How To Attract Coaching Clients Presented In My New Yaro.TV “Coaching Session” Video Format

As you can probably tell I have upped the amount of videos I release on my YouTube channel.

I am personally recording quick behind the scenes updates that I call “Yaro.TV Dailys“, as well as releasing the occasional more substantial videos like my Stand Up Desk video.

I’ve also been working with my new Filipino project manager, Flo, and his video producer, to convert my podcast interviews into videos. You can see these videos here in my Podcast Interviews playlist on YouTube.

The main purpose behind this is simple: to get the content I already produce in more places, like what Pete Williams teaches in Profit Hacks (have a listen to my interview with Pete for an explanation).

Coaching Sessions

Flow and his team just finished up a new video format we are producing called “Coaching Sessions”. These are bite sized chunks taken from coaching sessions I have done with members and clients.

This is the first one that offers advice on how to get clients when starting a new training service, in this case helping people with e-commerce.

I have a huge amount of coaching sessions recorded from over the years that contain a lot of insight that we can draw content from. I’d like to help and reach more people with what I have produced and this is one way we can do so using video as a vehicle.

I’d love to know whether you find materials like the video above helpful. Let me know via a comment reply below.

Flo is going to continue to dig into my archives of materials and work with a video editor to produce more coaching sessions. Combined with the podcast interviews and my Yaro.TV Dailys, there’s a lot of reasons to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out.

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  • I see you’re doing well. The mission is clear and very rewarding. Perhaps you’ll learn how to get the content I’ve already produced to more sites. The videos are interesting to watch. You look confident and smart on them. Wish you luck in all your start-up s .

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