Video: How To Rapidly Grow Your Blog Traffic

(Yaro’s Presentation On Impact Marketing Techniques.)

Press play to begin watching the video (this video is taken from directly inside the Become A Blogger Premium course).

I’m giving you access to a special preview of one of the strategy video presentations I did for the Become A Blogger Premium course. Note this video I’m sharing with you today is hosted on Viddler, however the premium videos inside the members area are all hosted on Amazon S3 high speed servers.

This video is a particularly powerful one as it covers my concept of “Impact Marketing”.

Many bloggers struggle to build significant traffic and that’s usually because they lack any truly effective marketing techniques. There are many simple blog traffic building techniques that work, but they work slowly and don’t have a big impact. Impact Marketing is all about making a splash and attracting greater than average traffic back to your blog.

This video reveals some of the impact techniques I’ve used and seen others use to great effect online. Remember these techniques are more than just linkbait (although they make great linkbait too), this is about building long term traffic attracting assets that keep a stream of people come to your blog over time and a rush of people coming in the short term.

Do You Like To Know Why And Then See How?

This video is an example of the strategy focused videos in the Become A Blogger Premium program. About 25% of the videos are like these, with me presenting to you my strategies and techniques from a conceptual point of view.

The rest of the videos show you how to implement the ideas live, by taking you through each step to make the technique a reality. Gideon Shalwick teaches you all the how-to videos and does a darn good job at it too!

If you’re ready to take your blogging seriously, want a clear path to success, have some time over the coming months to focus on your blog and enjoy the teaching style Gideon and I use, then please don’t miss out on this run of our program.

The $1 Trial is now available, so you can get full access to our program for a full week trial before deciding whether the program is right for you. You can claim your $1 Trial here –

(Trial offer expires on Tuesday February 9th at Midnight.)

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  • The free videos concentrate on the how-to aspect of the course, so I think it was a great idea to post this example video to show that “there’s more to it”. And as always, I enjoyed your vid Yaro, which just shows you sure know what you talk and teach about πŸ™‚

  • Do yourself a favor, have shave, have a 20min sleep before you do the video.
    I love your grey shirt and the grey background, a hard combination to get right.

    One more thing, although I love looking at your face, but I think your message could have been delivered using audio. The carbon footprint would have been smaller too.

    • dan

      I agree, He should have a shave. It is also part of the presentation. No shave, no listen.

      • Don’t be silly! Yaro’s message is more important than his shave, besides, I was pleasantly surprised to see him looking so sexy. I mean, he has always looked so young and boyish. Now he looks like a man.
        Also, it shows a relaxed side to him, that he isn’t slick. I dislike and distrust
        And if you choose not to listen to Yaro because he has a shadow, its your loss.
        So, Yaro, I hope you get that this was meant as a compliment.
        These GUYS don’t know what they are talking about.

      • I don’t really mind if he shaves or not. It’s all about what he says that’s important. Did people complain when Einstein didn’t comb or cut his hair? πŸ˜‰

        Till then,


    • I was going for the sexy 3pm shadow look πŸ™‚

      • Your Gravatar has the clean shaved look though!

        • Actually if you look at the full size photo you will see it’s also the 3pm shadow look.

          • LOL isn’t that nice? The work at home look.

          • It shows you don’t HAVE to get all dressed up since
            you’re in the comfort of your own home. Besides lots of men don’t
            shave.. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary in this video.

  • Hey Yaro, thanks for this. Your audios and videos have inspired me to start using audio actively on my site. Not via podcasts cause I’m finding it too much work and deviation away from my articles (plus I can’t find a meaningful system to select a topic as a ‘podcast’ or an ‘article’), but via mini audio clips that go with an article, as a way of an introduction. Maybe in the future I’ll do video too, which will be interesting πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the tip, Yaro! Another way to do impact marketing is to get yourself featured on mainstream newspapers, like our dear friend Celes from πŸ™‚ You’ll see a surge of visitors, some of whom will stay around.

      • Haha, hey Charles! It’s great seeing you here πŸ˜€ Yes indeed, mainstream newspapers is a great way to get traffic and more importantly, credibility since it’s endorsement by traditional, trusted media. I have much to learn from everyone on internet marketing from everyone, including you!

  • I think it still comes down to having worthwhile content people like and so will spread around the link so others can read e.g like your reports, but it doesn’t have to be just that.

  • This video about impact marketing is great, what you have presented, had just strike my mind into more ideals and strategies to implant on my blog, seriously, I learn a lot from your video presentation then reading on your blog, you speak clearly and details out of it, it just makes things clear for me… thanks Yaro.

  • Yaro, I wanted to send you a tweet, but we are not following each other. I noticed that after the video plays it shows related BAB premium videos. I don’t know if you intend to give more of your content away, but I would disable related videos on the embed code and plug up the leak.

    Take care

    • Monique – We don’t host the videos on Viddler, so those related videos are only the ones we’ve elected to provide as samples of the full course and to help people for free if they can’t afford the program.

      • Really, I see. I didn’t want to feel like I was stealing something by watching them, but if you are giving away tips there I will check them out. That’s weird on YouTube they let you disable related videos when you configure your embed code. I’m glad you told me that. Thanks!

  • If you’re from Brisbane why do you have an American accent? Great information BTW, thank you.


    • Ahem… Canadian accent πŸ™‚

      Read my Life Story series of posts and you might find out. Check my About page for links.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great video. Impact marketing is great. I’ll implement your techniques.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Mani Raj
    Havoc Marketing

  • Great video, I have been thinking about doing videos on my blog and wonder how it would have an impact on it as far as marketing goes. The video answered my question.

  • great suggestion on planning your blog posts to be released as a free report in the future

  • Bill Hartzer

    Helpful video, thanks for posting. Certainly giving away something for free, like a free report in the form of a PDF definitely can get people to send it around and get more exposure for your blog.

  • Hi,

    Great tips, I tweeted it!

    Its better to have tweet this tab at the page.


  • That is a great video. But my suggestion is that the content can still be shrunk. The same message can be delivered in half the video length.

    Video, while being a better communication channel still sucks more time than an article.

    Instead of speaking on a video, how about just the voice on a power point presentation. That would be better!

  • Great video Yaro, I have learned so much from you. Thank You so much for all your help. I’m implementing all that you’re teaching & it’s really working!!
    Thanks again,
    Kitt McKay

  • Thanks for a very interesting article. This video has got me thinking about how bloggers like myself who aren’t actively selling anything and are just blogging about personal interests can use these techniques to increase traffic anyway.

  • Yaro,

    Excellent information as always. You and Gideon “get it” better than anyone else I’ve encountered. Your underlying message of creating prosperity in work/life balance really resonates and is, in my opinion, the reason you have so many pairs of eyes and ears attuned to it.

    One suggestion I’d add to those new to Podcasting and online video: Less is more. Become a skilled editor and when in doubt, leave it out.

    Keep it real!


    Richard Grossman

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great content on this video about releasing free reports, podcasting, and videos. I plan to implement them on my blog that should be up and running in a few weeks. It is a little strange that within 24 hrs I have encountered basically the same info on two different blogs that I follow [of course] your blog and Gideon’s work is becoming more the foundation which I will be utilizing on my blog, along with info from other great bloggers.

    It is my goal, my dream, my burning desire to become a pro-blogger and IM to provide an income to support my family. I absolutely love the idea of videos, and I appreciate the great work you do in providing the best content, however, personally for me having a severe hearing handicap, videos are sometimes difficult for me to understand. You can be sure though, I will use them on my blog.

    Hey, I appreciate you and am forever grateful that our paths crossed via the internet.


  • Great video, love the presentation and I always learn something new about blogging when I watch your videos. My question to you is that you you have three other videos that comes up when the sample video finishes and it has a share this link (such as FB) under the videos, is it okay if I shared this with people and friends on my FB account? Wouldn’t want to do anything illegal.

  • Yaro, superb content bro, that’s the way I really started myself was with free content, creating a free report of serious value that people want to share and I redirected the links at the end back to my blog and products and made it viral with a tell a friend script too, so that have really been working and still does till this day.

  • Your message came loud and clear, these methods work as proven by you time and time again.

    I must tell you, I look forward to your training as it is so helpful in every way. My site is on the first page of google for quite a number of keywords, and I wish to thank you for the help.

    Ralph Morton AKA noviorbis

  • Great video Yaro! I’ve read the BecomeABlogger report and i’ve got a quick question, what software did you use to write the Become a Blogger report? i’m looking for a similar software which will allow that much of customization and quality.

    • We used Mac Pages, which is basically Mac’s version of MS Word. You can then just print out a PDF.

      If you are on PC, use MS Word and then get yourself a PDF converter to make the report. If you Google PDF converter you will find lots of options.

      • Thanks for the info, one more quick question, with adsense really low performing lately, i was thinking of getting into affiliate marketing, occasionally i write reviews of shareware on my blog, with networks like shareit and regnow, with enough reviews and traffic do you think i could exploit that niche of affiliate marketing, specially with cracked versions of software available freely on p2p networks? is 20k pageviews a month with mainly search engine traffic enough to get me started? I’d really appreciate if you could leave a brief opinion on this for i don’t want to be wasting time on a lost cause, thanks a lot in advance.

      • Bob

        Re Mac Pages: Can you embed affiliate links? A regular hyperlink, sure, but what if I want to embed affiliate code in a link in my pdf?

  • cool video, very practical . I’ve got one simple idea for my blogs and along with my PLR products I’m creating some free stuff that will take the market by storm πŸ™‚

    thanks for this!

  • Frank,

    Smaller carbon footprint with just audio….. yikes!

    Also, do you really feel it’s helpful to give Yaro grooming advice, especially when he’s nice enough to give you useful content for free?

    To each his own I guess.

  • Hi Yaro

    I’ve been a longtime fan & have worked your way through almost all your podcasts as I walk to work, so they’ve definitely worked to get me hooked.

    I blog in the travel niche and I struggle with the free report idea as there are so many great guidebooks out there already, but I love the video & podcasting idea. I’m experimenting myself with making travel videos as I love the more visual mediums – you can read about my experiences of making my first travel video here;

    PS I disagree with Frank on the grey on grey – I think pink is more your colour. But come to think of it that shirt thing is a little formal for you, perhaps you should be yourself & revert to the T-shirts.

  • Your Message I am glad I looked at your video. It was better than I expected. I relation to the length my experience has proved to me that the more time the client and I spent together the less time the competition has to present his ideas. This stuff of giving less information in hopes that something will sell a particular person is a bunch of bull. Keep up the good work.

  • Great info – very helpful and useful. I will be implementing the techniques in my business and look forward to seeing the results.

  • PDF’s. Podcasts. Videos. Publicity. I’m on it! Thank you for the great tips.

    You always provide great content Yaro and I appreciate that.


    PS – I have a friend from Brisbane (an Aussie with an Aussie accent) and getting him to do an American (or Canadian) accent is great! It’s so funny to hear your own accent from someone imitating it.

  • I have to say I am definately a fan of the podcast or video options only because I know I won’t miss out as such… I seem to download reports and never read the bloody things! 6 – 12 months later I realise just how valuable that report ‘would’ have been to me and if only I had of sat down for a few minutes and taken the time to read. I would be a lot further ahead in the game if I’d not been so A.D.D at the start of my journey! Oh well….

  • I love the idea of impact marketing. I’ve been using videos on my blog. They aren’t instructional videos as such, more like short clips on me living what my blog is all about (ie living well) and also funny clips. I’ve found through comments that my readership enjoys this different media.

    Really, one of the huge advantages of blogging is that we have the ability to use different mediums to get our message across (unlike the likes of print media) so why not use it. And given we live in a society with a major case of attention deficit disorder, finding different ways to get your message across is key.

    I think I’ll give podcasting a try next.

  • Wonderful video!! Simple techniques anyone can use, thanks for giving us a foundation to build upon.

  • Very nicely done. I like how you step back, frame the approaches, and provide prescriptive guidance.

    Have you framed out the spectrum of online information products yet? (from free reports to paid subscriptions to paid e-books to information kits to print on demand …)

    • We’re working on that – creating content takes time, but it’s rewarding, that’s for sure.

  • So sick of videos.

    • Based on your comments on my blog and others needmoney, you sound like a sad fellow. I hope you are happier in real life.

      • Bwahahahahahah! Well put Yaro! I wonder of who’se videos he is sick, because you do actually offer some pretty decent value, if people go to the trouble to actually watch them videos!

  • As usual, great information and lots of food for thought. If I was to try a video, how long would be best? I don’t want to go on for hours but how short is too short?

  • Hi
    I have your first report which I got by opting in, but I dont see where to find the roadmap report.
    Anyway can you tell us where to download that one

  • Excellent tips, Yaro. Keep the good videos coming! πŸ™‚

  • Yaro,

    Thank you for solid content/life lessons. As usual, I enjoyed it. I like the honest insights into your publicity efforts and the straight-forward choices for building traffic. My free reports and podcasts have worked for me too – now I’m on my way to videos – Oh, boy!

    Shave / don’t shave – okay by me – just keep up the great content!

    Maiya Rose

  • Ely

    Thank you, good advice. Although podcasting may be not the best for people with strong accents and I guess there are quite a few Internet marketers in this category.

    I also, noticed you create transcripts of the video and put it right next to it. Great idea for people who cannot run video for some reason or just getting tired of that because everybody is doing it.

  • Great video, Yaro.

    Free report, Audio, Video absolutely are the most important tool for publicity in every niche.

  • Loved the video Yaro, I always find nuggets of gold in everything you deliver. πŸ™‚ The idea you gave on using a sequence of blog posts as a base to build a free report really helped me see the way forward for creating my next product.

    Watching you churn out so much valuable video, audio and text sure is motivating! Thanks.

  • So,

    What’s the difference between this product and blog Master Mind?


    • Yaro already explained the difference. Read the comments on the previous post.

  • Excellent video Yaro – thanks! If your product is an ebook should you write another ebook to give away to promote the original ebook?

    • Dude. That is such an amazing question. I could think about that all day.

  • Hi Yaro – I think your stuff is great and you’re an inspiration to bloggers everywhere. I’ve been working on my ‘free report’ for months – it’s 27’000 words at the moment and counting – so the comment about producing one free report a year was welcome!

  • Great video, I love the professionalism.

    Good idea to make your free reports by just combining your best posts.

  • Pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve ever seen someone do a video and look at the camera the whole time. Did you use a teleprompter? Or are you just naturally good at spewing content unprepared and having it come out perfect? Any content preparation tips for wanna-be video presenters like me?

  • Awesome video, thank you

  • Great content Yaro, i will try to my business blog.

  • Hey Yaro, thanks for this video and transcript.

    This format, of talking head video and bullet point display is powerful.

    Interesting that the free report was the most effective. People love free stuff πŸ™‚

    Personal feedback on the vid: loved the format, not bothered about how you look, didn’t like you jumping from side to side though. Maybe keep bullet point text on screen longer, to show the subject you are talking about, whilst you are still talking about it – just a thought.

    But great vid – very effective – thanks again,

  • Thanks Yaro for this nice video. It’s pure content and helpful for every blogger out there to generate a good flow of traffic to their websites.

    I like the online videos method because it’s a hot topic today. However, quality is more important than quantity. By creating some garbage videos and upload them into tons of video sharing sites we can’t expect to succeed. On the other hand, we may make one valuable video and get tons of visitors.

    High quality content sells. Whether it’s in a form of a story, news, article, audio, video or report, we should always think about our audience and ask ourselves these questions:

    Do I address a problem? Can I solve an issue? Am I able to provide a solution? Have I been successful in teaching something? Do I deliver correct information? Can I gain the trust from my audience? Do I believe in my recommendations? Do I really expect my audience to take my recommendations seriously?

    These are some of the questions we should be able to answer when we are going to provide content for our readership. Then, that content could generate targeted traffic forever.

    Thank you again for showing us some of the best methods for growing our blog traffic rapidly.

    To Your Success!


  • Hi Yaro,

    I’m currently in the process of creating my first eBook to be given away free upon subscription to build my own list. But I’ve not figured out what are the best strategies to market this eBook. Would you do a blog post on this topic? I believe many of your your readers would be interested too.




  • Yaro, you’re hilarious dood,

    “Ahem… Canadian accent!”

    Good on ya Yaro!

    Steve, Canuck

  • Great and useful information. At the end I wanted to continue on and see the SEO video. Looking forward to the opportunity to see that video when the class re-opens soon.

  • Really good, easy and useful information. I have just started a blog and really want it to be successful but it is hard to know where to start. I am trying and hopefully want to start making money on the internet and I want to cover my progress in my blog but sometimes it feels like a mindfield.

  • Yaro,

    Gotta quick question…

    How did you get your video to play on your blog? It certainly isn’t YouTube.

    Thanks for the awesome work!

  • I’ve downloaded the .pdf transcript, and am printing it out as we speak. Impact marketing works for me!

  • Well, Yaro, if you recommend adding videos then I think I’ll add them to my new site too. I trust you!

  • Good presentation. Very impressive. Good thing that you arranged for the download of the transcript as well.

  • […] you can also check a video from the actual coaching program that Yaro released on his blog, titled How to Rapidly Grow Your Blog Traffic. You won’t need to subscribe to an email list or anything, so check it […]

  • Hi Yaro
    Another ‘laid back’ video giving good, honest useful content.
    It seems to come very easy for you!
    Keep it coming
    Graham in UK

    P.S. I don’t care what shirt you have on – or whether you have shaved!
    It’s the quality of information you give that is important

  • don

    Your Message Thanks Yaro your efforts are appreciated. You’ve pointed me in a new direction. Given me some new ideas and pointed out where my studies need to come from. Good job.

  • Jon

    People really complaining about facial hair? Gimme a break, it’s natural…

    Great video. I continue to hear the tip on giving free reports away to build a list, so I’m definitely putting tons of effort into that.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I love the easy, fun way you have of presenting ideas. Can we make videos that we aren’t actually in but are about our niche?

  • Thanks Yaro. This has given me the motivation to finish my PDF report. I’ve outlined it, but I haven’t really hit it hard. I’m going to set a goal to finish it before the end of the weekend.

  • […] you can also check a video from the actual coaching program that Yaro released on his blog, titled How to Rapidly Grow Your Blog Traffic. You won’t need to subscribe to an email list or anything, so check it […]

  • Yaro we love these tips. If I wasn’t camera shy, I might get my ugly mug in front of one soon too. We know we need to do this in order to really spread the word on our services since they are so new, but I REALLY, REALLY hate cameras…

    Guess I’ll have to hire a stand-in huh! As usual, great information. Thanks again!

  • Thank You Yaro! I keep listening…watching…learning…and DOING!

  • Very motivating! Thank you. Really looking forward to becomeablogger!

  • Another great blog. Nice use of video and inspires me to get posting a bit more regularly, but working on a new blog design at the moment…

  • I’m not sure if I already sent this but i’m pretty sure that I haven’t. Thanks a lot for the information yaro.It’s my first time to visit your site and I’m happy that i did. I’m gonna experiment with video and podcasting. i’m not sure about the other 1. i’m not familiar with it. but thanks again!

  • Yaro, not sure if you already know, but you may want to check out how your site/blog loads in IE8. Earlier today there were some formatting issues.

  • Yaro, yet again fantastic information in this blog post. I don’t know how to say it but the Become a Blogger pemium course is a must have for all those who are thinking about starting a blog.

    By the way Yaro, I have a question : I have several PLR video’s, Can I use these on my blog? They are not my,but I can modify them, put my links on it and so on. Is that good or…;


  • Hi Yaro,

    Have you thought of conducting blogging course to corporate customers?

    I think some companies need lots of help in driving traffic to their blogs.

    • Your Message
      The idea about corporate blogs is strong. Businesses make so little use of it. So Yaro remember where you heard the idea first up…

      Since I joined your programme I have learnt so much more that I ever thought possible, thnx a lot, muchly appreciated


      Ps I have my first video on my site and also on Utube, using Camtasia on powerpoint, it is the cats whiskers

  • Very thorough information on why free reports are important for getting traffic. I must admit that i have not tried podcasting yet, but i’m in the process of creating a free report about blog creation for my website. I really believe that it will become a good marketing tool as time progresses, but we’ll see πŸ™‚

  • Hello again Yaro, great job as usual.

    I am always thinking about increasing my traffic but I keep finding other things to do. Things that aren’t even that important. I think I have been messing with my own mind.

    I like the idea of a free report. I could handle doing that for my gardening and fishing blogs.

    I am trying to get my nerve up to do a video or podcast. Not sure what happens to me as soon as a mic is in my face or a camera is in view. I get scared stiff and speechless. πŸ™‚ But I am working on that.

  • […] Free imapact marketing videos (no opt-in required) […]

  • Hi Yaro,

    You always seem to provide the right information just when I needed it, which is why I always revisit your blog – it is so resourceful. I even like the new face you gave your blog. Great job!

  • Thanks Yaro for giving good techniques to help fellow bloggers like me.
    Keep up the good work!!

  • I already had a 70% increase in traffic from 10,000 to 17,000 and I think that these tips might help my blog move up the 20,000 mark. This is great, in your case it seems that link baiting played a big part!

  • Another great post and useful guide!

    I’m always learning by reading your blogs especially about blogging and internet marketing. It’s a straight-to-the-point guide! Thanks a lot.

  • Killer content and please keep putting transcripts. I get so impatient with video and audio when I want to see if it’s worth listening to or watching. Thanks for doing that.

  • Great presentation! Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

  • Your Message
    hi yaro,
    as you said earlier,there are so many article or tutorials about blogging out there.there are soooo many tips until i can’t decide which one should i pick..i choose to follow your guide when i found out your free video with gideon..i follow each step and now i have a blog of my own..thanks for sharing!

  • Yaro,

    Great video. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us. I appreciate your insights.

    I would much rather learn from the gurus and not make the same mistakes as you did. I’m glad that you have shared such tremendously valuable content.

    I am putting it to the test myself and starting to build my own blog empire. It may take a while but I hope that I can someday be able to offer quality content to my customers as you do.

    Thanks again,

    Michael Claridge
    The Creator Creator

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Yaro, we don’t have to rush out and make our fortunes as if life depended upon it. Getting all of the right tips and information will no doubt head us in the right direction and we’re grateful that you have supplied this missing element to us. I was posted about video and audio being the two foremost upcoming events three years ago and I still haven’t fully utilized this media platform to it’s full potential but there has always been power in media and its applications.

    If you turn your television set on you see an advert, but what you also see is an audio/visual experience that the presenter uses to demonstrate it’s magic of marketing that draws the consumer to automatically reach for their wallets or purses and are sold in buying the advertised product. This same power of marketing applies to how best we can illustrate this sameness online and as you have stated, and so many others before you, the real power is in video.

    We embrace sites like You Tube that delivers exactly what we want to see but in our own design, we’ll be demonstrating to our readers and viewers what our message is and how we want to orchestrate our opinion upon them.

    There are many sites that now offer free podcasting and even free video tools to help people get started, there’s nothing better than fresh & new content, so armed with this vital information, the Internet is crying out for good stuff that will urge viewers to respond positively versus older content which becomes stagnant.

    Source Forge offers their own content and kits to help you start your podcasting events the way you want to design them, and I suggest your readers follow through what they’re offering; and do take notice, there is no affiliate ID at the end of the link given. Enjoy!

  • Thanks for the info. Good stuff. Love the video format.

  • Some great traffic building advice Yaro, Thank for sharing. I have not been able to make a big splash in any one of my blogs, but these are some great tips to get the traffic rolling.

  • Nice video. Here’s an idea… creating a short, promotional video like this and putting it up on YouTube, Vimeo, and AdWido. You can probably easily draw at least a number of people to your blog this way. In any case, thanks for sharing!

  • Great video.. Thanks for sharing

  • […] you can also check a video from the actual coaching program that Yaro released on his blog, titled How to Rapidly Grow Your Blog Traffic. You won’t need to subscribe to an email list or anything, so check it […]

  • […] them drive traffic of thousands to their sites daily.Β  To see what I mean, make sure to see the Free Impact Marketing VideoΒ  that they released.Β  To see just how much of a multimedia guru Gideon is, see his β€˜7 Killer […]

  • Great video an interesting discussion and insight. Thanks

  • Thanks Yaro!

    That will keep me busy for quite awhile. It’s nice to know that I’m already doing the right things, in basically the right order. The information regarding how you write your free reports answered some questions and made the task seem much less daunting.

    Hope your class goes great and everyone has fun!

    Mama Fortuna

  • Thanks for having a downloadable text transcript of your video. I’m profoundly Deaf and often can’t understand speakers in videos. You rock Yaro!

  • Yaro, thanks for the helpful tip, your videos and audios are very good giving inspiration to me and I m sure will give inspiration to other also. It helps me a lot.

  • It’s actually nice to see a non-shaven Yaro once in a while… It shows he’s on top of his game by still being human and not trying to impress everyone all the time.

    On another note, I feel you addressed three very important ideas here that could take you far if you have the right message to deliver. Anyone can write a blog post or do a podcast as well as a video but having the right message to deliver and getting creative with each one is what will make you stand out and what will in return deliver results.

    Also as far as picking up on a great story once in a while with publicity it’s a nice thought if you can pull it off just be careful as to how you go about doing it. Taking a chance is smart if it’s an educated guess.

    Great video, Yaro! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Yaro!

    I’m Mexican and just want to say that your blog is incredible, I have learned many things and especially the need to be patient and persistent.


  • Yaro: From a fellow Canadian (transplanted in USA), you are brilliant! I have listened / watched many of your videos and training materials and I strongly recommend them to anyone interested in making a living (meager or substantial) online.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Those are very good “next steps” – its true, once the basics are covered, you can continue to do them (and indeed I don’t think you should stop) but for a greater impact, the next step is always key. I like that you space out these activities … you’ve given me some good ideas. Thank you.


  • Hi Yaro!
    Great blog and great source of inspiration and advice! i have just started a blog on entrepreneurship and can’t wait to start applying your strategies!!

  • Thanks for all the good tips! I’m a starting blogger myself, as a part of my business in laptop sleeves, and try to post about other interesting products as well. πŸ™‚ This kind of articles help with that!

  • Good information in there. i think it’s definitely going to help me out. I have a blog and would like to monetise it. So this could not have come at a better time. If you got the techniques, then knowing to utilise them is what counts. The rest will come.

  • All the best with your latest launch, Yaro. Your offerings are some of the few ones that I heartily recommend to people. Unlike some other recent launches you ctually do have some solid value to offer, and you don’t just regurgitate inane crapola that anybody can learn from frequentiing the right blogs. Keep up the good work, mate!

  • Very impressive and informative article. Keep writing such great stuff.

  • Ami

    Hi Yaro, great video, I like the way it is presented.

    I was wondering, you talk a lot about how podcasting brought a lot of traffic to your blog, but I was thinking – what can I podcast about? Most of my content requires screenshots, or following steps (how-tos). I’m having a hard time understanding this medium and matching relevant content to it.

    Your advice is appreciated.

    Thanks – Ami

  • Thanks for the trial, I will check it out.

  • I never really gave much thought about the offline media coverage thing since not many are talking about it. I’m glad that you gave some pointers regarding it.

    Coincidentally, an ex-colleague challenged me to be on the business section of a local newspaper by the end of this year. I hope to be ready by then.

  • I have started a blog and have a few followers, but I want to increase the amount of traffic that comes to my site and I want to know how to do so.

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  • It’s like tutorial, very informative.

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