Video: What Is More Profitable Than Selling Your Own Product?

As my Twitter followers know, I’ve been on the hunt for a stand up table to use as my work desk. I’ve wanted one for a long time because I can sometimes work long hours sitting down and my body, especially my back suffers. Standing up is much better for your body, especially your back and when I recently had Eben Pagan re-emphasize this fact in his Wake Up Productive program, I started actively looking for a tall desk.

Amazingly enough, after I tweeted about it, a staff member from Ikea representing my local branch of the store sent me a reply through Twitter pointing out some of the stand-up desks they sell. This week I went out to Ikea and bought one (well done to Ikea for being on top of Twitter marketing – I’m VERY impressed).

In this video I start with a brief demonstration of my home office set-up with the new stand-up desk and then move on to the teaching component of the video, about selling online products.

In a nutshell, in this video I draw upon knowledge gained from Eben Pagan, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren and my own recent experience selling information products online, to teach you what I consider a critical element if you really want to grow your online business well beyond six figures.

At the end of the video I recommend you check out what Rich is currently teaching regarding removing constraints as the next step you should take towards releasing your own product online.

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  • I don’t have a stand-up table but I can see how it’s helpful especially when you work in front of the computer all day long (I host webinars so there’s nothing better than standing up and taking a walk outside after sitting in front of that screen for a while).

  • Timo

    Your Wake Up Productive -link doesn’t seem to work. I would be more than happy to take a look at Eben’s program since I have seen so many great reviews of it 🙂

    • Hey Timo,

      Eben has taken Wake Up Productive off the market for now, so I’ve removed the link.

  • I agree, after sitting infront of a screen all day, its nice to get up and move. I started to run more after work because I would sit at a desk all day long.

  • Hi! What is your most succesful product?

    • Define successful? Most profitable so far is Blog Mastermind, but it has been around longer.

      The best launch so far was Become A Blogger Premium.

      The potential to make the most long term is Membership Site Mastermind.

  • Hello,
    Great idea of getting a standup desk. I’ll have to try it out. My poor back!
    I’ll let you know how it works out.Thanks

  • Bruce Chapman

    Love the Queensland birdlife outside. Should make any expat Queenslanders homesick.

  • Yaro, We were robbed by those One-Eyed Video Refs.

    Go the Blues!

  • Thanks for video Yaro, listened to a punch of your podcasts but it’s even better seeing you “live” so I hope to see more videos soon like you promised… Good luck with the stand up table, just don’t give up and sit down on a couch with that macbook, it can take several weeks to get used to, your legs will hurt but after that you don’t even notice you’re standing. Oh, and say Hi to the birds 🙂

  • Yaro, can I ask you, does your table stand be adjustable? Because if someone like me is short, then may be it can be adjustable, seriously I wanted to try it out standing and work, it looks like there is a psychological meaning behind it.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I have just got into blogs this is my very first post YES I have watched your videos and read your Road map book I have been educating corporate people for 18 years all over the world on how to develop business intelligence by understanding financial literacy and using accelerated learning methods. Your book and video is the easiest and simplist how too book and video I have seen. I want to congratulate you both on the wonderful service you have given to the world.
    The video presentation was so enjoyable and easy to understand I think Gideon is the best teacher i have come across I am 60 years old and pumped up at the moment learning as much as I can from you both.
    Thank you for giving me excited dreams of a brightness of future..


  • I’ve had a “high” desk for years and love it. I also have a good stool used by architects, I find I can lean on it, half sit on it. sit on it or roll it out of the way. It’s a great way to “shake up” the day and makes your body feel so much better. More people should talk about workspace when discussing productivity.

  • That’s a great idea. Sitting all day long is not healthy at all

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great video and I can totally relate to you about the back problems. I have being seeing a chiro due to sitting down for long periods of time!

    Just a comment about product launches, do you recommend Jeff Walker’s product launch formula more so over Rich’s GPS 2.0 program for businesses like yours?


  • I really like the fact that ikea were on the ball and it shows a great use of twitter and how it can be used in a productive useful way to make money online.

  • Standing up desks? What will they think of next. Could be worth a try but I don’t think my knees would be up for that challenge.

  • Ideally speaking of course, one would like to have a table that would adjust its height just like modern chairs do. This will enable one to either sit and work or, for a change, remove the chair, raise the height of the table and work standing. There is an idea for a new product!

  • Great post and video!

    I agree with you especially when it comes to working like that. (Standing up). It’s really good for our health.

    Well, creating your own product and selling it is more profitable than selling other people’s stuff. However, there are some other downside like worrying about the order processing, giving support and taking more responsibility. Not to mention that creating a product is a very difficult process.

    But I believe what Yaro says about creating your own product because I consider him as a successful product owner while he every now and then promotes other people’s stuff as well.

    Methods, tools and resources he shows us on this amazing blog could help everyone get started.

    Keep up the great work, Yaro!



  • I just wish I had a nicer chair, but it is better than the one I had before. As to the Twitter comment that guy must have been either really lucky or on twitter all day because I may check twitter 1-3 times a day depending on how busy I am and I never see the same comments from one time to the other.

  • Sweet 30″ monitor Yaro. I definitely need something like that sometime soon. I’ll pass on the stand-up table though. I’ll sit my lazy ass down thank you very much 🙂 I’m pretty new to your blog, but I am intrigued by the whole idea of pushing my own products or membership sites. Right now I am focusing on the affiliate industry, but I sure would like a bigger cut of each sale. I had been considering eventually writing an ebook to test this strategy. I’ll be back to your blog a lot more for some tips. Thanks Yaro.


  • Yaro, Thanks for the great video! I did subscribe to your blog tip and hopefully I can apply those techniques to help me build a successful blog myself.

  • Drafting tables were customarily built at a height that required standing up and working, it being a widespread belief that it contributed to better work. Many artists across all media believe this to be true to this day.

    Just be sure you also get a nice pad to stand on. The type used in commercial kitchens are often cushy enough and easy to maintain.

  • Patrenia

    Different strokes for different folks…I’m not sure, if I would like fact of standing for a long period of time working from home. Now when I was working at a “regular” job, I did sit in a chair all day long. It was the most exhausting experience, but at home I have the luxury of doing other productive things and take breaks. Good Luck and I hope it works out for you!

  • It would be nice if the desk moved up and down to allow you to sit or stand!

  • Hi Yaro, I too sit on a computer chair all day long, and I have been to the chiropractor as a result to address my lower back and posture. From what my chiropractor said, it is all about the ergonomics, and the way your neck is positioned to see the computer monitor, and the way you use the keyboard. He says that your head needs to be lined up with the computer monitor. From what I can tell from the video you’re head will be looking down, which will likely mean the back problems will likely go away, but maybe you’re neck will start to hurt soon now, since you are not looking straight ahead. Perhaps you can try raising your monitor so it can be even level with your eyes.

    But I do agree with your points, and what Eben Pagan suggests with the Wake Up Productive program.

    Till then,


    • Hi Jean, I’ve heard the same thing about monitor position. Your eyes should be level about 3 quarters up on the monitor I believe.

      I put some books under the monitor to raise it, but I think you’re right, I could use a few more to make it a bit higher still.

      • I’ve just noticed the books under the monitor in the video after reading this comment. 🙂

  • I’d rather just invest in a decent chair. You might spare your back standing up, but it’s not so much fun for your legs.

  • Great post as always Yaro! Not sure if you’ve heard of the NEAT program, but you’re definitely on it. Guess you’re getting a desk treadmill next!

  • I get to the gym most mornings and feel great, but after an hour or so sat at the computer I suffer with back pain. Saw a similar set up in a Mike Koenigs Video and thought what a great idea. Now I know Ikea do them I might be talking a trip over there. I always find I’m more confident on the phone if I’m stood up with an earpiece rather than sat in a chair, it’s easier to articulate with hand gestures and gives you confidence.

  • I pass on the stand-up table… but you might install a static bike in front of your new stand-up table. 🙂 Thank you very much for this video. As usual, your advice is worthwhile.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I’ve been griping all week about how bad my current chair is for my back. I have even taken to kneeling at my desk sometimes while I work! So I think the standing up desk could work for me. It’ll be good to have some more blodd flowing to my legs.

    Maybe the major downside to an online business is the amount of sitting in front of the computer time. Unless you can learn to outsource more of it!

    Thanks for the video – good stuff as always.


  • Wow, it’s so simply but I wouldn’t come out with this idea…

    I’ll try it because I’ve been also having back problems with my chair.

  • A stand up desk is a great idea. It is also useful to get up and take a 5-10 minute walk every 2-3 hours.

  • One of the surprising things that helped my back is pulling in my abs as tight as possible (a Pilates move). It seems the key to a good back is good abs.

  • I agree,very important for us,
    after sitting infront of a screen all day, its nice to get up and move. I started to run more after work because I would sit at a desk all day long

  • On the point of your abs, speaking with a very highly trained instructor, he told me that one of the main causes for back discomfort is tight hamstrings. My biggest issue, all the hard training then not taking enough time to stretch out afterwards. Remember, your hamstrings all tie into your backside and in turn your lower back, so when you are sat down and they are stretched they pull at the lower back, hence why standing up helps, or even the kneeling down chairs.

  • What a great idea Yaro – its a big step to take for your health and well-being. It’s hard to imagine standing up and working during the day – but I’m sure it is feasible and can really help improve the energy levels. I have seen a documentary about an office team who all had their desks removed and replaced with treadmills – so they would slowly walk while working all day. They shed the pounds really quickly and it totally changed their lives. What you’re doing is a great thing – thanks for sharing it with the world!

  • I think most people are guilty of bad posture when sitting at a computer all day. A physio taught me to always try and keep an arch in my back and my chin tucked in. It helps.

  • Ellen Schultz

    Hi Yaro,
    Last year I read that Sharon Odom, another internet marketer, was using a treadmill desk. I saw a piece on it on one of the US news programs. I think Sharom may have constructed her own, however, there are now companies producing them.
    By the way, the walking on the treadmill is very, very slow and people using them work while they’re walking slowly. I’m not sure how it works, but apparently it does.

  • Using a stand up table is great. People should really catch on to doing it. Working in a regular office chair is really bad for your back… its unfortunate really. But standing up to work does cause you to be more productive in the short burst that you are working …. And it also gives you the chance to stop and relax after a while!

  • Hemingway used to write standing up.

  • I had two back-operations, since 2 years I use a stand up desk and i can say its the best way to work. My back says 10 times a day thank you to me. Why i had these operations? Because of sitting years 8 to 10 hours a day in front of the computer.
    Use stand up desk! Do something for your body!
    Grettings from germany

  • I sell a DVD on one of my sites that is very popular but even though I say it myself the content of the seventy-minute film is very good and has helped many people to eradicate their stutter.

    My main advice would be to make the DVD/Video available as an automatically downloadable product via a site like e-junkie as this is what the public seem to want.

    Steve Hill

  • Yaro,

    You can get a monitor arm for your monitor and swivel it to face any direction your standing. It’s easy on your neck and helps keep your head in neutral alignment. Was thinking of getting a kneeling chair but the forces on your back is greatest when sitting for long durations. Also, sitting kills your posture which can lead to all sorts of muscle imbalances. I’m a physical therapist turned internet marketer and we would teach back safety and make ergonomic recommendations all the time. Multiple rest breaks is definitively a must if you sit behind a computer a lot. Especially if you don’t have a good ergonomically correct workstation. Good post !

  • Paul

    The table looks cool. What is the table called or what table top and legs did you get?

  • I like the stand up desk idea! I always have back pain from sitting at my desk, or at least I use to. I get up every 2 hours at least for 10 to 30 minutes and thats helped a lot.

    Plus I started working out every morning and night, and I strech every morning which has done wonders.

    May seem like a lot but when you work with computers all day, its not a lot at all.

  • That’s true. Yaro, your blog is always on point 😉

  • Awww no.. I have been spending months coming up with my own product!

  • You really get alot of comments lol… I also can attest to the benefits of standing up instead of sitting all day, when you are working sometimes 10-12 hours a day at a PC sitting can be a real pain in the… back :-p….

    I’ve noticed a few other companies making good use of Twitter for marketing like you mentioned Ikea did and I would expect to see many more follow suit.. If not, well I guess they will be missing out.

  • That is a great idea and demonstrates good ergonomics. For people who want to sit once in a while could even get a tall chair pushed aside for when they can’t stand up anymore.

  • I agree with you on getting a high table as your work desk. I, myself work in front of the computer for at least 10 hours a day and I tell you, my feet and back suffer the most. Good thing, you post this. I better get one immediately!

  • I love your stand up table and I am thinking of trying that myself. I do believe in anything to make computer work more healthy and successful. I will check out Rich’s items today. It sure seems like he has done a lot to help your success, however, Yaro I really think you are dedicated and work very hard to make your life as fantastic as possible. Thanks for all your advice.

  • Never thought about using a stand up table. What a great idea.

    One question though about product creation…How much of your success is dependent on having affiliates?

    The reason I am asking is because I have ventured into product creation. So far, it has been really hard to market my products on my own because of limited resources.

    I was wondering if you could touch on this subject some so the readers can understand that there is more to than creating the product. You need some kind of marketing plan to get the word out about your products or they will won’t be very successful.

    What is your marketing strategy when you release products?

  • Tom

    I wish there were more about the standing desk!

    Anyway, I work about half time at a standing desk and am thinking about getting set up at the second location. For days when you’re lazy it’s nice to have a high chair so that you can move between sitting and standing throughout the day. The key is that whether standing or sitting, the shoulders would be at the same height.

    Make sure you have good shoes or some sort of padding like they have for cashiers at the grocery store. That saves the feet/knees if your floor is concrete or very firm.

    BTW – this isn’t something new. Thomas Jefferson preferred a standing desk and there’s a Fortune 500 CEO who uses a standing desk even at meetings – keeps people from falling asleep.

  • The growing power of twitter aptly illustrated yet again! The bigger your following, the more likely you are to get what you want by simply tweeting about it. Now a twitter request service could be interesting, sort of a tweeting classifieds…..hmmmmm

  • The stand up desk concept is actually something I have been thinking of doing for years. I do not want to get political or anything but, I remember hearing about former President Bill Clinton always working from, what I believe was a “podium.” He, as all should know, is a public speaker by nature so, this fit him very well and I thought it would be a great way to stay focused, let the blood flow better and actually help get a better night sleep.

    Though, a desk in this case, not podium, the same concept applies for bloggers.

    I think I will let your video motivate me to actually go and buy or maybe even build my own, thanks 🙂

  • Yaro,

    This was really the first video I watched of you and I am impressed. Plus I bought the friggen table because my arse hurst soooo much every day from sitting. Maybe you should have set up an affilaiet program?? mmmm there is an idea.

    Anyways, I have had much success in my financial blogging, so now I want to do what I want to do and that is more personal/business blogging like yourself.

    You’ll be seeing my comments a lot and hopefully as my blog grows, we can recipricate links and comments to help our readers out. My blog will be about working from home, following your dreams and not becoming a wage slave for life. 😉

    Take Care!

    Moe Bedard

  • Anyway, can I just produce this stuff and sell it on ebay for profit? Do I need to make nutrition lables that state calories and all that stuff? Do I need some kind of FDA approvel?

  • Hey Yaro – loving your videos, they’re fantastic!
    Ulta orthodox Jews have been using stand up desks (called ‘shtenders’) for centuries, hence the image of men in long black garb shuckling back and forth while praying/studying.
    The joke was that the shuckling started since there was only enough money for a few books so the men would stand in groups and one would look in while the others leaned back, and then they’d alternate!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Yaro,

    I learn a lot from your blog and your videos. Puting it into practise challenges me as I have still a lot to learn about the technical part.

    This video inspired me to write a blogpost and I am currently working on an e-book as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I am looking forward to future posts and videos from you.


  • I think has done you one better (about the stand up desk) because not only can you stand and work, you can also work the computer and walk at the same time. It gives you another option while working. Robert offers you the PDF Construction Notes for free so you can build your own customized desk.
    I enjoy your communications and look forward more.
    Thank you

  • Hey Yaro, how’s the standing work desk solution been working for you so far? It’s been awhile since you posted this video, so I thought I’d just drop by and see if you’re still enjoying the setup?

    I bought a setup like this myself a week ago, but I have to admit, I didn’t imagine it to be that exhausting to be standing all day long! Guess have to make small steps at a time 🙂

    • It’s still going well, though I don’t stand up all day because I don’t work at the computer all day and I also head out with the laptop and work at cafes too.

      I definitely recommend it over a sit-down desk though, that’s without a doubt.

      • Great to hear, I was just coming to see if you’d ever left an update!

        I’m building a new office in my basement so I’m thinking of building a desk that will work for both standing and sitting, with the majority of my equipment set up for standing. I haven’t decided on a design quite yet.

  • It makes total sense to me why one should rather sell his own products: You’ll be having less competition off course while no one else will have the exact same product you’d be having.

  • Hi, Yaro – A few weeks ago, I saw a deal on a stability ball chair and ordered it. After only about a week of use, I noticed more flexibility in my back. I’m on Week Three and now realizing I have to concentrate on sitting up straight or the connective tissue around my sternum gets achy from slouching. Still, I’m up and down more often, which is a good thing for us writers who often drop into The Zone. Thank you for your features on healthy writing. Wishing you and your loved ones well.

  • Thanks Yaro. Interesting video.

  • […] Starak has a standing setup at his workplace. That is, he does all his computer related work standing. The point is — […]

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