Researching Your Market To Identify Needs, The “Why Train” Technique And The 90/10 Rule For Content Vs Sales

Which Name Do You Like The Best?

In this week’s episode of the Walter and Yaro podcast show, we begin by asking you to choose which name we should select for our show from the following finalists –

That fourth option is in there because after one month of using the simple Walter And Yaro Show title we have grown quite fond of it, however we are opening this up to your feedback and will rely on the wisdom of the crowd.

Your job is to leave a comment reply to this blog post and tell us which name you like best so we can choose a winner.

The Why Train Technique

During the rest of this episode Walter and I talked a lot about researching your market to figure how exactly what your target customer wants.

We cover the “why train” technique popularised by Toyota as a way to get to the root cause behind a problem by asking “why” six times (you can read more about the Why Train Technique here).

We also talked about the 90/10 rule for content and sales, and we looked at what the week ahead holds for our own businesses.

Enjoy the show and let us know what name you like best.

Yaro and Walter

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  • Although I like Entrepreneur Insights, you have branded yourselves and it would make the most sense to use The Walter And Yaro Podcast Show. Everyone will instantly recognize you!

    • Plus one with Jared, I agree. It’s easy to remember actually to use “The Walter And Yaro Podcast Show”.

  • Entrepreneur Insights – because you’re giving really valuable insights.

  • Originally I thought “Entrepreneurs Digest” would be a great name for the show but after listening to you both over the last couple of weeks The Walter And Yaro Podcast Show seems so much more appropriate. Love what you guys are doing and always look forward to your weekly episodes to pop up on Twitcher.

    • Thanks for the feedback Chris. It’s nice to hear you are enjoying the show.

      Based on the comments so far I think the Walter and Yaro Show is winning.

  • Hi Walter & Yaro

    My SEO head says go with “Entrepreneur Insights” but my branding head says to go with “The Walter & Yaro Podcast Show”, or possibly even just “The Walter & Yaro Show” – taking out “podcast” might make it sound better as a jingle?

    As an aside Yaro, have you ever considered branding yourself as “the storytelling marketer”? Personally I think that summaries your core skillset without pigeonholing yourself as a blogging marketer – you certainly have a gift to be able to weave interesting stories with calls-to-action in your newsletter!

    All the best,

    • Thanks for the vote David, and yeah I agree, perhaps without the word “podcast” is better as it is shorter too.

      I have to say I’ve never thought of branding myself as the storyteller marketer – I’ve just always thought stories are the best marketing, and enjoy writing them. I’m not sure I would want to brand everything I do on that though.

      What do you brand yourself as David? SEO for the UK?

  • I think Entrepreneur Insights would be great for brand. Because you’re giving valuable insights.

    Entrepreneur Digest is not bad though, but still I liked Entrepreneur Insights!



  • I think the show has gone for too long as the “The Walter & Yaro Podcast Show” and a name change now would create some confusion just like like Microsoft’s renaming of its Metro UI as Modern UI.
    It would also be interesting to hear Walter talk about about his experience in contracting work as this would be a great lifeline when you throw your job in.
    Its a great podcast, I think you guys have to make it one hour long.

  • One last thought for inclusion in your podcast. Why did you choose Melbourne over Sydney to relocate. I have always lived in Sydney and have felt there is far more creative life in Melbourne. I would be very interested in your thoughts.

  • I Entrepreneurs Insights but I feel like it’s too simple, people are going to recognize The Walter And Yaro Podcast Show more easily.

  • I like The Walter and Yaro Podcast show the best (or maybe The Yaro and Walter Podcast show) 🙂

  • Michael Lynch

    Its’s gotta be the Walter & Yaro Show – Apart from the branding issue – it stands out from the crowd and personalizes it – sounds friendly. If your name was Peter or Robert I’d go with something else but Yaro works. Entrepreneurs Cafe I also like and could leave room for expansion into other areas without changing the branding. But for a Podacst Show .. The Walter & Yaro Show.

  • Hey Yaro.

    You’re one of the few online marketing gurus I’m still following since I began blogging (still a hobby) four years ago, and yet I think it’s only now that I’m leaving a comment.


    Anyway, this feels a bit like the acolyte advising the guru, but I’d first consider how traffic is now coming to the site for the podcast and how you want it to in the future. If the draw is Entrepreneurs Journey, then I’d name the podcast Entrepreneur Insights; however, there may be other names to consider:

    Entrepreneur’s Path (extends from the site’s name, “… Journey”
    Entrepreneur’s Roadmap (same as above)
    Entrepreneur Alert
    The Savvy Entrepreneur

    Of course, the list could be never-ending, but think about using a name that either fits with the site’s name (the “journey”) or may be more poignant than typical words like “Insights” or “digest”.

    Final thought… when I consider naming things my own name seems to ring a bell, but that may be more due to its familiarity or some desire to be directly identified with some amazing thing that I’m dreaming about. The challenge in this case is to get clear on what will work best given the objectives.

    Good luck.


    P.S. Thanks for all the learning.

    • Just thought of another one… a name you’ve already used and that is associated with you… Mastermind.

      So, consider: Entrepreneur Mastermind.


  • The Walter & Yard show popped out at me. I like that one guys. 🙂

  • I’d say go with ‘The Walter And Yaro Podcast Show’.

    It’s not as descriptive, but the other three all sound a bit bland (to me).

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