How I Created My New Sales Page Video (And Why I’m Taking A New Approach)

I recently had the opportunity to play with a couple of great cameras to record some videos. After some trial and error with lighting, I finally came up with a setup that combined the Canon 6D with an Ikea lamp and a Rode lavalier lapel mic and went to work recording videos.

The big video I needed to create was a sales page feature for my new interviews club, the EJ Insider, opening in a few weeks (fingers crossed!).

While the entire video is 11 minutes long, there is a nice short spiel I did with a close up angle, where I talked about how interviews have impacted my own success online.

I decided to cut out that section to create a little two minute teaser clip, which you can watch now below –

Interviews have been an important part of my learning process over the years. As I talk about in the video, they have also been a vital source of inspiration and motivation too. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to finally create my own premium interviews club.

Even if the EJ Insider is not a hit in terms of sales, just having the opportunity to create this product has been fantastic. I’ve had the chance to conduct interviews with some of my idols when it comes to online business, and also hear how bloggers have reached the million dollar level, a goal I have set for myself once again.

My Soft Pitch

If you have ever had to put together a sales video you know how annoying they can be to make. I like talking on camera, but something about having to create a video that asks people to buy something puts extra pressure on you.

You have to make sure you hit all the important points and weave it together in a compelling way. The simple formula you can use is to introduce the problem, explain your solution, then give a call to action. Easy to say, but when you start breaking it down it can become a monster to squeeze in everything you want to.

I didn’t want to produce another 25 minute sales video as I have done for other products in the past. Given the EJ Insider doesn’t have a super high pricing point, and in principle the offer is quite simple, I figured I could come up with something compelling, yet brief.

My typical formula is to follow my own advice from this article –

Those seven steps are usually all I need. I sit down and write dot point notes to answer each section, sometimes taking a look at my previous sales pages to find any content I think I should include.

After doing this, I had two pages of notes ready to go on video recording day.

As I wrote about in my previous article about the Ikea lamp video lighting solution, I ended up having two days of video recording with bad lighting that I didn’t use.

One benefit of the two days “practice” before getting it right on the third day, was I began to remember my sales page notes. Once you say a few things over and over and over again with all the retakes, it starts stick in your head.

On the third day, once I had the lighting sorted, I decided that instead of using my notes I would just sit down in front of the camera and say everything off the top of my head. I wanted a natural language style and to say each section without having to stop and start again. This would mean less post-production editing too.

Testing A Theory

I decided for this sales video, I’d relax and not worry so much about getting all the right “triggers” in.

I’ve always believed that people buy from me because it’s me, and while I like to make sure I do everything I can to help conversion, I think today people are even more jaded about typical marketing hype.

Hype of course is subjective. In the past I’ve been accused of being too-hypey in some of my sales copy, yet also had people tell me they enjoyed my softer, less-hypey approach. You can’t please everyone. In the end what matters is pleasing enough people to have a successful and profitable product.

I believe today the main focus should be on being clear, approachable, engaging and natural. Let your personality and your personal brand do the selling for you, without the need for excessive sales technique beyond what comes natural.

Of course it’s still vital to go over the problem, the solution, the offer and weave in some story-telling, but the more natural you can make it, the better.

I personally like this approach more too. There’s something comfortable about just saying what is in your product, why you made it, who will benefit from it and how you can buy it. That’s essentially what my sales video ended up like.

It is important to note after years and years of being online and selling information products, much of what I say and how I say it has become innate. I still advocate educating yourself about selling psychology, but hopefully given enough time, it will come through naturally, so you don’t sound like you are forcing the sale.

I suppose in the end, that is just what good selling is. It’s persuasive and congruent, rather than forced and artificial.

What Did You Think Of The Teaser?

I’d love to hear what you think of the teaser video above. It’s more the “story” component of the sales video, so might feel a little incomplete, but hopefully it is at least engaging.

Leave me a reply as a comment, I appreciate your opinion.

Yaro Starak

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  • I think your conversational and down to Earth approach works well.

    I also think the key to your success is that you focus on your passion for business success, but also drive from your life-style.

    You also live your values, and one of your values is continuous learning. So interviews with folks that have done well, help ignite your inner-lifelong learner.

    That’s the sustainable way.

  • Yaro, the video is good and I would continue the personal focus in each just as you have in your podcast interviews in the past.

    I like the approach of interviewing for the same reasons as you and am looking forward to the output. Moreover, content diversification through other mediums tend to work more so today than ever before for traffic purposes.

  • Yaro,
    The teaser is absolute gold! I think it will resonate well with your brand, target audience and followers. I’ve never watched or bought anything from a 50 page sales letter or hypey video and have no idea why they are still favored. I think the automatic answer of “because they work” does not look at the most important question “compared to what?” I think too often IMers just copy and paste because somebody else made a million with a technique without really looking at if it’s right for their market.
    I’m stoked about this venture because I am currently feeding myself brain food in the form of podcasts and interviews exactly like you’re talking about. I think anybody who has followed you for any time at all will look forward to your own fresh approach to interviewing. Even if the people have been interviewed by everybody else.
    I’ll keep my eyes open. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jonhard

    Hi Yaro,
    I have followed your blog for some years now. Your posts are interesting and inspiring, that’s why I keep coming back ๐Ÿ™‚
    One thing which is important when making podcasts and videos is the voice. You have a radio hosts voice that is why people bother listen.
    I am definitely looking forward to your new project EJ Insider. Best of luck.

    • Thanks Jonhard, I like hearing I have a radio host voice, makes me even more excited about finally releasing an interviews product so I can have a reason to get more great guests on my show.

  • I thought the teaser was very well done. It was compelling – especially to me as I have been listening to a tone of interviews lately to get my creativity flowing and also to inspire me.

    I can’t help picturing people in the old days listening to motivational cassette tapes in the car, lol. For some reason that image popped into my head. I’m glad we live in the age we do!

  • Yaro that teaser was just awesome.

    I agree that interviews are very valuable learning tools, especially from the ‘everyday’ people that have had the 6-figure successes, because I can relate to them better.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

    • Glad you liked it Ian, and of course your interview is in the podcast vault in the EJ Insider, one of the better ones I think!

  • I like this type of selling too.

    Your video is relaxed, down to earth, and natural. I appreciate that, as it makes you seem like a real person that I can trust.

  • I liked the video, I’ve always enjoyed the multi-media you’ve produced over the years. Before “live the laptop lifestyle”, it was “down to earth advice”, and I that’s the way you come across. I also like the sound track you had playing while talking. It was the right fit.

  • Looks like an interesting project, keen to seen the sales page when you launch (just tried the ejinsider link and also typed in the url but no response?)

    See you at Crows Nest “Meet up” in Sydney next week Yaro.

  • Yeah dude.

    I think 2 minutes is the right amount of time to be spending selling a good or service. People are busy and it seems respectful of their time.

    Great lighting…

  • Hi Yaro,
    the teaser is really well done. You seem so natural and relaxed that your audience will automatically focus on the major points you’re presenting to them.
    You’re so right with your statement about surrounding yourself with likeminded people. If I wasn’t already a member of another forum, I’d definitely sign up for EJ Insider. Your teaser just reinforces my strategy!

    Well done!

  • Love it! People are indeed tired of the hard sell. I just want someone I can trust to tell me what their selling, and what it’s about, without all the hype. Great job Yaro.

  • Found your teaser very compelling. Answered the questions in peoples minds about what you are offering and why. Definitely keep the conversational tone. While I know you said you practised it a lot, it comes across as very natural and sincere. I know it is a ‘soft pitch’, but think the one thing I would add is at the end to still finish with a verbal ‘call to action’. You have your website listed, but perhaps casually make it super easy for the viewer and mention something like, ‘if you are interested in becoming a member or find out more etc, click on the website that follows” – or something like that. I know the viewer would likely do that if interested, but just saying it would increase your conversions and still be ‘soft sell’. Just my 2 cents. Great work.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the comment. That teaser is a sample from the full 11 minute sales video, so as you can imagine there are plenty of calls to action in that.


      • Wow. If that is ‘pulled’ from the larger piece, then you must have some solid editing skills too. Looks great as a stand alone piece. With the quality of your other material, I’m sure the call to actions are well placed. I’ll be checking out that larger piece for sure. Good luck with it!

  • The teaser is well done and convincing.

  • About the Teaser Video:

    1) I like the setup (you standing there casually talking) and music overlay.
    2) I thought it was too long, by at least a minute.
    3) Maybe a gentle CTA at the end? I know it’s in the copy, but I think it would have been OK for you to verbalize it, too.

    ~ darlene

  • I wouldn’t have thought that an interview could make for very compelling content, but I watched through yours, so I guess it could really work well with me. I can also identify with the isolation you started with. A lot of people still seem to think of freelancing as the red-headed step child of working. Though, I think that is changing a lot.

  • charles

    I found you originally by looking up why people use long sales pages. having continue to this blog, I find your information to be helpful and you to be sincere.although I’ve only read your writings for the last 10 minutes, I feel I would possibly purchase your products in the future. Good job with everything you’ve done. And the video looks great and sounds relaxed and sincere.

  • The teaser is really well done.

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