New Book: Think, Write & Retire

One of the Internet marketers who I respect the most is Indian Dr. Mani. What is special about the Doc, is that he really is a doctor, and devotes the money he generates online to heart surgeries for children, which he even does himself!

Dir Mani’s written a new book – a real physical book – that you can order now (today if possible to help the book rank well in Amazon).

The book is called…

Think, Write & Retire by Dr ManiThink, Write And RETIRE!

Your ULTIMATE guide to being an Internet Infopreneur and turning words into MASSIVE wealth – Easily!

As a blogger who makes a living from what I write, I wholeheartedly recommend what this book teaches, and if you order a copy from Amazon today you can grab a bunch of bonus gifts too.

Full details are here.

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  • Thanks, Yaro. The admiration is mutual, you’re one of my favorite bloggers, too 🙂

    All success

  • Fantastic review I too recommend taking the time to really understand your writing style and making it come alive through practice and active learning.

  • Dr.Mani, you are doing good work for good cause. I wish you all the best.

    I have seen your ebook as well. I wish you raise lot of money through your online ventures for heart surgeries for children.

    I will buy your physical book.

  • Thanks for the cool recommendation Yaro, Gonna add it to my cart.


  • It is nice to actually have a real book promoted online & the story sounds great. By writing Dr Mani is able to generate income to do heart surgeries for children (and he doies the operations himself!). Wow, that is an awesome story, and worth purchasing the boiok for in its own right!

  • Thanks for sharing this info, I’ll read the book

  • A friend of mine just recently introduced me to one of Dr. Mani’s eBooks and I must say that I’m truly impressed with what he has to say. The name of the ebook is “How to Succeed Online”. It was a definite inspiration. Actually, it’s an older book of his, but GREAT nonetheless. I highly recommend it.

    I’m heading over to Amazon right now to pick this book up. I know that if You recommend it, it has to be a good one to read. With a title like “Think, Write, Retire”, I have to get it, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great recommendation! I was looking for a new marketing book to read and this seems like it could be good. Plus it looks like a really good cause so that makes it even more worthwhile. Thanks

  • Thanks for the recommendation Yaro. Sadly, amazon doesn’t ship to India. I will look for alternatives.

    • I’m hoping to have the book available shortly with (just book design left to complete) 🙂

  • Oh Dr Mani’s story seems to be very interesting 🙂 It’s very flattering.. Thanks for the info Yaro 🙂

  • Thank goodness for people like the Dr to help others, we owe them a great deal of admiration.

  • Thx for the review of the book Yaro. Just not sure why you started off using the word “Indian”. That should have little bearing on the man, his work and the work you do.

    Juts my humble opinion.

  • Turning words into massive wealth, thanks for taking time to share this information.

  • Wow, thanks for the lovely comments, all. The book is now rising up the ranks on, and is at #87 in the Business & Investing group (#483 overall).

    You – all of you who are buying a copy, and Yaro – are helping make a difference in a child’s life. Thank you from my heart 🙂

  • Dr. Mani

    I just checked on and for the book (I live in Canada), but it doesn’t seem to be available. Can I get it shipped to Canada?

    Thanks in advance.


  • From the looks of it, the books looks like a great read! And also judging by some of the testimonials, Yaro included, looks to be worth it =D

    Till then,


  • Heartwarming to see such selflessness.

  • The name of the ebook is “How to Succeed Online”. It was a definite inspiration. Actually, it’s an older book of his . I highly recommend it. I wish you raise lot of money through your online ventures for heart surgeries for children.I will buy your physical book.many thanks…

  • DR. Mani you are doing a “Amazing work”. Wishing you all success.Yaro thanks for providing review of this book

  • There is another internet marketer Ewen Chia who recently came out with his own book which he wanted to send to amazons top seller list.

    He has plenty of online products of his own and what he did was to market his book was pretty amazing. He set up JV deals and offered people who bought the book free copies of his product and some other amazing products and trials through JV deals as bonuses.

    You can think of similar marketing strategy. It might work.

  • Nice to see you promoting, not only an expert in his field, but also a man doing the good work. 🙂 congrats

  • It is really nice to see the doc helping people in need out. I think it is the most important shift in our generation if we can band together to make it. When we pay it forward in this way we are reversing the age old cycle that creates war. Love and peace to all of you.

  • Hey Dr.Mani, I am also from India. I cannot order through How do I get my hands on your book?

  • Thanks for the recommendation Yaro. I am not familiar with the works of Dr. Mani, but I trust you, and I think this book deserves attention.

  • I saw another internet marketer today (Bill Glazer) trying to get his book to amazon top seller.

    He hooked up some other IM gurus with big lists and created a give away package to get his list to buy the book.

    Looks like a strategy that works. May be you should really apply it. Unfortunately I dont have a list else I would have done it myself 🙂

  • Hey Dr. Mani, is it possible to buy this book from other than Any asian online bookstore selling this book?

  • Yes i am also looking for some asian bookstores to buy this book, but cant find, can any know asian bookstores selling this book?

  • I was a Flight Attendat for 32 years and out of which, for 16 of those years, I was training the same crowd.

    My Airline won a couple of major awards by various International Aviation & Travel related bodies.
    How it did occur,is a no brainer for anybody – In its 30 year history, it had not
    rivaled any of the Top Ten Blue Chips in its own country at the national level.

    I resigned from the job one year ago,after realizing the difference between earning for a living and earning to make a life.

    Then I purchased the ecourse, “Think, Write & Retire”.

    I am too glad on both the startling decisions I made – resigning from a job six years earlier than I should have, and also having begun on the above ecourse.

    Can I say anything more?

    Congratulations! Dr.Mani in getting the print book – “Think,Write & Retire”.

  • Wow that is amazing how he uses his online money to help children who need heart surgeries. The world needs more people like this guy. From that alone I am interested in checking out his book.

  • As you read this book, you’ll discover how badly you’ve under-estimated your skills and abilities – and learn:

    * how to tap into your hidden assets and talents
    * how to find eager crowds of prospective buyers
    * how to create your first info-product, and sell it
    * how to leverage this to create multiple streams of income
    * how to quickly build strong, sustainable income streams

  • if any place i can download this book? or, is it possible to buy this book from other than I think this book deserves attention.

  • Dr Mani’s Passion Manifesto is available for free download at

    Highly recommended motivational material.

  • Yeah Dr Mani! I remember talking to Dr Mani on the warrior forum, that looks like a great books.

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