You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Press play and watch the video for some important lessons I learned about how I was the reason my business took so long to get off the ground and how I could leverage who I am to increase my online earnings.

Once you’ve watched the video, read below for more information about the two programs coming out and the special bonuses I’m offering.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

On June 11th Rich Schefren is opening up the doors to his Guided Profits System 2.0, only the second release of this course. As you likely know already, Rich has been a huge influence on me, in particular for one reason: He teaches how to get out of the way of yourself so your business can grow.

What I really admire about Rich is how he’s been able to build a business that truly functions without him. He even has a CEO that runs the business so he can focus on his strengths (i.e. the fun stuff he enjoys). His company does ten figures a year now (that’s over $10 million), which is truly amazing considering it didn’t exist just a few years ago.

I paid him $5,000 back in 2007 to go through his coaching program and to this day I consider it one of the best investments I made in Internet business training.

Discovering what your strengths are and finding out what constraints are holding you back, are the keys to success with any business. This is an area that is particularly relevant for us online business people because there isn’t really anybody else out there teaching this. Most of us do not intuitively understand that we shouldn’t be doing certain tasks and we aren’t even aware of how we hold our business back. Rich’s course is very good at helping you to discover what you don’t know you don’t know.

I endorse Rich’s program 100% and invite you to join via my affiliate link. I’m offering almost $2,000 worth of bonuses if you do so (see below). I recommend you consider Rich’s course if you already have a business and are in a situation to focus on yourself over the next 30 days as you go through his program.

Be True To Yourself And Others Will Love You

On June 12th Frank Kern is releasing the final 800 copies of his Mass Control 2.0 (yes everyone has a 2.0 nowadays). I don’t know if Rich and Frank talked to each other about launch dates, but hey, I love both these guys so I’m going to tell you about both of them in one blog post!

Why I love Frank is his ability to connect with his audience as a likable genuine guy. Not everyone loves him of course, but one thing is clear – he is by far the very best Internet marketing guru that can connect with people on a human-to-human level. Frank comes across as a “normal friend” and because you naturally like the guy, you naturally feel comfortable buying from him.

That in itself is a huge lesson and if there is one big take away from Frank is that you can – and should – be yourself when you market online if you want a strong relationship with your audience. As a blogger, we get this. To blog well, you blog as yourself.

Through the use of video Frank has taught how to use every day aspects of your life as a selling tool, which is something I’ve replicated after learning from him.

Frank’s opened up Mass Control several times previously and I’ve not purchased it, but this time with only 800 copies left, I’m buying. I’ve probably learned about as much from Frank as I have from any marketer in the last year or so, especially when it comes to relationship development and launch techniques.

Jeff Walker has the best product launch “formula” but Frank has the best strategy and techniques for influencing real human beings, who sit behind their computers and read your emails and blog posts.

If you want to learn more about how to effectively use email, blog posts, video or any form of online communication as a persuasion tool, Frank is the man, and since persuasion is my craft too, it’s about time I bought Mass Control 2.0.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of those last 800 copies of Mass Control 2.0 as well, I’m offering the same bonus as I am for Rich’s course, if you order through my affiliate link below.

Do You Want Almost $2,000 In Bonuses?

Warning: Bonuses on offer only to the first 30 orders total (that’s total of both product orders).

I’m not going to make a long speech about this. I’m giving you access to all my best programs on how to build a profitable blog and then use it as a launching pad to start earning the big money with a membership site.

I consider Rich and Frank two of the top players in the Internet marketing space and their programs are mandatory study if you’re serious about your online business growth. As an incentive and thank you for ordering through my link, I’m including the following bonuses if you buy either or both programs…

Bonus #1: The Complete Membership Site Mastermind Course

Membership Site MastermindEarlier this year I launched the Membership Site Mastermind program, opening it for a week only, and it quickly filled up with over 300 students, who are presently completing their training.

This is the ultimate course for those interested in launching the best product model I know of online – a membership site. It’s particular good if you are a blogger as the course was built to use a blog as a launchpad for a membership site, which is what I did to grow my income from around $5,000 a month and really ramp it up beyond the $30,000 a month mark.

This program is currently closed to the public and I’m not opening it up any time soon, so if you want in right now, claiming this bonus is the only way.

Bonus #2: Blog Mastermind Premium Version

Blog Mastermind PremiumBlog Mastermind is a training program for people who want to replicate my system for building a high-profile and profitable blog. I created this course to put down into a concise training system, the process I went through to go from completely unknown to having a blog with thousands of subscribers and a six figure a year income.

The course is made up of 27 weekly lessons, hand-written by me personally, only available inside this program. The course also includes many additional resources such as interviews with expert bloggers, a private members forum, live coaching calls, the social traffic club and so much more.

With this bonus you get the premium version of the program, which is direct access to all the lessons and resources immediately.

Bonus #3: Become A Blogger Premium Version

Become A Blogger Premium

Become A Blogger Premium is the best video training system to teach effective blogging in existence today. Created by Gideon Shalwick and myself, we have put together a combination of my top level blogging strategies and techniques, with Gideons very clear, step-by-step instructions on how to set up a blog and implement my system.

Already over 1,000 students have gone through this program and we have hundreds of fantastic feedback testimonials, so I know this program will impress you. If you’re a beginner and learn best through video that shows you exactly how to do something, this is ideal for you.

Presently Become A Blogger Premium is not open to the public, and will open later in June. Of course it won’t be free then, so if you want to get it now, it’s available as a special bonus in this offer.

Instructions For Claiming Your Bonuses

Rich Schefren’s program is 30 days of focused training and you need at least that much time to absorb Frank’s Mass Control 2.0 training.

Once you make your order through my link, send me an email to and forward your receipt for either program or both programs (you only need to buy one to qualify for the bonus). My assistant will confirm your order was tracked under my referral, then email you back to confirm your qualification for the bonuses.

In 30 days, once you’ve finished studying what you paid for from Rich and/or Frank, then we will give you access to the bonuses. I deliberately enforce a 30 day waiting period before giving you the bonus so you don’t get overstimulated with content to study all at once and can make the most of what you paid for, and the bonuses I give you.

Here are those order links again:

Thanks for your support and I wish you the best of luck with the programs!

Make sure you watch the video at the start of this post. It’s not a sales pitch, rather a story from my own development as an Internet marketer.

Yaro Starak
Throwing In The Kitchen Sink

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  • That’s really a bit of relief to learn. As my blog has been continuing to grow I’ve been worried about the type of voice I was using, and if that would have any adverse affects on my readers. I’m going to continue to aim my blog at being more personal and offering my readers my true self.

  • Yaro,

    Great job on your latest video! It is really comforting that you are sharing your experiences and describing how you overcame your challenges. This helps me face my own challenges with confidence that once I get over them, I will have something to share to help someone else.


  • I like the style you and Frank Kern present yourselves on the videos, casual “this is who I am” style works really well. Rich is bit more distant, but on the other hand, I haven’t followed him so closely until lately.

    It has been really interesting to watch these two launches as it seems everybody’s doing’em. Good chance to watch, read and learn about huge product launches for everyone.

  • Very good video, I really like it

  • I link Frank Kern, he is really a superstar in the internet marketing world, every video of his is like an episode of a drama, and he really present himself from his everyday life…. and now I am also liking to see more of you on video, Yaro, I think when you speak in the video, it makes me listen and understand better, even though I love to read blogs.

  • Very good video, I really like it

  • Great video, I just had completed my 3rd video for my blog. I’m still debating whether I’m comfortable getting up in front of a video camera and putting it on the internet 🙂

  • Hey Yaro

    Thanks for the sharing again. Enjoy viewing your video to learn new stuffs personally from you and interesting bonuses you have throw in for friends whom purchased through your links.


  • Great video Yaro. It really gets across the point of how many of us need to learn to come out of our comfort zones a lot to really grab what we are after. It’s an area that I think a lot of marketers face. Personally, I know several marketers who struggle somewhat with this area…myself included. Thanx for the video, and the bonuses you are offering are fantastic!


  • Great message, Yaro. Hey I bought the same “teach yourself HTML” book way back in Y2k. Seems like ages ago.

  • I don’t have a problem hiring out for help, but I’d love some suggestions on how to choose the right vendor. I’ve burned through several people who talk big, but when it’s time to complete the assignment, they fall short. Do these programs help guide through the selection process?

  • I have found that we create our own barriers… Any program that can truly assist in knocking them down is a great thing..

  • I really didn’t think the video was much more than a ad for Frank & Rich’s new (or old) product.

    Your presentation is fine, but there was really nothing new to learn from watching.

    I watched Frank Kern’s video; sure, he’s kind of funny and I like his BMW, but for 3 minutes of contect we have to put up with 10 minutes of fluff.

    Does everyone have that much time to waste?

    And Rich Schefren I have talked to in person. Ok guy for a neighbor, but no former black hatter is going to be my mentor, even if the tactics work.


  • Good video. Thanks for sharing your insights on being yourself. It’s always good to be yourself.

  • That’s a very good quality video and sound, it look quite professional. What camera and software do you use to create your videos?

    Nice presenting style too, did you need to practice first or does it come natural. I think if I did a video like that I doubt I’d get through 12 mins without making a few mistakes:)

  • Really liked this video. And part of that is because I can relate to the “real tight with my money” thing. I wear all hats in my business. I should outsource. Though, I have a certain belief that in order to outsource later on in a small business, you need to spend time understanding the process in which things need to get done.

    @Will, I agree, it feels like the video had a purpose of pitching that product, but think about what Yaro does. He did a great job of telling a personal story of growth and then adding that pitch which is all a lesson in itself.

  • I don’t know, it just seems to me like you’ve been doing these videos forever. Very natural output and easy to listen to. Now, all you need is some car chases and explosions, right? 😉

  • Very interesting Yaro, Learning from others will definatley shorten the learning curve to getting your marketing business started and making money. Lots of usefull tipps here, thanks.


  • Good advice about getting people to help you with where you are the weakest. I too struggled with this in the early days of my websites. I figured that if I could do everything at least half assed myself, why should I pay someone else to do some of it? I was also worried that these expenses would make my online business unprofitable. I never stopped to think that by paying people to do some tasks I could free up my time to concentrate on my own strengths. Through freelancers you can gradually build up a small company of people all working on your websites. This is without the large investments needed to do this with an actual office.

  • HEy Yaro,

    Great stuff. I’m really getting alot out the BMM program and looking forward to seeing what the long term pay off will be.

  • Too true.

    One of the ways that helps me find my way through the forest is a simple set of questions … “what do I know?” … “don’t know?” … “need to know next?” We all have our blind spots, so finding trusted sources for reflection and insight are the way to go.

  • Know your strengths and delegate to your weaknesses.

  • The wave in that picture is Teahupo in Tahiti…

  • Hi Yaro,

    I guess the Landmark jargon is really spreading – I’ve never heard an internet (or shall I say blogger) marketer use the term “You don’t know what you don’t know,” before – but I guess it’s becoming mass consciousness.

  • Wasn’t it Rumsfeld who was made fun of for using a term like that?

    IMHO – only because those making fun of the comment were too stupid to understand the depth of it.

    (Rumsfeld certainly had OTHER shortcomings, though!)


  • Many thanks for this video Yaro. To be honest I prefer content in text because I can have a quick flick through it but then again are you trying to combat this ability of a user to quickly click on another link and move on?

  • Your Message
    Hi Yaro,
    loved the video, loved the authenticity and obvious passion, loved the easy show of confidence and competence. You continue to be a good role model, and offer a strong counter-view to all those gurus who warn you to stay “professional”.

    Well done, and you’ve given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

  • That’s a crazy/mad/generous deal-sweetener, Yaro.

    But all of those courses — or either “just” Rich’s or Frank’s bundled with yours – would serve as the Internet Marketing MBA. Talk about “Information Overload!” 🙂

  • You are right; many people come into the internet-business world not knowing how challenging it will be. They do not know how much they have yet to learn. Yes, there will be many things that they will not like doing, and I completely agree with you, if you do not like what you are doing, you are not going to produce as much! Wow you spent a good number of years building your websites. Html and coding are very difficult. I see that you really benefited from Rich’s program; it cost quote the pretty penny I see though… I see that your mindset and motivation to do certain things has changed much over the years.

  • JC

    Thanks a lot, Yaro, The combination of GPS 2.0 and your three programs are exactly what I need. Now, I am basically getting a 50% deal.

  • This is the second post I’ve read this morning about being yourself, using your own voice and building relationships through being personable (the other post was at

    Given I’ve recently published an honest post about not being sure about the direction I was taking with my blog, I’ll take both articles as signs I’m on the right track and just keep being myself!

  • Your thoughts on levaraging others is really pertinent to me at the moment. I’m starting to build sites myself and find that it doesn’t come as naturally as writing and talking about online business and marketing et al. So I’m thinking of using others stock work as a basis so I can concentrate on the things that really interest me.

    Nice to have one of those sincronicities.

  • @Not John Chow:

    “Know (and use) your strengths and delegate to your weaknesses”… Wow, It is a terrific sentence. That should be kept in the mind of those of us who want to grow their online business. That sentence is a perfect summary of what we need to do.

  • Yaro! You have covered one of the most powerful training programs on the net that teaches us what to do and what not to do in the marketing world. Actually, it is a step-by-step blueprint that helps us discover what is holding us back from achieving online success.

    GPS 2.0 is created by Rich Schefren, the founder and CEO of Strategic Profits and is known as the “Guru To The Internet Gurus”. I personally do respect him and believe in his products and programs.

    On top of that, what Yaro usually recommend here is not a useless stuff. On the contrary, he knows what we need and he shows what we want. So, I guess we should listen to what he says on his blog.

    Not to mention that, GPS 2.0 comes with tons of highly valuable bonuses which we can really take advantage of. I think this program is worth trying.

    Thanks Yaro for letting us know about this rare opportunity.



  • Nice one Yaro! I really like that video!
    We got that surf photo too…. I do not think it is in Australia though, must ask my “surf-dude” partner, he will know 🙂

  • There’s so much power in being your authentic self and that’s what’s appealing about you Yaro. As I have come to believe in myself it gives me more of the courage that I need to put myself ‘out there’ and share my knowledge and wisdom, as you have. Thanks for sharing.

  • True ‘Dat!

    I had a similar realisation myself recently, after discovering Frank Kern’s videos. That it’s OKAY to be yourself, and I think people appreciate that more these days.
    There’s so many “experts” out there, and it’s good to differentiate yourself by BEING yourself, then you’ll attract the right people who appreciate you for who YOU are.
    Also, it takes a whole lotta effort to try to be someone you’re not. And who wants to do that anyway? (BORING) ((*that’s why I hate corporate office jobs and will never have one again*))
    So yeah- it’s scary as hell when you’re just stepping out (like I am…slowly haha…still learning to get out of my own way!)
    But after watching what Frank repeatedly gets away with, I’m thinking that even an ‘Indigo’, sci-fi-obsessed space cadet with fairy wings- could probably find a niche somewhere which she could be benevolent overlord of.
    And that makes me smile :))

  • Hey Yaro.

    Need an answer that I can’t seem to find…

    I want to sign up for Rich’s program but I am also very interested in your bonuses…esp the Membership mastermind? My Q? Do you have a time limit on that or can you down load the material to do in your own time?

    I own several businesses that keep me out of trouble most of the time however we have been video blogging quite a bit and want to really learn the quick way with it to grow and build a membership site…but just will need a lot more time to fit it into my busy life…no just 6 weeks.

  • I am currently in Yaro’s MM and it’s excellent. You don’t have to worry about running out of time to go through the course. You go through at your own pace because you have lifetime membership to the site and you can download content from the modules as well as view instructive videos online. Very good resource to building your own website. I’m still on Module 3 and still have 3 to go. No worries, no rush. Hope that helps!

  • Thank you Yaro! I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog… your story is really inspiring as I try to research internet marketing and business. I really like your message about authenticity and how you had to came to be comfortable being the face of your business. Thanks for this inspiring stuff!

  • Is there any truer message than being true to yourself! I heard it echoed in a another blogger’s words today “validate your own parking ticket, instead of waiting for someone to validate it for you.”

    Amen. Carpe Diem.

    Now, if I can just act on that advice instead of procrastinating, I’ll have it made…

  • How natural and non salesy are Frank Kern’s videos. You can see how he is able to sell sooooo much products without a long sales letter. I think that we have a lot to learn in internet marketing ( and general marketing just from watching (re)launches like this.

    Keep up the quality content Yaro

  • Thanks Yaro, I enjoyed the content in the video and am slowly but surely getting a grip on how to get out of the way of myself and ‘being’ myself all at the same time, lol!

  • I recently read Rich’s Doctrine 2 report or however it’s called. The guy has much to tell and it all sounds very clever when you give it a deeper thought.

    His report made in some way clear how important it was to be genuine and not of this yelling hyping guys. I totally agreed at this point.

    I was very disappointed when I received the first e-mails from his system, because they are just that over-hyped tell-sell crap. Especially the last video about the video that didn’t work.

    However, success everybody.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I really enjoyed this post. Very inspiring. You have helped me to open my eyes to a few things in regards to “leveraging who I am” concept. I am going to look into Rich and Frank for additional knowledge to help me grow in my field. Thank you!


  • Hey Yaro!

    The most difficult thing I have had to master with my “take control” personality is the ability to DELEGATE. I so AGREE with you on these fine points and KNOW it is going to be GREAT being a client of yours. YOU do instill SINCERITY in our communique and that is very RARE to exude as easily as you obviously DO. So, Kudos to you! Look forward to the lessons, not from Frank Kern, NOT from Rich Schefren, but from the GRAND MASTER HIMSELF: YARO “STAR”ak. Cheers, Terry~

  • Yaro,

    I’ve never thought of creating videos to help promote affiliate products before … this is brilliant and quite personal.

  • Great post. I’m really starting to see some trends with video content as en effective means to deliver a message or to promote a product, at least when someone is an effective speaker like you and Frank are anyhow lol.

    I’ve used video on many of my sites in the past, but so far only for screen cast type things. I am seriously considering putting much of my content in video format now.

    Good post.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Smooooth operator. It’s inspiring for me to see you doing videos. Each one is better than the last. I agree that this form of personal contact is the way to go.
    I’m all set up to practice this method so I’ll let you know how it goes for me!

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


  • Hi Yaro,

    You are so right that the only way one can build a business without so much struggle is to be yourself and do the things in the business you do best, then outsource what you don’t do well.

    Like you, I struggled for years trying to do the technical stuff that did not come naturally. If I’d spent the money on outsourcing the things I was not good at instead of on training courses for things I still didn’t do well even after the money and effort, I would have gotten much farther, much faster. I’m still having a struggle with the video aspect of being the face of my company, but maybe I can find a way of outsourcing that part too.

    Like Frank Kern, you’re a natural in front of the camera. I’ve been enjoying your video-based courses a lot. Thanks!

    Liz Nichols

  • Hi Yaro,
    Am enjoying your e-newsletter and other info from your site and can definitely agree an important part of entrepreneurship is being yourself. In fact, I think the two above ideas go hand-in-hand! The things holding you back in your business are often those things you may think you need to do but that are simply not you. Someone told you somewhere along the way that they’re things you need to do to be in business. They’re wrong! I’m not saying you have to love every aspect of what you do every day or that there aren’t some necessary tasks you might not be thrilled with having to do, But I’ve seen businesses where everything the entrepreneur does is forced and unreal and where you get the feeling everything being done was recommended by someone else. The best products are the ones whose value you understand first hand and the best work you do will be something you love.

  • Leveraging oneself is something I’ve yet to learn. All the top guys seem to do it, but it feels like a horrible intrusion into one’s private life.

  • Good for you Yaro for meeting and knowng such great people as Frank Kern!

  • The wave is DEFINATELY not in Australia.
    It is called Teahupoo in Tahiti

  • That’s really some nice stuff Yaro. Thanks!

  • Great bonus and great product. I will check first.

  • I have found that we create our own barriers… Any program that can truly assist in knocking them down is a great thing. And you have truely shown in this video that whatever we put our mind to, we can achieve.

    Thanks for the marvellous video.

  • Was just about to let you know about the wave, but Ryan beat me to it 😉

    Well done Yaro!

  • Good punt for some noteworthy products. Endorsements don’t come much stronger than the ones coming from you, Yaro!

  • Leveraging yourself is really an important thing to do, if you’ve got the available funds to do it. I know for myself, I end up doing things that I am not so great at, but I only do it for now because my “opportunity cost” is better if I go ahead and just do it myself because I will be losing money if I have others do the tasks for me. But definitely though when it is advantageous to you, you should definitely delegate things to others that you don’t specialize in.

    Till then,


  • Good video. Thanks for sharing your insights on being yourself. It’s always good to be yourself.

  • Just like you are, you’re followeing your own advice, Yaro, thank you. “Be true to yourself and others will love you”. I guess most bloggers don’t put everything on paper, seperating what they’re good at and not, but at the end of the day this once again comes off at being really and deeply organized in your life.

  • Yes, our brain is not able to think that we don’t know

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