7 Eating Habits That Sabotage Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

This is a guest post from Krizia from Eat Smart Age Smart, who is also a graduate of Blog Mastermind and Membership Site Mastermind (reopening soon!). Krizia’s expertise is food and health and she’s written some advice for us entrepreneurs. Enjoy this tasty article…

I still remember being quite surprised when I read Yaro’s August 8, 2008 post because it didn’t deal with business or the basics of blogging or even increasing traffic to your blog … it dealt with food and nutrition. At first, I thought it might have been an error but after reading Yaro’s post I realized that he is as careful as I am about what goes into his body.

Here’s the post in question if you missed it –

If You Don’t Take Care Of Your Body You Are Harming Your Business Too

It’s true that I have an unfair advantage as a formal personal chef (nope, I didn’t train at a prestigious school, I’m a self-taught personal chef who happened to have helped many other people make better food choices with the recipes I’ve prepared for them) and I have an immense passion for good food (I’m always careful to choose foods that will benefit my body and I’ve read an insane number of books on nutrition and sports nutrition).

I still remember something Yaro said during the introduction of the sales video to launch his Membership Site Mastermind program. He said that people constantly tell him that he has this ability/gift to explain complicated things in a simple way. It might have taken me a long time in my life, but I think my gift is that I’m able to get people really excited about good food and I’m able to change people’s way of seeing healthy food options.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t have my list of cheat foods (because I do), but as a rule of thumb I make sure that I always eat high quality foods and keep the cheat foods to about 10% of the foods I eat.

I’ve found that this discipline has served me well as an entrepreneur. You see I own a media company and I also blog daily for two sites (one on nutrition and one on beauty) and as you might know, when your run your own business there is no such thing as a 9-5 at the beginning and you often put in much longer hours than you would in the corporate world.

I learned very quickly that food is my fuel and it could help me be more or less productive … it was all up to the food choices I made.

Many entrepreneurs make some pretty damaging decisions when it comes to their diet and many don’t understand the implications of their actions, so I thought it might be good to highlight some of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make when it comes to their diet. I’ll also show you how what you eat and how you eat can really affect your productivity.

7 eating habits that sabotage your productivity as an entrepreneur

1) Skipping breakfast:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because when you break down the word, then you understand that you are “breaking” an eight hour “fast”. When you sleep, you don’t eat, and therefore if you skip breakfast and wait until you start feeling hunger pains in mid-morning you are depriving your body of the nutrients and energy to keep you going.

Let’s say you have dinner at 7 p.m. and go to bed at 11 p.m. and you wake up at 7 a.m., then you start your day as usual without eating and let’s say that around 9:30 am you start really feeling weak and decide to hunt down some food. That means that you’ve not refueled your body for 14 ½ hours! That also means that you are running on empty and there is no doubt that you are dragging yourself until you find something to eat. When your body is not properly fueled, your brain will not be able to work at maximum capacity and you may experience fatigue, dizziness and even aggressiveness (some people get quite irritated and have short fuses when they are hungry or when their blood sugar is low).

>>> Here’s another reason for you to eat breakfast: most people who skip breakfast and wait until they feel hunger pains will reach out for whatever is convenient rather than eating a more balanced breakfast. You need to have a breakfast that includes protein to help sustain your body and prevent you from loading up on bad carbs like bagels and doughnuts. New research from the Virginia Commonwealth University found that people who ate high-protein breakfasts were better able to maintain a healthier weight.

In terms of selecting good source of protein, remember that three eggs are not the only way of integrating protein in breakfast:

* Nuts: If you have an allergy, then you’ll want to skip this idea, but if you don’t explore the many nut varieties that are available including walnuts, almonds, cashews, Brazilian nuts, Macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecan. Peanuts are a great source of protein, but they are technically legumes and not nuts!

* Cereals that are high in protein: These types of cereals have become quite popular lately and you’ll find them at your local natural health food store or at the “health” section of your favorite grocery store. Cereals that are high in protein are a much better bet than those sugary cereals because you’ll feel fuller longer and you won’t be tempted to grab some empty calorie snack by mid-morning.

* Nut butters: Once again, if you have allergies … skip this all together. There are many different types of nut butters like peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter. Make sure you read the label and opt for nut butters that only contain the nut itself and no added sugar, salt or hydrogenated fats. You’ll find many big brands launching new 100% roasted peanut butters that contain only one ingredient!

* A good quality protein supplement: If you are vegetarian, this works well for you. I’m not a vegetarian myself, but I like preparing my smoothies with protein supplement products instead of adding a handful of grounded nuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter. You’ll even find protein supplement products created for vegans.

* Eggs: Eggs are still a great choices, but the three-egg omelette is overkill. You should opt for either a two-egg omelette or even a hardboiled egg.

* Brown rice: Before you think I’ve lost my marbles, I have to say that since switching to preparing rice pudding with brown rice instead of white rice … there is no going back. Now a morning rice pudding is quite different from a dessert, because I don’t add eggs or heavy creams in my recipe. I simply cook my rice in water and add raw organic sugar. Once it’s cooked, I’ll put a spoonful in a bowl and will top it off with maple syrup, milk or rice milk, nuts and dried fruits!

2) Consuming too much sugar:

Photo by Shiny Things

WebMD came out with a startling statistic: Americans bought 10 BILLION cases of soft drink sodas in 2008!!! It would be much easier to call a spade a spade because if you’re drinking a lot of soft drinks, then you are consuming an insane amount of sugar.

The sad thing with the North American diet (and this includes a lot of Canadians) is that sugar is hidden in so many foods most people don’t even realize they are eating it. You’ll find uselessly added sugar in chips, peanut butter, orange juice, most other fruit juices, mustard, relish, pasta sauces, most BBQ sauces and the list goes on. I had a friend who consumed ¼ cup of ketchup each day because she couldn’t bring herself to eating vegetables or eggs without blanketing them with ketchup (the second ingredient in ketchup is sugar and some brands add corn syrup). I was horrified when I found that out. She decided to cut back on her ketchup consumption and just that decision helped her shed 10 lbs.

A lot of entrepreneurs will rely on coffee with sugar, all of those energy drinks to help boost their energy throughout the day and drinking a lot of sugary soft drinks. Don’t get me started on those expensive sugary coffees that should really be called “desserts” and the number of times I see people drinking sports drinks (which are full of sugar) when they are sitting at a desk working makes me want to scream.

As an entrepreneur, you want to watch your sugar intake because you want to avoid the peaks and valleys that come with consuming a lot of sugar and you also want to watch the empty calories you consume. Sugar will NEVER (EVER) help you be more productive. You may get a temporary jolt, but the only thing you are really getting is extra calories that will translate into fat.

3) Consuming too many frozen foods:

Photo by IntangibleArts

If you work from your home-office and aren’t adept at cooking, you might think that your only alternative is to eat frozen foods. Alas, frozen foods are quite expensive and they are loaded with ingredients you don’t want to consume on a daily basis. I’m not saying that a frozen dinner here or there will kill you, but eating them for lunch and dinner every single day is truly sabotaging your productivity and your health. If cooking is not your thing try to opt for these healthier choices:

* Sandwiches: Be creative here and add some of your favorite ingredients in your sandwich. You don’t need to know how to cook to make a sandwich.

* Wraps: Just like a sandwich, a wrap is the extension of your creativity and require no cooking time!

* A protein smoothie: You’re better off pulling out your blender and preparing a smoothie that contains protein and fruits instead of putting a frozen dinner in the microwave.

* Roast chicken: You don’t have to even pull out a roasting pan because most grocery stores sell roasted chicken and you can use the chicken in so many ways. A roast chicken is ideal for sandwiches, with pasta, with rice, with potatoes or with vegetables. Once you have it cut up in your fridge, you can easily pull it out.

* Tuna: You don’t want to eat canned tuna daily because there are concerns about mercury-overload if you do, but eating tuna a few times a month is not a problem. Tuna is very versatile because you can use it for sandwiches, pasta, rice or I like to add them to tomato sauce and served it inside a puff pastry. If you are going to eat tuna, I’d recommend that you stay away from the ones that are conserved in oil and would opt for those that come in water. You can save up to a whopping 150 calories just by making that switch!

* Pasta: You don’t need to be Jamie Oliver (famous British chef) to prepare pasta. You really only need to know how to boil! Once you have your boiled pasta, you can add so many different ingredients to it or you can create a nice pasta salad. There is some cooking involved, but nothing too complicated.

* Eggs: You’ll either have to boil them or cook them in a pan, but eggs require little culinary know how and they are a great source of protein.

4) Consuming too much junk/fast food:

Photo by ebruli

I know a cartoonist/illustrator who worked from his home office who went out each day at lunch and each evening at dinner time to buy food. Every single time I saw him on the bus, he’d be carrying a bag from a fast food restaurant in the neighborhood.

Not knowing (or liking) how to cook is no excuse for relying on junk foods and fast foods. There are many prepared options that are quite healthy and that don’t involve food that is deep fried and drowning in sugary gravy. It might be an easy fix if you are a busy entrepreneur to grab a quick takeaway meal from a fast food joint, but think of the long term effects on your body. I think that as entrepreneurs, we have to start thinking of our bodies as the engine of an insanely expensive European car and start thinking of the “quality” of fuel we but inside that engine. Would you put cheap quality gas in your Aston Martin? I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t put poor quality foods in my body!

5) Multi-tasking while eating:

Photo by joguldi

Being a multi-tasker comes with being an entrepreneur. It’s been reported that most of us entrepreneurs suffer from some form of mild ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome) and that’s why most of us jump from one activity to another or work on many projects at the same time.

Very few entrepreneurs are happy sitting down doing the same old job day-in and day-out. This might be a great quality to have when running a business, but it has to stop when it’s time for your eating habits. Entrepreneurs who eat while working at their desk or drive while eating a sandwich or are running about town with a hot dog in their hands are missing the boat. Eating on the run causes so much havoc to your digestive system and because you aren’t being mindful while you eat, it’s so much easier for you to overeat when you are eating on the run. It makes so much sense to sit down even for 15 minutes to eat your meal and it won’t add all that much pressure on your day. It you make sitting down to eat a priority, you’ll find the time to do it every day.

6) Skipping meals:

Photo by moriza

I’m guilty as sin when it comes to forgetting to eat. Sometimes I’m so focused on a project that I keep saying to myself “I’ll eat in 15 minutes”. That usually turns into an hour or two later and by then my stomach is growling and I feel very weak. It would have been so much better for my brain and my body to stop and eat when I started feeling hungry, but as an entrepreneur, I’m trying to cram as much as I can into my day. I’ve actually solved this problem by scheduling my meals into my outlook and I no longer forget to eat.

7) Eating too much:

Photo by Cindy Funk

If you only have to travel from your bedroom to your fridge to your desk, you’re not dispensing all that much energy. When you work from your home office, you have the luxury of being really close to the kitchen. This is a good thing because you are able to save a bundle on buying food at restaurants and other eateries, but it also means that you potentially have access to a lot more food than you’d eat if you were working away from your home.

Since it’s easy to get into the habit of eating at your desk while you work, overeating becomes a real concern for many entrepreneurs who work from their home office. You’ll want to avoid eating at your desk and you’ll want to make sure that you eat sitting at your dinner table. When it comes to portion size, remember that you’re not as active as someone who has to travel, so you’ll want to watch your portions closely.

Since you have the luxury of being so close to your fridge, you’ll want to make better food choices and avoid empty calories as much as you can. Finally, I think that any entrepreneur who works from home should make working out mandatory. It’s not only imperative for your health and keeping your weight in check but taking 60 to 90 minutes per day for a fitness activity you love doing will get your mind off of work and when you get back to your desk, you’ll be that much more productive!

Need More Food Help?

If you’re in a food rut or if you’ve not been making the best food choices, you might want to download my free book: 21 Easy Tips to Making Smarter Food Choices.

In fact, I’m offering Yaro’s readers three of my books. Just head to this page Get Smart about Food and sign up to receive a few books that will help get you back on track to Eating Smart!


You can read my daily banter on Eat Smart Age Smart, or you can follow me on Twitter!




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  • Wow, that’s a big sandwich, good stuff to think about need to work on some of these. So I guess 2 pots of coffee a day is ok as long as there is no sugar added.

  • Great post and great photos.

    I’ve recently moved from Corporate world to full-time blogger/internet marketer and I was concerned!


    Because I don’t have much will-power when it comes to eating the ‘right’ food.

    And working from home, I thought I would be eating biscuits and cakes (my downfall), all day long.

    In the corporate world, I used to take my lunch with – so whatever I took I ate and I never took the ‘sweet’ things.

    Now at home, I have to really think before I eat and yes I am guilty of points 5 and 7.

    But the big difference is now I am in charge, I exercise a lot more. I now do at lest 30 minutes every day. When in the corporate world – hardly ever.

    So, thanks for the post – a timely reminder for me. I now need to stop doing points 5 and 7!


    P.S. I allow myself some cake at weekends!

  • Awesome guest post. I know I suffer from multi-tasking while eating. I definitely think it may affect digestion. Thanks for the reminder Yaro!

  • Wow, I love the last photo! I know very well it is unhealthy, but can you resist? 🙂

  • nice post. i practice some of those mentioned so i’ll try to change them. thanks!

  • This is some great information. I’m always trying to find new ways to live more healthy and food have become an important part in this. Do you have any simple recipes you can easily throw together instead of having to spend hours cooking?

  • Great post you have got here! I just thought that I should change my eating habits, guilty of skipping meals. lol I know, it is not healthy, I just sometimes forget to do it because of my schedule. Thanks for the tips and ideas Yaro. 🙂

  • Skipping meals because I’m so distracted with projects is a problem for me. I’m going to commit to the 15 minute time slot for a proper meal and recharge. 🙂 Thanks for the great tips!

  • Fantabulus post dear i believe one shoud not forget that “health is wealth”, and without good and sound health there is no doubt that the productivity will definitly suffer.

  • This is the most important article I’ve ever found. Since health is #1 above all. Wealth without health is nonsense. In fact sickness is what we eat. Thank you very much for the precious advice.

  • I really like this post, if only because it shows creativity within a topic niche. Healthy eating habits may not be taught in business school, but they’re still very important to productive entrepreneurs!

    I also like this post from a blogging standpoint; it’s instructive about finding new things to write about on even an established blog like Entrpreneur’s Journey. Gives me something to think about.

  • Excellent post!

    I am SO guilty of skipping meals when I work. And I do notice a sharp decline in energy when I do so.

    There are many articles on time management but yours is the first that talks about the importance of scheduling good eating habits!


  • That gigantic sandwich looks so tasty…I want one! Heheheh.

    There’s a local butcher shop that you can get sandwiches that are kind of like that, except that most of the bulk is from vegetables and not meats. They usually weigh about 1 – 1.25 pounds and I normally reserve those for the day after a hard workout. Not that I eat there very often anymore, unfortunately…

  • Thank you to everyone for your comments! I’m really humbled by all your feedback.

    I agree with everyone, we all make these mistakes and health is THE most important treasure we possess.

    As entrepreneurs, we often tend to put health and eating habits aside because we’re sooooooo busy and sooooooo focused on our goals. I believe the ultimate goal SHOULD be health.

    If you’ve been watching the morning show on CNN then you know that all week and most of last week, they’ve been talking about the obesity issues in the U.S. and the high cost on health care.

    My mission is to really help people understand that eating well and making better food choices does NOT mean eating rabbit food.
    If you respect your body … it will respect you right back!


  • Hi Yaro and thank you!
    With this post you expand stand point about importance of diet in prevention of modern diseases! Proper diet and physical activity is the most important factors necessary for well being and good health!

  • […] Yaro over at Entrepreneur’s Journey has a guest post article called “7 Eating Habits that Sabotage Your Productivity as an Entrepreneur.” […]

  • Great insight on how to be productive throughout the day. I have a bad habit of using energy drinks.

  • One of the reasons why guest posts are so great that you learn something new 🙂 I didn’t guess I’d be getting nutrition info from EJ, but here I am reading a post that slaps me in the face for skipping breakfast, multi-tasking while eating and skipping meals..

    No wonder I sometimes feel my brain is out of fuel 🙂 Thanks for the post Krizia, it’ll help me to get those things in order!

  • Woo… didn’t know food actually can help our body productivity, I always thought sleeping well at night will get good productivity. This is one kind of post, that really make me learn something I had never learn before… thanks for sharing….

  • Nice post Yaro.

    A lot of obvious stuff on there. With the US thinking about taxing soda and candy etc. Very relevant.

    Definitely think that eating is important. Try to eat 5-6 small healthy meals a day.

  • That was a great post. The corporate world and business lifestyle can have adverse health detriments when not properly looked at. I always put my health as one of my highest priorities in life next to everything as if I’m not in good health, how can I do what I want to absent a working body?

  • Yeah I’m a chronic meal-skipper. Something to work on.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to comment on all the comments that were left on my feature:

    1) Jared – You’re funny. Nope, 2 pots of coffee without sugar is not the best for productivity because you’ll have to deal with caffeine high and caffeine crash!

    2) Andrew – good on you for also enjoy cake! I know I like dessert … but NOT every day. It’s so important when you work at home to make exercise a priority. It’s excellent that you take 30 minutes a day to take care of yourself!

    3) Three Money Methods: I hope you’ll take a bit more time to focus on food and not multi-task while eating.

    4) Petr S. – We’ll it’s easy to resist in my case because I know I’d never be able to digest all that meat in one sitting.

    5) Ricojake – I’m happy my post on healthy eating for entrepreneurs helped you.

    6) Stefan – I try to flag easy recipes all the time on the EatSmartAgeSmart.com web site. That said, if you cook once during the week and keep leftovers in your fridge … you don’t have to cook every day. That’s what I do and I cannot tell you how much time I’m able to save.

    7) PLR Videos – I would suggest scheduling meals just like you schedule meetings!

    8) Michelle Adams – Good on you for taking time to eat. I have my meal time set and I will refuse to answer the phone when it’s time for me to eat.

    9) free english songs downloads – I love the way you think because health is wealth!

    10) jual rumah Surabaya – Well said: “Wealth without health is nonsense”

    11) Jeffrey Tang – I agree, healthy eating habits are so important because they keep your body going and THAT is = to productivity.

    12) David – Newbie Website Design – I’m so pleased my words influenced you and I do hope you will schedule time to eat (healthy meals of course)!

    13) Blaine Moore – I like meat, but would not be able to eat that much meat in one sitting. That said, I can (and do) eat loads of vegetables!

    15) Branko Zecevic – If you respect your body, you will be able to go further in your business!

    16) Josh H – Yikes – be careful with those energy drinks because you can get really back caffeine crashes! Also take a look at the ingredients on the can … they are NOT always the best for you.

    17) Zemalf – why not do a little test and see if using my tips for 30 days help you become more productive? I’d love to hear about your results!

    18) The Bad Blogger – sleep well is VERY important, but if you put poor quality food in your body, as you age you’ll notice your productivity will drop. You seem to still be quite young so if you make changes now … then you’ll be on the road to healthy eating for life!

    19) Got Rich Online – I know this might not be a popular thing to say, but I think that the U.S. should tax soda in order to control the amount of soda Americans drink American drinks billions of litres of soda drinks each year!

    20) Michel – If you don’t have good health … it will be hard for you reach your potential. Also, since we work so hard as entrepreneur, it makes sense to make sure your body that withstand all the demands of being your own boss.

    21) Needmoney.com – I hope you will work on not skipping meals so often. If you do, I’d love to know what steps you took to change that habit!
    Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken the leave a comment. I’m quite humbled!

  • I had to comment after the breakfast part.. I’m terrible at this.. I tend to skip breakfast completely, only really eating again at around 12:00 – lunchtime!!

  • How about a recipe for that brown rice pudding? It sounds very interesting 🙂


  • Thanks for the reminder. I suggest that instead of drinking coffee, drink tea instead especially green tea because of its antioxidant properties.

  • Wow! What a change of topic!! Great post full of good information and advise. Thank you.

  • To be frank, I really wasn’t expecting a post about eating habits on entrepreneurs-journey.com. But it was a good read though…

  • After changing my eating habits by eating every 2 hours, increasing my intake of veggies, switching to organic food and upping my water intake, I have noticed I am far more productive, have far more energy, am sleeping better and feel the best I have ever felt. Can only help my business me thinks.

    Thanks Krizia. Great post.

  • Thanks for the great article. I have to comment, you said that you like to get people excited about eating healthy. Man if you can do that for me, I’d send you a gold medal.

    For me too, I skip breakfast most times, drinks coffee due to the stress in my life the last 2 years. (My daughter kicked cancer’s ASS!)

    Sorry for what may seem harsh, I don’t normally swear but I get down right ticked off at what she’s been through. I’m so thankful she’s OK now, the last 2 years have just been the most stress in my entire life.

    I’m wondering how to actually WANT to get healthy when I feel so drained. Just some rambling from me today while I drink my coffee. lol.

    Honestly, I’m not even motivated to click your link never mind pick up some weights and do cardio, and eat healthy. Bad attitude I know!

  • Your Message Yes! Thanks for bringing this topic into discussion. When you feel great, you perform great! The key is to add in more nutrient dense foods that create optimum health and vitality. Your cells will be nourished and you won’t want as much of the bad stuff. Make your breakfast smoothie a Superfood smoothie and you’re off to a great start. Energize your body with Superfoods like cordyceps mushroom powder, blue-green algae, spirulina, marine phytoplankton, and colloidal gold. (available at http://www.superfoodshine.com) Really..try it…you may wonder why you ever drank coffee. Coffee is acidic and creates the conditions in your body for cancer to take hold. Alkalizing superfoods create health, energy and mental clarity that highly benefit the entrepreneurial mind and lifestyle. A good read: “Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future” by entrepreneur David Wolfe. http://www.davidwolfe.com. Raw foods with the enzymes -lifeforce- intact, rather than destroyed by heat, provide more vitality. There is much support online to learn to add more living foods to your diet. Superfoods have been crucial to improving my health and productivity.

  • Thanks for your excellent article to remind us the importance of healthy eating.
    I think I should change my eating habit because I used to be on the front of PC or TV while having lunch.

  • This is such a timely reminder!

    I confess that I myself can get too imbalanced at times trying to do all these IM stuff: blogging, creating websites, writing articles that my lunch goes cold! I guess we have to have a proper balance between work and our meals.

    Besides eating habits, I realised that just by sleeping 2 hours extra early each day, I get to wake up 2 hours earlier the following day, and thus my day feel more valuable and fulfilling! You guys should try this too..

  • I am definitely a big believer that the foods we take into our body can have a huge effect on us both mentally, emotionally, and just about everything. That is why I personally have tried to always keep myself in shape, and to maintain a healthy diet, I’ve found that I am more productive as a result of it. I definitely remember the days when I would say Ok I am going to eat… and then I am going to get back to work. And it just turned out to be after I ate that I felt terrible, with low energy. That was because if the poor food choice that I made.

    Till then,


  • Definite suprise topic here but good info none the less… its really easy to overlook things like this and not take care of yourself… Have to remember your body is just like any machine, you get out of it what you put into it..

  • You’ve really opened my eyes Krizia. I’m guilty of too many things. I totally believe that they are hampering my productivity. When I eat poorly I feel sluggish and often end up snacking a lot. I will make a point of trying to follow your advice in the future.

  • Excellent post! Food makes the man, and our westernised diets are doing us no favours. The first recorded case of coronary heart disease was only recorded a hundred years ago, and look where we are at now!

    The late hours and empty pizza boxes is something most all of us have experienced at one stage or the other, and we are truly doing ourselves no favours.

    Have you guys seen “Supersize Me”?

    Downright Frightening!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m so thrilled to see that there are other comments and questions, so I will attempt to answer all the questions from comment #23!

    1) SA Music Man – you should really make an effort to eat. Maybe start with 1 banana for the first week or two just to get used to the act of eating breakfast. You’ll notice that your productivity will go up and then slowly start eating fuller (and healthy) breakfasts in the morning. This most likely mean that you will make better food choices at lunch.

    2) Klaus – The rice pudding recipe is not a complicated one. I don’t have measurements because I rarely measure and do things “by eye”. If you know how to cook brown rice, then this is easy, but I here it is:

    Quick breakfast rice pudding recipe:
    * Cook brown rice as per instructions, but add about 50% more water
    * Add raw sugar (not salt). I add about one tablespoon to about 1 ¼ cup of brow rice.
    * It will take about 45 minutes for the rice to cook and make sure you watch over it regularly or else it will burn.
    * Add cinnamon and nutmeg (to taste)
    * serve in a bowl, add milk, nuts, berries and top off with a bit of maple syrup!

    3) David – Green tea is amazing and I LOVE it cold in the summer as an iced green tea!

    4) Nicole – Thanks so much for the support and king words.
    Make Money Abdul – Thanks … good nutrition is the best way to prepare your brain and body to support you in your efforts as an entrepreneur.

    5) Sami – What a great testimonial on the WHY of eating healthy! Yup, good food is directly associated to your productivity level. Good on you!

    6) Vera – I hope you downloaded my free report and I also hope you signed up on my list. I will have a course out later this year to help more people, but in the mean time, my blog is packed with a lot of free information and personal experience.

    If you were able to experience one or two weeks of full energy (because of better food choices), you’d gladly give up your current eating habits and join me on the side of healthy eating!

    The key is to start slowly and not make this difficult or else your body will reject it!
    I hope you do come over to my site and check it out!

    7) Leora – I just got the Superfoods book by David Wolfe and I cannot wait to read it. Thanks for your feedback … I see we think alike!

    #8) Chanel Bags – I encourage you NOT to eat in front of your computer or TV. Now, I do have my TV on when I eat, but I always eat at my dinner table and never on the sofa and that makes a huge difference. Take time to eat properly and your body will love you in return.

    9) John – Good point on the sleep. That will be my next challenge, as I must confess, I tend to go to bed quite late. That said, I intend on hiring a few new virtual assistants soon so I should have less work to deal with.

    10) Used Tiers – I do hope this post will encourage you to make better food choices because you’ll have WAY more energy for your work!

    11) Jesse – Indeed, well, it’s Yaro’s post from last year that got me thinking that most of us entrepreneurs maybe developing poor eating habits that actually work against us. Nutrition is quite the important topic and in my world … it triumphs pretty much everything other than fitness and controlling stress!

    12) Dress – Food is the key to so many things Dress. I’m so humbled by your words and that my little-old-post would actually open your eyes. I hope you’ll just take small steps to make some changes in your life and you’ll see your productivity will jump!

    13) Goran – Supersize me is scary and so is Food Inc! The empty boxes of take away food loaded with fat, salt and sugar is an excellent reminder how so many people are disrespecting their health and their body.

    Thanks again to everyone for your comments!


    • Thanks Krizia for the reply that was really cool of you =D

      Till then,


  • It is true that before we worry too much about how to gain wealth through blogging, we must first remember another wealth we have — our health. This article is very applicable to us, bloggers, and I can personally relate to this and admit that I can be guilty of multi-tasking, skipping breakfast, and skipping meals. The crazy thing is, instead of the multi-tasking fault resulting to overeating, in my case, it results to eating less.

  • That sandwhich is ridiculous !!!

    Great post though, I must admit I am guilty of having some of these bad habbits, particularly skipping breakfast and abusing the frozen foods :s This was very insightful, I know what I have to do to kill my bad habbits. Thanks !


  • all i can say is that, skipping meals for work is a big NO NO..
    your focus, health, and productivity is at risk that might lead you into disaster..
    and most specially to your wok, the main reason why you skipped lots of meals just to finish the task given to you..

    doing your work properly is very good, but we have to balance everything..
    we should also take care of ourselves..

  • it is really nice slecation….

  • Lee

    Nice post…great info!! I agree that skipping meals is a really, really bad idea. Not only does your body need food for fuel, but, so does your brain!!! Tanking bloodsugar is a quick way to hitting the floor if you stand-up too quickly!!
    Thanks again for the informative post.

  • Excellent article! You really opened my eye, so in short skipping meals should be a big “NO”

    This article actually remained about the importance of eating.

  • Dan

    Lol, I think I’m guilty of everything you listed there, now that I have 2 chins though I’ve hit that point where I go, I’m not letting it get worse than this, time get of your arse Dan.

  • Krizia again!

    I had such a busy week, it was hard for me to answer the new comments that were left … so here we go!

    1) Jean – I do my best to answer everyone one!

    2) Katrina – We’re in the same boat. Stress and multi-tasking put pressure on my body and I react by not eating and losing weight. I make an effort to stop and eat and I don’t have my meals in front of the computer … unless I’m snacking on some raw almonds or a bit of organic yogurt!

    3) Ryan – I truly hope my feature has motivated you to make better food choice in order to help prepare your body for massive success. Yes my friend, that sandwich may be ridiculous but it’s being served every single day in a restaurant in the U.S.

    4) Stock trading – I love what you’re saying. At this point in my life I’ve never put so much importance on balance. I’m not fully there yet, but I’m working on it. That said, when it comes to sitting down and enjoying meals I’ve prepared … I make a point of never (EVER) cutting corners!

    5) Virtual Hodwarts – thanks for the compliment!

    6) Lee – Thanking blood sugar is the worst for me and it gives me such a bad headache … it’s just not worth it.

    7) Ricky Peterson – I love your photo!!! Yes, so many people down play the importance of nutrition, but if you speak to some of the most successful people they understand that and they either make it a priority or hire nutritionist or personal chef to help them.

    #8) Dan – I think you’re ready to make changes it sounds like it! I’d love to know more about your progress! I hope you download my free book … there are more tips there to help you in your journey!

    Thanks again to everyone for the comments!

  • I must say that, I never noticed the difference based on what I eat. This was a great post. I will definitely keep this in mind the next time my girlfriend and I make our way to Food Corners “Sit, Eat and Be Fat”

  • Good article Yaro,
    I am currently working out to build my muscle, so this article help to figure out what kind of foods that can bring me to a healthy style.


  • This is a great post. So often people forget (myself included) that you need to take care of your body first in order to be most productive. Thanks for sharing!

  • This post is similar to another post. But I am really surprised to read that food can have so much influence on your actions and online marketing.

    Good post.

  • Good point!! Eating healthy is so important and so many people don’t realize what a difference eating healthy foods can make compared to eating small meals consisting of junk food

  • Furniture – I’m happy I was able to change your mind about the things you eat and how you eat!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Bloggernizer.tk – Daniel if you want to build muscle you need protein. Best to choose good quality protein and do NOT overload.

    If you are going to buy those protein shake supplements, skip the ones from sports store and head to the natural health food store. They carry superior products.


  • Meaghan – most people forget that their body is the most important engine they have.

    If you put good quality fuel, you’ll get way better results then poor quality fuel (aka junk food)!


  • Ravi Kuwadia – I’m surely NOT saying anything that has not been said before.

    The thing is people forget. Business people go-go-go and forget that eating is as important as any other meeting or important task in your day … if not more when you are eating good quality foods!

  • Kimberly – I don’t watch junk TV, I don’t read junk books, I don’t hang out with people who have a junk attitude … why on eat would I put junk food into my body!

    I love the way you think my friend!

    Thanks for the feedback!


  • All the comments are, quite rightly, positive, but I think you are all missing the big picture here.
    1. Ignore Krizia’s advise.
    2. Knacker your health.
    3. Write a successful blog on surviving a health condition – how about Gout?

  • hehehehe….
    Yeah ok, I suffer from ADHD and eating at my desk and many other thigns mentioned in this post…
    time to sit up straight and Fly Right.
    Larry C.

  • Hmmm, think I am guilty of all of these bad points at some point or other, truth be told, i dont know how I keep going some days. I will definitely take a point to start eating breakfast! Big fall back for me, but I rarely have an appetite until much later on in the day, often after lunch. Great post.

  • GoutPal,

    I see you have quite the sense of humour my friend!

    Ignoring Krizia’s advice on healthy eating comes at your own risk 😉


  • The Niche Think Tank – Larry, show me 1 internet marketer/blogger who does NOT suffer from ADD?

    We all do!

    That said, sitting down and focusing on eating and enjoying your food will help you be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more productive my friend!

    Indeed, sit up straight and Fly Right!


    • HAHAHAHAHA…. yes mom… 🙂
      I have actually started to do this…
      thank you for the great article.

  • Jacques, You’ve conditioned your body to not needing food until later in the day.

    You may find it strange to have breakfast and you may think your body doesn’t need it, but I can assure you that it will increase your productivity like crazy.

    I just got wind from Dr. Oz (Oprah’s go-to-medical-expert) that eating breakfast can decrease risks of obesity by a whopping 30%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I say, start eating breakfast in the morning my friend!


  • There is a Saying in my place good eating habit “Breakfast like a King, Lunch Like a Minister and Dinner Like a Servant”.

  • This post reminded me importance of eating habit

  • The Niche Think Tank – good boy! I’m happy you are changing your ways when it comes to the foods you eat and your eating habits!

    I’m happy I was able to help.


  • Furniture – I love the way you see things and how you approach food!

  • Chris Peterson – food is so important, yet so few people take time to really take into consideration what they eat and the quality of food they put into their body.

    As entrepreneurs, we focus on business growth and personal growth, but nutritional growth is as important!

  • Great post! I am guilty of skipping meals and then overeating at the next meal. But one thing I think is missing on this list is caffeine overload!!! I am sure many people who work at home drink way too much coffee than is healthy. I wish I could switch to green tea but unfortunately, I get a pounding headache if I don’t get my daily cup, or two, or three. It’s hard to stay energized without coffee when you sit in front of a computer all day.

  • This post does make me feel guilty. I am about 22 kgs over weight and I know how it has affected my productivity.

  • How To Choose a Career,

    I’d love to know what is holding you back from adopting a healthier lifestyle if you feel the weight has affected your productivity?

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Right now, i formed a mind mapping which the anchor of the goal i want to achieve is being wealthy rich person. And one of the mind mapping i set is, if i can manage to generate $300 per month from my blog, i promise i will join a member at gym, buy a good and healthy food every single day. So it makes me eager to be a blogger.

    Daniel Likin

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  • We must take care of our health well.
    That’s the way to make our carreer doing well.
    Blogging is carrer too.

    Refreshing article to my hi spirit level.

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