The Power Of Purposeful Action – Krizia Blogging Case Study

KriziaThis post is going to seem like a blatant testimonial sales pitch for my Blog Mastermind program, and it is, but I’m publishing this for other reasons as well.

The post just before this one was a guest article by Krizia who blogs at Eat Smart Age Smart. Her article if you haven’t read it already, was a fairly in-depth look at how food, in particular bad eating habits, affects your ability to perform as an entrepreneur. It’s pretty clear after reading the article that Krizia is passionate about healthy eating and she did a great job of creating an article tailored to my audience. You can read the post here –

7 Eating Habits That Sabotage Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

This is a perfect example of how to really leverage your opportunity when you have a chance to do a guest post on another popular blog or website. Krizia put some real time into her post and gave me (and you) some of her best stuff. She invested real effort – and she did so months ago because it took me more than a month to publish her article. In a sense she gave me some of her best content with “blind faith” hoping that she would reap some rewards and understanding fully that by giving something special she had the best chance of coming out on top.

This is such a rare quality in a blogger, and it’s the reason why Krizia’s trajectory is so good right now with her blogging business.

In a moment I’m going to publish a lengthy report from Krizia where she explains how her blog business has grown during the previous months after she joined my program. Krizia’s outlook is good, and I can confidently say that is entirely because of how much effort she puts in each and every day into her business, on top of the job she still keeps (which hopefully she won’t need for much longer).

It’s sad for me sometimes to accept the realization that many – the majority in fact – of people who join my coaching programs will not get the result they want. I can rest well at night because I know it’s not my fault, I provide the tools and the knowledge to succeed, but only a few people have the energy and commitment to make it work.

This is why I like to celebrate success stories like Krizia’s. Not only does she demonstrate that it’s possible to succeed with a blog and make good money and enjoy all kinds of other benefits thanks to blogging, but she shows what kind of effort it takes across the board. I say across the board because you need to approach your entire blogging strategy with enthusiasm and energy, including what you publish on your blog, what you do to market your blog and in every interaction you have where there is an opportunity to build your blogging business.

This is of course a “life rule” as anything you want success in you must approach with your purest enthusiasm, anything halfhearted will deliver halfhearted outcomes.

Over the past few years I’ve had a lot of people send me guest posts for this blog or just ask to submit them. Generally I say no, though I do like to consider my students as a way of rewarding them for their support. Only the best articles make it live to my site, as is the case with Krizia’s.

I’ve also received a lot of testimonials over the years from my students and general readership thanking me for my work, which is always a wonderful thing. As you will read in a moment though, Krizia went above and beyond with her feedback. She sent me a testimonial that is not only a glowing recommendation for my program, but can actually serve to inspire and teach other bloggers who want to see what a blog can do for you.

It’s because Krizia put in significant effort into both her guest post for me, and her testimonial, that I’m shining a light on her now with this post. It wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t put in so much effort to help me and to help her readers, and thus get rewards in return.

Thanks Krizia, and keep up the good work!

Testimonial for Blog Mastermind

I found out about Yaro’s Blog Mastermind 48 hours before it re-launched in summer of 2008. I found out about the program from my daily surfing of Darren Rowse’s site.

I didn’t know who Yaro was, but the sales letter, and more importantly the video testimonials from ordinary people, were compelling enough to get me to sign-up for the program in an attempt to increase traffic, revenue and notoriety to my site with a guy I had never heard about before.

When I joined Blog Mastermind I had been already blogging for one year, but I had made so many “newbie mistakes” and I was trying to process an overload of information from another coaching program I was part of at the time that was quite cumbersome and didn’t provide a clear step-by-step guide, so I really wasn’t seeing much results. Right up to September 2008, I considered quitting working on my first blog because the time and results ratio where out of whack. I’ve decided to hold on to my first site until my new site on nutrition picks up and then I will focus all my attention on the second site and will sell the first one.

I found Yaro’s sales letter to be so devoid of hype and I was hoping that it would translate into the Blog Mastermind program… AND it did!

From the very first lesson, it was clear this program was broken down into such minute parts that it was easy to follow and for someone like myself who had been blogging for one year, it was good to learn where I needed to focus my attention in order to get REAL results.

There are too many “ah-ha” moments in the program for me to list them all, but I can tell you that it didn’t take me long to apply all the new techniques I was learning on a weekly base. I was only able to focus on the course a couple of hours a week, but I took everything I learned and applied it throughout the week to my blog.

When I first started Yaro’s program I was maybe making $200 per month between affiliate sales, Adsense and ads served on my site (I work with a media company for that and I don’t sell the ads directly because it’s a bit trickier for my niche).

I’ll be honest, from the end of July when I started Yaro’s program to the end of November not much happened in terms of revenue, but my traffic and my opt-ins were growing steadily and that gave me confidence.

I was writing about 90% pillar content on my site and I also had a traffic assistant help me with generating more direct traffic to my site. By the end of November my revenues had jumped to about $400 per month. By end of December, my revenues had increased by another couple of hundred dollars and I closed the month with about $600 and I was now getting monthly cheques from Adsense (I’m still not getting huge cheques, but at least I’m getting money every month to help with expenses of running the business).

In January 2009, my revenue increased to $1600 and by February 2009 I surpassed the $2000 mark. I was pretty proud of myself and I was beaming like crazy. I even posted feedback in the member’s forum because my beauty niche is not that easy when it comes to affiliate type products so I thought it might encourage other members.

Nothing prepared me for March 2009 because my revenues spiked to about $5400 for that month and it was such a considerable spike that Account Managers from some of the affiliate companies I was using placed a “courtesy call” to see if I needed their help for anything.

My month of April 2009 was a bit slower compared to March 2009, but it’s one million times better than what I was making in April 2008. May 2009 was an excellent month and it more than double what I made in January 2009!

This is an approximation of my growing income from when I started the Blog Mastermind Coaching program with Yaro:

  • August 2008 to October 2008: $200/mo
  • November 2008: $400
  • December 2008: $600
  • January 2009: $1,600
  • February 2009: $2,000
  • March 2009: $5,400
  • April 2009: $2,800
  • May 2009: $3,500

Revenue sources: affiliate programs, clickbank sales, adsense and ad revenues (I deal with ad serving companies and do not get my ads on my own).

Other milestones since starting the Blog Mastermind Program

December 2008: I was approached by a syndication network that was asked by one of the largest media companies in Canada to contact me because they wanted to syndicate my content on their platform.

February 2009: I hired a writer (on contract). I published my first clickbank product for my beauty site (I’m not seeing much sales at this point and I’ll need to refine the marketing strategy around this product to get better results).

March 2009: I created my first big contest for my readers on my beauty site and that created a lot of traffic and also it created a precedence, so now I conduct contests monthly to keep readers coming back to the site, increase loyalty and get current readers to invite their friends to join my list.

April 2009: Official launch of my new site – I applied everything I had learned from Blog Mastermind and only 60 days after launching the site, I’m at about 3000 unique visitors per month. I was approached by one of the largest networks for beauty and lifestyle sites to represent both of my ads for US ad revenue… up to now I was only capitalizing my Canadian traffic and not on my US traffic.

May 2009: I resumed traffic strategy to get back links to the new site by hiring a traffic assistant team. I’ve been approached by a few marketers asking how they can join my affiliate program to sell my products. I didn’t have one at the time and that explains why I jumped in Yaro’s Membership Site Mastermind program!

I joined Membership Site Mastermind 90 minutes before it closed (at about 10:30 pm EST on Monday, May 11th) because I finally had a big picture of what I wanted my media company to look like.

I got my new site syndicated. I was approached by a large firm in the US to have my content appear on a private site for members only that was being built. The company put over 1 million in this project and right now, we’re in talks to see how this can work for my site.

The site went from a 0/10 PR rating to a 3/10 in less than 2 months! It took me about 7-8 months to accomplish that with my first site! I used all the tools Yaro gave us and made sure the new site was VERY SEO friendly there was no way Google would miss me.

Along with all these great things that have happened, I also wanted to refer to a feature on Yaro’s site that highlighted one of the Blog Mastermind students who had received over $10,000 in products to test (Robb Sutton). I have to say that I must have received three times that amount and I was receiving so many parcels each week that my mail service centre were overwhelmed and considered hiking me yearly fee (but, they didn’t because they actually like me and I’m always so appreciative for their support) and I had to beg some of the big cosmetic companies not to send me products unless I asked because I could not keep up!

I also make sure to write any reviews as a pillar article and I send it to the company that sent me the product. Many times, the publicist was so impressed that he/she forwarded my post to the directors of the company and my post is often featured on the “press/media pages.”

I even have a company who when they heard I was waiting for sales to stock up on their products where almost insulted and insisted that they keep providing the products to me for free because they appreciated my support in helping spread the word about their product. The good thing about this company is that I love the quality of their products so much that I would in fact pay the money to keep using them!

I have no doubt that my traffic and revenues have been growing as a direct result of my applying Yaro’s techniques. I still have a lot of things that I learned in the course that I need to refine like marketing my You Tube videos a bit better, getting an online radio set-up and launching two membership sites later this year, but I’m confident that with the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired it should be easy for me to accomplish these goals before the end of the year.

My next big challenge will be to get the current ebook I have listed on Clickbank to provide me substantial monthly sales.

I’ve also taken a cue from Fran at (after watching Yaro’s interview with her) and I’ve started being a lot more aggressive with video reviews! That was such an informative feature that has helped me better understand the power of YouTube.

Thank you Yaro for providing such a great learning platform for newbie bloggers and more advanced bloggers looking for better performing marketing skills!

One last thing I’d like to add, Yaro was one of the first marketers who said that it was okay to focus on using your blog as a platform and build a company around one niche. Most other marketers I’ve followed up to now promote finding profitable micro-niches and since the list is endless, that means most other coaching programs were jumping all over the place and I never felt like I had accomplished anything. Yaro’s programs are so laser focused, you eliminate wasteful activities, you do see results and you never feel lost or frustrated.

Also, Yaro is so present on the members forum, it’s insane how much support I’ve received directly from him and other more experienced bloggers.

If you weren’t sure if Yaro’s programs were worth the time or money, I can assure you that I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on online coaching programs and other than Jeff Johnson’s coaching program (which is ten times more expensive than Yaro’s), Yaro’s is the other one that has really positively changed my business. In fact, I really wouldn’t hesitate joining any new program Yaro launches because it’s worth the money and it’s worth my time.

Finally, if you want to be successful while still enjoying a positive quality of life, Yaro’s the mentor to follow!

Eat Smart Age Smart |
Beauty Match |

Thanks Krizia for the great feedback and details about your blogging journey so far.

If Krizia convinced you to take a look at my blog coaching program, you can read about it here –

Blog Mastermind Coaching

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  • I always love hearing a success story and I can see why you posted this Yaro – after reading this who wouldn’t want to join your program. Well done Krizia – you’ve put the work in and you are reaping the rewards.

    I also loved reading the bit about the contest – I have been in the process of setting up some kind of competition on one of my blogs so it was good to hear that it generated traffic for Krizia. It’s given me a bit of a push to go for it now.

  • Yaro (and Krizia) – Thank you so much for this post. I’m a beginning blogger (and currently working my way through your Become a Blogger Premium & Blog Mastermind programs), and this post really encourages me to stick with it.

    I hope to be one of your success stories one day!

  • What a fantastic endorsement – and a fantastic story! It has reminded me to really start looking into finding affiliate platforms and visit my old ClickBank account – thank you both!

  • Well… seeing the increase of money she make, really inspire as to how much work was done in order to reach that amount of money. I’m always a lazy person, I’m not sure why, but when I’m facing hard work it seems to bring my emotion down.

    Anyway, I always try hard but not to hard… I feel staying at a constant level in building a blogging business online is the best way as to forcing yourself is just stupid.

  • Yaro,

    This is such an exciting post for me. This is a reminder of the value you offer in your products and how you build your business around helping people grow with you. As you learn more in your journey, you create complementary products to support the blog foundation. I love it!

  • It so amazing to know that the blog has become successful in just a year. Thanks

  • This is a good testimonial, K’s numbers are believable.

  • Nice bit of “realism” in this post, not a bunch of over the top hype. Too often new bloggers will read stories of overnight success and think “hey, that’s how it will go for me” only to find out it was BS a year later when they are lucky if their site earns enough to cover hosting costs.. Nice to see success, and what seems to be very honest and genuine excitement for a change.

    • Yes, that is the ticket. Nothing fancy, just grind and eventual success.

  • What a wonderful testimonial! I’ve been following Yaro’s blog for some time now, and I must say that the genuineness that shines through really does it for me. Keeping it real – Yaro style.

    If you’re serious about developing an online endeavour the Blog mastermind course definitely seems like a solid base to kick off from.

  • Supposing the training program is held in Surabaya. I won’t miss it. We need such coaching in order to born many professional and profit oriented blogger.

  • Awesome story I love reading stuff like this it really help motivate me and give me some realistic examples of some real people that figured it all out. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

  • Krizia here! Thank you to everyone for the feedback!

    Paula – I have to say that when I started the contest it was more to get rid of products, but now, I can say it makes a difference in my traffic numbers. I would highly encourage it on your sites.

    Jeffrey – I can assure you that Yaro’s Blog Master Mind program made a huge difference in my business. I would not be where I’m at without it.

    Jess – It took me one full year to start really working the affiliate programs, and now I do it diligently since I can see the difference in my income.

    The Bad Blogger – You have to do what feels right for you. I’ve worked hard (way harder than I wanted), but my goal is to get a second group of virtual assistants and cut my work week by at least 20 hours. I think success cannot come without a little bit of hard work.

    Monique – That’s a good point. I’m slowly learning about creating more products of my own and they will focus primarily around the web site … since that’s more about educating people and helping them make smarter food choices.

    Andrew – Thanks for the compliment!

    Dave Doolin – Yup, those are real numbers in my bank account. I had another publishing business before jumping online and this money is helping me get rid of that debt faster.

    Jesse – There is NOTHING overnight about my success (other than I’ve worked many overnights to get the job done). I also hate all that BS that makes newbies nervous and add a lot of pressure on your shoulder. It took me well over one year (actually 19 mos) to start making really money with my site. This is a genuine post and it really was a huge THANK YOU to Yaro because finally I got off the merry-go-round of fad internet businesses that were short lived. To give you an example … in 2006, I had over 60 ad sense sites because I followed the advice of this guru and most sites I just didn’t care about and I was only making about $350/mo in adsense and it was a lot of work to manage all that and so many log-ins to remember. I tried a couple other get-rich-quick ideas and then in 2007 launched my first blog not knowing where I was going. Now, I have a clear direction + I’m finally learning how to build a real business.

    Goran Marketing – BlogMasterMind is solid. I’ve spent at least $15,000 to maybe $20,000 on education and seminars/conference in an attempt to learn how to build a successful business online and I have to say that Yaro’s courses have been the most solid ones (other than those of one other expert). All the other courses were complicated and I just couldn’t see results and I got frustrated and kept jumping around.

    Jual – Indeed, Yaro provides excellent coaching.

    Jared Little – I’m a real person and I don’t have any multi-millionaire internet marketing friends who are 23 working in their basements and churning out thousands of money making web sites a week. I’m just a girl trying to become successful in a business she’s totally passionate about!

    Once again, thanks for all the well wishes! And much success to everyone!


  • yaro, all i can say is that you are my inspiration ever since you created this blog, now i can be more on myself now especially blogging thanks again

  • I was waiting for months to join Blog Mastermind and twice when the doors were open I was involved in something different. I learned so much from Yaro that do not leave aside any his message.I guess it is one of the best and fair guys on the Planet.One day we’ll meet for sure.

  • Terrific post and very encouraging. I really like and appreciated the way that Krizia shared all the relevant chronological dates and revenues with us and detailed her activities relative to those months.
    This is great to see and quite an astonishing result for sure. Well done Krizia and kudos to Yaro for his laser focused techniques that clearly work!

    Cheers,… Russell

  • Wow 1mln for a contract sounds good! Congratulations, Krizia 🙂

  • It is alway good to hear about the success stories that you get from your program. Although I am not a current member, it makes me wonder if i should join!

  • It’s Krizia again! I wanted to take time to answer the other comments!

    1) Bill – I feel exactly the same way you do about Yaro and his blog.

    2) Anatoly – I feel like you do and I feel quite privileged to have met Yaro in person last year.

    3) Russell – Thanks so much for your kind words. As I’ve said, none of this would have ever been possible without Yaro!

    4) Anastasia – Thanks for the kind words!

    5) Josh H – I’m not getting out of this, but I can honestly say that you SHOULD JOIN! The Blog Mastermind has made a huge difference in my business. Why go at it alone, when you take advantage of the experience of someone who has loads more than you do???

  • Wow, great post and an inspiration to all of us newer bloggers. I personally like the road you took and it’s good to see the web can be a fantastic way of earning some passive income while blogging on what you love.

  • Yaro and Krizia-

    I am so glad you published this article! I have been following Krizia for maybe 6 months and Yaro for maybe 5 months. What this article did was give me the confidence that profitable blogging really is attainable by “regular people”. Not that I don’t think both Krizia and Yaro are awesome, they are!!! But I am convinced of Krizia’s genuineness, because of a contest that I won on her site! And while Yaro lives many time zones away, I feel a connection because he really wants to share everything he knows about blogging. These two seem quite approachable, and now since this article has been so open about the money part, I know they are also quite successful in what they do. The take home is this: There is no finite secret. Just be willing to work consistently and focused, and the prize is yours!

  • You have inspired me even more!

    I’m already deeply passionate about my blog topic, but now I’m even more excited about the future possibilities.

    You have proven that if a person truly works hard they can become successful.



  • This is a great testimonial. I really love the way you explain facts. This indeed reflects why you are a success on the web and in real life. I am enjoying reading your posts…

  • It must feel something amazing when someone takes what you’ve had to give and turns it into a goldmine for themselves.. Congrats to both you, Yaro, and you Krizia

  • Way to go Krizia! So awesome to see a success story like this. I, myself, am just finishing up Yaro’s Blog Mastermind course. Apart from a small travel blog I’d bumbled my way through in attempts to keep in contact with family and friends whilst living abroad (in Canada as it happens), I had very little knowledge on blogging. On top of that is my self proclaimed technical ineptitude. My blogging future looked rather bleak.

    I can safely say (and no, I’m not an affiliate) that Blog Mastermind is worth its weight in gold. Whilst my blog is still growing and I have a lot of work to do yet, there is no way I could have gotten to where I am so quickly had I not done this course. I feel sure that Yaro’s course and the valuable information he continues to provide will be integral to my future success in the blogosphere.

    Thanks Yaro and congratulations Krizia!

  • That’s a good story and it should serve as a kick in the rear for anyone who’s slacking. I’m one month in and although I’m not really focused yet on making money, I’m still happy and grateful for receiving the information which can aid me in the future.

  • Congratulations to Krizia for doing so well with your program. Also congratulations to you Yaro for helping her succeed. It must be very rewarding to directly help people and see how they can succeed with that additional help.

  • Greats… seeing the increase of money she make, really inspire as to how much work was done in order to reach that amount of money. I’m always a lazy person, I’m not sure why, but when I’m facing hard work it seems to bring my emotion down.

    now, I’m getting absolutely idea’s 🙂

  • Congrats to you, Krizia, for all the success you have earned so far! Your post is truly inspiring and shows what is indeed possible if you stick with blogging and apply the necessary steps others- like Yaro- have already taken.

    I’m sure I am not the only one who hopes Yaro posts more posts like yours to inspire those who are following the same journey as you.


    Wesley Craig Green
    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • phi

    That’s a fantastic personal success story. I’m starting up a blog soon too and it’s very motivating. I wish you success on your blog, and I think it’s great that you’re blogging at a time when Americans are far too overweight.

  • Congrats Krizia, your’s was an insirpiring story especially for new babies like me.
    In brief you story explained willing to work consistently and paying attention can give you the reward.

  • Krizia again!

    I had such a busy week, it was hard for me to answer the new comments that were left … so here we go!

    1) DA from financiallyeliteblog – I’m also still quite surprised by my results and last night I was at the bank depositing more cheques which is such a great pleasure for me these days.

    2) MS Scientist – Are you one of my readers??? That is soooooooooo cool! I have to say that a lot of the success stories online seem unbelievable and I hate those because it seems unattainable. I was happy to open my books because I’ve struggling at this entrepreneur thing for years now and always seemed to pass right by it. I guess, I had not yet found my purpose in life. The site where you won the contest was the site that unleashed my love for writing and interacting with my readers. I think Eat Smart Age Smart will go even further.
    MC Scientist – I’m now so curious and you MUST email me to let me know who you are.

    3) David – I’m honoured that I have inspired you! Your words have touched me and I wish you a lot of success. Passion is everything!

    4) La Digue – Thanks so very much. I’m not quite fully there yet, but I’m soooooo close … closer than ever. The income from the site has allowed me to pay off the debt from a previous business. I only have a bit more to pay off, but am confident that by end of 2009 I will be debt free. When I get to that point, I will see if Yaro would like to hear about that journey.

    5) Music Man – Yaro is the key to my successful. He’s a bit younger than I am 😉 but I can tell you this fellow Canadian now living in Australia has been the best teacher I’ve had ever. If I had had a teacher like Yaro in high school or University, I would have been successful a long time ago in my life. That said, better now than never!

    6) Sami – Yaro’s course if dummy-proof. I had a lot of experience online before signing up last year, but I learned soooooo much from Yaro … and I love how his success and money have NOT gone to his head. I met him in Toronto last year and he’s just a really normal (and caring) guy!

    7) Michel – Keep at it my friend. One month is just the beginning … there are way more exciting things to come!

    #8) Dress Sandals – Thanks and yes Yaro is the key to my success and confidence online.

    9) Manson – Go for it! If you love what you do … you won’t feel like being lazy. I’m just an ordinary girl who just worked her buns off to get to this point and I’m about 6 mos away from being debt free!

    10) Wesley Craig Green – I’m humbled by your words. Thanks so much and best of success with your own web site! My next big challenge it to publish my own products and establish myself as THE healthy eating expert! I also need to hire a personal assistant, train the persona and off load a lot of repetitive work!

    11) Phi – Indeed, I travel quite a lot to America and am always amazed at how overweight people are and the portions at restaurants make me dizzy because I cannot stand to see that much food in one sitting. I think it’s timely and I hope to inspire people to kick those stupid fad diets and adopt an easy and healthy lifestyle instead.

    12) Ricky – I’m afraid work is involved to get to that point, but it’s worth it.

    Thanks again to everyone for these kind words!


  • I din’t know eating habits can be so influencial when it comes to online marketing.

    A good success story by Krizia. Kudos to her and inspiration for us. It is good to read different sources of income in your story as opposed to one.

    All sales pitches and pre launches these days show a clickbank screenshot. Your story talks about few sources for monetization. I thought I will touch this in my comment as it is very important to diversify your traffic and income sources.

  • As far as I understand, blog mastermind helps people become better affiliate marketers through their blogs? Can it help people who are into niche and adsense marketing? Or is it just about being a popular social blogger?

  • Ravi Kuwadia – thanks for your comment. If I only limited myself to Ad Sense and Clickbank, I wouldn’t be making much.

    I’m working with about 5 different platform and I think that’s enough for now.

    I’m trying to do what Yaro suggested that that was to work what you have to the most of your abilities instead of piling things on!


  • See this goes to show you that going beyond what is necessary, and putting in a hard effort into something really pays off in the long run run!

    Till then,


  • Used tires – I don’t think I would have believed it myself had it not been for my own experience.

    Up to recently, I thought I’d be condemned to watching others have great stories and I’d just remain a passive reader.

    I’m quite pleased with the fact that now I can have a great story to tell and share with others!

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Great Krizia! story explained willing to work consistently and paying attention can give you the reward. Truly an inspirational post

  • Chris Peterson – Thanks Chris for the compliment! Yes, I’ve worked really hard to get here, but now I’m ready to re-focus to work smarter and work less and still continue to grow as an entrepreneur!

  • What an inspirational story – thanks for sharing it goes to show what can be achieved with effort and dedication

  • It’s Success stories like this that keep me going every day. Thank you for sharing your incite.

  • […] This story always gives me inspiration. Here is another story that really inspires me:…ng-case-study/ By the way, I had an idea for something like what is today back in 2002. I had […]

  • Wow, that is a crazy cool!
    I’ve been toying with the idea of monitizing my blog for a while- this has inspired me to do it!

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