up recently, but getting people to comment on my blog. There’s no input from my readers. Of course there are lot of comments in my spam folder, usually people praising my blog into heaven, but that doesn’t do any good since these aren’t legit comments. It’s hard for me to know in which direction to go, if there’s no input.
    Should I post a survey with questions about what people expect of my blog when they arrive at my landings page?
    My goal as so many others is to become my own boss and to be able to fully support myself and my family. Some ideas are putting music affiliate products on my blog, guest writing for other music blogs, teaching piano or bass guitar online or setting up a membership site coaching people how to make arrangements for various styles.
    What do you think, Yaro, will these ideas work?

    Thanks for your input to help other bloggers and with friendly greetings, Hans

  • Hi Yaro-
    My problem is, I am on the first page of Google, with a sites freesawpatterns and You would think I get tons of visitors – but I don’t. So, I am perplexed as what to do next. I post on a regular basis, so that’s not the problem? – Thank you for all you do!

    • Hi Sylvia,

      If I may be so bold as to offer my two cents of advice.

      Ranking high in Google is only valuable when people are actually searching for the keywords for which you are ranking.

      Have you checked out Google’s Keyword tool?

      It’s important to remember that traffic is not just something magical that happens, but instead is people like you and I finding answers to the questions and problems that perplex us.

      Best wishes,


  • Hello Yaro,
    I want to thank you for posing this question because it gives me the chance to talk about my dream of becoming a speaker /writer.
    I officially began my writing journey in 2008, with my first book, Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now; I have since written and self published another book, Coming Full Circle, of original poems(my creations) as well as prayers and quotes from people around the world.
    Yaro, all of my work, including my many blogs, focuses on personal growth, and spiritual development.
    I believe if I had more support from people who have the same or similar interests as I have, my writing/speaking career would take off.
    I know I have a useful message/information for those who desire to grow some areas of their personal and spiritual lives.
    So far, things are moving very slowly, but I write(post) a blog and an original poem monthly to the the site I listed in this post. I do have a personal site, but I do not post to it as frequently as I do the Authors site; the main reason is my personal site is inadequate; I cannot update the information,nor can I post my 2nd book title on the site,and because I have paid out thousands of dollars to web designers who did not know what they were doing, I now have to earn money before I can get the site redesigned.
    I’d appreciate any insight you can provide and whatever help you have to offer.
    Barbara J Henry

  • Hello Yaro, thanks for your advice and the down to earth information on your free reports. I’ve run a school for violin (yes, another music teacher) for 30 odd years. I have a substantial background of expertise and a good backlog of content that I’ve been writing for several years. Our students do well and are scattered around playing professionally and teaching. Although I still enjoy teaching and directing the institute, I’m at the stage where I’d like to pass on my work to the next generation and start a membership site. I’m sort of stuck at niche selection, i.e. big enough to contain my wide interests and enthusiasms, but narrow enough to be useful to members. I’ve noticed that a majority of successful membership sites focus in one way or another on business success – how to make money. This is a powerfully motivating factor – we all need the stuff. It is great means of expressing appreciation for our work.

    I’ve seen a lot of sites that seem to get the name and niche just right. In hindsight it looks simple, but I’d like to hear some comments and advice on the principles of niche definition. It seems to me a crucial thing to resolve before putting one’s heart and soul into the site.

    Cheers, John

  • What holds me back is three things:
    1. To find my own voice. I drown in all the shoulds and your supposed to’es.
    2. That stupid marketing. I write mostly how to books for businesses where it is used creative problem solving to problems and challenges. But I struggle to sell them.
    3. To create a roadmap. I am a big thinker, visionare kind of person. But I get stuck when I try to create the roadmap from here to there.

    Thank you for bringing this subject up.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I am glad to receive your email newsletter on the above caption and its makes me think that you are a good listener. I have always enjoyed reading your newsletters week after week. To be honest with you, I have downloaded your “Blog Profits Blueprint” but have not gone through yet because I am not focus. Actually, from the start I have been learning blogging locally in Malaysia with a guru from Singapore and then I started off with a group of blogging friends and learnt some from here and there and at the same time applying what we have learnt. Eventually, the group splitted because some of them realized that they are not into it coz they can’t reap the profits.

    To cut a long story short, one of my friends from the blogging group shared with us a book called “The Amazonian Profit Plan” by Paula & Wanda. From there I have started exploring on this profit plan model and started on my website in July 2012 until now I have not earned a single cent yet. I think I am not focus and have no direction. Recently, I have also personally bought a book by them called “Guest Blogging Essentials” and am still exploring on that too. Personally, I find that I am not good at social networking. I do not know what to talk about.

    I also like to place your CrankyAds on my site but have not obtained enough traffic yet. There are so many obstacles in my blogging experience and have yet to reap the benefits. My goal is to earn a decent second income on this internet marketing so that when I retire I will have something to fall back on.

    Kindly advice me in your expertise on what I should do next.

    Best regards,

  • Gerry

    Hello Yaro,

    I have many interests, skills, and hobbies though I can never stay focused on one thing long enough to complete it. My goal is to be able to make a living online instead of working ‘full time’ at a job that I have absolutely no passion for. It’s not that I do not want to work, I would like to work without having to go to work. I would like to travel with my family and work or go to the park and work. I have ideas then I research the hell out of everything like an information junkie and never take action. Despite my conflicts with information overload and not following through I have pushed myself really hard and so far I have started a blog and played with building an online store. I have so many more ideas, but need to finish the first two before I move on. I have so much information on any one subject that I have overcomplicated it to a point where I have no idea what the next step is.

  • Hello, Yaro: I enjoy your newsletter and find it very helpful and encouraging. My problem at this point is traffic building. It is such a slow process. Currently I’ve just started article writing (which I’m starting to like) and twitter/facebook marketing which I can do without. Twitter is ok since the response seems to be rather immediate and I’m starting to get some followers. I get zero love on facebook, however. And also, I get very few comments on my blog, except for spam. Oh well…

  • Ayo

    Thanks in a million for your messages.
    I know I’m actually held back mainly because I am yet to decide on a niche and a topic to blog on. I do know this is one of the most crucial aspects of the online business. Perhaps also because I’m looking onto perfecting my preparations. Any further advice on this aspect will be appreciated.

  • Hey Yaro,
    This is a good idea and I know a lot of people are very happy you are doing this. I like your blog because you have an interesting way of combining what you want to do with adding value for your readers.

    I am pretty much a beginner. Still stuck with honing in/finding voice and identity. Feeling like I don’t really have anything substantial to add :(… I would like to increase traffic and eventually be able to have a livable income from online blogs, etc.
    Basically the 4 Hour Work Week.

    • Hi Dash,

      Before you say I don’t have any substantial to add, first ask yourself, what am I good in, what do I like to write a about? Do you have a hobby, which you love to do?
      Dash I have a 9 months old blog and I write about music arranging. In the beginning I didn’t even know that I could write articles. I had never done it and it seemed like impossible. Where the heck do I have to write about? What topics would be interesting?
      But once I started, with a very unsure, unsteady hand, I managed to finish my first article. I think it’s important to finish you first article. For some strange reason, after that new inspiration to write new articles will come by itself.
      Now I definitely know that I can write about music arranging forever.
      Hope this helps for encouragement.
      With friendly greetings, Hans

  • Hello Yaro,
    Thanks for always providing a great guidance to us upcoming bloggers.
    I have 2 blogs one being mainly on inspirational and motivational writings while the other is on scholarships.
    I am always under much challenge driving continuous stable traffic to the site from all sources and to also generate more meaningful comments from people.

    I plan to inspire a lot of people from my blog and to also make very good passive income from adsense to help me publish my new books and also go on vacations around the world.
    Thank you

  • Bruce

    Thanks in a million for your messages.
    I know I’m actually held back mainly because I am yet to decide on a niche and a topic to blog on. I do know this is one of the most crucial aspects of the online business. Perhaps also because I’m looking onto perfecting my preparations. Any further advice on this aspect will be appreciated.

    • Bruce,
      It is good to clearly research keywords for your desired niche,which should be an area of your line of passion.However, the key to starting is to learn and to start a step at a time, as you will have to do a long wait to become ‘perfect’ as it were. My gold coin is start and keep learning

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